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The University of North Carolina 
at Greensboro 









^£ ur ^ 










3h± . e^ x 

A o 



Another Year 

"Xivinq and Xeafininq 

. . me pine JileeJIes ej Nineteen 

flundted and jeftfu-ftine 

Ruth Sellers, Editor * fTlargaret Spencer, Business manager 

- — -^ \>— - 

Woman's College of the 

University of north Carolina 

l 2 L 

V J 






r~\ i — *> 

M mrmliks e-j . . . 

v time. 


shaken a little by amoebas, history outlines, and permission slips. After a 
te dared to emerge from the Freshman Reserve Room and began to indulge 
Hit the families and towns we had jnsl left with a strange, new, 


* — 1 ■. 

e undressed, dressed and played volley ball for 20 minutes, murdered frogs, followed rats 
around a cage, wrote and wrote and read (we knew what a concrete word was all right — concrete= 


ok). Then people started talking about lectures, music programs, Arts Forum. Doesn't 

student* ai 

W. C. 

offer a lot of opportunities we said, blithely unaware of the 

their life's blood to bring about the "opportunit 

and teachers who had given 

For the 1949 Pine Needles, we have tried to show those things which Woman's College has come 
to mean to us. It is no longer an institution which has set out to cram facts and job-knowledge 
into 2200 girls; it is community in which we must find our places and to whose on-going each 
individual must contribute. By junior and senior year we think that we are W. C. Then on rare 
occasions like Alumnae Day we know we're just a few in the endless stream of W. C. students 
and we are grateful for having had our four years here. 

We the (J/agg ej '49 j)eJkate je 


DR. VIRGiniR GflnGSflD 

. . . this our annual. For her good-natured 

participation in our activities, her friendly 
understanding, and her sincere interest in us, 

we, the SEfllORS, are grateful. 



— I ! 

'"Sit - 




■\ j ■ v 



















. . * -T^V """J 1 



& ■ ■£* *- ; 

r 7s.. ^i^w* • 

f \ 

s . 





-• . 

* K . 



The old and the new, the classroom and the dorm, the 
places where living and learning center. 

A rooftop view up College Avenue 

The Administration Building 

'■~~~. "^FOSflB 



k$* '■"". 

'■■■&■ ' 


3gg& s&m m&s, sm %%&& 


1 }&> "Z&Q&mfci $ ' 



££*/ r 


our nEW <^/a <j£kofi ...the old fridilirr ^a 

accents teachers, texts, and thought at 111. C. 

Page /6 


: • ■ 

■ T "L. ML ^ 

: i 

'Dear Rlma fTlat 

Strong Rnd Great 

sic Building with its unorthodox sftmrtts^-. 

egimiiiig ofxeaeh new semester for four years ... unused rad 

1 low cost diet week 
the sewing lab on the night before the end of the seinesteHTT . ( the eoodrXr^golutions made al the 


ork after a long we^k-end . . . ttial^e np 
lab for ^Biology . . . listening periods for Music Appreciation . . . and teachers. Teache 
TEACHERS who have given freely of their time and ability and patience in the attempt to create 
more understanding, tolerant, enlightened, iMe resty f ^tudenVi as\;rgjthiates of^-the^ Womar 

College. And so "DEAR ALMA MATER, WE foE\(ER\S 

1 \ l£ ^' 


v. A* 

Dr. ULIalter-Xlinton Jackson 

Thai Familiar Gesture 

Dr. Jackson and His Grand-baby 

To Dr. falter Clinton Jackson, for fifteen years the administrative 

director/ of the Woman's College, we the Senior Class, joined bv the 

I; J 

entire student body and faculty, express our deep appreciation for his 

s^^ie^^This interest, his love, his friendship and his loyalty. For his 

significant role in the evolution of the Woman's College to its present 

position of prominence among women's colleges of the nation, for his 

standards of scholastic excellence, for his friendly dignity that has made 

all of us feel at home in this community, we acknowledge a sincere debt. 

When we think of the tolerance, the friendliness, the genuineness of 

this college community, we shall always think of Dr. "Woman's College" 

Jackson, our guide and our friend. 

Our Chancellor breaks the ground for the new library. 

Page 20 


\) ( 

. •: 

Governor W. Kerr Scott 

Chancellor Waller C. Jackson 


just beginning his term as the governor of the State of North Carolina, 
has long been interested in the University and its development. We hope to 
see and hear more from him, and we believe that having had a daughter in 
school here will give us a warm spot in his heart. 


after sixteen years as our Chancellor, is leaving Woman's College tins 
year a finer, more widely known and respected institution. With him will 
go our appreciation for his service to us, and with us will remain the 
memory of his sincere interest in each of us and his often repeated state- 
ment that he was addressing "the finest 2000 young women in the world". 


Comptroller of the University, is a man with a difficult job but one well 
done. His visits, though too few and far between, are a boost to our morale 
and to his own popularity with the girls of Woman's College. 

Mr. William D. Carmiehael 

Miss Katherine Tavlor 

Dr. Frank Porter Graham 

Mr. C. W. Phillips 


President of the University of North Carolina, has long been recognized as 
a great educator by his state and his nation. We are proud of the honor he 
has gained for our university, and we share with others the nation over 
deep respect and affection for "Dr. Frank". 


has now completed her first year as Dean of Women of Woman's College 
and has endeared herself to the students by her concern for the welfare and 
happiness of each girl of the college and by her helpful ami enthusiastic 
interest in all campus affairs. 


Director of Public Relations, helps us to find useful and profitable self help 

jobs on the campus, and his interest continues after graduation when he aids 

the girls of Woman's College in finding positions for which they have been 


Page 23 

Mr. John C. Lockharl 
Assistant Controller 


Dr. Ruth Collings 

Mr. George M. J< 

Mr. Charles M. Ada 

Their service to us and interest in us is deeply appreciated. 


The Woman's College has a faculty that is second to none — 
second to none in fields of academic achievement and unsur- 
passed in enthusiastic cooperation with student projects. 
Alive to the interests and problems of the students, the faculty 
of the Woman's College can he counted on for endless com- 
mittee meetings, for after-hours conferences, for memorahle 
chats in the Soda Shop, for solid and sincere advice, and for 
friendships that last long after graduation. 

Ir. Jarrell and his 
admiring floek 

Mrs. Morgan and Mr. DeVinnc 
Their Practice Period 

Or. Jackson, with a word of advice 
or just a friendly chat 

Page 24 

The Alumnae Association welcomes into membership the Class of '49. We 
hope you enjoy the privileges and responsibilities of being alumnae of 
Woman's College. Come back as often as you can. A warm welcome awaits 
you at the Alumnae House — your home on the campus I 

Officers and Trustees of the Alumnae Association '48-'49 

President: Frances Gibson Satterfield (Mrs. Boydston) 
First Vice-President: Estelle Mendenhall LeGwin (Mrs. James) 
Second Vice-President: Gretchen Taylor Hobbs (Mrs. K.J.M.) 
Recording Secretary: Nell Craig Strowd (Mrs. Bruce) 
Alumnae Secretary: Betty Brown Jester (Mrs. Carlton, Jr.) 



Board of Trustees: Rachel Clifford, Kate Robinson Farr (Mrs. W. Beatty, 
Jr.), Susie Sharp. Rachel Dunnagan Woodard (Mrs. Ralph), Marjorie 
Hood, Margaret Johnson, Valerie Powell Jones (Mrs. Louis M.). Dorothy 
McNairy, Gladys Chambers. 

Dr. Jernigan 

Mr. Joyce 

Mr. Littlejohn 



Art Department MR. GREGORY IVY 

B.S.. 1928 (Central Missouri Stale Teachers); M.A.. 1932 (Columbia). 

Biology Department DR. J. P. GIVLER 

Ph.B.. 1906. M.A., 1912 (Hamline) ; (Johns Hopkins). 

Business Education MR. VANCE T. LITTLEJOHN 

B.A., B.S., 1931 (Bowling Green College of Commerce); M.Ed., 1935 (Pittsburgh). 

Chemistry Department MISS FLORENCE SHAEFFER 

B.A., 1920 (Barnard); M.A.. 1922 (Mount Holvoke) ; (Yale). 

Classical Civilization DR. C. C. JERNIGAN 

B.A., 1925. M.A., 1926. Ph.D., 1935 (Duke); (University of Chicago). 

Commercial Department MR. GEORGE M. JOYCE 

B.S., 1930 (Indiana State Teachers); M.S.. 1935 (Indiana); (Pittsburgh). 

Economics Department DR. ALRERT S. KEISTER 

B.A., 1910 (Otterbein); M.A., 1911 (Columbia); Ph.D., 1932 (North Carolina). 

English Department DR. LEONARD R. HURLEY 

B.A., 1913, M.A., 1916 (Duke); Ph.D.. 1932 (North Carolina). 

Geography Department DR. EDNA ARUNDEL 

B.A., 1921 (Ohio University); M.A.. 1929 (Columbia); Ph.D.. 1942 (Yale). 

German Department MR. WILLIAM R. RARRETT 

B.A.. 1939 (Citadel); A.M.. 1940 (Duke); Ph.D.. 1948 (North Carolina); 
(University of Michigan). 

Page 26 

/ tJk 

Mr. Johns 

Miss Edwards 

Heads. ..1949 

Health, Medical Division DR. RUTH COLLINGS 

B.A., 1919 (Pomona); M.D.. 1923 (Pennsylvania). 

History Department MR. C. D. JOHNS 

B.A., 1908 (Randolph-Maoon); M.A.. 1911 (Chicago); (Cornell); (Harvard). 


B.S., 1912 (Montana Stale); M.A., 1920 (Columbia); (Cornell); (Chicago). 

Mathematics Department DR. HELEN BARTON 

B.A., 1913 (Goucher); M.A., 1922, Ph.D., 1926 (Johns Hopkins). 

Physical Education MISS ETHEL MARTUS 

B.A., 1929 (Brown); M.S., 1931 (Wellesley). 

Physics Department DR. ANNA JOYCE REARDON 

B.A., 1930 (College of Saint Teresa); M.S., 1933, Ph.D., 1937 (St. Louis). 

Psychology Department DR. JAMES A. HIGHSMITH 

B.A., 1910, M.A., 1915 (North Carolina); Ph.D., 1923 (George Peabody). 

Romance Languages DR. WINFIELD BARNEY 

B.A., 1905 (Dartmouth); M.A., 1911 (Hobart); Ph.D., 1916 (Syracuse). 

School of Music MR. HUGH ALTVATER 

B.A., 1920, Mus.M., 1929 (Michigan); Mus.M., 1925 (Southwestern). 

Sociology Department MR. GLENN R. JOHNSON 

B.A., 1915 (Reed); M.A., 1916 (Columbia). 


: "n 


Dr. Reardon 

Mr. Johnson 

Dr. Highsmith 

Page 27 


(iri-port D. l*v 
Helen I, 

Elizabeth Ja.trow 
Noma Hardin 
Marv K. WUIiam 
John E. Courtni 
Snsan Bark.dale 

Ethel R. Cutler 

Hilda Brady 

John Paul Civlrr 
Inez Coldwell 
Arrhie D. Shaft* 
Helen IncraKim 
Maude Williams 
Lila Belle Love 
Albert E. Thiel 
\ Irginia o'anc$ta< 

T. Ha 

Daw ley 

B.S.. M.A. 

B.F.A.. M.A. 


A.. B.S.. M.A. 

B.S.. M.A. 

B.S.. M.A. 

B.A.. M.A. 

B.A.. M.A. 


Ph.D.. M.A. 


B.A., Ph.D. 

B.S.. M.S. 

B.A.. M.S.. Ph.D. 

B.A.. M.S. 

B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

B.A.. M.S.. Ph.D. 

B.A.. M.S. 

B.S.. M.S. 




B.A.. B.S.. M.Ed. 

B.S.. B.A.. M.A. 

B.A.. M.A. 

B.B.A.. M.B.A. 

B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

B.A.. M.S. 

B.S.. M.S. 

B.S.C.. M.B.A. 

B.A.. M.S. 

B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 




n M. Hi 


Albert S. Keister 
V. E. Lindaej 
Eyelvn Fowler 
Waller C Neal 


Franklin H. MeNutt 
Ruth Fitzgerald 
Oliver P. Clntls 
Herbert Kimmel 
Marie B. Denneen 
John Aaron Smith 
Anna Reger 
Anna M. Kreimeier 
Mar. Fitzgerald 
Harriet Mrhaffio 

Ruth I I,, 

Ruth Agnea Sharer 
Eugenia Hunter 

M.A.. Ph.D. 

B.A.. M.A. 

B.A.. M.S. 

A.B.. M.A. 



A.B.. M.Ed.. 

. M.A. 




, M.A. 
, M.A. 
, M.A. 

. M.A. 


Clarenee D. Johns B.A.. M.A. 

Magnhihle Cullander B.A.. M.A. 

Eugene E. Pfaff B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

Vera I.argent B.A., M.A. 

Louise B. Alexander B.A. 

Berniee E. Draper R.A.. M.A. 

Josephine Hege B.A.. M.A. 

Elizabeth Comelti B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

Riehard Bardolph B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

Robert G. Hoeker B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

A. H. MeCIeod A.B.. M.A. 

Lenore O'Boylc A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D. 


Viya M. Playfoe 
Agnes 1\. Coxe 
Madeleine Blake 

Catherine Kehoe 
Elizabeth Hatha. 
Helen Kirk Sur 

Charlotte Anne 
Evelyn M. Cox 
Josephine M. K 
Gene Sheldon 

lila P. Walker 

II. 1 1 ..■ I . Ml i., i,. 
George M. Thomp 
Alleine R. Minor 
Birdie II. II. .11..,.., 
George W. Diekie 
Elizabeth Cowling 

William C. I 

II,,,. II. Atkisson 

P. Mo 
la K Linds, 

B.A.. B.S. 

. M.A. 


. M.A. 


, M.A. 


. M.S. 


, M.S. 


. M.A. 



. M.S. 


. M.S. 


. M.S. 




, M.S. 


B.A.. M.A.. 




B.A.. M.S.. 



, M.A. 


. M.A. 


B.A.. M.Mu,. 

B.Mus.. M.Mus. 


B.S.M.. M.S.M. 

B.Mus.. M.Mus. 

B.A.. M.A.. 


B.A.. 1 







. B.M. 




. M.A. 





Ethel I. 

. M 

art us 







i- L. 


Ellen J 

. Ci 





t Gi 


w . 




III. i. 



rl M. 




VS II,,,., 

Rita 11, , 



1 „11 





. M.S. 


. M.A. 







George P. Wilson 

Mare Friedlaender 
Mildred R. Gould 
Abigail E. Rowley 
Nettie Sue Tillet 
John E. BHdgera, Jr 
Mav Dulan.-y Bu-h 
Ga.nell C. Spi>e> 
ithryn MeA. Engla 


, Tha 

I.ettie II. Rogers 
Mary E. Ilarwiek 
Wayne Bowman 
Edward C. Fitzpatri 
Randell Jarrell 
Maekir L. Jarrell 

Ruth M. Colling! 
Ruth Clements 
Mildred Pearl Hat 

>nn. Shamhurger 
Ruth Dalrymple 




I.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

B.A.. M.A. 

B.A.. M.A. 

B.A.. M.A. 

B.A.. M.A. 

B.A.. M.A. 

B.A.. M.A. 

I.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

B.S.. M.A. 

B.S.. M.A. 

B.A., M.A. 
I.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 
I.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 
LA., M.A.. Ph.D. 

B.A., M.A. 



VII.. MM.. Ph.D. 

B.A.. M.D. 
A. II.. M.A. 
B.A., M.A. 

C Franklin Eiehe 

John A. Ho 


S. Barnej 


K. Hook, 

>ta II 


ne ll„ 


.line l.alt, 

iee K. 



imlth B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. 

B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

B.A., B.Se.Ed.. R.D.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

m B.A.. M.A. 

B.A.. M.A. 


nan B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 


B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. 

B.A.. I). de II ni>. 

B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

Prof, des E.N. 

ehelle B.A.. M.A. 

B.A.. M.A. 

ing B.A.. M.A. 

B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

rburk B.A.. M.A. 

i A.B. 

A.B.. M.A. 


Glenn R. Johnson 
L.ila Gordon Shiy, 
Mereh E. Mossman 
Sara E. Smith 
Mary II. Whatley 

Emily G. Ashley 
Margaret C. DeVinnv 
Mary rile Weayer 

R.A.. M.A. 

I.I.B.. M.A.. Ph.D. 

B.A.. M.A. 

B.S.. M.A. 


B.S.. M.S. 

B.S.. B.S.. M.A. 

B.S.. M.A. 

B.S.. M.S. 


n ITIemoriam 


February 29, 1884 — October 8, 1948 


Associate Professor of Piano 
February 6, 1897 — December 19, 1948 


Mary Etta Pearsall. Cheerleader 

Barbara Apostolarus. President 

Jean Peal, Secretary 

Jean Fnlcher. Treasurer 

Mar> Griffin, Vice-President 


The Class of '4 

Class Song 

Onward Senior Class of "49 

Stand and proudly sing. 

Let's all pledge our faith and loyalty, 

Praise to her and honor bring. 

Undaunted girls, march on with faith. 
Your future lies beyond these gates. 
Stand up and smile; your school's worthwhile. 
Do what you can to make it great. 

•ister Song 

May God build forfyou a harmony 
Thai will !>>' both great and strong. 
Making all your life a melody 
And every day a song. 

For it's here in our hearts, oh sisters dear. 

And we sing it now to you. 

We love you; yes we love you. 

We love college and that means vou. 

Colors: Blue and \^ bite 

Flower : Forget-me-not 

Motto: Rise to Serve 

Bird*ong, Mascot 

p. Mascot 

Page 3/ 

Nina Jean Adams Statesville 

A.B.. English 

Dikean; Mitchell College (1, 2); Dean'a I 1-1 (3) i Y.W.C.A. (3 I) 

Rith Slocum Alexander 

Lookout Mountain. Tenn. 
A.B.. Chemistry 

Uetheian; lunioi Houae Presidenl ill: Hall Fi.'jr.] II. 2. 3, I); 
Chemistry Club (1, 2, 3, I); Dean's LiM ill; Dolphin S-al Club 11. 2, 

I, li: Physics Cluh Hi: R lion laaociation 11. J. .1. II; Square 

Circli (3) "i W.C.A. II. J. 3) j Proctoi 111: Camp Counselors Club 

Eve-Anne Allen Pollocksviile 

B.S., Music 

nee Croup 11. J I : Dean's List (3) : 1 t 

w.c.u.n.c. w 


Mary Tanner Allen Wadesboro 

B.S., Home Economics 

Mary Elizabeth Anderson Arlington. Va. 

A.B.. English 

Barbara Apostolacus Long Branch. N. J. 

A.B., An 

tdelphian; Dorm Representative ill: Class Vice-President ; Claas 
Presidenl ill: Pine Veed/ea Vrl Staff (31: Who's Who; Golden Chain; 
Outstan.lins Senior; Ul Cluh IJ. 1. II: Weale) Foundation Workers 
Council Hi: Hji-% Chain (2); Dance Group I-'. 31. S.,. r.-tjri (3); 

P i Club 131: Dance Committee H. 2); Dance Chaii I); 

Cain.-ra Club (3. II; Goll (31. 

Anne Apperson Mocksville 

A.B., Psychology 

Cornelian; Montreal College (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. 111. 

Esther Frances Bagwell Durham 

B.S., Music Education 

Metheian; Choir II. 2. 3. 1); Baptial Student 1 ..,„„. ,1 H. 2, I, I) I 

Recreation lai i. I 2); Y.W.C.A. (1, -\ 3. II: Radio Club 111: 

I lui .Hi "ii Cluh II. 2. 3. t), Tr.-asur.-r (3). 

Theresa [Catherine Bangert Livingston. N. J. 
B.S., Nursing 

li,l..,,, Vet. ran: I lub I I, I I 

Doris Amelia Banks Raleigh 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Oik.jn: Ga I llpba i '.. I); Y.W.I \ (2, I, li; Baaketball (31. 

Martha Jane Banner 

LB., An 


\ntoinette I'm line Barbour Goldsborc 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

\delphian; Gamma Upha '2. 3, li : Y.W.C.A. (1, 3) ; *•■. i Leadei (4) 




H VI 1 I N 










Page 32 

Senior Class 

Edna Ruth Barnes . . Lucama 

A.B., Grammar Grade Education 

Alctheian; Peace College (I, 2); Choir (3, 4}; Square Dance (3); Folure 

III: Y.W.C.A. (3) 


.skclball (31 

Mary Stewart Barnhardt Charlotte 

A.B., Sociology 

Cornelian; Elections Board (4) j \lpha Kappa Delta (3. *), President 
(II; Chemistry Club 13. 41; Square Dance (3, 41; Westminister Fellow. 
ship Council 141: Dean's Lisl III: Recreation Association II. 2, 3. 41; 

Sociology Club 13. I); Y.W.C.A. Ill: Pi r (3); Volley Ball (3. II: 

Badminton (3, 41; Basketball II. 2. 41. 

Virginia Amerylis Barringer Durham 

A.B., Grammar Grade Education 

Vdelphian, Secretary (31. Election Board Chairman (4); Westminiatei 
Fellowship Council (1. 21 ; Dean's List (3. 4) ; Future Teacher, of 
America (3. 41. President (41; Honor Roll (31; Junior Advisor (31; 
Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 41. Cabinet 12. 3), Freshman Y Club Leader (31. 
President Freshman Club 111: Proctor (2. 31: Hall Social Committee 
II. II. Chairman (II; Dance Committee 141; Radio Club (41; Hall 
Board (2). 










Ruby Frances Barwick Greensboro 

B.S., Music 

Aletheian; Dean's Lisl 13, 4); Honor Roll (1, 2. 31; Town Students 
Organization (1. 2. 3. 41: Young Composers Club (3. 41. President (4); 
Class Song Committee (II; Arts Forum Committee (3, 41; Dance Com. 
mittee (1, 3); Greensboro Orchestra II. 2. 3. 41: Chamber Musi, 
Ensemble (3, 41; Theatre Orchestra II. 21. 

Arlene L. Batchker Brooklyn. N. Y 

A.B., Art 

Anliuch College (1. 21; Coraddi, Art Editor (4); Dean's List (3, 41. 

Natalie Bates New York, N. Y. 

A.B., Recreation 

Cornelian; Alpha Psi Omega 13. 41; Dolphin-Sea] Club (2, 3. 41: 
Playlikers 11. 2. 3, II; Recreation Association (1. 2. 3. 41; Square Dance 
(41- Proctor (11: Camp Committee (41: Dance Committee (31; Radio 
Club III: Life Saving (31; Volley Ball (2. 3, 41; Basketball II. 2. II: 
Softball (1. 2, 3. 41: Masqueraders 12. 3. II. Properly Mistress (2, 31. 
Vice-President (31. President (4): Arts Forum Committee (4). 

Peggy Beaman Greensboro 

A.B., Primary Education 

Staff (3, 41 ; 


)ikean. President (41: Comddi, 

3. 4): Daisy Chain 121: Future Teachers of America 141: International 

(elations 13. II; Recreation A liation (1. 2. 3. 41; Town Student. 

Irganization (21- Y.W.C.A. II. 2. 3, II; Hall Social Chairman 111: 

= „-:.. r :,.„. ,]. 3. 41; rial,.,- Committee (1. 31; Archery (1. 21: 

ling 111- Tennis (1. 31: Basketball 

..ball ill; Hocke, Hi 

II. 3. 

Mary Rebecca Beasley Vass 

A.B., Sociology 

Cornelian; Queens College (1, 2): Alpha Kappa Delta (3, 4); Church 
Council: Dean's List (31; fntereational Relations (3); Junior Advisor 
(41- Sociology Club (3. 41; Y.W.C.A. (3. 41. Social Chairman; Do" 

I Con 


Margaret Dolores Becker Morganville, N. J. 
B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Cornelian: Dean's List 141; Gamma Upha 13. II: Recreation Association 
ill: Square Dance (41. 

Edna Jewell Beeson .... Sophia 

B.S., Home Economics 

21: Home Economics Club 13. 41: 

Gertrude Edith Bender Norlina 

A.B., Chemistry 

\delphian; Elections Board (3. 4): Dorm Elections Chairman 111: 
Botany Club (2. 31; Chemistry Club 13. 41. President III: Medical 
Technologists Club 13. II; Physics Club (3. 41; Square Dance (41: 
Square Circle (3): Y.W.C.A. 13, II: Service League (2, 31; Camera 
Club (3. 4); Tennis (1. 21: Basketball II. 2. 31. 

Audrey Marguerite Blackburn Baltimore. Md. 
A.B., English 

Cornelian- Carolinian (2. 3. 41: Alpha Psi Omega (3. 41; Dance Group 
(2 3. 41; Dean's List 13. 41: Honor Roll (31; Square Dance (II: 
Masqueraders (2. 3. 41. Publicity Manager 141; Playlikers (1. 2. 3, 4); 
Recreation Association II. 2. 3. II: Gymnastics (1). 


\\\ monette Bobbitt Castalia 

A.B., Primary Education 

Cornelian; Peace College (II; Future Teachers ,.f \ rica (.1. 41; 

Dean's List (41; Transfer Adviaoi Hi; Square Dance III. 

Evelyn Lynette Boney Clinton 

A.B.. History 

Dikean; Mall B,,ar,l 111; International K.I s II. 2. .1 1 . President 131; 

Honor Roll 12. 3); Clmr. h C. II (31; Dean's List (3, II: F.T.A. (3); 

lunioi •Vdviso. Hi; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3); Carolinian >i.,l; Legialatnrc 
141 ; I'M Beia Kappa (4). 

Clarence Call Boren Greensboro 

A.B., Sociology 

Cornelian; Stratford College; Housekeeping Committee 131; S log) 

Club (3. 41. 

Wanda Bowen Asheboro 

A.B., Sociology 

•.delphian, [Marshal 111. Social Chairman 141; Y.W.C.A. II, 2); Social 
Committee 111; Proctor 121; Senice Leader I2|; Alpha Kappa Delta 
13. II: Chemistry Club 13, 41; D-an's List 131; Honor R..1I 131; 
Sigma Delta Pi (3. II. Treasurer Hi: Sociolog) Club 13. II. Vice- 
President Mi; Dance Committee (3, 31; Curriculum Committee III: 
Hall Board (4). 

Nancy Laura Boyd . . Greensboro 

A.B., Grammar Grade Education 

Cornelian; Future Teachers of America (3, 41; Town Students Organi- 
cation II. .'. 3. 41. 

Betty Bradford Davidson 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Dikean; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3, 41; Basketball (1. 2. 3, 41: Softball 111: 
U. hen (2. 3. 41: Pr,« t„r 121: Archer) Club 1.3. 41. Secretar) III: 
(. an,,,,.! Upba 13. 41. B,,ar,l 111; S.G.A. Vice-President, Judicial Board 

(Summer School, 19481; F.T.A. III. 

Kathleen Virginia Braswell Greensboro 

A.B., Grammar Grade Education 

Adelnhian; Town Students Organization II, 2. 3, 41; Y.W.C.A. II. II: 
Dance Croup (2, 3); Future Teachers ,,( tmerica 13, 41. 

Rena Isabelle Bray . . Thomasville 

A.B., English 

Cornelian; S,|„ar,. Circle II. 21; Town Students Organization 111: 
Archer) Club 12, 3. 41: Proclor 12, ll: Senice League (2. II; U.S. I. 

Cum 3. ll; J„„„„ tdvisoi 131; Hall So, ,al Committee (3, ll; 

Carolinian Business Staff (2, 3). 

Elizabeth Barden Bremer Wilmington 

A.B., Psychology 

A.l.-lpliian; LcniorRh>ne College (ll: Psycholog] (l„h (3, ll. 

EMMA LoiISE Bridcer Bladenboro 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Doris Brinkley Charlotte 

A.B., Art 

Adelphian; Western Carolina Teachers College II, 21; Art Club (I, 2. 
3, H: Baseball (1, 21; S • Hi: ■-„, „„„,„,. (i, 2 ) . Voile) Ball 

11. 2. 31 ; Basketball 11.21: Life Sa>,„t 12. ; , 121 , I: S.l . I 

, y likers ,:. li. 

CaTHLEEN Brinson Arapahoe 

A.B., Spanish 

Adelphian; Dance Croup II. 21; Ph>.,,- Club II, 2. I. ll: 1 \\l V 
(11; Proctor (11: Swimming 11. 21; Recreation Issociation 11. 2. 3. 41: 
Basketball 12, 31; Dean's List 13, 4; ; Future Teachers ,,[ America 141. 

w.c.u.n.c. m 




llllllli I II 


Kill II 








Senior Class 


B. L. BROW? 







i. E. BROWN 




Mary Jane Brooks Greensboro 

A.B., Economics 

Cornelian: Queens College (1, 2); Pine Needles Literary Staff (4): 
[nterfaith Council (3) ; Square Circle (3) ; Town Students Organization 
(3, II i Town Stu.lent Judicial Board (3, 4); Points Committee (41. 

Gervis Broughton Spencer 

B.S., Home Economics 

Barbara Edythe Brown Raleigh 

A.B., English 

Betty Louise Brown Statesville 

A.B., Primary Education 

Gladys Mae Brown Clyde 

B.S., Home Economics 

Dikean : Western Carolina Teachers College (1, 2) ; Home Economics 
Club (3, 41 ; Proctor (4). 

Sara Lou Brown Randleman 

B.S., Distributive Education 

Dike,,: Boot V Spur (21: Future Teachers of America (4); Camilla 
Alpha (3. 41; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2. 3. 4). 

Ruth Bryant Stedman 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Adelphian; Choir (1, 2. 3, 4); Gamma Alpha (4); Recreation Association 
(1. 2. 3, 4): Proctor (3); Hall Social Committee (3); Swimming (2); 
Tennis II. 2. 3. 41; Basketball (3). 

Jewel Meares Buie Charlotte 

B.S., Home Economics 

Miriam Dorothy Bull Raleigh 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Cornelian: Church Council (4); Dance Group (1); Dean's List (3); 
Gamma Alpha (3. 4), Board (4); Square Dance (3); Y.W.C.A. (II. 

Elsie Gray Burke Winston-Salem 

A.B., Mathematics 

Dikean; Chemistry Club (1. 2. 3, 4); Classical Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Dance 
Group (2. 31; Dean's List (31; Honor Roll (II; Junior Advisor (3); 
Square Circle (2. 3, 4). Second Vice-President (3); Faculty-Student 
Curriculum Committee 141. 

Gatsey Jane Butler Goldsboro 

B.S., Munc 

Aletheian; Choir (1. 2. 3, 4): Young Composers Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. 

Betty Gene Caison Clinton 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Dikean; Camina Alpha (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. 111. 


Page 35 


Sophia Ann Campbell Taylorsville 

A.B., Grammar Grade Education 

Aletheian; Marshal (4); Church Council (2, 31: Dean's List 131; Future 

teachers i America (3, II. Social Chairman III; Recreat Association 

II. 31; Square Dance Club 131; Y.W.C.A. II. 3. 41; Proctor HI; Hall 
Social i I- Hi: Service League 111: Radio Club III; House- 
keeping Committee Chairman 131. 

Nancy Hill Campbell Pinehurst 

A.B., Sociology 

Dikean; 11 V Spin U. 2. 3. II. S.-. rolarv li..i-iii.-i 13 1. President 

ill: Hal- > Chain 121; International Relation. Ill; Recreation Associ- 
ation (1. 2, 3. II; Sociology Club 13, I); Y.W.C.A. ll. 2); Camp 
Counselors Club II. -'. 31: Coif Club it. 1): Hall Board ill: Studenl 
Curriculum c on te. . 

Cleo King Cannady Greensboro 

A.B., Sociology 

Adelphian; Westminister Fellowship 12. 1 1 ': Sociology Club (3. 41; 
Town Student! Organirat II; Y.W.C.A. 111. 

Betty Jane Carr Burlington 

B.S., Music 

Ilik.-.,,,. Secrelar) (2), Marshal (31; Summer School House President 
131: Legislature Rep.escnlulh,- (2); Choil (1, 2. 3. 41. Treasurer 131. 
Vice-President III; Church Council (2. 3. II; Dean's List (31; Hon.,, 
Roll (1. 2. 31; Junior Advisor 131; Young Composers Club (41; Faculty- 
Student Curriculum Committee (3, 41; Ma> Court, Maid ,,l Honor III. 

Evelyn Carter Morganton 

A.B., Psychology 

Cornelian; Chemistry Club 12. 3. il; Dean's List 13. 41; Honor Roll 

( lub ii. Ii : Life Sating 11 I. 

Mary Ruth Carter 

A.B., Spanish 

Dikean; Camilla Alpha 13. 



Margaret Anne Cavin .... Stanley 

A.B., Primary Education 

Adelphian; Senior Council II): Future Tearhers of America (3. 41; 
Recreation Association II. 31: Square Dame Club 14): Y.W.C.A. 12. 3); 
Dance Committee (41; Basketball II. 31. 

Barbara Cutricht Chapman Stockton. Mtl. 

B.S., Music 

Dorothy Deane Cheney Pinehurst 

A.B., History 

Adelphian: Hall Boat.l II. 3| : Legislature (3); Elections Board (4): 
Curriculum Committee 111: s„. ial Planning Council (41; Carolinian (1); 

Pine Veedlea III: I).,,., Chain 121: Dean's List (3, II; Interna ial 

Relations ill; Junior Advisor (3); Recreation Association (I. 2. 3. -I); 
Y.W.I V II. 21: Hall Social Chairman 111: Camp Counselors Chill 
(1. 2) ; Dan.-.- Committee ill: Gvmnaatii - (1, 21 : Basketball 11. 2, 3. 41. 

Parthenia Louise Chitty Murfreesboro 

A.B., Mathematics 

Aletheian; Church Council 1 2, 3l; Fuliirc Teachers of America (II: 
Physics Club (2. 3. II; Square Circle II. 2. 3, II: Y.W.C.A. (1. 21: 

Proctor (2. 31: Cvmnastics 111: S| dh.ill 111; Swimming II. 21: 

Basketball (H; Softball (1). 

Elizabeth Bethea Clapp Spencer 

B.S., Physical Education 

Cornelian; Class Cheerleader (21; Recreation Association II. 2. 3. I). 

Secretarv (3), President ill. Honoi tp 1 '. 1 : Archer] Club (3, n- 

Daisy Chain (2); Dance Group 11. 2. 3. 11. Secretary (2), Arts Forum 
Represenianw 1 3. Ii; Dean's List I3>; Dolphin-Seal Club (3, H: Honoi 
Roll 111; Plavlikers (2, 3, ll: Y.W.C.A. II. 21: Camp Counselor. Club 

1,1; S01 1.1I .inn.-, in. Dam e Committee 12, 3) ; Archery 12. 3. 4| ; 

Cyi in- 1 i, n, Hocke, (2, 3, II; Life Saving Hi; Speedbal] 

12. 3. 41; Swimming (1. 2, n I ll. 2. 1, ll: Volley Bull 

(2, I, I); Basketball (I, 2, ',. n : S >all (2, 3. 11. 


Joyce Cecilia Clayton 

B.S., Music 

Adelphian; Choir II, 2, 3, 41; Chur, I ,., ,1 III Secretary; P 

111 ; Musi, Edu 

1 lub ll -', 3, II : Hall Board 131 














Page 36 

Senior Class 

Mary Anne Clegg 


A.B., English 


Aletheian; Carolinian Feature 
List (3, 4) ; Future Teache 
Proctor (3). 

Amelia Boren Cloninger 

A.B., English 

Cornelian, Marshal (41; Boot .N" Spur (3); Chemistry Club (1, 2, 3); 
Dance Group (2. 3. 41. Treasurer (31; Junior Advisor (31; Hall Social 
Chairman (3. 4). 

Bessie Price Coalson . . . Shelby 

D.S., Home Economics 

Berry College (1, 2, 3), A.S.T.C. (41; Home Economics Club (4). 

Martha Matthews Coates Saluda 

A.B., History 

Dikean: Future Teachers of America (4); Recreation Association (1. 2, 
3. 41; Square Dance (1, 2, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 4); Swimming (2, 3); 
Basketball (1, 2, 3). 

Elizabeth Anne Coble .... Burlington 
B.S., Home Economics 

Uelphian; Archery Club (2. 3); Home Economies Club (2, 3. 4); 
Physics Club (3, 4) ; Plavlikers (3. 41 ; Recreation Association (2. 3. 4) ; 
Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3, 4) J Proctor (1). 

Jean Coggins 

A.B., Sociology 


Marilyn Coh.n Alexandria. Va. 

A.B., Economics 

Dikean; Carolinian. Reporter (1. 21. Photography Editor (3). Columnist 
(4) ; Coraddi Literary Staff (3. 4) ; Dean's List (3. 41 ; Honor Roll 12. 31 ; 
lnte.rl.itll Council (31; Recreation Association (II; Square Circle (1); 
Golden Chain (41; Service League (4); Radio Club (4); Student- 
Faculty Curriculum Committee (3. 41. Chairman (41; Social Science 
Forum Committee (3, 4); Chairman Post-War Actions Committee (11. 

Lucia Mercedes Collarte New York, N. Y. 

A.B., French and English 

Adelphian; Carolinian (21; Catholic Club (1, 2. 3, 41. President (3); 
Interlaith Council (2, 3. 41. Vice-President (41; Masqueraders 12. 3. 41; 
Playlikers (1. 2. 3. 41; Recreation Association (1. 2. 3, 41; Y.W.C.A. 
(1. 2, 3. 41. Cabinet (4); Proctor (1); Radio Club 14); Swimming 
(1. 2. 3. 41 ; Basketball (1. 2, 41 ; Tau Psi Omega (4). 

Elizabeth Ann Collett Thomasville 

B.S., Physical Education 

Aletheian; Hall Board (3); Carolinian (21; Church Council (2. 3. 4). 
President (41; Interlaith Council (41; International Relations (2); 
Plavlikers 111; Recreation Association (1. 2. 3. 41; Square Dance 
II. .'. .11. Secretary (2». Vice-President (31; Y.W.C.A. II. 2. 41; Camp 
Counselors Club (41; Camp Committee (41; Archerv 121; Gymnastics 
(1. 2. 3. 41; Hockey (1, 2. 3); Life Saving (31: Speedball (2. 3. 4); 
Swimming (1. 2. 3. 41: Tennis (2); Volley Ball (4|; Basketball (1. 2, 
3, 4) ; Softball (1. 2. 3, 41. 







Margaret Ann Collier Deep Run 

A.B., Sociology 

(4) ; Sociology Club (3, 41 : Y.W.C.A. (I, 21 ; 

Clara Jean Cooke 


A.B., Art 

Aletheian; Legislature (21; House President (31; Class President 111: 
Chemistry Club (2); Baptist Student Union Council (2. 41, President (4): 
Dean's List (3); Interlaith Council (2, I): Sigma Delta Pi 12. 3. 4); 
Golden Chain (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1); Who's Who (31. 

Frances Lee Cornwell Shelby 

B.S., Music 

Dikean; Choir (1. 2, 3, 4); Church Council (2. 3. 4). Vice-President 
(4) ; Interlaith Council (4) ; Proctor (3) ; Music Education Club (1. 2. 
3, 4), Secretary (3). 

Page 37 

Mary Woodward Covington Danville. Va. 

A.B.. History 

Adelnhian: Mono Committee Chairman 111: Choir 11. 2, 3); Recreation 

\.. „ ,1 2 1. II: Squaw Dance (1) I Y.W.I \ (1, .'. J), Cabinet 

(3) I Counselor Club til: Hall Election Chairman (2) ; Faculty. 

sin. I. -nt Reviewing. Committee Secretary (3. 41: Class Secretary (31; 
Junior U r (3); Proctor 111: Hall Social Chairman 131: University 

-, 1 h.iirmjn I II : \ollev Kail I H. 

Claldine Cox 


A.B.. Recreation 

i ornelian, Marshal (31 j Choh II. 2); Recreation Association 11. 2, I, 4) ; 

Y.W.I \. II. -'I: Pi ' II. '1; Hall Board 111; Basketball II. 31: 

Sociology Cluh C2, 3, I): Dance C littee I -\ 31; Alpha Kappa Delta 

(3, i ,,,,'■ 1 i-i ( I) ; Voile) Ball i 1) : Chid Marshal (41. 

Miriam Helene Crohn Asheville 

A.B., Primary Education 

\.l.lphian. Marshal (41: Volley Ball 111: Badminton (21: Post. War 

Actions Committee (2): Housekeeping niltee I -' I : Future Teachers 

.1 America 13. 1); Interfaith Council III; HUM (1, 2. 3, II. President 


Marjorie Lynch Crow Wilmington 

A.B., Psychology 

Uetheisn; V.W.C.A. II. 3, II: Proctor (1. S) i Dean's List 131: 
Psychology Club (3, II. Vice-President ill: Hall Social ( .nee (21. 

Anne Leigh Crompler Clinton 

A B., Primary Education 

Dikean, Marshal 131: Botany cluh 121: Future Teachers ..( America 

131; Dance Committee 131; Student-Faculty Curricu] :ommittee 141: 

May Court (4). 

Lora Elizabeth Crutchfield Guilford College 
B.S., Home Economics 

nnmic. Club 12. 3. 1 1 : 

Helen Cornelia Culbreth Greensboro 

A.B.. Psychology 

: Swimming. Speedball, Basketball; 

Alma Joy Culbreth Stedman 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Metheian; Choir (1. 2. 3. II: Recreation \ u (1, 21; Social 

Committee 111- Swimming II. 21: Vollev Ball 121: Basketball 121; 
V.W.C V ',. li; Gat Upha 13. II. Chairman. F.B.L.A. (II. 

Carolyn Culpepper Elizabetb City 

A.B.. English 

Dikean: V.W.C.A. II. 21. 



Elizabeth Lee Cunningham Gastonia 

A.B., Sociology 

... Hall Bnar.l (l, II: Recreation tasociation 11. 21: Dance 

• li •> « ' \ Hi. S logy Club 12. '.. II: Upha Kappa 

i,l egislature (2, I) ; Houae President (3) : House Presidents' 
Organization (4) ; I ni e Board S i retary I II. 


A.B., Grammar Grade Education 

Carmen Curry 


A.B., An 

Dikean: Virginia Intermont College (1, 2) I \it Club; Re 
ll.all: Softball. 







I I Kl IK 




(I Hill 


Senior Class 











Barbara Anne Davis Yadkinville 

B.S., Music 

Adelphian; Mars Hill College (1, 2); Choir (3, 4); Baptist Student 

lin louncil (4); Music Education Club (3, 41, Vice-President; Hall 

Board HI. 

Betty Lou Davis Winston-Salem 

A.B., History 

Dikean; Y.W.C.A. (1, 31; International Relations (2); Botany Club (3); 
Dean's List (41. 

Jane Dyer Davis .... Reidsville 

A.B., Sociology 

Cornelian; Queens College (1, 2); House President (41; Alpha Kappa 
Delta; Wesley Foundation; Sociology Club. 

Mary Louise Davis . . Charlotte 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Aletheian; Queens College (21; Gamma Alpha (3, 4| ; Square Circle (1); 
Y.W.C.A. (3, 41; Hall Social Chairman (4); Social Committee (4); 
Dance Committee (3); Hall Board Member (31. 

Susan Henkel Dawson .... Rocky Mount 
A.B., History 

Dikean. Secretary (31; International Relations (1, 21; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2); 
Social Committee II. 21; Dance Chairman (21; Junior Advisir (3); 
Service League (31; Botany Club 12); Daisy Chain (2); Recreation 
Association (2. 31; College Social Chairman (4); Legislature (4); Hall 
Board (4). 

Charlotte Anne DeLozier Asheville 

6.5., Home Economics 

Aletheian. Marshal (4); Asheville-Biltmore College (1); Legislature (2); 
Chemistry Club <-'. 3, II; Home Economics Club (2. 3. 4). Social Chair- 
man (41; Honor Roll (2. 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (2, 3. 4); Proctor (21; Hall 
Social Chairman 121; Physics Club (4); Junior Advisor (3); Dean's 
List (3, 41; Dance Committee (41; Life Saving (31; Omicron Nu (4). 
Vice-President (It. 

Sara Catherine Denny Raleigh 

A.B., English 

Dikean; Class Vice-President (1); Honor Roll (1. 2, 3); Y.W.C.A. (1); 

Pi i 111; Legislature 121: Chemistry Club 12); Daisy Chain (2); 

Dean's List (3); Junior Advisor HI; Sigma Delta Pi (2, 3, 4); 
I „,, ,li„i,„, II, 2. 3. 41, Reporter 111. Co-Headline Editor (2), News 
Editor 131, Editor-in-Chiel III: Who's Who (3); Golden Chain III: 
Phi P.cla Kappa (41. 

Mary Frances DeVane .... Fayetteville 
A.B., History 

Cornelian, President 141: Banner Committee (1); Zoology Field Club 
(21; Hall Board (3. 41; Carolinian 131: Pine Needles (41. 

Evelyn Rita DeWitt Spring Valley, N. Y. 

A.B., English 

Dikean; Carolinian, Photography Editor (2), Interview Editor (3). 
Columnist (41 ; Coraddi. Feature Editor (31, Layout Editor (41 ; Chemistry 
Club (II: Honor Roll (1, 2, 31; International Relations (1. 21; Quill 
Club (3. 4), President (4); Dean's List (3, 4); Proctor (4); Arts 
Forum II. 41; Picture Rental Collection Committee (3, 4); Hockey (1); 
Tennis (1). 

Jane Ellen Dibben Shelby 

A.B., Mathematics 

Adelphian; Lenoir Rhyne College (1. 21; International Relations (2); 
Dean's List (31; Honor Roll (31; Physics Club (3, 4); Lutheran Student 
issocial I.I. II. Treasurer HI; Phi Beta Kappa <4I. 

Patricia Gay Dickerson Guilford College 

B.S., Physical Education 

Adelphian; Hall Board 111; Dolphin-Seal Club (1, 2. 3); Recreation 
Association (1. 2, 3, 41, Cabinet 14); Proctor (1): Camp Counselors 
Club (1, 2. 3): Gymnastics (1. 2. 3); Hockey (1, 2. 31; Swimming (II; 
Basketball (1. 2. 31. 

Jane Dickerson Roxboro 

A.B., Biology 

Aletheian: Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3); Social Committee (1, 3); Botany Club 
(3. 4) ; Chemistry Club (3. 4) ; Church Council (3. 4) ; Future Teachers 
ol America (4); Medical Technologists Club (3, 4). 

Page 39 

Eleanor Dillard .... Willard 

B.S.. Home Economics 

ill: Pln.i. ■ Club (3, 11 : H.ill So. Co 

Mildred Margaret Dineen Springfield. Mass. 

A.B., History 

\drljihian: Choil II. 2, 3, II : Pn 
Circle (2. 31 i Recreation l la > ii 
141 : Life Saving. III 

Mary Helen Dobson Nebo 

A.B., Grammar Grade Education 

Cornelian; I.cnior Rhyne College (1); Church (2. 3) J Physics 
Club 12. 31; Basketball 131: Junior Idviaor (3); Future Teachers o[ 
America 13. I'. 


uu.c.u.n.c. Ff 

Margaret Anne Donald 


A.B., Chemistry 

Cornelian. Marshal (31: Y.W.C.A. Ill; Social Committee (I. 21 
Chemistry Club 12. 3. 41: Basketball 12. I) j Dance Committee (2. 31 
Recreation Association 13. 41; Future Teachers of America (4); Physic 
Club III: Gymnastics (41: Volley Ball (41: Cheerleader (41. 

Margaret Dumas Goldsborc 

A.B., Primary Education 

Glenna Lyndell Duncan Siler City 

B.S., Home Economics 

Betty Helen Dunn Ramsey. N. J. 

A.B., Psychology 

Dikean; Proctor II. 31; Camp Counselor Club (II; Life Saring (II; 
Swimming (1. 2. 3, 4); Basketball. Solihull (21; Dean's List (3, 41: 
Honor Roll (3|; Y.W.C.V 131; Psychology Club 13. 41: Camp Committee 

Barbara Lee Duval . . Waxhaw 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Frances Neil Easter Spencer 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Cornelian; Proctor 111; Swimming. 111; Botao] I luh 121; Dean's Lial 

131; Gamma Alpha 13. II; Y.W.C.A. 131: B.S.I. 141. 11 rding 

Secretary (41; Futuie Teacher, ol \meri.a 141. 

Barbara Jean Edinger Jersey City. N. J. 

A.B.. English 

Adelphian; Classical Club II. 2. 1. (I. \ ice. President (41; Playlikers 
12. 3. 41. Bnsineu Manager ill: Masqueradcrs 13. I): Quill I I..I. i : I 
Y.W.C.A. (41: Radio Club II. Ii .„,'. 1 lit I n. 

Martha Trundle Egerton Washington. D. C. 

A.B., English 

Louise Eichhorn 


B.S., Music 

Dikean; Choir (I. 2. 3. 41; Honoi K..1I 111: Dean'i l.i-i ill- Young 
Composers Club (3. 41; Future Teachers of America (41- Music Edu- 
cation Club Hi. 

III! I Will 



HI M i.-. 






Page 40 

Senior Class 

Acnes Harper Ellen Enfield 

B.S., Home Economics 

Adelphian; Home Economics Club II, 2, 3, 4); Recreation Association 
II. 21; Square Dance (1, 21; Baakelliall II. 21: Softball 12); Dance 
Committee 111: Daisy Cliain 121; Proctor (21; Service League 12); 
Marshal (31; Class Treasurer (31; Junior Advisor 13); Social Committee 
(31; Senior Book Exchange Chairman (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). 

Frances Marie Ellincer Chapel Hill 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

quare Circl 
; Gamma , 
Council (3, 4), Vice-Pr. 

Viola Marie Entermille Washington. D. C. 

A.B., Spanish 

List (3. 41 : Mar-hsl 

Blanche Annabelle Eure 

A.B., Primary Education 


Jean Elizabeth Evans Winston-Salem 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Doris Fagg Mount Olive 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Dikean; High Point College |1); Gamma Alpha (3, 4). 

Margaret Lucile Faison 

A.B., Mathematics 


Patty Ann Fardette Newport News, Va. 

B.S., Physical Education 

Cornelian: Recreation Association II. 2. 3. 41; Speedball (1. 2. 31; 
Swimming (1. 2. 3. J); Basketball II. 2. 3, 41: Softball II. 2. 3. 41; 
Gymnastics II. 2, 3. 4); Hockey (1. 2. 3. 41; Volley Ball (2. 3. 4); 
Archery (2. 3. 4); Square Dance (41: Camp Counselors Club (4): 
Archery Club (2. 3. 41. President (II. 

Myrtle Stockard Farrell Pittsboro 

A.B., Biology 

Dikean; Zoology Field Club (2. 3. 41; Chemistry Club (2, 3); Hall 
Social Committee (21; Botany Club (3, I). Vice-President (4); Dean's 
List (3); Honor Roll (31; Junior Advisor (3); Workers' Council Wesley 
Foundation 13); Future Teachers of America (41. 












Betty Ruth Faulkner 

A.B., Biology 


Ruth Frances Ferguson Raleigh 

A.B., Primary Education 

Adelphian; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 4), Cabinet (3). President (4); Choir 
II. 2. 31; Archer, (II: Tennis (21; Prcctor (21: Vollev Ball (3); 
Basketball (31; Golf (3. 41: Points Committee (31; Dance Committee 
(31; Botany Club 131; Dean's List (31; Future Teachers of America 
(3. 4|: Legislature (4); Social Committee (41: Church Council (2. 3. 4); 
Iuterfailh Council 14): International Relations (2, 3); Social Science 
Forum Committee (II. 

Virginia Anne Fields 

A.B., English 

Aletheian; Y.W.C.A. (1); Dean's List (41. 


Page 4) 


Betty Alice Flowe Asheville 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

II : Future l"ea, ben "I In 

Theda Christine Foil Kannapolis 

B.S., Home Economics 

Dikean; Ircher; Club (2) ; Home Ec mica Club II. -'. 3, II; Recre- 

ciation Hi Proctor (1, 3) ; Hall Social Chairman 131; Physics 

Club (3, li; Lutheran Students V datiou 11. 2, 3, I), Secretary i.'i; 

If.W.I I. il. 3, li. Cal i Hi; Carolinian, Exchange Manager (4). 

\n\ Stringfellow Forbes Newport News, Va. 
A.B.. English 

Adelphian; Coraddi Hi; Choir (I, 2, 3. li: Church Council (1, 2. 3, 
41. President III; Dance Croup 131: Dolpbin-Sea! Club (2); Recreation 

I i. il 2 I); Dean's List 13. 41; Interfaith Council (41; Quill 

Club II. 41; Club 141; Spotlight III: Swimming (1. 2, 3). 

Mildred Cornelia Ford 

A.B., English 

i ornelian; Proctor 111. 


\\\ii Ford Washington 

U.S., Home Economics 

Idelphian; St. \lj.>'~ School II. 21; H e Economics Club (3. 41; 

Dorm Social Comi p- 1:1, II. 

Mary Hirst Forney . . Westport, Conn. 

A.B., Primary Education 

AlLEEN Blackwelder Foushee Mooresville 

B.S., Home Economics 

Vdelphian; International Relations 111: H.,me Econimics Club (1, -'. 3, 

I); S ire Da (2, ill; Town Students Organization III; 1 tt C.A. 

(1. 2, I). 

Martha Adams Fowler Durham 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Melheian; Class Secretar) ill. Treasurer (2); Weslej Foundation (2); 
Daisj I hair i _• i . 1 w I \. il, 2 1 . Cabinet (2) I Dance Committee l-'i: 

Dean's List il. I); Gemma Mpha 13, li; Golden C (3, I); House 

Presidenl (3); Student Covernmenl President 111. 

Margaret Axluwee Fox Siler Cirj 

B.S., Home Economics 

Lydia Elene Fox Hickory 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Mars »,ll i ollege 11. 2) j Future Teai hers ol Vineries I li ; 

Gamma Mpha (3. II; Rerrc „ \ n Hi; -, tt I I ,i 

1) Swin >s in. Spotlifht Hi: Classical CI I. -' i . Secretar) (2); 

Martha Helen Francis Kinj; 

A.B.. Grammar Grade Education 

Alice Lee Fran< k Fayerteville 

A.B., Sociology 

Botanj i lub I I) Dean i Lisl I I) ; Sot iologj Club (3, li , 

- ' in.-. I'll; Proctoi ill: Life Saving; Swimming; Senioi 

Council Representative *1|. 


llll Mill 



Senior Class 


Jean Stuart Fulcher Davidson 

A.B., Biology 

Cornelian; Davidson College (1, 21; Class Treasurer (II; Pint \,.,U. 

Senioi class Editor ill: Archer) 111; Basketball (3, II; Swin ng 

III: Medical Technologists Club (3, 4| ; Chemistry Club III; Church 

Council, Vice-President 141; Transit, Idvisoi Hi; Physics Club (4); 
Y.W.C.A. (4), Vice-President Senior V (II. 

WlLMA FuLLERTON Short Hills. N. J. 

A.B., History 

Cornelian; Square Dance (II; Proctor (II; Y.W.C.A. (1); Life Saving 
12); Swimming (2, 3, 4); Volley Ball (4); Hall Board (II; Dorm 
Representative (3, 4); Point. Committee Secretary (31; House Presi- 
dent (4); Legislature (41; Social Science Forum Committee (4): Golf 
Club (41; Dolphin-Seal Club (2, 3, 4); Recreation Association I-'. 3, II. 

Nancy Beam Funderburk .... Greensboro 
A.B., History 

Dikean: Hall Representative (1); Hall Board II. 21; Carolinian Staff 

(1. 2, 3); Church Council (1. 2. 3); H r Roll (1. 2): Physics 

Club (1. 2. 3. 41; Dance Committee II, 21; Recrealion Association 
(2. 3. 41; Boot N' Spur (2. 3, 4); Daisv Chain 121; Dean's List (3, 4); 
Junior Advisor 131; Outstanding Senior 141: Quill Club CI. 4); Prr.c 
Seniles Lilerarv Editor 13. 41; Service League Treasurer III: Chapel 

Committee III: Social Science Forum C tnittee (3, II; Who's Who 

III; Honor Board 12. 3. 41: Golden Chain III: phi Beta Kappa III. 

Julia Gabai New York City. N. Y. 

A.B., Spanish 

Phi Beta Kappa I II. 

Evonne Sanders Garrett Bristol, Va. 

A.B., History 

' i: Proctor (1); Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3); Service League (2| ; 

Classical Club (1, 2, 3. 41; International Relations (31; Junior Advisor 
(3); Town Students Organization (41; Archery Club 13, 4); Future 
Teachers of America (3. 41. 

Martha Jane Garris 

A.B., History 


Kathryn Gates New York City. N. Y. 

A.B., French 

Anne Gaw ... Annapolis, Md. 

A.B., Art 

Cornelian; An Club (2, 3. 4); Senior Class Publicity Chairman (II. 

Anna M. Genden 

A.B., Sociology 


Dikean: Hillel Member (1. 2, 3. 1): Social Planning (3); Dean's List 
Cil: Intcrfaith Council President (31: Sociology Club 13. II. President 
II): Alpha Kappa Delta (4); Honor Board (41: Inter-Collegiate Com- 
mission President (4); Junior Book Exchange Chairman (31. 

Betty Jo Gentry Glade Valley 

A.B., Spanish 

Adelphian: Honor Roll (1); Square Dance (1. 2. 3. 41; Recreation 
Association (1. 2. 3. 41; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3, 4) : Tennis II. -'I : Chemistry 
Club (2. 31; Dean's List (3. 4): Carolinian Stall 121: Future Teachers 
,,l Vmerica (3, I), Treasurer HI; Proctor (4). 

Ruth Goodwin Gill Raleigh 

A.B., English 

Cornelian; Plav Irkers II. 2. 3. 41. Vice-President |4); Y.W.C.A. (1); 

Basketball 121: Recrealion <s„, ,j, , c'l: Masqueraders 12. 3, 41. 

Vice-President (4); Dean's List (3. 4); Radio Club (41; Dance Com- 

Alice Irene Glass Greensboro 

A.B., Sociology 


Page 43 

Frances Belle Glenn . . .. Raleigh 

A.B., Mathematics 

Y.W.C.A. (1); Hal] Social Chairman 111; Proctor 111; Square Circle 
II. 2. 3. 41. President HI; Physics Club (21; Hall Elections Chairman 
(3, II; Future Teachers of 111. 

Jane Perkins Glenn Winston-Salem 

6.5., Secretarial Administration 

Dikean; Service League 111; Proctor II. 21; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2. 3. 41; 
Dean's List 12. 31 : Gamma Alpha (3. 41 ; Honor Roll HI ; Housekeeping 
Committee Chairman III. 

Gabrielle Brown Goode Connellys Springs 

A.B.. Biology 

Dikean; Winthrop College ill: Y.W.C.A. (3, II; Coll (21; Wesley 
I'la^r- 13. 41; Zoology Fiehl Club (2. 3. 4); Dean's List (3. 4); 
Honor Roll 121; Phi Beta Kappa 141. 


Peggy Goodman Memphis. Tenn. 

A.B., Primary Education 

Cornelian; Y.W.C.A. Ill; Dean's List (31; Honor Roll 131; Inter- 
national Relations 131; Hillel II. 2. 3. 41; Hall Board (II; Future 
Teachers of America (3. II; Senior I il III. 

Marion Elizabeth Goodrich 
A.B., Art 


Sally Ann Goodwin Falls Church. Va. 

A.B.. Psychology 

Adelphian: Baptist YW.A (2. 31: Psychology Club 13. 41; Marshal (41. 

Patsy Jean Gordon . . Lexington 

A.B.. Sociology 

Amanda Jean Graham Dunn 

A.B., Primary Education 

Lillian Marie Graham Greensboro 

A.B., Primary Education 

Virginia Gravatt Johnston Charlotte 

A.B., Grammar Grade Education 

Ilikean: Service League 111: Y.W.C.A. II. 2. 3, II: Procloi 12 1: Dance 

't. .up i2. 3); Recreation \ lion (2, II; Dance Committee 131: 

Dan's Liu (3, t); Future Teac] I inter i, I), Secretary III: 

H..n.,r Roll 131: Hall Board (4); Seniot Book Exchange Chairman III. 

Mary Elizabeth Graybeal West Jefferson 

A.B., Chemistry 

Cornelian; Procloi u>; Chemistry I H. 2. 3, H: Recreal \ 

aiinn 11. 21: Square Dance (1, 2); I>ji-> Chain (2); Phys lb 

13. tl : Y.W.C.A. 13. II. 

Georgie Colleen Gregory Mount \irj 

A.B., Grammar Grade Education 


l.H A i HEAL 

I >ll \M 


Senior Class 





Mary Walters Griffin . . Edenton 

A.B., Primary Education 

Alelheian; Archery Club 12, 3), Secretatv-Treasurer (3); Daisy Chain 
121; Wesley Foundation Council (3, 41; Recreation Association (1, 2, 
3, 4); Hall Social Co-Chairman 11); Y.W.C.A. (2, 3), Freshman Y 
President, Cabinet; Service League (21; Dance Committee (3); Dance 
Chairman (31; Future Teachers of America (3, 4). Vice-President (4); 
May Court (41: Class Vice-President (41; Archery (2, 3, 4); Basket- 
ball (1. 2, 3. 4). 

Anne Jessup Grimes Woodland 

B.S., Home Economics 

Aletheian; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3. 41, Treasurer (2); Y.W.C.A. 
(1. 21 : Proctor II. 41 ; Kecreation Association 12. 41 : Volley Ball (2, 41 ; 
Basketball (21. 

Martha Louise Guion Aberdeen 

A.B., History 

Adelphian; Camp Counselors Club (1, 2); Hall Board (1. 2. 41; Dance 
Committee (21; Alpha Kappa Delta (3, 4); Judicial Board (3); 
Boot N' Spur (2, 3, 41; Dean's List (41; Future Teachers of America 
13, 41; Honor Roll (2, 31; International Relations (I. 2); Daisy Chain, 
Chairman (21; Junior Advisor (3|; Recreation Association Cabinet (21; 
Sociology Club (3) ; Square Circle (2) ; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (2. 3) ; 
Service League Chairman (4); Golden Chain (3. 4). Secretary (4); 
Social Science Forum Committee (3, 4), Chairman (4| ; Who's Who (3| ; 
Gymnastics (II; Life Sawng (31; Basketball II. 2. 3, 41; Outstanding 
Senior (4). 

Rebecca Caroline Gulledge . . Wadesboro 
B.S., Home Economics 

.; Carolinian (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Hall 
tan (II; Junior Advisor (31; Rec 
(3, 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 41 
ocial Chairman 131; Home Econc 

ard (1); Dorm Housekeeping 
on Association (3, 4) ; Square 
esident (II. Cabinet (3, 41 ; 
. Club (1, 2, 3, 41. President- 

Thelma Gornto Gunnersen 

A.B., English 

Dorothy A. Hahn 



A.B., Biology 

\delphian; Lenoir Rhvne College (1, 21; Chemistry Club (3, 4); Choir 
(1, 21; Dan's List (3. 41; International Relations II, 21; Medical 
Technologists Club (3, 41; Phi Beta Kappa (4). 

Patricia Ann Haines Durham 

B.S., Music 

Vdelphiau: Clogging Club (1, 21. Secretary (21; Choir (1, 2, 3, 4) 

'.C.A. (1, 2, 31 ; Pr. 


Mary Thomas Haithcock 

A.B., English 


Organization (1. 2. 

Doris Elizabeth Hall Hamden, Conn. 

B.S., Physical Education 

Dikean; Dolphin-Seal Club (2, 3, 4) ; Recreation Association (1, 2, 3, 4) ; 
Proctor 111; Hall Social Chairman 141; Camp Counselors Club <1, 2, 
3); Dance Committee (3); Archery (21; Co-OfT Club (3. 4); Gymnastic, 
(1, 2, 3, 41; Hockey (1, 2, 3. 4); Soccer II. 21; Swimming (3. 4); 
Volley Ball (1, 2, 3. 4); Basketball (1. 2, 3. 41; Softball (1, 2, 3, 4); 
Freshman Commission (II: Curriculum Committee (31, Chairman (3): 
Hall Board (31. 

Ethel Marie Hall Yadkinville 

A.B., Chemistry 

\Jelphkiu: Botany Club (2): Classical Club II, 2, 3, 4); Chemistry 
Club (2, 3, 41; Square Dance (21; Dean's List (3); Junior Advisor (31; 
Physics Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3, II. 

Mary Frances Hamrick Burnsville 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Dikean; Botany Club (21; Choir (21; Baptist Student Council (4); 
Dean's List (3, 41; Future Teachers of America (3); Gamma Alpha 
(3, 4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); Junior Advisor (31: Recreation Association 
(1. 2, 3, 41; Y.W.C.A. 12. 3. 41: Sigma \lpha (3. 41. Treasurer 14). 

Dorothy Jeanette Hand . Gatesville 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Adelphian; Proctor (1); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2); Camma Alpha (3, 4). Board 
(4); Hall Social Chairman (4); Social Committee (3, 41; Softball (1, 2). 

Page 45 


Marian Winslow Hand . . Greenville. S. C. 

A.B., Primary Education 

Aletheian; Y.W.C.A. (II; Dance Croup (2); Dean's List (3); Square 
Dance (3); Proctor (41; Future Teacher, of America (II. 

Marilyn Handley . . . . Goldsboro 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Jeannette Ridisill Hanks Greensboro 

A.B., Psychology 

Cornelian; Mount Vernon Seminary (2); Y.W.C.A. (3); Town Students 
Organization 13. 41; Dean's List (3, 41: Psychology Club (3. 41; Life 
Saving (3); Picture Rental Committee (4). 

Anna Keller Harmon Kannapolis 

A.B., English 

Cornelian; Chemistry Club (21: Medical Technologists Club (2); Dean's 
List (31; Honor Roll 131; Future Teachers of America III. 

Jewell Ann Harrell ... Ahoskie 

B.S., Physical Education 

Cornelian; Meredith College (1. 21; Sen ice League (31; Recreation 
Association (3. 41; Gymnastics (3. 41; Hockey (3. 41; Soccer 13. 4}; 
Speedhall 13. 41; Volley Ball (4); Basketball 13. II; Softball (3. 41- 
Y.W.C.A. 13. 41 ; Proctor 141. 

Betty Jeanette Harrison Franklin 

A.B., Grammar Grade Education 

Cornelian; Mars Hill College (1. 21: Square Dance (31; Y.W.C.A. 
II. 2. 3. 41 ; Future Teachers of America (3, 41. 

Minna Frances Harrison Lenior 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Dikean: Gamma Alpha (3. 41. 

Lee Hart Reidsville 

B.S., Home Economics 

Cornelian: Salem College (1. 21; Dance Committee (3. 41; Hal] Social 
Chairman (41; Social Planning Council Secretary (ll: Hall Board (31. 

Ida Margaret Hart .... Grifton 

A.B., Chemistry 

Adelphian: Square Circle (31; Physics Club <3. 41; Chemistry Club 
13. 41: Medical Technologists Club (3. 4). President (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). 

Rachel Inez Hartcrove King 

B.S., Home Economics; Y.W.C.A. ll. 2. 31; Dean's Lilt 13 1; Honor Roll (31; 

Physics Club (3. 4|; Dance Commit (3, 41; Church Council (3. 41; 

Home Economics Club (2. 3, I) 1 Social Committee 111; Hall Board 
(4|; Chemistry Club (3, ll. 

Candace Hatsell Bayboro 

A.B., Sociology 

International Relations 12. 3) j Pro, lor (3); Archery Club 

" ' - '■' : - I--". ( lub I li ; Choil Ui ; I.W.I . \ 

' I' Maril li Senioi I ouncil III. 

Elizabeth Hawes Morganton 

A.B., Psychology 

Dikean; Y.W.C.A. II. 2. .!. II; Ircherj Club 1 2 1 ; Honor Roll (21; 
Dean's List (3); Quill Club (3. 41; Psychology Club 13. 41. President 
(4); Social Science Forum Committee II); Craddi Staff (3. 4|; Pint 
Aeerf/ei Staff (I); Spotli s ht (3, 4). 

w.c.u.n.c. m 


tit *?\ 










Senior Class 

Mary Aurelia Hawthorne Steubenville, 0. 

A.B., Economics 

Adelphian; Maryland College for Women (1); Boot N' Spur (2, 3 41- 
Dean's List (31; Masqueraders (3, 4); Playlikers (2, 3, 4); Coraddi 
(3. 1); Radio Club (41. Station Manager; May Courl (4). 

Sue Hayes Granite Falls 

A.B., Chemistry 

Adelphian; Chemistry Club (1, 2, 3). Treasurer (2), Secretary (31; 
Classical Club (2. 3, 41, Secretary (21, Vice-President (31; Church 
Council (1); Daisy Chain (2); Physics Club (3. 41. Vice-President (41- 
' (1. 2); Town Students Organization (1, 2. 3. 41; Zoology 

Field Club (3. 41 ; Caduc 

Club, Vi 




Thelma Hayes . . Orlando, Fla. 

A.B., Grammar Grade Education 

Aletheian; Square Dance (1, 21; Recrea 
Future Teachers of America (4); Gymna 
Orchestra (1. 21. 

Ann Wallace Heymann Asheville 

Bachelor of Fine Arts 

Cornelian: St. Genevieve of the Pines (1, 21: Art Club (41; Clogging 
Club (31. B6 B 

Helen Chalmers Hicks .... Wilmington 
B.S., Home Economics 

Cornelian; Mary Baldwin (1. 2). 

Mary Jane Hobbs . . Greensboro 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Cornelian; Botany Club (21; Gamma Alpha (3); Student Curriculum 
Committee (4) . 

Emma Spicer Holmes Sanford 

A.B., Biology 

Cornelian. Treasurer (31; Botany Club (2, 3); Chemistry Club (2, 3, 4); 
Fulure Teachers of America (3, 4); Medical Technologists Club (3, 41- 
Physics Club (3, 41; Y.W.C.A. (1, 3, 41; Hall Hoard (21- Dance Com- 
mittee (31; Dance Chairman (4). 

Sarah Jane Holt Oak Ridge 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Alpha (3. 4) ; Class Cheerleader (3) ; 

June Witherspoon Holtzendorff 

Clemson, S. C. 
B.S., Physical Education 

Adelphian; Class Vice-President (2); Westminister Fellowship Council 
(21. President (41; Dolphin-Seal Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Recreation Associ- 
ation (1, 2. 3. 41, Treasurer (21, Vice-President (31; Proctor (II; 
Camp Counselors Club (1, 2); Interfaith Council (41; Junior Advisor 
13); Square Dance (41; Golden Chain (3. 4); Camp Committee (2, 31, 
Chairman (41; Gymnastics (1, 2. 3, 4); Hockey (1. 2. 3, 4); Speedball 








Mary Anne Hooper Asheboro 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

na Alpha (3, 41 ; Future Teachers of 

Carolynne Vail Hope .... Burlington 
B.S., Physical Education 

Cornelian. Junior Book Exchange (31; Daisy Chain (2); Dance Group 
(3. 4), Vice-President (41; Recreation Association (1, 2, 3. 4); Square 
Dance (41; Camp Counselors Club (1, 2. 4); Gymnastics (4)- Hockey 
(1. 21; Soccer (II; Volley Ball (1, 2, 3. 4); Basketball (1. 2, 3, 4) ■ 
Softball (2|; Life Saving (31. 

Betty Brafford Hough Charlotte 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Adelphian ; Honor Roll (2) ; Gamma Alpha (3, 4) . 

Page 47 

Lillie Frances Howard Rosehoro 

B.S., Home Economics 

Aletheian: Y.W.C.A. (1, 2. 3. 41; Home Economics Club (2, 3, 41: 
Physic! Club (3. 41: Square Dance (2. 3. 41; Ptoctoi 131: Future 
Teacher* of America (4). 

Sara Frances Howell . . Winston-Salem 
A.B., French 

Nancy Ruth Hubbard Charlotte 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Uikean; Chemistry Club II. 21: Church Council (31; Daisy Chain 121: 
Dean'. List 13. 41; Gamma Alpha (3. H; Honor Roll (II; Recreation 
Association (21; Y.W.C.A. (3, 41: Sigma Alpha 13. 41. Secretary (11: 
Wchen 121; Future Teachers of America (41. 

uu.c.u.n.c. af 



A.B., English 



Cornelian ; D( 
131; Hall S 
Council (41. 

an's List (31: International Relations 
ocial Chairman (41: Veterans Club 

(2. : 

1) ; Physi 

2. 3 1 ; 

cs Club 


Anne Huneycutt 

A.B., Psychology 



lletheian; Peace College 111: Psychology Club (3. II: Hall Board (41 

Lois Bernelle Hunter Pilot Mountaii 

B.S., Home Economics 

Frances Gray Hussey 


A.B., Psychology 

Adclphian, Marshal 141: Hall Social Chairman 111; Town Students 
Organisation (2. 3. 41; Junior Advisor (31; Dance Committee (1 2 
3. 41: Psychology Club 13. II; Dean's List 13. 41; Business Manage, 
Student's Handbook (41. 

Catharine Boyd Ingram Taylorsville 

B.S.. Home Economics 

Aletheian; Carolinian (1. 21; Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Botany 
Cluh (31; Chemistry Club (3); Dean's List 131: Future Teachers of 
America (31: Honor Roll (31. 

Sally Anderson Irvin . . Charlotte 

A.B., Art 

Cornelian; Proctor 111: yrl Club (2. 3. II; Daisy Chain (21; Dance 
Chairman (3 I. 

Frances Jackson Robbins 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Dikean: Carolinian II. 21: Y.W.C.A, il 2); p r( 
Chairman 131; Square Dance 131; Recreation 
Honor Roll 131 : Gamma Alpha (3. 41 • Fulure Tea 
Basketball I2|; Dean's List (3, 41. 

II. 21 : kit. h. 

.i ia , (2. 3) 

of America (II 

Helene Elise Jacobs Raleigh 

B.S., Physical Education 

Aletheian: Hillel 11, 2, 3. 41. Secretary 121; Procto, (II; Dolphin-Seal 
Club (41; Plavlikers. Photographer (41: Recreation Association (1 ' 
3. 41. Cabinet 13. li; Golf club. President III: f», Veedlei, Pho'iog. 
raphy Editor 13. 41: Carolinian 12. 31; Camera Club 13); Archery (2); 
Gymnastics 12. 3. II; H.., key II. 2. 3. II; Speedhall II. 2 3 II- 

Swimming 13. II; T.nni. II. 2. .11; Volley Ball (1. 2. 3. Il; Basketl 

(1. 2. 3. 41; Softball II. 2. 3. 41: Honor Croup (3); Can inselori 

Club (3, II. 

Lillian Elizabeth James Rocky Mount 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

ship Council (4) ; Future Teacher, of An 

Page 48 



III lilt Mill 











Senior Class 

Helen Virginia Jenkins Midland 

B.S., Home Economics 

Lucy Pace Johns Amelia, Va. 

B.S.. Music Education 

Nancy M. Johnson Richmond. Va. 

A.B.. English 

Cornelian: Carolinian Stag (3); Dean's Lisl ell: International Relatione 

13. 41: Ouill Club (3. II: Ari< Forum C mittee, Secretary 131: 

Spotlight, Editor (31; House President, North Spe r 111. 

Ethel Celeste Johnston Pittsboro 

A.B., History 

Dikean; Chemistry Club 111: Honor R..II II. 2, 31: Proctol 111. 

Carolinian Siaflf (2. 31; Dean - , Lisl 13. II: F.T.A. (3, li: Junior advisor 

(31; Social Science Forum Committee (3. II; Legislature Representative 
111; Phi Beta Kappa ( l) . 

Catherine Jolly .... Greenville 

A.B., Sociology 

(1) : F.T.A. 13. II ; - | ogJ 

Martha Kate Jonas Lincolnton 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Cornelian; Choir (1. 2. 3. 41: Dance Group (3, II. Secretar] III: 
Gamma Alpha (3, II; Recreation Association 13. II; Y.W.C.A. (3, II: 
Leeislalure (11: Wesley Foundation (41. 

Doris Jones 






it. keeteh 


A.B., Chemistry 

Choir 13. II ; Che: 

Janet Jones .... Wilmington 

A.B., English 

Melphian; Carolinian Business Mali 111: Playlikers II. -'. 3, II; 
Service League (1. 2); llpha Psi Omega 13. II: Masqueraders IJ. 3, II. 
House Manage: III. Student Director (3, 11. 

Bobbie Lee Kf.eter Bryson City 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Cornelian: Bolany Club (3. II; Gamma llpha 13. II. 

Eleanor Sue Keeter Charlotte 

B.S., Home Economics 

Dikean; H ten,, i.-s Club 12. 3. 41; Y.W.C.A. (2. I, 4): Bolany 

Martha Alene Kelly . . Hamlet 

A.B., Grammar Grade Education 

caguc (31; Future Teachers ol 

Nancy McNeely Kendall Middleboro, Mass. 

Bachelor of Fine Arts 

Cornelian; Y.W.C.A. II. 2, 3. H: Proctor (II: Banner Committee in 
Honor Roll '1. 2); Carolinian Siall 11. 2. 31; Daisy Chain 121: Legisla- 
ture 121: Who's Who 131: Class President 13): Dean's Lisl 111: \,l 
Club 13. II. Vice-President 141; Pine Needles, Art Editoi Ml; 
Golden Chain 1.3, 41. President (41; Elections Board Chairman (41; Out- 
standing Senior. 

Page 49 

'Onward Senior 

Our Adopted Polish Orphar 

Class of '49..." 

. . . and after four years of singing that phrase of our class 
song, we do move on — we move on to practice what we have 
learned in the rooms of Mclver. the cubby holes of the Ad 
Building, the recital halls of the Music Building, the labora- 
tories of the Science and Home Ec Buildings, and the class- 
rooms of Curry School. We move on to give our place to the 
yearlings that are to come after us. We like to feel that no 
one can take our place, hut we do know one thing for sure — 
no one can take our memories. 

No one can take away that rainy Monday in September of 
'45 when over 500 prospective 49'ers carried armfuls of 
clothes, tennis racquets, high school annuals, lamps, and 
pictures to vacant, haunted-looking rooms. How was this 
ever to be home? But home it became, and home it has 
been for four years. And fun and happiness and love of 
W.C. made it so. What were the magic experiences that 
turned four barren walls and a group of 500 strange girls 
into a way of life — a way of life that now leaves its home 
and moves into a greater and wider existence? 

Blue Jackets and Whistles 
Guard the Grass. 

Back Stage at That Wonderful Junior Minstrel Show. 

Paye 50 

And who could forget the posture pictures, the physical in 
the Infirmary when only a white sheet prevented sheer 
mortification. Then came exams, and biology and English 
were on the same day. The path to the Library lengthened 
and led to Bert's and the Grill where "Prisoner of Love" 
was the top tune on the wall juke boxes. It was the class of 
'49 that revolutionized class elections with unique posters 
covering the whole campus. And on April 13 jean-clad 
freshmen decorated the gym for "April Showers." the 
freshman formal. We were no longer lowly; for in a few 
weeks we rushed from the balcony to get first floor chapel 
seats, but even we critd as those girls who had known all 
marched out of Aycock. We would never be so dignified as 

But the blue ribbon on the white pole moved up and with it 
we moved from secluded freshmen dorms and rules into the 
realm of the "upperclass". We all practically died from 
lack of sleep 'cause bridge games and bull sessions after 
11 o'clock were far too tempting. But what always amazed 
us was that the upperclassman reserve room never was so 
crowded as the freshman one. 

Then in December we knew definitely that we were no longer 
green, we had our blue, the prettiest blue ever, jackets to 

James, Our Special Doorman 
at the Black and White Ball. 

Red and Blue Jackets Show Sister Class Spirit. 

Seniors (Jan Alwavs Find Time to Talk. 

Page 51 

Re\. Howard Wilkinson, Senior 

University Srrmon Speaker Leads 

a Discussion (iron]). 

hide all inferior feelings. The real event the sophomore 
49"ers experienced was the party in the gym for the seniors, 
the sister class. Class Chairman Dr. Gangstad, in her new 
spring hat. paraded in with George and Dean Taylor did the 
'"can-can". "We the class of "47 do . . ." rang through the 
gym crowded with sister seniors and sophomores. Our big 
sisters were about to leave us. Before long we were dressed 
in white carrying the daisy chain while the girls who had 
advised us since we hit the campus walked solemnly through 
the flower-made aisle. And again the blue ribbon moved one 
step higher. 

In the fall of '47 we came back as Junior Advisers, answer- 
ing the same questions we ourselves had asked two years 
before — "It's the Norway maple." "Yes. freshmen too can 
use the Recreational Reading Room." After looking up to 
other students for two years, we knew something and were 
being looked to for help. When registration came, we signed 
up for our majors; and we decided in which fields we would 
specialize. Many, too, had made up their minds about pins, 
diamonds, and wedding rings. That junior fall was high- 

ighted with the "Harvest Moon" formal and the Duke- 
Carolina week-end which was followed by a University 
Sermon speaker. Dr. Cleland of Duke University. And that 
Sunday he made that remark of all remarks: "Justice still 


Then in February we saw birth of the Harriet Elliott Social 
Science Forum as experts and leaders in the field of the 
social sciences discussed "The Nature of the Social Crisis. 

Mr. Phillips, the Senior'; 
Special Friend. 

Page 52 

,ii hi Shepherd, Dance Chairman anil 

Barbara \postalocus, Class President 

ami Autumn Leaves^ 

February gave way to March and the Junior Minstrel. 
Curtain going up — and 150 black-faced juniors dressed in 
white pants, junior jackets, colored scarfs, and white gloves, 
literally awed a capacity crowd at Aycock with "Hello You 
People," "Dixie." and "Waiting on the Robert E. Lee." The 
end-men surprised all — even themselves. The class, the 
49'ers. cleared $300. enough to support the Polish orphan 
and to lay definite plans for a bang-up Junior-Senior — our 
first college Junior-Senior. 

Then was about time for us to sit on the sidelines for the 
last time at graduation. And full realization came after we 
had rushed to the first rows of Aycock and we knew the next 
change of chapel seats would leave us without one. At that 
same mass meeting, S. G. A. President. Martha Fowler, took 
over; and the green and weak ranks of three years before 
were holding and guiding the reigns of Student Govern- 
ment. There was no one left to look up to. The blue ribbon 
was on top. 

And this is it; this is our last year. We've tried to make 
every minute count and every impression last. How changed 
it all is from the way it was when we drifted in that rainy 
September Monday. Little Guilford is gone, and the rickety 
steps leading to the News Bureau have given way to the well- 
lighted cement steps leading to the back of the "Hubbub." 
The laundry, the first building we saw when we came ( and 
we wondered if clothes could really get clean in there ) , is a 
ghost building where only emergency calls come through 
after 10 o'clock. The Tuesday band of hundreds of girls 

walking leisurely up Walker Avenue, to impress the city of 
the definite need for closing the street, has changed into a 
massive orange steel structure that in 1950 will be the 
Library. We won't get to use it: we won't be here, but we 
will always remember the six inch hole Dr. Jackson drilled in 
September of '48 as a beginning for the Library. Not only 
has the campus changed, but the personnel. We mourned 
the loss of Dean Harriet Elliott who had stood on Aycock 
stage in that familiar green suit and emphasized "Responsible 
Freedom." And in June, when we leave for good, we take 
Dr. Jackson with us. Remember when he offered a reward 
to the girl who after five years could truthfully say her 
education had been impaired by the loss of one week of 
school because of polio. Yes, W. C. has changed, but the 
new faces that move in to replace the old ones are as 
susceptible as we to the "spirit" that breathes life into the 
Woman's College. 

Only a few days more are left to us. are left to our senior 
year — but there it is — the Senior Formal, co-ordinating, the 
9 o'clock coffee in the Soda Shop, dining hall work, the 
corner, the lost P. 0. key, house meeting, dorm parties, and 
a host of things done for the last time. 

Before long the green ribbon will displace the blue and be 
on top — that's the same green ribbon that gave us our first 
boost, but as our blue moves down to the lowest peg on thi 
white pole, and as we listen to "May God build for you a 
harmony," we know for certain that . . . 
We cannot forget . . . 

'Our College Davs Run Swiftly Bv 




Virginia Madge Kennedy ... Albemarle 

B.S., Physical Education 

Dikean; Mars Hill College (1, 21: Recreation Association (3, 41; Square 

I. no (3); Cyn Mica, Hockey, Life >.i>n. t . S r, Speedball, Tennia, 

Softball III: Swimming, Volley Ball 13. 41; Dane I | 

ill: Dolphin-Seal Club (II: Camp Counselor- Club 111. 

Frani es Winston Kenney Raleigh 

B.S., Physical Education 

Aletbeian; Recreation \ssociation II. 2. .!. II: Dolphin-Seal Club n. 2, 

3 li- Baseball, Hockey, S« g, Voile) Ball, Basketball, Softball 

(1, j I, li; V.W.C.A. II. 2); Dais) IN."" l-i: Gymnastics, Speedball 

(2, 3, II; Life Saiing (2, II: Dance Committee I'll: Camp C selors 

Club CI. 41. 

Ethel Kesler . . Winston-Salem 

B.S., Physical Education 

Dikean; Carolinian Stall II. 2, 3. 4): Honor Roll (1, 2, 3, 4); Recreation 
\ uh,, i, II. 2. 3, II. Cabinet 12. 3, II, Honor Group (3); Camp 

Counselors Club II. 2. 3. 41: Gymnastics, Hockey, Speedball. Basketball. 

-..f.l...ll II. 2. 1. li; If.W.CA. ill: Proctoi 111: Life Saving (1, 21: 
Archer) Club (2, 3); Chemistr) Club I2l: Dance Croup 12. i. li: 

Dolphin-Seal Club 12. 3, 11: International Relations (2); lunioi Advisor 
(3)| Sigma DelU Pi (2, 3. 41: Danee Committee (21: Co-Off Club 
n. li; Ar.herx l2l: Swimming 121: Tennis 12. 31; Volley Ball (3) J 

li, .in'. List (3. 41. 

Sylvia Ruth Kiger . . Winston-Salem 

B.S., Nursing 

Cornelian; Niter.!.,- (Jul, (3, H: Dean's List III; Service League (4). 

Jean Johnston Kirkland Manteo 

A.B., Primary Education 

w.c.u.n.c. $t 

Adelphian: Y.W.C.A. II. 2. 3. 41: Future Teaeliers of An 

I ■-. n 

Nome Ruth Kirkpatrick Greensboro 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Dikean; Town Students Organization (1, 2, 3. 41; Gamma Alpha (3, 4). 

Mary Ellen Knight Greensboro 

A.B., Sociology 

Peggy LaVonne Knox Huntersville 

B.S., Home Economics 

Aletheian; Home E .,- Club (1, 2. 3, I), Publicity Chairman li 

Proctoi Hi; Recreation Association (2); Chemistry Club 12. 31: 
Future Tear lor- .,1 America (3). 

Mary Lou Koeplin Greensboro 

A.B., Psychology 

Adelphian; Brevard Junior College (II; Dean's Lial (II: International 

Reli - 131 : Recreation Association 13. II: Square Dance 131; 

i\W.C.A. (3, li ; I'-,, holog) Club 13. II. 

Roberta Koster Morganton 

A.B., Psychology 

Adelphian; V.W.C.A. II. 2, 1. 1) ; Psychology I lub I I, I) 

Norma Krai s . New York. N. Y. 

A.B., Psychology 

Mary Sidney Landon Morganton 

A.B., English 

Cornelian" Y.W.C.A. • Proctor. 

KENN1 in 



hi; At s 




Senior Class 

Betsy Ross Larimore 


Bachelor of Fine Arts 

Adelphian; Junior Advi.or (3); Honor Roll (3); Dan 

ce Committee (3) ; 

Ui Club (3, 4); Dean's List (3, 4); Class Public 

ity Chairman <3) ; 

Coraddi Staff, Literary Editor (4). 

Gladys Laney Lee Roanoke Rapids 

B.S., Physical Education 

Cornelian: Camp Counselor Club II, 2. 3. 41; Proctor (21; Archery 

Club (2. 3, 41; Co-OIT Club (3, 41. Preside li Goli Club (2. 3. 4|; 

Recreation Association (1, 2. 3, 41: Soccer (1); Archery (2); Gymnastic 
12 3 4): Hockej II. 2. 3, 41; Lile Saving (1, 41; Speedball (2, 3, 4); 
Swimming II. 3); Volley Ball (2, 3. 4); Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Soft- 
ball (1. 2. 3. 41. 

Adelaide Lennon 


A.B., Sociology 

Iva Marie Lennon Clarkton 

A.B., English 

Adelphian; Proctor (II; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2); Choir (1, 2, 3). 

Addie Sue Leonard Lexington 

A.B., Grammar Grade Education 

Alethcian; Square Dance (1); Y.W.C.A. (1, 3, 4); Recreation Associ. 
ation (1, 2); Archery (21; Church Council (2. 3); Botany Club (2, 3, 
41 ; Dean's List (3. 41 ; Future Teachers of America (3, 4) ; Hall Social 
Chairman (3); House President (4); Legislature (4). 

Elizabeth Linson . . Winston-Salem 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Adelphian; Choir (II; Y.W.C.A. (1, 3); Botany Club (3); Gamma 
Alpha (3. 41. 

Hilda Rae Liverman Woodland 

B.S., Physical Education 

Cornelian- Recreation Association (1, 2, 3, 4); Cabinet (3, 4); Honor 
Group (2,*3I ; Camp Counselors Club (1, 2, 3. 41 ; Gymnastics (1. 2, 3. 4) ; 
Hockey (1, 2. 3. 41; Life Saving 12); Archery (2); Speedball (1. 2. 
3 41; Swimming II. 21; Yollex Ball II. 2. 3. 41; Basketball (1. 2. 3. 4); 
Softball (1. 2, 3. 41 ; Co-Off CJub (3. 41 ; Golf Club (3. 4) ; Pine Needles 
Slaff (41; Dolphin-Seal Club (2, 3. 4); Camp Committee (4); Photog- 
raphy Club (41. 

Sarah Alice Lockwood 

A.B., An 


an; Carolinian News Staff (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3); Proctor (2); 
lis (2); Recreation Association (2, 3. 4); Physics Club (3, 4). 
etarv-Treasurer (4); Square Dance (3, 4), Treasurer (4); Pine 

Deane Ritch Lomax Charlotte 

A.B., English 

Welphian; Hall Board (1, 31; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (2, 3, 4), 

Vi President (41; Service League (21; Archery (2); Swimming (1. 2); 

Botanv Club (2. 3); Classical Club (2, 3. 4). President (41; Wesley 
Foundation (2. 3); Dean's List (3. 41; Junior Advisor 13); Radio Club 
(4) ; Co-Chairman Class Project (4) ; Future Teachers of America (4) ; 
Pine Needles Literary Staff (41. 

Carolyn Helena Long . Franklin 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Aletheian; Proctor (1); Social Committee (2); Recreation Association 
(1, 2. 3. 4); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Future Teachers of America (4); 
Senior Council (4); Spotlight (4). 

Kathleen M. Loomis White Lake 

A.B., Sociology 

Adelphian; N. C. State College (1): Dean's List (31; Alpha Kappa 
Delia 111. Secretary (4); Sociology Club (3. 41. 

Martha Dixon Luther Winston-Salem 

A.B., Biology 

Dikean; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 41. Cabinet (4); Botany Club II. 21; 
Volley Ball (21; Medical Technologists Club (3. 41; Physics Club 
(3, 4); Proctor (2); Chemistry Club (3. 4) ~ 
Judicial Board (3); Legislature J" 











Page 55 

Patricia Luther Prosperity, S. C. 

A.B., An 

Dikejn; Y.W.C.A II 2 I. 1 1 : \rt Club (2, 

(2, I, H:l hull li I il I-'. 3, II : Inl. il.i.lli Co 

i hain (2) Archer) (2] Swimming <-. 1) ; D 

I- - -in. 1. in Ri ii. wins. in.'.' ill. 

li: Bolanj Club 
.I (2, 3. II : Daiej 

,. i. ,.„,,„iii... i ;, 

Frances Campbell Lynch Buie's Creek 

B.S., Physical Education 

Cornelian: Campbell College (1. J': Recreation Association (3, I): 
Square Dance 13): II". k. , 13, II: >,..-. II., ill 131: Sulmminc 13. II: 
Tennis (3); Voile) Ball (3, 1); Basketball l.'.i: Softball li t.i „.„,,- til - 

| .1 Dan, . i ip in: Archer) , n : B.S.I . Coi li Y.W.I \ 

III: Camp I ounselors Club (4). 

Ellen Tucker Lyon Elon Coll g • 

B.S.. Secretarial Administration 

Dikean; Clogging Club (I); Recreation Associi , il. J. ::. I); Basket. 

ball II. 2, 3, -II: Hocke) 111: Town Stuilents Organization II. li. 

Election Chairman IU: Chemistrj Club (2, 3); Dance Ci , (2, I, n 

Speedball (2): Gymnastics I-'. 31: Softball I-'. 31: Phi-i.- Club 13. II: 
Gamma Alpha l.l, II : Fi I .-.,. ,,l Ante I II. 

uu.c.u.n.c. l 

Madelyn McArn 

y.w.< \. 

A.B., Sociology 


Club 13. II. 


Mae Ruth McBrayer 

U.S.. Secretarial Administration 

Melphian; Y.W.C.A. (1) ; Housekei ping ( .., -.■ I -' I : Y.W.A. I-'. 3); 

Gamma Vlpha (3, li : B.S.I in. Treasurei in. 

Lucille McCallum Troy 

/./)'.. Sociology 

Aletheian: Playlikers Hi: Recreation A :ial 1 2. 3, 41: Proctor 

(I, 31: Basketball II. 2. 3. 41: Service Leaf,,.. Ill: Hall Social Chair- 
- List ill : Honor Roll 131 ; Junior MvisOl 111 . 

Sociologj i i :. li: S...-I imittee 111: II,,,,-,. President III: 

■ Hi: Alpha Kappa Delta III: (..,1.1..,, Chain III: Volley 

Marilyn McCollum Reidsville 

A.B., French 

Cornelian: Y.W.C.A. II. -I: Hall -.,,,.,1 Chairman 111: Recreal 

, i I ,| I,. . , ,,u, , i 1. .'I : Dolphin-Seal Club 

il. -'. I. li: I',,,-. -',: Square Circle (2); Sophomore Jacket 

Chairman I.',: Proctor (2); Basketball 12. 3); Church Council 131: 
F.T.A. CI: Honor K„!l 131; D-an's Li«l 13. II; Tan Psi Orncea 1 3. Il; 

•'.,,11 II. li; C.,11 Club 13. H: Ho,,-- Pr lent 111: Who's 

w i,,. i '.i Vice I',, lirl, nt S.G.A tstandins Senioi ill: Chapel 

i i. 

Rachel McCormick Fayetteville 

A.B.. Biology 

Adelphian : Recreation Associati li: Proctoi (II: Dean's List (3 I, 

H1.1..111 Club i 1, li : Future Tea, hers ,,l \m rica I I. II : Honor Roll 
II. II: Physics Club 13. I); Zoologj Field Club (3). 

Elsie Whitley McCowin Greensboro 

A.B.. Psychology 

Freda Bell McDonald Pelham, Ga. 

B.S., Physical Education 

Cornelian; li,.,.,:,,.,, Association (1, -\ :. I, Cabinet (3, li: Tennis 
il. 2); Swimi .■ ,1 2 l,: l.i, Savins. (1) ; Hocke) (1, 21; Square 

(2 l, -.. ,,..,■, in Vic, Pr, sid, nl in. Ar, hi rj (2, I) . 

(2) ; H (31 nl'. -,.l-i,i in; I 

' on ii,, in i ...I. , :. |, . Voll Ball i I) . Baaketball (3, li : 

i I) . Westministei I , llowship I in. I., sti, - I II ; 


Laura Leon a McDoi gald 

B.S., Home Economics 

VI' II "- , Ma, 4..I ..LI I ..II.; II,, „, I . ..:,,,, , l,,|, , J 

I); Y.W.I V I I, I, ■ I,,,,,,.. I,.„ l„ ,. nl km rica I II 5qu ir, D 

i 1,4, i n i: I, 

I \nk i Sei ii 'i \li Falls I rreensbt 

A.B., Medical Technology 


■ ' . 

Roll ,1 2) 

Club il. 2. I. n : Dolphin. Seal Club II. 2. 3. 

- I n 1 W.C, \. il. 

Badminton 11. 2): Gymnastics Hi- Speedball il. 2); Swin il 

',. n : \ ,,M, ' Ball il J :, li . Basketball I I. 2. 3. I, Sir ta 

12. I li : Hail H,,., r,l 121 : lr, her) 12, . w . stmil iat, ,1 

Dean's List (3. li ; Interfaith i I. 4) lunioi Advisoi in- Med 

n. logists ' lub • ; ii I'l, ... - I )„l, (3) 


P. II l III l: 




Met 41.1 1 M 


Senior Class 

Anne P. McIver Winston-Salem 

A.B., Greek 

Idelphian; Classical Club II. 2, 3, 41; Church Council (2); Playlikers 
(3, II; Y.W.C.A. I.I. II. Secretary-Treasurer Senior "Y" (4); Dean's 
I.. si I II : Future Tea. hers of America I I). 

Mary Elizabeth McKee Mooresville 

A.B., Chemistry 

lletheian; Recreation Association (1); Square Dance Club (1); Y.W.C.A. 
II. 2. 3, 41 ; Dance Committee (21 : Chemistry Cluh 1.1. II ; Junior Advisor 
111; Physics Club (3. 41; Hall Board (3, II. 

Elizabeth Kelto.n McKoy Wilmington 

A.B., Spanish 

Idelphian; Peace College (1. 21; Botany Club (3, 4); Dean's List (3); 
Sigma Delta Pi 13. II. President 111: Westminister Fellowship Council 
141; Transfer Advisor 141; Future Teachers oi America (4). 

Neva Jewett McLean Rockingham 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Cornelian; Marshal (41; Proctor (II: Daisv Chain (21; Dance Committee 
l-'l: Dean's List (3) ; Gamma Alpha (3. 41; Honor Roll (3); Junior 
Advisor (31: Legislature (41: Sigma Alpha (4). 

Willis Ann McLeod Robbins 

A.B., Chemistry 

Diltean: Recreation Association (1, 2. 3. 4); Y.W.C.A. (1. 2, 3. 4); 
Service League (II; Basketball (1. 2, 3, 4); Chemistry Club 13. 4); 
Physics Club (3. 41. 

Patricia McMahon . . Manhasset, N. Y. 

A.B., History 

Patsy Anne McNeill Wade 

B.S., Home Economics 

Frances Anne Marsh Charlotte 

A.B., History 

v.lelphian; Clogging Club (1. 2. 31. President (31; Square Circle 
II. 2. 31: Y.W.C.A. (1. 21: Proctor (1, 2); Housekeeping Committee 

l-'l: lice: :, Vssociation II. 2. 31; Swimming (1. 21; Tennis (1. 2); 

Dance Cr 21: Square Dance Club (21; Junior Advisor (3); Hall 

Board 131. 

Nelle Ray Marston Durham 

A.B., Primary Education 

Aletheian. Marshal (41; Weslev Foundation (II; Recreation Association 
II. 2. 3, II: Square Dance (1. 21, Treasurer (1); Y.W.C.A. II. 21; 
S.G.A. Secretary, Summer School (2); Botany Club (2. 41. Social 
Chairman (II: Daisv Chain (2); Future Teachers of America (3, 41: 
Proctor (31: Camp Counselors Club (3. 41; Gymnastics (3, 1); Softball 
13. 4). 

Mary Louise Mason Newport 

A.B., History 

Cornelian; Legislature (1, 4); Hall Board (1); International Relations 
Club (1. 2, 3): Service League (1); Junior Advisor (31; Playlikers 
(3, 41; Proctor (31; Dean's List (4) j Honor Board (41: Carolinian III. 
Columnist (4|. 

Robinette Meador Reidsville 

B.S., Home Economics 

Diltean; Pfeiffel College II. 21; Dean's List (31; Home Economics Club 
(3. 4): Square Circle 131: Wesley Foundation Council (41: Y.W.C.A. 
Ill: Summer School House President (II. 

Elsie Janis Medlin Marshville 

B.S., Home Economics 






in \ in 1 1: 



Page 57 

Georgia Louise Miller 

A.B., Chemistry 


Dorothy Dale Mills Richlands 

5.5., Secretarial Administration 

Dikean: Hi c li Point College (1) J Gal . Vlpliu (3, I). 

Ella Margaret Moffitt Fayetteville 

A.B.. English 

Cornelian; Recreation Association (1. 2, 3, 4); Hall Social Chairman 
II. 2, 31; Y.W.C.A. II. 21: Dance Committee (2); Dean's List (31; 

I i V]>,...r 111; J„„,.,r \ trel Show Chairman (31; Judicial 

Board (4). 

Kathleen Eloise Moon Bear Creek 

B.S., Physical Education 

Dikeaii; Mars Hill College (1. 21: Dean's List (31: Square Dance; 
Y.W.C.A.: Camp Counselor! Clnh; Archery, Gymnastics. Hockey, Life 
Saiinp, Soccer. Speedball. Volley Ball. Basketball. Softball. 

Barbara Maynard Moore Tarboro 

A.B., Chemistry 

Aletheian: Chemistry Club (1. 2. 3, 4); Dolphin. Seal Club (1. 2. .1, 41: 

Honor Roll (1. 2. 3); International Relations II. 21; Recre n Isao. i 

stion H. 2. 3, 41; Y.W.C.A. II. 2. 31; Gymnastics (1. 21: Speedball (1); 
Swimming II. 2. 3. ») ; Voile) Ball tl, 2. :! I ; Basketball II, 2, 3. 4); 
Church Council (21: Square Circle (2. 31: Life Saving (2); Dean's 
List (3. 4); Physics Club 13, li; Caduceus Club 1,1, li. Founder in. 
President (4). 

Jihi\sie Moore . . Elizabeth City 

B.S., Secretariat Administration 

Louse Shelton Moore Winston-Salem 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Margaret Alice Moore Greensboro 

A.B., Sociology 

Dikean; T,,»„ Student Organisation (1. 2. 3. II; Chemistry Club 12, 3); 
Recreation Association (2); trcher) (2); Dean's List 131; Honor II,. II 
111; Sociology Club (3, ll: Kappa Delta CI. 41. Treasurer (4). 

Mary Helen Moore Wendell 

A.B.. English 

Uetheinn: Proctor (1, 1); Square Dance (1, ,il; Basketball III: Bolan) 
Club (2); n,,-, Chain 121: Church Council 13. II; Dean's List (3); 
H ■ Roll 131 ; future Tea. hers ••! Imerica in. 

w.c.u.n.c. h< 

Muriel Marie Moore Mocksville 

A.B., Chemistry 

Ellen Henrietta Morgan Laurel Hill 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 


Idelphian: Carolinian Business Stan 121: Hall Social Chairman 

Hall Cheerleadei (3); S :tj Junior Bool Exchange Chairman 

Sociel) President m Social Com] .■ Hi: Gamma Vlpha (3, li 


Beverly Jean Morgan Greensboro 

A.B., Mathematics 

Cornelian; Freshman Commission (II; Recreation Association II. 21; 
Town Students Organization (1. 21 ; Y.W.C.A. II. I, li : Dais; Chain 121 ; 
Square Circle (2. 3. II. Senior Class Representative III: Physici Club 






Mill I 111 



Senior Class 







Lois Glass Morgan ... Greensboro 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Dikean; Recreation Association (I, 1); Town Students Organization 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (31; Judicial Board (3, 4); Social Com. 
n.illee 13. IK President III; Basketball (1, h: Softball 111; Gamma 
Mpha 13. II; Future Teachers ol Imerica til; Legislature III: Social 
Planning Council 111. 

Sarah Morris Winston-Salem 

A.B., Sociology 

Dikean: Freshman Commission (II; Pine Needles Business Staff (II; 
Y.W.C.A. 111. Secretarj of Freshman V 111: Service League (II; 
Sociology Club 12. 3, 41. Secretary-Treasurer (31; Proctor (21: Dance 
Committee (2); Recreation Association (3); Golf (31; Dean's List (41. 

Rae Marie Evans Myers Greensboro 

A.B., Spanish 

Adelphian: Honor Roll (1, 2, 31; Town Students Organization (1, 3, 4); 

Daisy Chain (21; Sigma Delta Pi (2. 3, 4), Vice-President (3); Church 

Council (31; Dean's List (3, 4); Future Teachers of America (4); Phi 
Beta Kappa (4). 

Nancy Newell 


B.S., Music 

Virginia Nichols ... Harrisburg, Pa. 

A.B., Psychology 

Adelphian; Queens College (1. 2); Dean's List (3. 41: Carolinian Co- 
Circulation Manager (41; Psychology Club (3, 4). Secretary (4); Volley 
Ball (3). 

Marianne Niven . . . Monroe 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Cornelian; Marshal (41; V.W.C.A. (II; Gamma Alpha (3. II; Pine 
Needles Staff (4). 

Ann Everton Oakes Maplewood. N. J. 

B.S., Nursing 

Virginia Eloise O'Briant Roxboro 

A.B., Primary Education 

Dikean; Y.W.C.A. II. 2. 3. 41; Botany Club (2. 3, 41; Baptist Student 
Union Council (41; Greater Council (2, 3); Dean's List (3); Future 
Teachers of America (3, 4); Service League (3). 

Celeste Lourine Orr Rock Hill, S. C. 

A.B., Recreation 

Aletheian; Junior Book Exchange Chairman (31, Marshal (41; Y.W.C.A. 

(1, 2, 3, 4); Daisy Chain (21; Proctor (2); Westminister Fellowship 

(3, 4); Dean's List (3); Junior Advisor (31; Sociology Club (3. 41: 

Basketball (3, 4); Volley Ball (41; Recreation Association (3, 4); 
Pine Weedles Literary Staff (4). 

Faye Shirley O'Briant Laurinburg 

A.B., Mathematics 

Adelphian: Recreation Association II): Square Circle (1. 2. 3. 41: 
Hall Board 111: Physics Club (21: Proctor 121: Future Teachers of 
America (31; Y.W.C.A. (31. 

Dorothy Ward Page Raleigh 

B.S., Home Economics 

Vdelphian; Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3. II; Y.W.C.A. (II: Proctor 
III: Dean's List (31; Social Committee (31; Dance Committee (3. 4); 
Hall Social Chairman (41; May Court (4). 

Ruth Park Greensboro 

B.S., Home Economics 

Cornelian ; Chemistry Cluh (2. 3, 4) ; Home Economics Club (4) ; 
Y.W.C.A. I II. 

Page 59 

Adeline Ann Parker .... Raleigh 

Bachelor oj Fine I its 

Cornelian; Recreation Association Hi: Archer) Club (2, I, I) i *rt 
Club i-'. 3, II. Publicity Director ill: (..mora Club I-'. 3, II. President 
111: Baptist Student Union (3, I), State B.S.U. Publicity Director III; 
Pine \ tl,-, Photographer in 

Joyce Tver Parker .... Raleigh 

A.B., Recreation 

Aletheian, Marshal (3), Elections Chairman III: Weslej Foundation III: 

International Relation. 11. 2); Recre Association 11. 2. 3. II: 

. W.C.A. 11. 2. 31. Cabinet (3): Proctoi (1) ; Wesle) Players (1. 2); 
Dance Committee (2. 41: Class Dorm Representative 121; Dean's List 

II. 41: Sociology Club 1.1. II: Camp Counselor! Club 1.1. II: Softball 
III: Pine Ycejie.i 131: St. Man's House Vest™ III; Radio Club III: 
Voile) Ball 141. 

Eleanor Jane Paton Fayetteville 

B.S.. Secretarial Administration 


LU.c.u.n.c. w 

Mary Margaret Patrick Gastonia 

B.S.. Secretarial Administration 

Aletheian. Marshal 111: Y.W.C.A. II. 21: Recreal Association (2, 31: 

Tennis (21: Basketball (2. 41: Gamma Alpha (3, II. Hall Representative 
III; Voile) Ball 111: Golf 131; Hall Elections Chairman 111. 

Jean Paylor Longhurst 

A.B., English 

Cornelian; Y.W.C.A. Ill: Proctor (1. 2. 31: Classical Club 12. 3, II: 
Baptist Slu.lenl Union 12. 3. 41: Dean's List III: Future Teachers ol 
America (4). 

Jean Bryant Peal Chadbourn 

A.B., Grammar Grade Education 

'.C.A. II. 2. 3. 

(2. .1) : Hall So 

Rocky Mount 

Mary Etta Pearsall 

A.B., Sociology 

Aletheian. Secretary (31, Marshal (41; Dolphin-Seal Club (1. 21: Honor 
M..11 (II: International Relations II. 21; Y.W.C.A. II. 2. 31. Co-Social 
Chairman (2): Sen ice Leaeue 111; Rntanv Club 121: Dance Committee 
12. II: Swimming (1. 21; lunior Advisor (3i: Ma) Da* Chairman III; 
Sociology Club (3. 4). Social Chairman III; Carolinian II. 21; Legisla- 
ture (41: Class Cheerleader (41. 

Gertrude Mary Peppel Belleville, N. J. 

A.B.. English 

Y . W.C. A. Ill: 

Jane Carolyn r j ERRY Winston-Salem 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 



Square Circle III: Y.W.C.A. (1. 21. President Freshman Y (II; Basket- 
ball (1. 2. 3. 4): Treasurer S.G.A. (21; Daisy Chain 121: Legislatur. 

11. 2i: Points Committee (3, I), Chairman Mi: Sis Alpha 13. II, 

President (I); Dean's List (3, II; Gamma Alpha II. I'; Homo 11, ,11 
III: Coo,,, Advisoi (3): Class Project Chairman 111: Student-Facult) 
Reviewing Committee I Ii ; Hall Board I II. 

Carolyn Gray Phillips Greensbi 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Cornelian: Wesle) Foundation 111: Y.W.C.A. 121. Publicit) Chaii 
ui: Gymnastics (2); Life Saving I2i: Dolphin-Seal (Nil. 13. 
Gamma Alpha 13. li: Senior Ring Chairman III. 



Elizabeth Louise Phillips 

A.B., Sociology 

Dikean Marshal m : Home 1 i« i - i Itib Hi; Re. reation Asso. i 

..lion II. 2. .1. I.: Y.V, i \. il 2, : i . Publicit) Chairman 121 Softball 
Hi: Basketball il. 2. i. 1) ! H..n,.r K.. II I2i; Sociolog) Club '-' I t) 

Dan.e Committ-e 12. 31; Life Saving (21: S, Ihall 121: Hall Board 

(3, li: lu.l I Board ill: Pine Sctdlei Circulation Man r (3): 

Dean's List 111; Alpha Kappa Delia III, Publicity Chairman III. 

\wi.i Elizabeth Pickard Randleman 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 
Aletheian, Secretary 111. Marshal (3 

i, Senioi Book Ex, bange III; li 
Iroup iJ. .:. . Dean's 1 .-i (3); Ga 

(3); Mr i ,...rt III. 


I'l A It- A I I 











Senior Class 

Ann Carter Pickells Manhasset, N. Y. 

A.B., Psychology 

Patricia Charlotte Pierson Ellicott City. Md. 
A.B., Mathematics 

Dikean. Election! Chairman (41: Boot 'N Spur (1, 2. 3, H: Honor Roll 
II. .11: Square Circle (1, 2, 3, 41. Secretary-Treasurer (21, Vice-Presi- 
dent III; Camp Counselors Clul. II. 2. 41. Secretary-Treasurer (21: 
Camp Committee (2, 3. 41; Ghemistr) Club 121: Dai») Chain (21: 
Dolphin-Seal (2. 3, 41; Sigma Delta Pi (2. 3, 4); Dean's List (3. 41: 
Physics Club (3. 41; Recreation Association (1. 2. 3. II: Westminister 
Fellowship Council 111: [nterfailh Council 141; Dance Chairman 141: 
Pint NeedUs Staff (41; Y.W.C.A. II, 31; Lif- Saving (1. 31: Swimming 
(1. 2, 3. 4): Coll (2, 31: Badminton (31: Hockey (2. ill: Voile) Hal] 
(3, 41; Internal ;.l Relations (21: Who 121: Tennis (41; Speed- 
ball 12. 31. 

Betty Ray Poplin Indian Trail 

B.S., Home Economics 

Cornelian: Home Economics Club II, 2, 3. 41; Recreation Association 
111; Y.W.C.A. (1, 31: Botany Club 13): Chemistry Club 121: Dean's 
lost (31: Future Tea, her- of America (31: Honor Roll 131: Church 

Cora Lee Poplin . . Winston-Salem 

B.S., Music 

Dance Committee (3) ; Music 

.... Ruffin 

Helen Marie Powell 

A.B., Chemistry 

Dikean; Creensboro College (1); Botany Club (3, 4); Chemistry Club 
(3. 4); Dean's List (3); Interfaith Council (3, 4); Medical Technologists 
Club (3. 41; Physics Club (3. 4); Square Circle (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3); 
Service League (3). 

Marilyn Jean Preisinger Badin 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Alelheian; Dolphin. Seal (1, 2): Recreation Association (1, 2, 4); Gamma 
Alpha (2, 3); Square Dance (4); Basketball (2, 3, 41. 

Alice Daniel Price Charlotte 

A.B., Art 

Adelphian; Davidson (II: Winthrop (3); Y.W.C.A. <2>; Art Club (4). 









Nellie Blair Price M< 

A.B., English 

Dikean; Recreation Association (1, 2. 31; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 41. 
Secretary (31; Social Committee (1. 31: S-rvice League (II: Softball 
111; Carolinian, Business Staff (21, Reporter 13. 41: Square Dance 121; 
Housekeeping Committee (21: Dean's List (3. 4): Junior Advisor (31; 
Coif 131; Future Teachers ol Am-rica (II: Hall Social Chairman 111: 
Social Planning Council 141. 

Jean Bryan Proffitt Asheville 

A.B., Grammar Grade Education 

Adelphian; Botany Club (21; Y.W.C.A. (2, 3. 4); Service League (2. 31 : 
Dean's List (3. 41; Future Teachers ol America (3, 41; Honor Roll 131: 
Elections Board (3. 41; Hall Board (4). 

Mary Jean Pyatt Goldsboro 

B.S., Physical Education 

Alelheian: Carolinian (1. 2. 3. 4); Recreation Association (1. 2, 3. II: 
Camp Counselors Clul, (1. 2. 3. II; Life Saving (II; Swimming (1. 2. 
3. 41: Tennis 111; \rcherv Club (2, 3); Classical Club (2, 3, 4): 
Dance Group (2, 3. 4). Treasurer (4). Dance Board (4); Dolphin-Seal 
(2, 3. 4). Secretary (31, President 141: Camp Committee (2. 3, II: 

\r, herv (21; Gymnastics; Hockey (2, 3, 41; S[ dball 12. 1. 41; Vollev 

Ball, Basketball. Sollball (2. 3. 41 : Golf II. 2. 3. 41 : Junior Advisor (3) ; 
Co-Off Club (3. 41; R.A. Cabinet (3. 41: Honor Group |3l: Coif Club 
III: Dean's List 13. 41. 

Walenah Quinerly Grifton 

A.B., Biology 

Cornelian; Pro, l„r (II; Daisv Chain 121; Recreation Association 12. 31: 
Basketball 12. 3): Medical Techn.dogi-t. Clul, 13. I), Secretarj III: 
Physics Club (3, II : Square Circle (3, II. 

Virginia Dare Rabil Rocky Mount 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Vlolphian: Choir (1): Daisv Chain 121: Proctor II. 2. 31; Dance Com. 
mittee (21; Dean's List (3. 41; Honor Roll (31; Gamma Alpha (3, 4). 
Secretary 14) : Golf 13. 41 : Recreation Association (3, 41 : Class Elections 
Chairman III. 

uu.c.u.n.c. r 


Anne Elizabeth Raiford Erwin 

A.B., Grammar Grade Education 

Cornelian. Senior Book E^hange Chairman III: Hall Board (1); Proctor 
111; Dean's List (3); Future Teacher! of America 13. 41: Service League 
III : Basketball 111. 

Frances Therese Rainey Chicago, 111. 

A.B.. English 

Dikean; II. Paul Universal, 111; Siena Heights College (II; Radio Club 
ill: Masqueraderi (3, li: Playlikers (2. 3, I). 

Jean Darby Rainey Winston-Salem 

B.S., Music 

Dikean; Choir II. 2. 3. II; Dean's Lisl 111; Junior Advisor (3, 41. 

Minnie Frances Ramsey . . Belmont 

A.B., History 

Adelphian; Y.W.C.A. Ill; Chemistry Club (2, 31; Church Council (2. 3. 
41: Dean's List (3) ; Future Teachers of America (4); Interfaith Council 
12. 3). 

Betsey Ann Raper Mt. Olive 

A.B., Primary Education 

Alctheian. Vice-President 131. President (4) J Carolinian Staff (3) • 
Y.W.C.A. II. 21; Botany Club (21; Daisv Chain 121: Future Teachers 
ol Vmerica 131: Social Committee 141; Life Saving (3). 

Rlth Morrison Ravyls Winston-Salem 

A.B., Psychology 

Adelphian; Sullins College (1); Recreation Association (2. 3. 41; Dean's 
List (3. II; Junior Advisor (31; Psychology Club (3. 4). 

Mary-Anne Raywid . . . Washington, D. C. 
A.B., History, English 

Cornelian; Freshman Commission 111; Honor Roll (1, 3); Junior Advisor 
l-'i: Dean't Lisl II. 31; Judicial Board 141: Spotlight Co-Editor (3). 
Editor 141; Radio Club, President (41; Social Science Forum Committee 
(4|; Student Representative to Radio Committee (41. 

Doris Jane Reed Winston-Salem 

A.B., Spanish 

Aletheian; Sigma Delta Pi (3. 41. Secretary; Chemistry Club (1 21- 
Daisy Chain (21; Choir (3. 41; Dean's List (31; Honor Roll (1 2) ■ 
Interfaith Council l.l: Square Dance 111: Tan Pel Omega (41; Y.W.C.A. 
'1- -'■ 3. ": Proctor II. 2); Social Committee (3. II; Gymnastics (31; 
Hockej ill: Ball 111; Basketball (2. 31; Softball (3, II. 

Mary Carolyn Reeves Sanford 

A.B., Primary Education 

Corn,!, an; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 41; Recreation Association (1. 2, 3, 4); 
Choi, II. 2, 3. II; Bolanv Club 13. II: Future Teachers ,.l Vmeri.a 
(3. 41; Square Dance (ll; Tennis (ll; Yollev Ball 1 3 1 ; Chun li ,1 

12. 31. 

Martha Helen Regener Evansville, Ind. 

A.B., Economics 

Adelphian; University of Toledo (1. 21; Carolinian. Circulation Manager 

13. 4); Veterans Club (3. 4l; House President (41; Post War Actions 

Miriam Irene Reilley Charlotte 

A.B., French. English 
Dikean; Carolinian 111; Chemistry Club ll. 21: Weatministet Fellovrshin 

Hi: Y.W.C.A. il. 2. i. li: I', , n. _■ , : s,„ ,„l Col ttee (1 2.- 

Senrici League (1. 2); Hall Board ll. 2. 3, ll: Legislature III; Tau Psi 
"'""-■' (S. 1), Secretarj Mi: Dean's Lisl (31; Future Teachers of 
America (3, li; Honor Roll (2, H: In ■ Idvisoi (3); Di 

miltee III; Swimming II. 2); Basketball 12. S). 

Elizabeth Eames Ricks 


A.B., Sociology 

Cornelian; East Carolina Teacher's College ill; International Relation. 
Ill; Recreation Association 12. 31; Alpha Kappa Delta II. I) ; Dean'l 

List (3, 41; Honor Roll 131; S log. Club (3, n. i\\s C.A. (3, h: 

Crmp Counselors Club III; Swimmini 121; Housekeeping Committee 
(2); Phi Beta Kappa I ll 


Senior Class 

Anne Jacqueline Rigsbee 

A.B., Chemistry 


Lorraine Doris Robert . . Farmingdale, N. Y. 
A.B., French 

Mary Anne Robinson York, S. C. 

A3., An 

Cornelian; Choir (1. 2, 3, 4); Recreation Association (1); Proctor (1); 
Art Club (3, 41; Dean's List 141; Tan Psi Omega (41 j Dance Committee 
(41 ; Basketball (11. 

Winifred Ann Rodgers Scotland Neck 

A3., English 

Dikean; Coraddi (3, 4), Editor-in-Chief (41; Westminister Fellowship 
Council (2. 31; Daisy Chain (21; Dean's List (3, 41; Quill Club (1, 2. 
3, 4), Vice-President (3); Y.W.C.A. (1. 31, Cabinet (3); Recreation 
Association (4); Service League (21; Swimming (4|. 

Estelle Rose Durham 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Dikean; Duke University (1); Sigma Alpha (3, 4); Dean's List (3, 4| ; 
Future Teachers of America (4) ; Camma Alpha (2, 3, 4) ; Proctor (3) ; 
Hillel. Vice-President (3); Hall Board. Secretary (4). 

Betty Lou Ross 


A3., Biology 

Cornelian; Carolinian Business Staff (21; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 4); Square 
Dance (1. 2. 3. 4), President (3); Recreation Association (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Cabinet (3) ; Future Teachers of America (4) ; Medical Technologist! 
Club (3, 4); Physics Club (3, 4); Tennis (2). 








Jacqueline Routh .... Guilford College 
A3., Primary Education 

Dikean; Town Students Organization (1); Dean's List (3); Junior Advisor 
(31; Dance Committee (3. 3); Botany Club (4); Future Teachers of 
America (3. 41; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (41. 

Barbara Jean Royal 

A3., French 


Club (1); Y.W.C.A. 

Dorothy Lufkin Sampson Morehead City 

B.S., Home Economics 

Adelphian; Y.W.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4); Dance Committee (1. 2); Chemistry 
Club (2, 3. 4); Daisy Chain (21; Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); 
Physics Club (3, 41; Camp Counselors Club (2, 31; Recreation Associ- 
ation (1. 2, 3. 4); House President (4); S.C.A. President (Summer 
Session, '48); Coraddi, Exchange Manager (2); Carolinian, Co-Dislribu- 
tion Manager (2. 31; Gymnastics (1, 21; Volley Ball (3); Basketball 
(1, 2, 3. 4). 

Betty Sanderson Rocky Point 

B.S., Home Economics 

Aletheian; Dean's List (3); Home Economics Club; Y.W.C.A. 

Inge Schoenemann Elkins Park, Pa. 

A3., French 

Cornelian; Honor Roll II. 2): Le Cercle Francais; Proctor (II: Recre- 
ation Association (1. 21; Dean's List (31; Tau Psi Omega (3, 4); 
Hockey (1). 

Margaret Virginia Scholtes Winston-Salem 

A3., Chemistry 

Page 63 

Frances Kirk. Schultz . \\ inston-Salem 

B.S.. Nursing 

Idelphian; I>. ...,■- Lisl (3, n : Servi, e League (3). 

Margaret Elaine Scott Winston-Salem 

A.B.. Histon 

Elizabeth Warren Scott Burlington 

A.B., Art 

Idelphian; Clogging Club (3); Dance Group (2, I, li: J,,,,,.,, \.U 

131: Sigma Delta Pi I I); Spotlight, Art Editoi (3, 1) ; Dean's I ,-, 
(4); Section Leader III : \n Club I I). 

Virginia Scribner Guilford. Conn. 

A.B., Psychology 

Aletheian: Carolinian II. -'. 3, li. Advertising Manager 111, Buaineai 
Manager III: Dolphin-Seal Club II. 2. 31: Square Dance ill, Y.W.C V 
111; Service I.eacue (II; Proetor 121; Psychology Club II. II: Life 
Saving I2i: Voile) Ball III: Basketball III. 

Ruth Irene Sellers Charlotte 

A.B., Grammar Grade Education 

Cornelian; Hall Board 111: H.„„.r H..11 II, 2. .11; Y.W.C.A. III. Vice. 

President 111: I'r..clor 121; Chemistr) Club 121: Recreat Issociation 

(3); Westminister Fellowship Cuneil 131. Se, relate HI; Dean's Lis! 
13. 41; Kulure Teachers ol Ameriea (3. 41: Sigma Delia Pi (2. 3, 41; 
(...bleu Cbam ill: Badminton Hi; /•,,,.■ \..,//.. ,.; li \..,.i.,„t Editor 
i;i Editor III: Phi Beta Kappa ill. 

Hazel Montague Sessoms Coleraine 

A.B., Primary Education 

Dikean: Choir (1. 2. 3. 41: Botanc Club (2. 3. II; Proctor 121- Dean's 

I isl ' I) : In rea, hers -I V rica I 3, li : tnterf, ,1 Preai- 

dent 111; Service League (3); Y.W.C \. (2, :. I), Pr lent Junior 

(lob I'll ; (..bur. I, Council. 

\\i i.u Shannon Waxhaw 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Idelphian, Secretin (4) j Choii (1, 2. 3. li: Y.W.C. A. 11. 3. 41; 

Pr i Hi: Social ' imittee Mi: Basketball II. 2. 3. II: Proctor 

■I': Social C mittee III: Basketball II. 2. 3. II: Dan, e C 

(3 I) I i Mpha i ; li Maj Queen I I). 

Berntce Arleen Sharpe Harmonj 

A.B., Sociology 

Cornelian; Proctor Hi: Sociolog) club (3. II: Y.W.C.A. Ill: Sv.,,„. 

Lula Ferguson Shepherd Lam 

A.B., History 

\\\(i Elizabeth Shepherd Charlotte 

A.B., English 

idelphian; Hall Board (1) ; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2 ,,, , Commil (2) ■ 

Bolan, Club 12. 3, I); II.,,,, Chain I2l; Honor K..II 121; Dean's Lisl 

13. 41 : Jo , \.|. isoi i ;i i. luh ll. li. rreasurei I li ; R i 

1 i»'ii -i Sigms Delta l'i (2, 3, li: Coraddi, Literar) Stall 

12. 31, Managing Editor (4J Carolinian Stall (3) ; Voile) Ball 121; 
ill Hi. 

Hilda Anne Sheruin Greensboro 

B.S., Physical Education 

Metb.oan: Dais, Chain (2); I; ttion \ alio,, 11. 2. 3, ll. Cabinet 

1 'i i s 'i"" Dan, (1, 2) I imp i ouneelors Club (1. 2. 3), Pi lent 

'": Camp C miltee (1,8 II Ircher) (2) Gymnastics, Hockey, 

VoUe) Ball, Softball (1, 2, I, li: Speedball (I, 2, 3); Swimming (1, 21. 

I w Shore 


A.B., History 



Dikean; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2); Pine \. ..//■•. (1, 2, t) ; ll,,ll Board (1 2 3) • 

" (2); Baplisl Sludenl I oui 2, I) ; I inane, Board (3 li 

Chairman; Honor Board (3, li. Chairman; Pacult) Student Reviewing 

Committee ,3,; judicial Board III; Clan- Presidenl (2); Dean's I,. i 

(3, >'■ In:-, I,,,, I, (.,„,,„ ,| 111; |„t,.rnalio„.,l B.I.K - (2, J); Golden 

' ' 'I. 

Page 64 









L. -in nil i.i, 

N. -Ill PHI 1:11 




Senior Class 

Susan Reece Shore Yadkinville 

5.5., Home Economics 

Welphian; Chemistry Club (1. 21; Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3. 4), 
Secretary (31, Vice-President (4); Dean's List (31; Square Dance (II; 
Future Teachers of America 13. 4); Y.WX.A. (1. 3. 4). 

Carolyn Ann Sides Charlotte 

A.B., Psychology 

Dikean: Proctor 111; Squa'e Da-.ce 121; International Relation- (2); 
Dance Group 13. 41; Psychology Club 13. 41. Treasurer (41; Post War 
Actions Committee IL ]; Gymnastics 121; Hockey (2); Swimming (1. 2. 
3, 41 ; Basketball (1). 

Alice Elizabeth Siler Waynesville 

A.B., Sociology 

Cornelian. Marshal (4); St. Mary's Junior College (1, 21; Carolinian, 
llusiness Staff (31: Alpha Kappa Delta 13. 41. Vice-President (41; Dean's 
List (31; Recreation Association (3, l): Sociology Club (3. 41; Y.W.C.A. 
(3, H: Hall So.ial Committee (3); Life S.mng (3). 









Rachel Odella Simmons . . Lake Lure 

A.B., Biology 

Metrician; Archery Club (2. 3. 41; Medical Technologists Club (3, 41. 
\„.. -President 141: Physics Club (3. 41; Recreation Association (2. 3. 
41; Square Dance (3. 41, Secretary (41; Section Leader (41. 

Frances McKellar Sinclair West End 

B.S., Physical Education 

Dikran: Recreation Association (1. 2. 3, 4| ; Proctor (41 : Camp Counselors 
Club (41 ; Camp Committee (41 ; Gymnastics (1, 2, 3. 41 : Hockey (2. 3. 41 ; 
Speedhall (2. 31; Volley Ball II, 2, 3, 41; Basketball (1, 2, 3, 41; Soft- 
ball (1, 2, 3. 41. 

Kate Slagle Toecane 

B.S., Home Economics 

Vdelphian; Botany Club (2): Westminister Fellowship Council (3); 
Dean's List (3. 41; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 41; Square Circle 
12 31- Town Students Organization 111: Y.W.C.A. 12, 3, tl: Social 




Elizabeth Lassiter Sloan 

A.B., Sociology 

Melheian; Square Dance (2. 31; Y.W.C.A. Ill; Proctor (2); Sociology 
Club (2. 3, 4). 

Imogene Smith Linwood 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Dikean: Dean's List (31; Future Teachers of America (41; Gamma 
Alpha (3, 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (31. 

Lois Ruth Smith . . Eastport, Md. 

A.B., Chemistry 

Melheian; Chemistry Club (1. 2. 3. 41; Dean's List (31: Physics Club 
13. 41. President (4); Square Circle 12. 3, II: Y.W.C.A. 12. 3. II. 

Mary Elizabeth Smith Lenoir 

A.B., Sociology 

D.kean. Marshal (41; Proctor (1); Sociology Club 12. 3, 41; Dorm 
Elections Chairman (II: Choir (21; Dean's List (31: Alpha Kappa Delta 
(3 41: Y.W.C.A. II. 2. 3. 4), Treasurer (31, Sophomore Advisot HI, 
Hall Social Chairman (31; Dance Committee (31; Service League 121. 

Phyllis Ann Smith Raleigh 

A.B.. English 

Dikean; Y.W.C.A. II. 21. 

Dorothy Ann Spangler . . Shelby 

B.S., Physical Education 

Cornelian; Gardner-Webb College (1. 2); Junior Advisor (41; Recreation 

y iiation It. II: Y.W.C.A. 13. 41; Baptist Student Union; Cynrnastics 

(3 41; Hockey (3. 41; Speedball (3, I): Volley Ball (41; Basketball 
{3, 4) ;' Softball (3, II. 

Page 65 

Catherine Swain Spearman 

A.B., History 



Sara Juanita Spencer . Greensboro 

B.S.. Secretarial Administration 

Aletheian; Botany Club (1, 21; Town Students Organisation (II- 
Y.W.C.A. (1, 2. 3. 4) j Gamma Alpha (3, 4). 

Margaret McCall Spencer Rocky Mount 

A.B., English 

Cornelian: Honor Roll (1, 2. 3); Y.W.C.A. Ill, Vice-President (1) ■ 
Proctor (II; Society Election Chairman 131; Class Election Chairman 
131; Pine Needles 13. II, Assistant Business Manager 131, Business 
Manager (41; Dean's List (3, 41; Dance Committee 131- \ r ts Forum 
Secretary (4); Phi Beta Kappa (II. 


w.c.u.n.c. > 



Jean Ward Stanfield Brown Summit 

A.B., Chemistry 

Cornelian: Breyard Junior College (1); Proctor (2, 4); Seryice League 
(2. 31; Basketball 12. 3. 41; Chemistry Club (3. 4); F.T.A. (41- Physics 
Club (41. 

Martha Jeannette Starnes Forest City 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Dikean; Future Teachers o( America (3. 41; Gamma Alpha (3 41- 
Recreation Association 13. 41; Y.W.C.A. (II; Proctor (1. 31- Volley 
Ball (31; Hall Board <4J. 

Leila Gallman Stephens Harrisburg 

A.B., Psychology 

Dikean; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 41, Senior Y President II. Westminister 
Fellowship Council (2. 3, 41; Dean's List (3, 41; Honor Roll (3); 
Psychology Club 13. 41. 

Cathren Watts Stewart Statesville 

A.B., English 

Me, he, an; Mitchell College (1. 2l; Recreation Association (31; Y.W.C \ 
(3); Dean", List (3); Basketball (31; Future Teacher, of America II). 

Corinne Stiller . . Salisbury 

A.B., English 

Cornelian; PteitTrr Junior College ,1. 21 ; Future Teachers of America (II. 

Jane Carole Stratton Hickory 

B.S.. Secretarial Administration 

Cornelian; Square Circle (ll; Proctor (1. 21; Dean's Lis, 131; Gamma 
Alpha (3. 41. Social Chairman (II. 

Barbara Link Strelitz Lexington 

A.B., Grammar Grade Education 

Dikean; Futun I. „ I,,,- .,, \ , i i ,, . D , „., , isl (4 , 

Greta Sle Swarincen Trap Hill 

A.B., Biology 

Cornelian; Mars Hill College II. 2); Arch,,, Club (1. 2); Y.W.( \ 

(1, 2, I, H; Tenuis ii. 2l; Basketball 11, 2, 3) : Medi, ,1 I aoloaiat. 

Club 13. II; Square Dan..- (3). unologiat. 

Dorothy Beatrice Swicecood Linwood 

6.5., Secretarial Administration 

Dikean; Recreation Association (1, 2); Proctor (II; Swimming II ', 
Honor Roll (2); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Dean's list III | Y.W.C.A. IS. 4l! 


S. sl'IM I It 









Senior Class 

S-» D.N'OR 





Elizabeth Wilson Sydnor Beckley, W. Va. 

B.S., Home Economics 

Dikean; Choir (I, 2, 3, 4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 4); Y.W.C.A. 
12, 31; Church Council (3, 41; Dean's Lint (3, 4); Honor Roll (3); 
Junior Advisor (3); Social Committee (31. 

Janie Moye Taylor Williamston 

A.B., Primary Education 

Maud Taylor Greensboro 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Aletheian; Square Circle (1); Y.W.C.A. (1); Proctor (1); Recreation 
Association (2, 3, 4) ; Camp Counselors Club (2) ; Tennis (2) ; Life 
Saving (31 ; Camma Alpha (3, 4) ; Square Dance (3, 4) ; Camp Committee 
(4); Volley Ball (4); Westminister Fellowship Council (4). 

Sarah Isabelle Taylor Durham 

B.S., Home Economics 

Cornelian ; Chemistry Club (1, 2. 3. 4) ; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 
3. 41; Recreation Association (1. 2, 3. 41; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2. 3. 4); 
Basketball (1. 2. 3, 4| ; Proctor (1) ; Hall Board (1. 3. 4) ; Social Com- 
mittce (1. 21; Daisy Chain (2); Service League (2); Legislature (3. 4); 
Dance Committee (3) ; Dean's List (4) ; Volley Ball (4) ; House Presi- 
dent (4); House Presidents Organisation President (4). 

Nina Teague Staley 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Gene Thacker . . . ... High Point 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Cornelian; High Point College (1, 2); Dean's List (3); Camma Alpha 
(3, 4); Proctor (3); Sigma Alpha (4). 

Doris Jean Thomas Durham 

B.S., Music 

Lois Jean Thomas ... Leaksville 

A.B., Grammar Grade Education 

Cornelian; Square Circle; Future Teachers of America (3, 4) j Y.W.C.A. 

Mary Jane Thomas Winston-Salem 

B.S., Music 

Dikean; Choir (1. 2. 3. 41; Y.W.C.A. (11; Music Education Club 
(1. 2, 3. 4) ; Square Circle (4). 

Jean Covington Thrower Laurinburg 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Cornelian: Proctor (3); Camma Alpha 13, II. 

Lucy I. Tinsley Lake Toxaway 

B.S., Home Economics 

Cornelian ■ Western Carolina Teachers' College (1) ; Home Economics 
Club (2 3 4); Recreation Association (2. 31; Y.W.C.A. (2, 3, 4); 
Proctor (2) ; Tennis (2) ; Dean's List (3) ; Volley Ball (3). 

Betsy Louise Tolleson Kings Mountain 

A.B., History 

Dikean; Square Dance (4). 

Page 67 

Alice Elizabeth Townsend 

A.R., English 

Dikean; Dolphin. Seal Club (1, Jl: Proclor (2) j Dai. 
Social Committee ill: Pin- V*. (4); Carolinian 
Chairman III. 

Jew McLucas Townsend 

A.B., History 

tdelphian: Cokei College 11. 2): Future Teach i- a 



I II : Hall III 

Mary Elizabeth Trolli.ngek Laurinburg 

U.S.. Secretarial Administration 

\lelheian: Square Circle II. 2. 31: Y.W.C.A. II. ll: Housekeeping 

Doris Tucker Albemarle 

A.B., Mathematics 

■lian: Choir II. 2. 3, 41: Square Circle (I. 2. 3. II: Che Ir. 

Club 121 : Daiaj Chain (2) : li an - ! Lial (3, I); II 
Club 13. II: Tau Psi Omega I :t. II: Hall El 


Elizabeth Claire Umstead 

B.S., Physical Education 


(.let he 

Class Treasurer 111: Honor Roll II. 2. 31: Recreation 
Association I 1. 2, I, II. Secretar) 121. Cabinet 131. Social Chairman 
141. Honor Group 12. 31; Camp Counselors Club II. 2. 3. 41: Hocke) 
Speedball. Swimming. Tennis, Volley Rail. Baaketball, Softball II. 2. 
I, ll: Soccer (II: Chemistry Club (21: Daisy Chain 121: Sigma Delia 
Pi (2. 3. 4): Coll Club 12. 3. li: \rcher) 121: Gymnastics 12. 3. 41: 
I lis- Secretar) (2); S.G V Secretar, (3): Judicial Board 13. II; Who's 
Who ill: Ilea,,-. I., si 13. ll: Juniot Advisor 111: Co-Or! Club 13, II: 
Dolphin-Seal Club III: Golden Chain III. 

Betty Jean Underwood Charlotte 

A.B., Primary Education 


?u i 



Mary Catherine I'pchurch Buie's Creek 

U.S.. Physical Education 

tdelphian; Campbell College 11. 21: Recreation Association (2. 3, 41: 
Archery, B ball, Gymrastica, Basketball (2, I); Hockey, Speedball, 

Voile) Ball 12. 3, ll: Sollhall 121: r .W.C. V. (3, ll- Cam, nselon 

Club ll. II : -,|.,are Dance • II. 

Evelyn Dare Vanmi, West Jefferson 

B.S., Home Economics 

Dikeanj 11 E nics Club II. 2. 3, 41; Honor Roll 11. 2. 31- 

Marker- II. 2>: Recreation A la 1. 21: Square Dance I 1. 21; 

S -rviee League 111: Dean's List 1.3. II: Junior tdvieor 131; Omicron 
Nu (3. 41. Presiilenl III. 

Mary Eleanor VanPoole Salisbury 

A.B., Sociology 

Lenoir Rlnne College 11. 21: Dean's List 131; Recreation 

Association 11. II; s | 0B ) Club II. 41; Y.W.CA. (3, 41; Camp 

lorn Club 13. 41; Lutheran Students' Association 1.3 41- 

Carolinian. Business SlalT 141; Alpha Kappa Delia 141. 

\\\\ Lee Waddell Warlesboro 

B.S., Home Economics 

: Future Teai hers ..I Amerii • 

Elizabeth Ann Waldenmaier Wilmington 

A.B.. English 

Playlikera (1, 2, 3. li: 11,.,, Aasociatinn II. 21: Y.W.C.A. in. 

Proctor Hi: Softball (1, 2) ; r „r„,y,,,. Literary Stan (2, i. n Photog 

raph) Ediloi (3, H: Carolinian, PI igraphei I i. I); ll,... 

(2 I I), Mastei Electrician I 1 1 : Quill club n. II. Vice-Presid nl in 

I,. ,i, . I i.i I :i 

Hi ii \ \n\e Wall Lilesville 

Bachelor of Fine Arts 

Come ; H..n.„ R l. 2. 3); Square Circle (1); Y.W.CA il ' 

3, 41. Vice-President 111. Cabinet 13. II; Swimming II 2 31 Proctol 
in Wesle) Foundation ll. 21: *.rl Club i j. I IJ Secretar) (3) 
President (4) : rennis (2) ; Dean's Lisl m. I , Advisot (31 - 

... (3) Dance I ttei (3); In. I orm mittee (3 n 

low NSEND 

.1 low NSEND 



1 MS I r VII 


I PCHI Kill 

\ AWO) 

\ anPOOLE 

\\ tuiini 




Page 68 

Senior Class 









Lovelace Irene Waller Kinston 

B.S., Home Economics 

Dikean; II e Economics Club II. 2, 3, II: Recreal \ :iation 

(1, 2. 3. 1); Square Dance 111: Y.W.C.A. (1, 31; Proctor II. 31; 
Basketball I 1. -'. 3, II : Softball 111. 

Jocelyn Ruth Walters Gibsonville 

Bachelor of Fine Arts 

Uetheian; Recreation 'Association (1. 21; Y.W.C.A. Ill: Kn C 

12, 3, II. Treasurer (31; Camera Club (3, II. Secretary 131. Presidenl 
111: Pine Veedles Ph grapher (31. 

Jacquelyn Joyce Ward . Thomasville 

B.S., Physical Education 

Adelphian; Recreation Association (1. 2. 3. 4); Baseball. Gymnastics, 
Speedball. Swimming. Volley Ball, Basketball, Softball (1, 2. 3. 4) ; 

Hockej II. 2, II: I 1 III: Irchery, Tennis (21: Dolphin-Seal Club 

(_'. 3, II: Y.W.C.A. II. 21: Camp Counselor Club (2. 3. 41; Photog. 

hj Club l.'l. II. Secretarj III: Proctor 131; F.T.A. Ill: C p Com- 

n in 

Joan Watson Charlotte 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Dikeam Colby Junior College (1. 21; Lite Saving (31; Dean's List (41; 
Gam Upha III: Y.W.C.A. I II. 

Marguerite Way Waynesville 

B.S., Home Economics 

Bette Lou Weathers Mrytle Beach, S. C. 

A.B., Psychology 

Aletlieiau: Chemistry Club II. 21: Honor Roll (1, 21; Y.W.C.A. (1. II; 
Proctor 111; Psychology Club 13. II: Section Leader 111: Student- 
Faculty Curriculum Committee III; Dean's Lis! (41; Phi Beta Kappa (41. 

Virginia Elizabeth Weir Winston-Salem 

A.B., English 

Martha Maude Wells ... Greensboro 

B.S., Home Economics 

Aletheian ; Legislature II. 
Recreation Association II, : 
Dean's List (31 ; Honor Ro 

: Economics Club II, 2. 3. II ; 

CCA. (1. 3. II ; Botany Club (3. 41 ; 
Junior Advisor (31 : F.T.A. (II. 

Barbara Carol Westmoreland Thomasville 

A.B., English 

Dikean: Carolinian Staff (II: International Relations Club (II: Camp 
Counselors Club 121: Dean's List (31: Quill Club (3, II; *rts Forum 
Committee (31; Coraddi, Poetry Editor (H. 

Martha Helen Westmoreland Tabor City 

A.B.. English 

Jean Carolyn Wheeler . . Gastonia 

B.S., Music 

Dikean: Dance Group (1. 2): Choir (1. 2. 3. 41; Y.W.C.A. II. 21; 
Proctor II. 2. 3); Tau Psi Omega (3. II. President 141; Young Com. 
posers Club (3. 41. Secretary (41; Radio Club (4). Music Director III. 

Cornelia Anne White .... Lenoir 

A.B., English 

Cornelian: Y.W.C.A. (II: Proctor (II; Classical Club 1,2. 3. 41; Dean's 
List (31. 


Marjorie Rebecca White Belvidere 

A.B.. Primary Education 

Dikcan; Recreation Association 111: Botaoj Club (2, 3. 41. President 
III: Dean's List 131: Future Teachers -I America (3, I); Honor Roll 
131; Interfaiih Council 131: Y.W.C.A. ill: Quakers. President (31. 

Mary Ann White Guilford College 

A.B., Primary Education 

Cornelian; Choir 11): Town Student* Organiaatin 
Club i3i. 

n (1. 21; Botanv 

Elm ira Whitley 


A.B.. Sociology 

Adelphiao : Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, H : Housekeeping 1 

(2); Westminister Fellowship Council 13. 41. First 
Sociology Club 13. 41: Service League 111. 

niillee (l) j Tennis 
Vice-President (41 : 

Carolyn Wilkinson 

Nelson. Va. 

A.B., Biology 

Aletheian; International Relations Hi: Recreation Association 11. 2. 3. 
4); Proctor II. 21: Y.W.C.A. (1. 21: Speedbal) (1); Sollball II. 2): 
Basketball II. 3. 41; Botanv Club 12. I. II: Tennis 12, II: Medical 
Technologists Club 13. II: B.S.U. Council 141; Physics Club II. H: 
Square Dame III: Chemistry Club 141; Housekeeping Committee 



Charlotte Elizabeth Willard Ft. Motte. S. C. 
A.B., Sociology 

Cornelian; Choir (II: Inlerfaith Council (2. 31 ; Social Committee (2, I); 
Daisj Chain 121; Church Council (3. 41: Sociology Club 13. I); Hall 
Social Chairman 131; Class Treasurer 14); House President (4). 


Elizabeth Ann Williams 

A.B., Primary Education 

Dikean; rurman I ni.-,.ii, II. 2. 31; Alpha Psi Ome, 
Council 13. 41; Future Teachers ol America 111; Reel 
III; Y.W.C.A. Ill; Proctor ill: Voile) Ball. 

Grace Carter Williams . Yadkinville 

B.S., Home Economics 

Dikean; Freshman Commission 111; Home Economics Club II. 2. 3, li: 
Y.W.C.A. II. 2. 3. 41; Hall Social Committee (2); Junior Advisor (3); 
Phyaii - I lub 13. 41. 

Margaret Alice Williamson Winston-Salem 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Mildred Holliday Williamson 
A.B.. Sociology 


Mabel Kathleen Wilson Angier 

B.S., Music 

' it I I 2 I, 1.. S.c„.,a,v 111. President I li : Soi I 

I I ' : r- ( lub ' :. 1). 1 ibrariar, in. ~. • r.-i. ir > I n : 

Leagui nil: Darlinettes 11. li ; Radio ( lub I n 

Elizabeth LaRle Winecoff 
A.B., English 


Sallie Vest Wincfield Charlottesville. Va. 

A.B.. An 

Aletheian; Carolinian Business Siaff Hi; Recreation Associatioi 
lr; Square Dance (1) ; i W.C.A. (1) ; Swimming 11. 21: Volley Ball 
111: Life Saving (2| ; Basketball (2, 3, 41; Daisy Chain 121; Art Club 
13. II: Class Project Chairman 121; Ring Chairman (3|; Hall Board 
I I); H President i n ; Legislature in. 



IH. li. WHITE 









M. II. Will 1 1MM>\ 




Senior Class 

Phyllis Marguerite Wise Stumpy Point 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Dikean; Y.W.C.A. II. 21: Botany Club 13. 41; Gamma Alpha (3, 4). 

Marcaret Carolyn Wood Dillon. S. C. 

4.B., Primary Education 

Aletheian; Y.W.C.A. (II; Recreation Association (1. 2); Cymnastics, 
Soccer, Speedball (II; Hockey, Swimming (1, 21; Basketball (1. 2, 3); 
Square Dam,- (21 ; Dam e Group I :( I ; Future Teachers of America (3, 41. 

Virginia Toxey Wood Elizabeth City 

A.B., Primary Education 

Cornelian; Square Circle II. 21; Y.W.C.A. (1. 21; Proctor (II; Recre- 
ation Association 121; Dean'n List 13. 41; future Teachers of America 
'3. 41; Honor Roll (31; Society Publicity Chairman (41. 

Reba Christine Woodard Laurel Hill 

A.B., Biology 

Mary Worthington Grifton 

B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Dikean; Gamma Alpha (3, 41. 

Jane Troy Wyche . Waynesville 

A.B., Primary Education 

Ailclphian; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2. 3. 41; Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); Botany Club 
(2, 3, 41; Daisy Chain (21; Sigma Delta Pi (2, 3, 4), Treasurer (3), 
Secretary (41; Dean's List (3. II. 

Georgia Dale York . . Greensboro 

B.S., Home Economics 

nomics Club (1, 2. II; Town Student. Organization 

Frances Yow 


A.B., Art 

Jo Gabriel Lowrance Mooresville 

B.S., Home Economics 

Aletheian; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Honor Roll (1, 21; Hall 
Board (II; Junior Idl i«or HI; Town Students Organization (4). 




ill. WOOD 







Page 7) 

w.c.u.n.c. p 



Seniors Plot Pictured 

I in\( es Edna Beck 

U.S.. Vursing 

U.'l|,li,.i„: Medical Te. hnologisla Club l-'i. 


HULIA Ann Speas East Bend 

B.S., Home Economics 

Patty Bradhirn Shull Winston-Salem 

A.B.. English 

Esther Y. Williams . Greensboro 

on (1, 2): 

r v 7 

In ITIemory of a Classmate 


Siler City, N. C. 

July 29, 1928 

July 25. 1948 

Page 73 


Sara Lou Debnam, Cheerleader 

Nancy Porter, Vice-President 

Nell Jone§, President 

Barbara Fehr, Secretary 

Zalene Angier, Treasurer 

e Class o\f '5 

Working with will and aspiration 
With achievement as our aim. 
We'll move forward Class of '50 
To the goal we must attain. 


Keep in sight, Green and White, 

All of the standards set hy the hest class yet. 

Honor and fame hring to the name 

Of the school we won't forget. 

Yes, we are equal to the challenge 

For we're well prepared to he. 

W. C. has shown us wisdom 

And we love her rightfully. 

Green and White 


Look High, Aim Far 

Page 75 

i 4 

UUe'll move 
Class of '50" 

Class Rings Are Here! 

Time Out for a Part) 

Moving into spiritual union with Woman's College — 
no need for a wedding hand — well not for a year . . . 
"Almost through" . . . "Who said so?" . . . "We've 
ust begun" . . . Freshman year, one case of home- 

Page 76 

sickness after another — Sophomore year, less maladjust- 
ment — Junior year, majors at last, unlimiteds for a 
precious few. . . . 

We started as advisees — short skirts — greener than 
any grass the sophomores stuck signs on . . ." Is it pos- 
sible that we are now the illustrious advisers? It can't he 
— but it is." Still knitting on the argyles started sopho- 
more year, only this year they're for Tom. . . . After- 
noon classes — "Are there no marks of seniority?"- 
Bags — a constant hack — green jackets. . . . 

Class dances — one, two, three — Sleigh Bell Ball. . . . 
''You didn't hear them? I'll meet you under the clock." 

. . . Carols — Open house snacks — Snowman — White 
carnations — Swollen feet — A cigarette after lights are 
out — "Nothing was ever more fun." — "Nothing could 
be, unless it was the Junior-Senior!" . . . 

We plowed through two vears, ushering at University 
sermons, fuming about lights, circles, lines. . . . Our 
goal was a chapel window, a memorial to Dean Harriet 
Elliott. . . . "Where's your class spirit? Eat candy, wear 
a pin, write letters, run hose, buy more!" . . . 

No longer a timid entry into Miss Draper's office. 
. . . We drop in whether it's an idea, a pain, or just a 
chat. . . . 

Those Juniors, Alwavs with Some 
thing To Sell! 

mior Christmas 

Time for a Chat with Miss Draper. Class Chairman 

Page 77 








P. VI >1 l\ 


•- l A 

-I A O 


III IM Mill I 








mil inn I 


Ina J. Albert, Caroline Allen, Marion Anderson, Mary Henry Anderson, 
Zalene Angier, Emily Atkins, Edna Auerback. 

Patricia Austin, Ramona Austin. Janet Bachman, Mary Baldwin, Margaret 
Barlowe, Virginia Baughman, Laura Day Beatty. 

Mayebelle Bedell. Katina Beleos, Virginia Bertholf, Mary Benson, Robbie 
Frances Best, Louise H. Birehett, Georgia Blackwell. 

Olive Blake, Becky Blankenship, Mary Nance Blevins. Alice C. Boehret. 
June Bost. Frances Bowles. Joanne Brantley. 


Junior Class 







Bernice Hilda Bronstein, Jean Brooks, Barbara Ann Brown, Dorothy Brown, 
Olivia Brown, Alyce Amelia Bruin, Jane Grey Brumley. 

Mary Lynn Branson, Lois Buck, Martha Burke, Elizabeth Burns, Ellen Mark 
Bush, Mary Elizabeth Butler. Virginia Caldwell. 

Dorothy Sue Callahan, Sallie Calvert, Flora Cameron, Nancy Reid Campbell, 
Joyce Whitfield Carpenter, Allein Carson, June Carter. 

Margaret Ann Cassidy, Joan Champion, June Chandler, Ann Chipley, Rita 
G. Clarke, Mildred Coble, Barbara E. Connelly. 







I I \M\I. 












Fl I Mil 





Elizabeth Leigh Cooke, Peggy Coppala, Vela Covington. Dorothy Cowdery, 
Elisabeth Crawford, Patricia Cunning, Ruby Davenport. 

Dolly Davis, Frances Lee Davis, Sara Lou Dehnam, Wilma Reed DeVoe, 
Nancy Bridget! Dickey. Eleanor Dillard. Marguerite Dobbins. 

Carolyn Drum. Sarah Anne Eaton. Kathleen O'Dell Edens. Jane Edmunds, 
Lillian Eichenbaum, Margharetta Eldridge. Margaret Ellen. 

Mary Upshur Elliot. Ruth Elizabeth Ellioit. Ruth Ellis. Jean Farley. Jean 
Gwendolyn Featherstone, Barbara Fehr, Joan L. Ferguson. 


Page 80 

Junior Class 





















Jo Anne Ferguson, Mona Fipps, Eulene Fisher, Jean Fisher, Margaret Fisher, 
Patricia Fisher, Muriel Fletcher. 

Alyce Forsyth, Sarah Elizabeth Fort. Ann Franklin. Barbara L. Fuller, 
Marilyn Ann Garver, Patricia Haden Gary, Gloria Gaugler. 

Jane Glasgow, Elizabeth Gottschall, Betty Jane Greene, Nancy Greenlee, 
Anne Grinnells, Jeanette Hanks, Janet Handler. 

Rebecca Hardaway, Marie Harkey, Edna Lee Harper, Doris Harrison, Rae 
Harrison, Mary Fay Haskins, Jane Head. 







in inn 





Ml ..III - 

























Marilyn J. Hill, Malynda Anne Hiott, Sara Holland, Irene Holland, Mary 
Holmes. Mary Ruth Hord. Patricia Hubbard. 

Anne Fahey Hughes, Patricia Hunsinger, Kate Elizabeth Hunter. Mary 
Elizabeth Hutchinson, Virginia Ingram, Rosemary Jacobs. Inge Jacobson. 

Lydia James, Joyce Jefferson, Barbara Jeffries, Margaret Jeffries, Faye 
Eloise Jenkins, Louise Johnson, Nancy Jones. 

Nell Jones, Martha Jordan, Patsy Jordan, Barbara Keller, Wilma Lillian 
King, Mildred Pauline Kyzer. Jean Anne Lambeth. 


Page 82 

Junior Class 








I oil. Ill \h 











Katherine Lambeth, Raniona Lamm, Janet Large, Sally Lawson, Frances 
Ann Leathers, Alice Ehrie Lee, Sarah Alice Lewis. 

Alma G. Lilley, Rebecca Lloyd, Frances Long, Katherine Longhead, Helen 
Margaret Luke, Dixon Lyon, Betty McAdams. 

Marian McAdams, Oriana McArthur, Nancy McCall, Neva McCormick, 
Alston McKeithan, Elinor McNair, Betty Jean McNairy. 

Jean McNeely, Beatrice Magee, Shirley H. Mahan, Helen Mamber, Jean 
Hildebrand Marrow, Naomi Marrus, Katherine Louise Marshall. 



Mt 1/ 








Wyndall Mason. Ellen Margaret Metz. Constance Miller. Eva Miller. Martha 
Rose Miller, Patsy Ellen Miller, Betty F. Mobley. 

Marilyn Ann Moeller, Nancy Montgomery, Helen Moody, Barbara Moomau, 
Melrose Moore. Florence Morrill. Naoma Muller. 

Allcnc Neal, Marianna Newlin. Elizabeth Newman. Lois Newton, Nurry 
Nixon. Elizabeth Norman. Sally Ogilvie. 

Penelope Pantelakos, Joyce Cecelia Parker. Dorothy B. Parks, M. Florence 
Parrish, Mary Elizabeth Payne, Jo Ann Pegg, Helen Pilley. 


Junior Class 











Vivian Pitt, Doris Lee Poole, Nancy Porter, Rose Murray Potter, Mary Ann 
Preston, Katherine Quick, Jerry Ann Quinn. 

Betty Anne Rader, Joanne Raub, Margaret Redman, Peggy Lee Renegar, 
Jacqueline Reynolds, Eleanor Louise Rierson. Eleanor Rigney. 

Ruth Roberts, Harriett J. Robinson, Mary Worth Rock, C. Ann Rogers. 
Mary Romefelt, Lillian F. Rosenberger, Jeanne R. Rothenberg. 

Gladys Rowe, Ann Elizabeth Royster, Ruby Rumley, Alma Sabiston, Dot 
Sales, Esther Samuelson, Barbara Sanders. 


uu.c.u.n.c. m°A 













STOl i.htiin 


Betty Jean Sanders, Mary Lela Saunders, Amelia Schrum, Alice Augusta 
Seitz, Eleanor Senter, Betty E. Setzer, Mary Frances Shackelford. 

Marie Avery Shaw, Marilyn Shaw, Mary Shepherd, Frances Shiver, Joanne 
Shoemaker, Betty Shuler, Mary Paul Shuler. 

Nell SicelofT, Adelaide Sigmon, Eleanor Skeels, Letty Bond Slaughter, 
Rosa Christine Slaughter, Davilla Smith, Helene Smith. 

Jean Minnis Smith, Ruth F. Smith, Sara Stacy, Jean Stallings, Frances 
Stephenson. Barbara Stoughton, Louise Strother. 


Junior Class 




















Shirley Max Swift, Betty Jane Teague, Jeanne Teague, Hattie Thigpen, 
Sylvia Thomann, Betty Thomas, Virginia C. Thompson. 

Anne Tolar, Jane Tomlinson, Vivian Trevathan, Jane Trogdon. Elizabeth 
Truitt, Betty Tuttle, Betsy Tyson. 

Wilma Umfleet, Ines Urdaneta, Muriel Vail, Ann Denny Vainer, Ann Lee 
Wagner, Luna Wagner, Barbara Wagoner. 

Doris Walker, Dorothy Warden, Betsy Lea Ware, Emma Faye West, 
K. Elizabeth Westmoreland, Irma Whitehead, Leah Whitfield. 


Page 87 



Junior Class 



i. w ii.son 




\iinr Earl) \\ illiams, Jean Elizabeth Williams, Sarah Ann Williams 
Shirle) Williams, Alice Faye Wilson, June Anna Wilson. 
Naomi Woodworth, Frances E. Worrell. Shirley Joan Young. 


Ann Grier, Cheerleader 

Fran Fulcher, President 

Barbara Mangum, Secretary 

Jaylee Montague, Vice-President 

Not Pictured : Anne Edwards, Treasurer 



The Class of '51 

Class Song 

Here's to the class none can surpass; 

We'll never be outdone; 
Our love and pride can't de denied 

For the Class of '51. 

Chorus : 

The best that W. C. has known, 
Class of '51, march on! 

Keep well in sight both red and white 

Our colors bold and clear; 
Loyal are we to W. C, 

Forever hold it dear. 

Chorus : 

The best that W. C. has known, 
Class of '51, march on! 

Red and White 

Knowledge Conies, but Wisdom Lingers 

Page 91 

"Class of '51, 
fTlarch On!' 

The Daisy Chain and White 

Enthusiastir Miss Davis 

Sophomores! We could hardly believe thai we 
were upperclassmen at last — upperclassmen, with 
vengeance for freshmen on Rat Dav . . . recalling our 
embarrassment when we were "rats" — upperclassmen, 

tightening the campus with our red, red jackets . . . 

narchine around the Dining Hall when they were 

Bridge-playing Sophs 

Page 92 

new . . . and our pride in our Class Chairman, Miss 
Dorothy Davis. 

Yes, our day had come! Bridge until all hours of 
the night . . . unlimited week-ends for football games 
and dances at Carolina, State, and Duke . . . the 
Sophomore formal . . . and then the serious side . . . 
hours spent in the library with history books and 
psychology readings . . . reading Chaucer until the 
small hours of the morning . . . upperclassmen, really 
feeling as if we were important when elections came 
and we ran for campus offices and realized we were 

almost Juniors . . . singing "Class of '51" at Mass 
Meetings and taking the Junior seats at the last Mass 

Halfway through college — was the hardest part 
over, or was it still to come? . . . feeling a tinge of 
sadness as we exchanged serenades with our sister 
class and carried the Daisy Chain at their graduation. 

Yes, we were Sophomores, and our days at 
Woman's College were flying by. We were making 
our mark and living to the fullest . . . "CLASS OF '51, 

For it's here in our hearts 

oh sisters dear. 
And we sing it now to 

you . . ." 



First Rmr. left to right: Jane Armitage, Eleanor Annis, Margaret Alston, 
Theresa Alley, Martha Allen. Jacqueline Alford, Virginia Albritton, Nillie 
Adkins, Inza Abernathy, Mary Louise Ahdalla. 

Second Row: Betsy Barber. Clara Dee Banner, Nancy Ballard, Virginia 
Ayers, Enid Ayers, Jean Aycock, Marie Averitt, Joan Austin, Nancy Atkins, 
Pat Ashley. Bonnie Brown Ashe. 

Third Row: Margaret Bentley. Ann Bergen, Shirley Berger, Jane Bennett. 
Helen Bell, Joan Bell, Betty Beauford, Ann Baxley, Mary Bassett, Jane Bass, 
Irene Bass. Mellie Barlow. Sara Lee Barker. Rosemarv Barber. 

Page 94 

Sophomore Class 

First Row, left to right: Shirley Barry, Betty Bivens, Hester Bizzell, Mary 
Black, Ruth Blackmail, Emily Blackwell, Evelyn Blalock, Nancy Blanton, 
Jane Bledsoe. 

Second Row: Penny Bogart, Montine Bondurant, Bulow Bowman, Dorothy 
Bradley, Bobby Brewer, Josephine Brooks, Barbara Anne Brown, Elizabeth 
Brown, Evelyn Brown, Jane Brown, Joyce Brown, Jo Bryan. 

Third Row: Nellie Bugg, Margie Lee Buck. Virginia Bullard, Charlotte 
Bunch, Pauline Burchette, Kathleen Burnette, Nancy Burton, Carol Byrd. 
Doris Byrd, Mary Cahill. 



First Row. left to right: Axlene Callendar, Elizabeth Calvin, Dorothy 
Cameron. Leona Cameron. Peggv Jean Cameron, Ann Marie Camlin, Frances 

Second Row: Mary Anne Campbell. Faye Carlton. Maria Carroll. Sarah 
Carter. Carlene Cathey. Betty Sue Cecil, Annette Chandler, Sally Cheney, 
Carroll Christian. Jeannette Christian. 

Third Row: Frances Clark, Sater Clay, Dorothy Clodfelter, Joycelyn Coats, 
Ann Coble. Evangeline Coker, Barbara Collins, Cecelia Cone. Roberta 
Cooper, Dot Copeland, Nancy Corbitt, Anne Correll. 

Page 96 

Sophomore Class 

First Row, left to right: Anne Cox, Catharine Cox, Ann Cragan, Pickett 
Eugenia Crouch, Rebecca Crowder, Dixie Dean Clumpier. Gray Culbreth. 

Second Row: Josephine Cusick, Mary Darnall, Nadia Daughtridge, Elizabeth 
Davis, Evelyn Davis, Jane Davis, Dorothy Day, Ann Deans, Kathleen Deans, 
Evelyn Dearman, Pat Dickens. 

Third Row: Lorraine D'Lugin, Kathryn Dobbins, Laurah Dobson, Laura 
Dodson, Rosemond Doughton, Janet Drennen, Katherine Dukes, Marilyn 
Dunn. Doris Dwyer, Elaine Early, Anne Edwards, Jane Lee Eddy. 


Page 97 


First Row, left to right: Esther Elliott, Nancy Elliott, Mary Jane English. 
Corinne Etheridge, Annice Page Everett, Betty Everett, Annette Ezzell, 
Mildred Farlow. 

Second Row: Ann Farmer, Mildred Ferguson, Mary Gladys Fisher, Betty 
FitzGerald, Ann Flack, Ora Lee Flanagan, Mary Elizabeth Fleet, Jean 
Floyd, Jean Ford, Anne Forney. 

Third Row: Blanche Foster. Ann Fowler. Patsy Fowler. Virginia Francis. 
Fran Fulcher, Faye Funk, Raine Gallagher. Johnsie Gambill, Betty Sue 
Gandy, Lula Gams, Emmalynn Gettys. 


Sophomore Class 

First Row, left to right: Virginia Glaser, Adele Gold, Miriam Gonella, Ann 
Goudelock, Gracie Grady, Mary Eleanor Gray, Elsie Jane Green, Emily 
Green, Shirley Greenblatt. 

Second Row: Tommie Green, Anne Grier, Louise Griffin, Mary Ellen Griffin, 
Jane Grigg, Catherine Grill, Eleanor Griswold, Carolyn Groce, Shirley 
Haase, Mary Ruth Hall. 

Third Row: Betsy Haley, Dorothy Hallenbeck, Sarah Ann Hamilton, Nancy 
Hamlet, Sally Jo Hamrick, Frances Harbison, Glenn Abbott Harden, Eliza- 
beth Harding, Elizabeth Harper. 


Page 99 


First Row, left to right: Betty Ann Harrell, Margaret Harrelson, Betty Jean 
Harris. Winifred Harriss, Jean Hart. Virginia Hart. Jane Hawk. Bobbie 
Jean Haynes. 

Second Row: Edith Hendrix. Jean Hester. Joanna Higgins, Helen High. 
Miriam Hines, Mary B. Hinnant. Pat Hockett, Jean Hoffner, Jean Hogshead. 

Third Roic: Tavia Holbrook, Kathryn Holly. Margaret Holmes, Martha 
Holton. Jane Holtzelaw. Jeannette Horton. Doris Hovis. Betsy Howard. 
Frances Howell. Ellen Hughes. Tempe Hughes. 

Page 100 

Sophomore Class 

First Row, left to right: Rowena Foster, Carolyn Hunnings, Nancy Holder, 
Mary Anne Hunt, Amelia Ann Hunter, Margaret Hunter, Ann Ingram, 
Frances Ingram. 

Second Row: Florence Jacobson, Mimi Jaross, Alma Johnson, Elizabeth 
Johnson, Grace Johnson, Margaret Ann Johnson, Mary Katharine Johnson, 
Jean Jones, Eloise Jordan, Polly Jean Kennedy, Virginia Key, Katherine 

Third Row: Elizabeth G. King, Barbara Kinsman, Nancy Kirkpatrick, Phyllis 
Kline, Peggie Rose Lambert, Nelle Rose Lancaster, Sarah Lancaster, Beatrice 
Lanier, Bettv Mae Latham, Eleanor Leach. 


Page 101 



First Row. left to right: Julia Ross Lambert. Patsie Lee. Ruth Levin. Ann 
Linville, Ann Little, Martha Littlefield, Connie Liverman, Jean Lloyd, Marie 

Second Row: Frannie Lonax, Elaine Long, Mary Lovelace, Ann Sharpe 
Lowrance, Mildred Lowrey, Elizabeth Loyd, Doris Lyeriy, Francie Lyman, 
Virginia Lynch, Naida Lyon. 

Third Row: Claire McCall, Betty McCallum, Sue McCormac, Jane McDaniel, 
Joyce McDowell. Thelma McFadden, Betty Mclnnis, Flora Mclver, Lydia 
McKeithan. Sarah Eleanor Brown. 


Sophomore Class 

First Row, left to right: Jo Anne McLean, Ethel McLemore, Barbara 
Manguni. Dorothy Mattel, Geneva Massie, Lottie Matheson, Mary Maughan. 
Patricia Mellonas, Elizabeth Memory. 

Second Row: Sue Mendelsohn, Rosalind Mercer, Gretchen Metz, Edith Mew- 
born, Helen Miller, Jewel Miller, Margaret Miller, Mary Ruth Miller, Emma 
Mills, Frieda Mills. 

Third Row: Betty Lou Mitchell. Mary Lou Monnett. Jaylee Montague. Jeanne 
Montgomery, Peg Montgomery, Ann Moore, Betty Lou Moore, Ada Jane 
Moore. Jeanne Moss Moore, Julia Moore. Marv Carolyn Moore. 


Page 103 


First Row, left to right: Betty Moore, Sterling Moore, Marie Morgan, Pat 
Morrell, Peggy Morris, Betty Morrison, Cecilia Morriss. Christine Moutafis, 
Joan Mueller. 

Second Row: Betty Lon Merrill. Ruth Muth. Sara Emma Myers, Phyllis 
Niven, Dorothy Norfleet, Carolyn Nurnberger, Frances O'Connor. Catherine 
Oliver. Jessie Rae Osborne. Eileen OsherorT. Elizabeth Outlaw. 

Third Row: Marion Overby. Joyce Owen, Elizabeth P. Parker. Irene Eliza- 
beth Parker. Dorothy Parrish, Patricia Paton, Geraldine Pearce, Hazelbelle 
"Boo ? ' Pearsall, Caroline Pearson, Peggy Peters. Marilyn Phelps. Martha 


Page 104 

Sophomore Class 

First Row. left to right: Carolyn Pickel, Jean Pitman, Edith Plyler. Rachel 
Poole, Carmen Pope, Anne Powell, Emogene Powell, Nan Preas, Chattie 

Second Roiv: Jane Pritchard, Nancy Pritchett, Evelyn Proctor. Nancy Purves, 
Peggy Putnam, Cornelia Quinn, Faye Quinn, Emily Ranson, Hattie RatelifT, 
Jane Ray, Jean Ray, Harriett Reaves, Hilda Redding. 

Third Row: Roberta Redman, Patricia Reid, Colleen Rencgar, Nell Richard- 
son, Helen Rigby, Peggy Rimmer, Mary Margaret Ritchie. Betty Lea Rober- 
son, Marylynn Roberson. Jackie Roberts. Marilea Roberts, Eleanor Robinson. 


Page 105 


First Row. left to right: Eniilie Robinson, Jean Robinson. Joan Robinson. 
Bobbie Lee Rogers, Millicent Rollins. June Rose. Mary Jane Ross. {Catherine 
Routh. Jeannette Ruiter. 

Second Row: Ellen Russell. Patricia Sanderford, Margaret Sanderson, Jean 
Sandlin, Joyce Sandlin, Judith Sandford, Helen Mae Sarles, Erma Scarlette, 
Sally Schryver, Ora Lee Scott. 

Third Row: Gladys Sealy, Anna Blair Secrest, Joanne Sechrest, Nancy 
Selecman, Beverly Serr, Barbara Schreffler, Shirley Sharpe, Rose Ann 
Shearin, Ann Sherron, Jo Ann Sides. 


Page 106 

Sophomore Class 

First Row, left to right: Kathryn Sink, Mickey Sink, Ellen Skinner, Ruth 
Sledge, Martha Raye Smathers, Carolyn Smith, Danny Kate Smith, Doris 
Jane Smith, Eleanor Smith, Isabelle Smith. 

Second Roiv: Margaret Smith, Nancy Smith, Nell Smith, Grevilda Snider, 
Peggy Snypes, Rosa Lee Speas, Mary Catherine Spence, Jeannine Stanley. 
Lois Stephens, Mary Ann Stilwell. 

Third Row: Jane Stone, Betty Jean Stover, Dorothy Strother. Mickey Sugg, 
Edith Sutker, Peggy Sutton, Jane Swindell, Laverne Sykes, Beth Tanch, 
Sybil Tanner. 


Page 107 


First Ron. left to right: Peggy Jean Tallant. Mary Elizabeth Tart. Fiances 
Taylor, Mary Anna Taylor, Lydia Teer, Mimi Temko, Grace Thompson. 
Jeannette Thompson. 

Second Row: Mary Thompson, Marv Anne Thompson, Maxine Thompson, 
Peggv Thompson. Virginia Dare Thompson. Dorothy Thorne, Betsy Timstall 
Sarah Helen Turlington, Joyce Tyson. 

Third Roic: Jane Vann. Anne Veasey, Mary Lou Waggoner. Hattie Wallace. 
Hilda Wallerstein. Peggy Warren, Mary Fayne Weatherspoon, Anne Wellons. 
Anne White. Frances Marie White, Olivia Shields White. 



Page 108 

Sophomore Class 

First Row. left to right: Nancy Whitley, Gwen Wilborn, Sarah Wilkins. Nan 
Wilkinson, Jean Willard, B. J. Williams. Cloise Williams, Doris Williams. 
Jackie Williams. 

Second Row: Nancy Williams, Priscilla Williams, Martha Lou Williamson. 
Barbara Williford, LaRue Wilson, Betty Carroll Wimbish, Nancy Winning- 
ham, Ann Winslow, Dorothy Winters, Rebecca Woodruff, Patricia Workman. 

Third Row: Dorothy Worley. Ann Worsley, Sybil Yelton, Mae Elizabeth 
Yelverton, Elizabeth Jane Young, Lillian Zachary. Sally-Ann Zeiger. Marian 
Davis, Elizabeth Hilton. Miriam Huggins. Waldeen Kearns. 




Diane Ritnour, President 

Anne Whittinjjton, Vice-President 

Peggy Stewart, Treasurer 

Betty Bullard, Cheerleader 

Jacqueline Jernigan, Secretary 

Yes, we're the Class of Fifty-Two 

Our service we will render 
To thee, our dear old W. C. 

And all who will defend her. 

Yes, we'll strive to make her glory shine 

With faith and loyalty. 
So come on, Class of Fifty-Two, 

We're all for W. C. 

Class Motto 
Let us match our words with deeds 

Class Colors 
White and Lavender 

Page 111 

"Yes, We're 
The Class 
Of Fifty-Two 

* j 

Applications actually accepted — thank goodness 
ihev didn't ask for pictures — new clothes bought, and 
at last, the grand arrival! . . . "What's happened to 
my trunk — isn't it ever going to get here — do you 
suppose Miss Moxley will find it under the bed? . . . 
"Where's mv roommate — I wanta see what she looks 
ke! . . . "Why cant we put scotch tape on the walls 
-why must there be rats, even in the closets?" . . . 

Page 112 

"Golly, exams the first week! Why do we have to 
know what's in the handbook anyway?" . . . Exchang- 
ing sandals for good sturdy oxfords for that cross 
country hike to meet advisors . . . "Say, which would 
be easier — music appreciation or health?" . . . Rat 
Day — no, nuff said! . . . 

Freshman mixers — MEN!! New faces, new dance 
steps . . . "Nineteen on my posture picture! But I 
don't really stand like that. Oh well, I wauled to 
take Body Mechanics next semester anyhow!" . . . 

Cleaning up the Hubbub — "now we can push the 
upperclassmen around!" . . . Freshman commission 

elected — big wheels on campus! . . . The Yearling — 
some Bronte's in our midst . . . "At last, our class 
song! Now we can hold our heads high in mass 
meetings!" . . . 

Closed study, tests, dates, dances, hall boards, long 
awaited cuts — "Well whattya' know, we're sopho- 

Then We Did Anything 

Sealed, left to right: Nannie Gibson. Alice Bernholz. Nancy 
Porter, Acting President. Joanne Pharr. Bertha Crockett 
• Standing: Joan Wrenii, Peggy Stewart, Joanne Flanagan. 
Joan Cohen, Anne Preston • Absent: Joyce Howe. Diane 

First Row: Belte Louise Barksdale, Mary Barnes, Matlie Barringer, Dorothy Bennett. Carolyn Biggerstaff, Pearle Marie Blake. 
Iran Bobbin, Elizabeth Boulus. Barbara Brown. Betsy Burroughs, Cathy Cahn. Elizabeth Ann Caldwell, Kitty Carter, Joyce 
Casey, lean Cockrell, Martha Sue Coltrane, Constance Contras. Mary Jo Cox • Second Row: Nancy Cropsey, Diana Jo 
Cummings, Betty Cushwa, Mary Lee Driver. Ann Duke. Mary Frances Elsen. Eleanor Eubanks. Betty Faggart. Sara Frances 
Ferebee, Rose Fincher. Margaret Fox. Edna Friedman. Betty Gekraan. Amanda Gekas. Jan Goodman. Margaret Green. 
Martha Green. Carol Guthrie • Third Row: Rachel Hackney. Nancy Hampton. Mary Lou Hauson. Eddie Jean Harris. Marj 
V-nr- Harris, Jean Harrison. Martha Hayes. Eleanor Hirsch, Elaine Holly. Jane Hough. \nn Hughes, Norma Hunley, Hen- 
rietta Jackson. Ann Johnson. 


First Row: Phyllis Johnson. Susan Johnson. Lillian Joyner. Polly Ke>. Rebecca Lamy. Dorothy Laurence. Sharon Levin. Lois 
Long, Nina McLeod. Betty Will McReynolds, Nancy Maples. Hilda Marston. Gloria Monk. Lydia Jane Moore. Dorothy 
Murchison. Juda Owen. Frances Palmer. Dora Pittman. Mary Lib Pope o Second Row: June Poteat. Antoinette Reavis. Joan 
Roberts, Kitty Robinson. Carol Rogers, Rachael Sarbaugh, Mary Scarborough, Carol Schaffer, Olive Ruth Sedgwick, Olive 
\nn Shaw, Ellen Shepherd, Norma Sherrer, Diane Simon, Peggy Simpson, Elaine Smitana, Virginia Smith, Nancy Sorrentino, 
Marjorie Ann Southerland. Evelyn Spencer • Third Row: Sally Spung. Rosemary Sweeney, Betty Jean Troutman, Pat Warren, 
Mary Jane Wessman. Claudine Whitaker. Jackie Whitaker. Sara Margaret White. Yvonne Willoughhy. Betsy Winifield, Jean 




V "• 

''**•" ; 









F/rst flow: Nancy Mitchelene Adams, Diana Addison, Dorothy Anderson, Nadyan Arab, Mary Austin, Nancy Bailey, Barbara 
Barbour, Kat Barnes, Dora Barrett, Nancy Barton, Janet Batts, Viola Batts, Doris Blalock. June Blumenthal. Ida Louise Brady, 
Betty Britz, Lil Butner, Eileen Buzzi. Evelyn Champion, Erne Lou Cheek • Second Row: Sara Coggins, Betty Conley, Sarah 
Cooke, Marie Costello, Peggy Crouch, Hazel Dale, Helen Day, Joan DeGruchy, Vivian Dover, Marquirete Edwards. Jessie 
Ford, Kat Friday, Daisy Garner. Clara Glibert, Shirley Hack, Lois Hadaway. Dot Hamilton, Betty Hamlin, Martha Ann 
Harbinson. Mary Harmon • Third Row: Lillian Hardy, Sara Henneberger, Eleanor Hoskins, Norma Howard, Joyce Howe, 
Catherine Hudson, Barbara Jacobson, Jacqueline Johnson, Joyce Johnson. Joann Johnston, Ruth Ann Kelley, Callie Kinard, 
Kat Kirschner. Rebecca Langdon, Betty Lassiter, Martha Laz>nby. Nell Lee, Mary Helen Linville. 

uu.c. u. n.c. 


First Row: Mary Lovett, Jo Ann Lowry. Esther Marie MacDonald, Katherine McComb. Jennie Mclnnis, Martha Maynard, Bar- 
bara Merrill, Pat Mills. Nancy Mitchell. Frances Moody. Bettie Moon. Eva Kate Moore. Fay Morgan. Edith Nardin, Carolyn 
Neece, Joan Neighbors, Nancy Nunez, Jane O'Berry. Eugenia OKay. Jonnie Mae Orr • Second Row: Ann Pender. Betty Jo 
Petria. Mickey Irene Phillips, Peggy June Phillips. Ann Pollard, Lora Jean Reeves, Elizabeth Ann Ridenhour, Phyllis Ridg- 
way, Margaret Ryder. Nancy Saslow. Lenore Satterfield, Amelia Shaw, Betty Jane Sherron, Carolyn Simpson, Jean Slater, 
Janie Smith. Rachel Smothers. Priscilla Snider. Jean Stamey, Marcelene Stanley • Third Row: Bobbie Strickland, Joann 
Stryker. Anne Sutton, Shirley Tegg, Nancy Thomas, Marilyn Tolochko, Carolyn Tweed. Malvina Verrcault, Mary Jane Walker, 
Regena Waterman. Winnefred Wheeler, Elizabeth Wilson, Kat Wendley. Elizabeth Wrenn. Rose Yancy. 

First Knit: Pal Anderson, Jean Andrews, Sonia Angstadt, Betsv Backman. Amelia Barbour. Dolores Barrett. Elizabeth Bau- 
com, Virginia Berk. Carolyn Blanehard, Rosemary Boney. Elizabeth Bracken. Anne Bradford. Clara Brauer. Margaret Brown, 
Peggy Brown. Betty Bullard, Hazel Burleson, Jane Cabaniss. Betty Causey. Margaret Click • Second Row: Mary Compton, 
Virginia Conner, Nancy Cross. Jean Cruse. Ann David. Christine Davis, Miriam Davis. Nancy Sue Davis. Mildred Deal. Betty 
Dixon. Jo Carol Ennis, Katherine Fesperman. Mildred Fain. Anna Fey, Mary Roberta Fisher. Joanne Flanagan. Jo Ann 
Frank. Bee Catling. Nancy Gray. Kathryn Greene • Third Row: Betty Harrington. Jean Helper. Marcia Hermann. Katherine 
Hildebrand, Mary Holshauser. Jean Hunnicutt. Clara Hunt. Martha Hurlocker, Mazie Louise James. Betty Johnson. Miralyn 
Johnson. Gean Johnson. Peggy Jones, Ann Jones. Barbara Jordan. Rose Ann Kahn. Susan Kimbraugh, Irvin King. Mai ir 


First Rote: Joyce Lemon, Ann Lentz. Shirley Lyon, Martha Lippard. Martha Lohr, Jane Mcjunkins, Betty McKnight. Elizabeth 
McLeod, Man McNeill, Sarah Mann. Martha Ma>. Doris Miller, Frances Miller. Carolyn Moon. Barbara Morris, Joyce Mor- 
ton, Jody Mundy • Second Row: Mildred Newitt, Sally Oden, Pat Pappas, Betty Pearl, Margaret Petrea. Jean Phillip-, Louise 
Pickard, Bobbie Potts, Ann Preston. Roddy Rau. Jane Redwine. Eleanor Randleman. Betsy Richardson. Nancy Rothrock. 
Susan Sanderson, Dot Scott. Dot Shamel • Third Row: Ellen Shuford. Nancy Sides, Jean Stone. Barbara Tew. Mary Tola, 
Mary Trott, Sara Turner. Peggy Vaughn, Ann \ enters. Freda Ward. Marianne Weathers. Anne Whittington. Lynn Williams, 
Leone Williams. Mary Jo Willis, Sara Wyche. 

First Row: Sue Alderman. Catherine Anthony. Margaret Ann Arthur. Bettie Barringer. Peggy Belton. Sarah Ella Bennett. 
Kathryn Biggerstaff. Edith Blaekweltler. Rosa Lee Brake, Sara Alice Breeden, Fredia Brown, Hope Brown. Martha Byrd. 
Virginia Cameron. Kitty Campbell. Martha Ann Campbell, Nancy Carr. Bessie Cartwright. Frances Clegg • Second Row: 
Betty Coffey, Peggy Coffey. Jane Collison. Barbara Colthurst. Bertha Crockett, Lorraine Crowell. Mary Sue Dael. Anne Dry- 
den, Betty Duncan, Shirley Ehret, Elizabeth Elkins, Nancy Everhart. Janet Everitt, Peggy Feimster. Elsie Glavick, Patricia 
Good, Lillian Gravely, Elizabeth Green • Third Row: Margaret Green. Barbara Griggs. Mary Rose Hall. Lucille Hannah. 
Jerry Harman. Christine Harrelson. Barbara Harris, Patty Ann Harris, Patricia Harrison. Hasseltine Hofler. Nancy Howell. 
Mary Idol. Carolyn Ingle. Virginia Ingram. Grace Jalin. Barbara Jobe. Frances Johnson. Laura Judy. Jane Kirkman. Wanna 
Fave Laws. 

uj.c. u.n.c. 


First Row: Florence Leigh. Mary Ola Lilly. Nancy Medford. Martha Ann Medlin. Louise Mooney, Jessie Nicholas. [Catherine 
0"Donnell, Virginia Oliver. Lucy Page. Mildred Patterson. Ann Payne, Alice Peele, Barbara Pendergrass, Mary Philips, Peggy 
Pickle, Ruth Pierce, Marianne Pollander. Ramona Powell. Joan Pharr • Second Row: June Rainey, Mildred Rhinehart, Ellen 
Rickert. Dorothy Roberts, Betty Ross. Ann Russell. Everette Claire Sanderford, June Saunders. Lillian Sawyer, Leona Scott. 
Elizabeth Siler. Eutha Sharpe. Dorothy Shiver, Anne Simmonds. Helen Simpson. Mary Small. Carolyn Smith. Margie Smith. 
• Third Row: Mary Frances Smith. Shirley Smith. Virginia Smith. Hazel Steele. Jeanne Straighton, Alice Suggs, Margaret 
Sutton. Mildred Teague, Charlotte Thornburg, Mary Alice Turner. Ann Tyson, Mary Lou Vaughn, Carol Warlick. Colista 
Weisner. Joy Welsh. Joann Wicker. Almetrice Wood. 




(\ t 

First Row: Marverine Alexander. Norma Baxley. Mildred Beamer, Alice Bernholz, Evelyn Best, Mary Joyce Biggs, Carinne 
Bisserce, Mary Rose Blackburn. Jacqueline Bodie, Anita Bolinger. Evelyn Boone, Joyce Boyette, Sue Boykin, Barbara 
Bremsey, Mae Brock • Second Row: Mary Brooks. Eleanor Brown. Eva Capps, Naomi Cooley, Dorothy Corpening, Betsy 
Crowley, Leola Culbert. Alma Davis. Janet Davis, Kathryn Devins. Glenna Dewitt, Bettye Dillard. Vernie Edwards. Bettye 
Evans. Patricia Finkelstein • Third Row: Louise Franklin, Lucille Gay, Margaret Gooch, Ann Hall. Doris Hancock, Jean 
Ann Hanna. Margie Harding. Katharine Harrington. Ann Hiyter. Tommie Lee Haywood. Dolly Ann Hedgecock, Anne 
Henderson. Janet Hodges. Dorothy Hogan. Catherine Holm. Willaden Hook. Sue Hooks. 

jflinison HRLL 

First Ron: Bettj Vnne Hufham. Mary Lee Hughes. Jackie Jernigan, Bettj Luce, Dorothy McCorkle, Louise Madison. Mary 
McCullen, Jimmie McMillan, Peggy Maynard, Doris Michalove, Emily Micol. Lois Pace. Miriam Paris. Kathryn Parker. 
Alberta Parrish • Second Roto: Margaret Parrish. Raedelle Patterson, Lucille Ann Pillatt. Dorothy Plout. Imogene Pons. Mar 
garet Pressly. Martha Quails. Betty Randall. Pat Raney, Ruth Rawlins. Ann Marie Ridenhour. Jean Rotha. Ann Marie Rouse 
Jane Sarsfield, Charlotte Sedberry. Dorothy Shope • Third Row: Miriam Skinner. Patricia Smith. Virginia Smith. Joan Taylor 
Geraldine Thomas. Ruth Tillman. Barbara Tobias, Adeline Tyson. Virginia VanDyke, Betty Lou Van Hook. Barbara Wall 
Man Wall-. Frances Wells. Miriam Whitley. Emily Williams. Nancy William-, hi- Young. 


First Row: Beulah Beatly, Carolyn Burton, Annette Dunham, Dixie Farthing, Marian Floyd, Nannie Gibson, Juanita Jordan, 
Betsy Kinard • Second Row: Carol Lowery, Hazel Matthews, Sally Masengill, Mary Louise Myers, Dolores Norris, Beth 
Parker, Jean Satterwaite, Mary Sue Tenny. Rebecca Troxler, Betty Sue Webster, Jean Whisonant. 

uj.c. u.n.c. 

First Row: Sara Armstrong, Erlline Bason. Jacquelyne Dwiggins. Margaret Flow, Eleanor Friddle, Betty French, Doris Hen- 
drix, Edith Highfill, Martha Julian, Peggy Johnston • Second Row: Barbara Kent, Mary Elizabeth Mclnnis, Ramona Miller, 
Dollie Moser, Iris O'Ferrell. Jean Pinehback, Betty Sharpe, Dora Sharpe. Nancy Smith, Pat Wagoner, Pauline White. 




Dorothy Sieginund, President 

Frances Redmon, Secretary 

Patricia Adams, Vice-President 

Nancy Kesler, Cheerleader 

Ann Dixon, Treasurer 


Class Song 

All hail, hail to W. C. 
We the Commercials sing. 
We'll honor and love thee, 
Even through eternity. 

We'll cherish the memories 
Of all you hold dear, 
And carry your standards 
Down through the years. 

All hail, hail to W. C. 
We the Commercials sing. 
We pledge to thee always 
Love and loyalty. 

Class Colors 
White and Carnet 

Class Motto 
The Higher We Climb the Broader the View 

Page 12) 

We, the 

All in one year we learned the arts of business and 
the fun of living and working together as students at 
W. C. We'll never forget our first chapel period and 
finding seats in the section of the balcony that became 
"home" for us every Tuesday. We had to encounter 
those mysterious looking machines that are so familiar 
to us now; we met our faculty, too. and made fast 
friends with them. How can we ever forget the Hallo- 
ween party they gave us . . . square dancing in the 
Hut . . . roaring fires in the fireplaces . . . and our 
august professors arriving on broomsticks??? Our 
memories include the excitement, too, of planning a 
return party and trying to outdo them in originality 

Commercial Class Meeting at 1:00 

Commercials' Corner in the Town 
Students' Room 

Learning Our Lesson in Respect 


. . . the teas we gave ... to the class of '48 at their 
reunion ... to our guest speakers ... to our parents at 
Christmas, when we really put on the dog and had 
our newly elected officers as guests of honor. We re- 
member the dorm parties in Hinshaw and that corner 
of the Town Students' Room reserved for the Com- 
mercial students from Greensboro, who got together 
to plan a tour of the city for those of us who ordinarily 
never saw more than the route from the corner to the 
Carolina Theater. 

Our kaleidoscope of memories from this year re- 
minds us of the thrill we felt when we got our class 
pins; they were our badge of membership . . . we 
think of class meetings at one o'clock, when we prac- 
ticed singing our song in preparation for the all- 

important mass meeting, when we were recognized by 
the rest of the school and our sister class, the juniors, 
stood up for us. The week-end we remember best, of 
course, was the one in March, when we had our dance, 
and all the wonderful things that went along with it. 
Mary and Martha and their committee chairmen ar- 
ranged a magnificent time for all of us . . . the 
orchestra, refreshments, cards, everything! Finally of 
course, there's the last mass meeting, at the end of the 
year, when we marched out of Aycock, singing our 
class song, and a few days later, got those certificates 
we worked for so hard. It was a grand year. 

Dance Chairmen, the Howell Twins 

and Class President Dorothy 


Machines Manipulators 





Row One. left to right: Nancy Sue Adams. Patricia Ann Adams, Vergie Trovelyn Allen, Virginia 
Lee Baity. Ramona Mae Boaz, Margaret Anne Boyd, Georgia Belvedere Bracy, Sue Frances 
Bradley. Jean Grey Braswell. 

Row Two: Julia Caryl Brown, Mary Lee Cassell. Beverly Lovell Cobb. Mary Doris Cobb, Patsy 
Ann Cole. Alice Elizabeth Coppley. Mary Anna Courtney, Anna Lou Cox. 

Row Three: Dorothy Jane Cox, Emily Jean Cox, Jane Marie Cox, Emma Jean Dark. Billie Ray 
DeVault. Diana Ruth Dickens. Ann Elizabeth Dixon. Jessie Lee Donathan. Bessie Koula Dross. 

Row Four: Evelyn Jean Edwards. Patricia Jane Ellington. Mary Martha Ensley, Iris Lea Felts, 
Janet Forester Frazier. Kathryn Lois Funk. 


Commercial Class 

Row One, left to right: Mary Adeline Gainer, Margaret Jane Gay, Marion Talmage Gerringer, 
Nancy Ellamae Goff, Rebecca Jane Gray, Carolyn Huntington Green, Betty Griffin, Bettiejane 
Walker Gunn, Jill Hancock. 

Row Two: Mary Ruth Harris, Miriam Joyce Hayes, Donna Joan Hendrickson, Betty Wray 
Henslev, Claire Estelle Hodges, Laura Crowell Hoffman. Joanna Hopkins, Betty Jean Howard, 
Betty Ann Howe. 

Row Three: Martha Howell, Mary Howell, Dorothy Glenn Hufham, Ruby Marie Hutchens, 
Mary Carol Ivey, Blanche Ann Johnson, Addie Colleen Jones, Bonnie Lou Kesler. 

Row Four: Nancy Elizabeth Kesler, Barbara Antonia Kieswetter. Anne Lee King, Dorothy 
Louise Kluttz, Phyllis Ann Knight, Joyce Ann Langdon, Shirley Lou Lee. 


Page /?5 



> V 
■ J 


Ron One. left to right: Mary Delia Leggette, Sarah Frances McKinnon, Billie Sue McLean. 
Bonnie Sue McMillan. Betty Lee McQueen. Mildred Louise Martin. Evelyn Ramseur Michael. 
Margaret Frances Mock. Margaret Mae Moore. 

Row Two: Dolores Ann Muiad. Ann Helen Murphy. Helen Ida Nan. Nancy Nina Norrell. Frances 
Anne Pearman. Grace Reel Piner. x\gnes Marie Rahil. Mary Frances Redmon. Jean Seihels 

Row Three: Margaret Glenn Robinson. Frances Anne Rogers. Jewell Frances Rumley. Lillian 
Grace Saleeby, Saniera Mary Saleeby. Evelyn Hunter Sammons. Mrs. Edelle Pierce Satter- 
field. Wvona Maxine Sevier. Dorothy Elizabeth Siegmund. 

Row Four: Rebecca Tyndale Smith. Jacquelyn Beatrice Simpson, Agnes Kathryn Smith. Bette 
June Smith. Mary Christine Smith. Bettv Ann Snyder. Annie Maude Southall. 

°age 126 


Commercial Class 

Row One. left to right: Barbara Jeanne Spillman. Polly Marie Stout, Ruth Virginia Stovall, 
Nancy Gray Swiggett. Anna Ruth Taylor, Jerrie Earlene Thompson. 

Row Two: Jean Gwyn Trent, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Nancy Lou Waitman, Betty Jean Wagoner, 
Anna Sue Wallace, Edith Inez Walker, Clara Dolores Ward. 

Row Three: Dorothy Jean Welch, Mary Catherine Welch, Helen Josephine Wentz, Hilda Gray 
White, Alice Vivian White, Virginia Muriel Williams. 

Row Four: Elizabeth Cornelia Willis, Dolly Faye Wilson. Vera King Winchester, Edna Earle 
Wolfe, Barbara Ann Wrenn. 


Page 127 


fashions the woman oKa better tomorrow 


the orgaiiizatftNWMBfjf'' the Woirvan's 
elections boa/d, the Honor board, tl 
hoard, the/Faculty-Student Revie^r 

College function smooth ly for 

le points committee, the curriculum committee, the; finance 
ng committee to mention a fe» . . . th<' Legislature, the 
Judicial Board, the executive offi\ ers of the Student Government Association, t^e Service 
League /to/ mention soine mpre^Jiave their sljVre in the administratis 
raKffy ft 

.—is is mu>-tabttrtit<H*y for demoeraticTiving^aiKi the .extent to which 
lie; activities ofj these organizations determines, in large measure, t 

Unbroken Band...' 

"l^iiiocracy. We have discussed h/mor and 
h )tly and then supported wholehsa.rjf 
n presentation in 

d whaXye/Jrefteved ... we have campaigned 

we have debal 
sfct up our own 
attempted to put 
attempting to live 

We ftave. changed our traditional 

evolutionary/ inuurfe^oi/^iveriinienj of any kind 

Mly in/flie legi/lative foFuSn, . . we have 

ed judgment -Accordingly . . . we^havf 

ge of the classroom^ We are 



'jri. ] 

^ 13 

Martha Fowler, President of Student Government Association 

Honor Policy 
Prc-school Conference 

Mass Meeting 
Responsible Freedom 

Marilyn McColluni. 
tic-President. S.G.A. 


Jane Edmunds, Claire McCall, 

Secretary, S.G.4. Treasurer, S.G.A. 

"Responsible freedom" is the keynote ol tlie Stu- 
dent Government Association on the campus of the 
Woman's College. The phrase, "responsible freedom", 
was first used by the late Dean Harriet Elliott who was 
an inspiration in early days of Student Government, 
and it well characterizes every policy oi this organi- 
zation whose membership is made up of the students 
of Woman's College — students who feel a sense of 
responsibility in assuming the freedoms which they 

Elected in the spring, the new officers took over 
their duties in the closing weeks of school, guided in 
their new tasks by the retiring leaders. A conference 
of student leaders and faculty members was held in 
early September in order to plan the work tor the 
coming year, and new ideas, with their resulting 
problems, were discussed in an atmosphere of ear- 
nestness and seriousness which brought forth the best 
in attempts for a sound foundation for Student Govern- 
ment work. Check-up Conference was held in earlv 
December to follow through on plans which were mi 
hopefully laid at Pre-school Conference. 

The three branches of the Student Government 
Organization — Executive, Legislative, and Judicial — 
were all under capable student leaders. Martha 
Fowler, as President, was chairman of Judicial Board, 
conducted Mass Meetings, and exercised general ex- 
ecutive powers. As vice-president. Marilyn McCollum 
headed Legislature and handled other duties such as 
assigning chapel seats and assisting with the Hand- 
book. This year was an active one for Legislature 
which passed on new student rules and also offered 
for student approval, two amendments to the Consti- 
tution which provided for more effective student gov- 
ernment. The Judicial Board worked long over stand- 
ardization of maximum and minimum Hall Board 

Page 132 

Government. ..1949 

rulings — a new policy of Student Government, and 
Jane Edmunds, as Secretary, was given the responsi- 
bility for keeping records of Judicial and Hall Board 
cases. Claire McCall, Treasurer, handled the financial 
records of the association and acted as secretary of 

New students were acquainted with the Honor 
Policy of the school through such measures as the 
Student Government program given for the Freshmen 

during Orientation Week. An awareness that the free- 
doms with which students are entrusted are based on 
a sense of responsibility in upholding them, was the 
underlying theme of this program which inspired the 
newcomers to do their share as citizens of this com- 
munity and as citizens-in-training of a much Larger 
community. This training for a responsible citizenship 
is the aim of the Student Government Association 
which furthers these aims by giving opportunities for 
freedom in an atmosphere of democracy. 

First Row. left to right: Marilyn McCollum, Nancy Campbell, Nancy Porter. Nancy Shepherd, Dickie Luther, Miriam Reilly. 
Dorothy Sampson, Sallie Wingfield, Nancy Barton, Louise Mooney, Helene Smith • Second Row: Joyce Lemons, Hazelbelle 
Pearsall, Claire McCall, Nancy Blanlon, Mary Rock, Patsy Miller, Virginia Caldwell. Oriana McArthur. Sally Ogilvie, Miss Olive 
I tori on. Frances Ferguson, Janice Murchison • Third Row: Betty Crawford, Sarah Taylor, Celeste Johnston, Betsy Newman, 
Jean McNeely, Sue Leonard, Missy Jonas, Lucille McCallum, Beth Clapp, Wilnia Fullerton, Nancy Johnston. Eleanor Rigney, 
Carolyn Burton • Fourth Row: Martha Fowler, Nan Kendall. Susan Dawson. Mary Etta Pearsall, Lynette Boney, Mary Lou 
Mason, Louise Strolher. Jane Davis. Lois Glass Morgan. Betty Cottschall o Absent: Glenna DeWitt, Anne Murphy. Vergie 
Allen. Joyce Jefferson. Charlotte Willard. 

Judicial Board 

Judicial Board is the student judiciary authority 
entrusted with handling all major offenses. Hall 
Boards in each dormitory, consisting of a Judicial 
Board member, the house president, and four girls 
from the dormitory, handle all minor offenses, but 
the major cases are heard before Judy Board. The 
board records and reviews all Hall Board cases and 
may act as a court of appeals for Hall Board sentences 
if so desired. 

Judicial Board is made up of a faculty member, 
who acts in an advisory capacity, the president of the 

Student Government Association, who presides over 
the meeting, the secretary of the Student Government 
Association, who acts as secretary to the board, the 
Honor Board Chairman, five seniors and two juniors. 

Judicial Board works with corrective rather than 
punitive measures in mind. It tries to instill the idea 
of responsible freedom and a democratic way of life. 
In judging each case, the board takes into consider- 
ation the individual and the circumstances in order 
to reach a fair and impartial decision. 

First Rmc. left In right: Jan Shore. Julia Gabai. Lee Mahan. Martha Fowler. Jane 
Edmunds • Second Roir: Peggy Moffitt, Mary Ann Raywid. Betty Lou Phillips. Betsy 
I instead • Absent: Peg"? Eldridge. 


First Row. left to right: Zalene Angier, Helen Mam- 
ber. Belle Lou Weathers, Nancy Campbell, Janet 
Large, Marilyn Colin. Chairman; Elsie Grey Burke, 
Ann Melver, Neva McLean, Wanda Bowen •' Second 
Row: Hatlie Thigpen, Inge Schoenamann, June 
Carter, Claire Hodges. Lib Hutchinson, Eleanor 
Rignev. Eli/.abeth Newman. Shirley Mahan. Esther 
Samuelson • Absent: Betty Jane Carr. 


Seated: Nell Siceloff. Nan Kendall, Chairman • 
Gertrude Bender, Dot Cheney, Sylvia Thomann. Jc 
Mary Stewart Barnhardt. 


with Nan Kendall as chairman, worked to 

create interest and participation in campus 

elections. Pre-election rallies and posters drew 

a large vote, and the Board members were on 

hand to supervise the voting and to tabulate 


n Promll. 

First Row. left to 
right: Miss Helen 
Ingraham, Jan Shore, 
Chairman ; Dr. Albert 
Keister • Second 
Row: Irene Holland. 
Tiff Cunningham. 
Barbara Moomau • 
Absent: Mr. John 


headed by Marilyn Cohn, sounded out student 
opinion on changes and additions in the cur- 
riculum and presented its recommendations to 
the Faculty Curriculum Committee for further 
consideration and action. 


under the able leadership of Dr. Albert Keister 
and Jan Shore, have handled well the allocation 
of funds to all the campus organizations. Their 
planning and intelligent allotment has helped 
our campus run more smoothly. 

with Jane Perry as chairman and Mrs. Annie 
Beam Funderhurk as faculty advisor, provided 
for equal distribution of responsibility by see- 
ing to it that no girl carried more than the 
maximum number of points. 


guided by Jan Shore and Miss Vera Largent. 
has succeeded in bringing the questions of 
personal, academic, and social honor into the 
consciousness and understanding of every 
Woman's College student. Honor Board has 
worked for the ideal of freedom through re- 


led by "Woody" Covington and Mr. James 
Painter, handled any complaints made by stu- 
dents or faculty members and tried to smooth 
over any rough spots in our college life. 

Sealed, left to right: Mr. James Painter. Miss Bernice Draper, 
Woody Covington. Chairman • Second Row: Shirlev Mahan, 
Jane Perry, Pal Luther, Miss Maxine Garner. 

First Roic. left to 
right: Mrs. Annie B. 
Funderhurk. Jane 
Perry, Chairman; 
Miss Sanchia Thayer 
• Second Roiv: Mary 
Jane Brooks, Martha 
Wells, Amelia Seh- 
rum. Jeanne Teague. 
Marv Benson. 

J =Mi. 

%5 r % 

''I ^"^ - 




# *^JtI 


- ' j 



First Row. left to right: Barbara Moomau. Jan Shore, 
Chairman; Miss Vera Largent • Second Roiv: 
Margaret Alston, Mimi Temko. Nancy Beam Funder- 
hurk. Shirley Mahan • Absent: Ann Genden. Mary 
Lou Mason. 

Page 135 

Charlotte Willard. House Presid 
Mr-. Gozeal H. Andrews, 
Counselor of Kirkland Hull 

Pats) Miller, Souse President 
Miss Ann Marie Dickinson, 
Counselor ../ Iiuile> Hull 

Lucille McCallom, House Pres* 
Miss Ann Laura Bodie, 
Counselor of Shaiv Hull 

Sarah Taylor, House President 
Miss Maxine Garner, 
Counselor of Woman's Hull 

Virginia Caldwell, House Presid 
Miss Lillian Cunningham. 
Counselor of Jamison Hull 

H. P., Counselors, Room 

Dorm life? It isn't a "home-away-from-home" or even "one big 
happy family". Rather it's a group of people living together . . . 
sharing homesick tears and heartfelt laughter. It isn't the building 
of the name it bears. It isn't even the house president, the counselor. 
or the girls. It's all of them put together . . . and most of all, it's the 
little things . . . impromptu bridge games with warm Coca-Colas . . . 
cigarettes and Sunday funnies . . . Christmas and open house by a 
shining tree . . . "Trash man" and "the walking woman" . . . trading 
clothes and cutting hair . . . the notes on the call-board, and the notes 

Martha Regener, House President 
Miss Elvira L. Prondeeki. 
Counselor of Mclver House 

Oriana MeArthur. House President 

Miss Dorothy Lee Clement, 

Counselor of Hinshatv 

INanev Johnson. House President 

Miss Elvira L. Pronderki. 
Counselor of North Spencer Hull 

Sally Ogilvie, House President 
Miss lone II. Grogan, 
Counselor of Coil Hall 

Sue Leonard, House President 

Miss Irene Glass, 

Counselor of South Spencer Hull 

Nancy Rein 1 Campbell, House President 
Mrs. Anne Fullon Carter. 
Counselor of Gotten Hall 

Wilma Fullerton, House Preside 
Miss Patricia E. Carruthers, 
Counselor of W'infield Hall 

mates, and the Crowd 

that aren't there . . . the friendly peace of a dorm devotion ... a late 
cup of coffee in the kitchenette . . . the blind dates that turn out well, 
and the ones that don't . . . pie beds and "Thank you, my friends" . . . 
second floor, Second Floor, SECOND FLOOR! . . . What about hall 
boards? Well, what about them? . . . House meeting or required bull 
sessions . . . those wonderful reunions after holidays . . . the dread 
message of the alarm clock . . . "Who blew the fuse?" It's all of these 
and so much more. It's the living and the sharing. It's just the spirit 
of the thing, the feeling of it all. 

Jovce Jefferson, House President 

Mrs. J. S. Hunter. 

Counselor of Cray Hall 

Sallie Wingneld, House President 

Miss Laura G. Aiulerton, 

Counselor of Weil Hall 

Dorothy Sampson, House President 

Miss Evelvn Martin. 

Counselor of New Guilford Hall 

Jane Davis, House President 

Miss Olive S. Horton, 

Counselor of Mary Foust Hall 


Our home on campus, the Town Students" Room . . . 
we wouldn't know how to act if we had ash trays or a 
full deck of cards . . . the plea for a fourth at bridge so 
that the never ending game will not come to a screeching 
halt when one player tears herself away to race to class 
. . . the endless gab sessions which cover everything from 
choice bits of gossip to the "trials and tribulations" of 
practice teaching. 

Argyle socks in mass production — no doubt all males 

Lois Glass Morgan 

TOWN STUDENTS' JUDICIAL BOARD — First Rote, left to right: Mary Jane Brooks. Lois Glass Morgan, Alyce Forsyth, Dorolh; 
Siegmund • Second Row: Pat Hockett, Barbara Wagoner. Naney Smith. Carol Byrd. 

Students' Organization 

at near-by institutions of learning are well supplied for 
the next few years, even if they can't decide which holes 
to put their feet through . . . the bulletin boards always 
heavily laden with announcements which are never read 
. . . always a dog or cat wandering in . . . never able to 
keep the maids and janitors off the phone long enough 
to use it . . . the Commercials hibernating in their coiner 
slaving over accounting — how would they have managed 
il Claudia Mac hadn't worked hers out the night before. 

Lois Morgan doing a grand job as president . . . 
Barbara Wagoner in a stew over party plans . . . helpful 
advice from Miss Horton. our counselor . . . the bang-up 
party at the R. A. camp . . . the Christmas party (who 
could ever forget it — always did like to eat ice cream 
with my fingers ) . . . the Town Students' very own 
formal which was a great success and the swell get to- 
gethers afterwards . . . Truly an unforgettable year with 
lots ol fun had try all! 

Time to talk . . . inside or out 

Franci's Fergus 

OTHER "Y" OFFICERS— Left to right: Mary Grace Grady, 
Secretary ; Deane Lomax. Vice-President ; Becca Hardawav, 

Young Women's 

The Young Women's Christian Association this year, 
through the channels of the class clubs and the cabinet, 
has been the focal point of an indispensable phase of 
campus life. Our chapter has as a keynote to its activities 
the purpose of the national Y.W.C.A. "We unite in the 
desire to realize a full and creative life through a grow- 
ing knowledge of God. We determine to have a part in 
making this life possihle for all people. In this task, we 
seek to understand Jesus and to follow him." 

The Cabinet, composed of thirlv-five memhers, meets 
every Monday night and serves as director of the indi- 
vidual class clubs. — Seven groups . . . senior, junior. 
sophomore, and four freshman clubs, meet weeklv and 
carry out. various projects. These clubs, which welcome 
members of all faiths . . . Catholic, Jewish, Protestant 
. . . are the wheel of the campus organization. 

"Y" activities are many. This year the class clubs 
have knitted afghans for overseas relief; adopted war 
orphans and provided for their needs; made scrapbooks, 
bookmarks, collected magazines for the polio center in 
Greensboro. Besides these projects, for the first time this 
year, the "Y" has sponsored vespers every nighl in the 
Religious Activities ('enter, provided "Y" teen leader- 
ship, strengthened Student-Faculty relations with panel 
discussions and open-houses in the dormitories, opened 
again the "Y" hut for Saturday night entertainment and 
dancing. At Christmas, the Freshman "Y" clubs once 
again carried out the "Hanging of the green" tradition. 
when the groups sang carols and hung wreaths on the 
dormitory doors. In connections with the annual Social 
Science and Arts Forums, the "Y" sponsored programs 

Page 140 

Christian Association 

to prepare the students ior active, comprehensive partici- 
pation. In February, an International Bazaar and dance 
was held, the proceeds going to the World Student's 
Service Fund. 

During the year, successful deputations were held with 
several nearby colleges: State, Carolina, Davidson. The 
"Y" sent representatives to the Ecumenical Conference 
held at Christmas time in Lawrence, Kansas; the con- 
ference on Applied Christianity in Raleigh and Salis- 
bury; the State YM-YW retreat at Camp Nawawkwa, 
near Randleman; and various program-planning con- 
ferences held through the year. 

During the summer, the president attended President's 
School at New York's Union Theological Seminary, a 
school designed to meet the needs of "Y" leaders. The 
vice-president attended the regional YM-YW Interracial 
Conference held at Berea College, in Berea, Kentucky. 
The "Y" has initiated a leadership training program for 
ihe preparation of potential leaders to assume their jobs 
with capability and a knowledge of their responsihilities. 

The Young Women's Christian Association under the 
guidance of Miss Maxine Garner, director of Religious 
Activities, is the integrating force on the campus in the 
creation and perpetuation of genuine understanding 
among the students. 

"Y" CABINET — First Row. left to right: Pat Luther. Lucia Collarte, Mary Elizabeth Smith, Dot Parrish, Fran Lomax • Second Row: 
Margie Ferguson, Christine Foil, Mary Ellen knight, Mary Forney, Janet Bachman. Becea Hardaway. Deane Lomax, Frances Ferguson, 
Marv Ann Preston. Shirlev Williams. Peggy Cassidv, Lee Stephens • Third Row: Bettv Winecoff. Helen Bell. Nancv Whitlev, Frances 
Fulcher, Fran Taylor, Mary Libby Tart. Sara Barker. Marie Averitl. Anne Brothers. Ann Wall. Joan Watson, Anne Bogers. 

Unique among the campus organizations is the Inter- 
faith Council. Composed of all campus-represented faiths 
and religions, it meets bi-monthy to incorporate its plans 
and beliefs into a functional part of the students' life. 

This vear. the Interfaith Council has helped with 
vespers: worked with the Interracial-Intercollegiate Com- 
mission: organized dorm-devotional leaders lor instruc- 
tion in their job; sponsored faculty study-groups; and 
begun the "cell" idea of Bible-study. 

The Interfaith Council has sought to promote an 
understanding of the value of all religions and to give 
us a knowledge of the good which is corporate within 
each one. 

Hazel Sessoms 

nterfaith Counci 

First Rtnc. left to right: Charlotte Bunrh. Elizabeth Collell. Dorothv Marlel. Lucia Collarte, Frances Ferguson. Pat Luther. Fay West. 
Hazel Sessoms • Second Rote: June Holtzendorff, Ruth Ann kellev. Frances Cornwell, Virginia Weir. Jean Fisher. Pat Hunsinger, 
Pat Fisher • Third Roic: Marie Averitt, Mimi Crohn. Marilyn Shaw. Mildred Kvzer. Helen Powell. 


Martha Guion 

"Our fTlotto Service 

Will Remain . . ." 

And Service we will do, and as we serve, 
our hearts will turn oh. College, dear to you." 
And thus it was through service each of us 
began to feel that we were indeed a vital part 
of our school. We called it "Service through 
Understanding". We understood the part that 
we might play, and enthusiastically we joined 
together to give not only of our money and 
our effort — but to give ourselves in Service. 

Under the leadership of Mot Guion the 
Service League with its many drives and 
projects reached new heights of achievement. 
An example of "Service through Understand- 
ing" herself. Mot was the inspiration and the 
guiding force of the entire program of activi- 

"Build for tomorrow today" we said as the 
Campus Purse Drive went into full swing. 
"Let's give 100%", pleaded Beam. Going, 
going, gone, as the cooperative faculty were 
sold for theii talents to eager students. The 
thermometer rose, slowly at times, but to a 
new high of $4,472.00— all for relief and re- 
habilitation. Blisters from raking leaves — 
tired arms from carrying travs — depleated 
closets, as Mary took any and everything for 
the clothing drive. "CARE needs our support", 
urged Marilyn as each hall joined with her to 
make of giving not a duty, but a pleasure. 
And still we wanted more to do. and as other 
tasks appeared we met them willingly. The 
floor leaders, the faithful hall leaders, the com- 
mittee chairmen and the faculty sponsors, 
supported by the 2200 students rose to serve, 
and as we served our hearts did turn, oh 
College, dear to you. 


HALL LEADERS — First Row. left to right: Grey Lilly, Gervis 
Broughton. Ann Raeford, Naomi Woodard • Second Row: 
Mimi Schrum. Emily Badgett, Hazel Steele. Mildred Newton, 
Libby Boulus • Third Rote: Mary Ann Preston. Frances 
Redmon, Sylvia Kiger, Alice Faye Wilson • ISot Pictured: 
Edith Nardin, Nell Siceloff, Barbara Garvin. 

ADVISORY GROUP — First Row. left to right: Martha Phillips, 
Nancv Beam Funderburk. Marilvn Colin • Second Row: 
Sally Chenev, Joan Ferguson. Marv Beaslev, Rae Evans Myers. 

Under the direction of Mr. George Dickieson, this 
group stands as a unique organization in this section. 
They play with the Greensboro orchestra, for the Euterpe 
Club, for the Arts Forum, and also for out of town 

Woman's College 
Chamber fTlusic 


With a membership of approximately sixty-five, drawn 
from the college and the community of Greensboro, and 
under the direction of Dean H. Hugh Altvater. the 
orchestra gives four public performances a year. It has 
achieved an interpretive excellence which has been high- 
ly commended by visiting musicians. 

he Choir 

The Woman's College choir of more than 150 blended 
voices under the direction of Mr. George M. Thompson, 
each year captures the spirit of Christmas in its unforget- 
table midnight carol concert. This year's concert was 
recorded by RCA, and copies of the records were made 
available to the students. Inspired by the appearance 

of tbe Robert Shaw Chorale on the Civic Music Series 
early in the season, the choir did especially outstanding 
work, and was particularly rewarded by the high compli- 
ments from University Sermon speakers. One of the 
choir's most satisfying accomplishments this year, too, 
was its work in conjunction with the orchestra at com- 


Our Christmas Concert 

Page 14$ 

Natalie Bait- 

Scene... flycock; 

Heads up . . . hand me that screw driver . . . walk 
that flat, now run it over there . . . where'.'' Everyone 
is confused, but somehow it all works out and Gunny 
finally gives the cue and the curtain rises. 

Of course there were actors' problems too . . . 
stand up . . . more expression . . . louder . . . project 
. . . learn your lines and then the words . . . remember 
curtain up at 8:00 tomorrow night . . . make-up at 

No one seems to really mind. We have our sayings 
which get us by, such as: "Save the human race". 
"Save the family," "Enjoy yourselves", "You don't 
have to be crazy to work down here, but it helps." 

Something new was tried this year down in Aycock. 
We began the year off with a one act play especially 
for the Freshmen. Then they were welcomed by the 
president of the Masqueraders, Natalie Bates, and 
Mr. Taylor. After this there was a conducted tour of 
Avcock. All this was done to stimulate Freshman in- 
terest. The outcome has pleased us all. 

Page 146 

Time... flight and Day 

The first major production of the year was "Skin 
of Our Teeth" by Thornton Wilder. For their superb 
performance many thanks are given to Esther Samuel- 
son, Mutt Burton, and Joan Taylor, a freshman. The 
second show was "The Way of the World" by William 
Congreve. The leading roles were taken by Nancy 
Platter, Dolly Davis, Susan Alderman, Page Chamber- 
lain; Audrey Blackburn, Kitty Longhead, Mimi Temp- 
ko, Ann Edwards, Larry Lambeth, and John Courtney. 
Other productions for the year were the Arts Forum 
bill of experimental, and "The Media". 

With the aid of the drama committee things have 
gone forward. With their assistance we have been able 
to have Freshmen work with us. It takes very little to 
become a Playliker. All you need is interest in the 
theater, excess energy, a pair of blue-jeans, and an 
old shirt. (Oh yes! a raincoat.) The Playliker officers 
come from our honor group — Masqueraders. This 
year's officers were Natalie Bates, president; Ruth 
Gill, vice-president; Eulene Fisher, secretary-treas- 
urer; Audrey Blackburn, publicity; and Barbara 
Edinger, business manager. 

Closing Scene, from Way of the World 

Atlantic City Scene, from Sfcin of Our Teeth 

DRAMA FACULTY — Sealed, left to right: W. R. Taylor, Miss 
Katherine England, Wayne Bowman • Standing: E. C. 


The Pine needles 

And here it is! It has heen a struggle, but the birth 
pangs are over, and our child is yours for keeps. We 
who have grown up with it can never forget Ruth 
"Simone Legree" Sellers who has kept us all in line, 
insisted on our hest. and because of her efforts we have 

EDITORIAL STAFF — First Ron. left lo right: Dot Cheney, Celeste Or. Pinky DeVane, Dean Lomax. Clara Jean Cooke. Marianne Nevin, 
Kappy Marshall • Second Row: Paddy Haskins, Pal Pierson, Nancy Beam Funderburk, Nan Kendall. Ruth Sellers. Helene Jacobs, 
Hilda Liveiman • Third Ron-: Jean Royal, Eleanor Criswold, Emmogenc Willard, Bets) llawes. June Chandler, Miriam Hull. 

nineteen Hundred and Forty-fline 

treated something oi which we may well be proud. And 
similar ink-stained orchids belong to her cohort. 
Margaret Spencer, for the business end of this little 

It all started last spring when the theme of LIVING 
AND LEARNING was conceived by the editors. And 
with the theme came the necessity of finding someone to 
live and learn with, in other words, a staff. Looking back 
now we remember early fall when Sara Lockwood was 
scouting for faculty pictures. . . . Betty Crawford trail- 
ing Helene and Mr. Campbell. . . . Helen Mamber look- 
ing for the social side of life . . . and Sammy Samuelson 
tracking down the "Typical". And the class editors, 
Jean, Jane, Kat, Marjorie with their duties growing 
heavier as their class progress upward on the ladder. 
We all felt knee-high to an earthworm when Nan Kendall 
and her staff of artists presented their finished work 

before Thanksgiving. That record has never been topped. 
Happy little typists would have been so much happier if 
everyone else could have gotten their printed matter in 
so soon. But, alas, the literary staff, while not the tem- 
peramental artists, could not be hurried, and the first 
week in February found Ruth chasing Beam and Beam 
chasing Townsend and Tow-nsend chasing the roommate 
that can spell. As Ruth chased Beam, Beam went on the 
war path for all the literary staff, and by the absolute 
deadline, even Ruth was happy. Helene and her troop of 
photographers saw daylight break over the Science 
building many mornings, but they too managed to meet 
the deadline. 

And that is just about the way it happened. Handle 
the PINE NEEDLES with care— look at all the pictures, 
read all the text, for we. the staff of "49 have truly lived 
and learned with it. 

CLASS AND SECTIONAL EDITORS— First Row. left to right: 
Jean Fulcher, Kat Johnson, Helen Mamber, Marjorie Moore • 
Second Row: Jane Edmunds. Betty Crawford, Sammy Samuelson 
• Absent: Sarah Lockwood. 

BUSINESS STAFF — Seated, left to right: Margaret Spencer, Barbara 
Moomau • Standing, left to right: Frances Ellinger, Nurry Nixon, 
Marilyn Moeller, Wilma King. Jean Marrow. 


Sarah Denny 

Virginia Scribner 
Business Manager 

Gary ... nineteen Forty-fline 

right: Winifred Harriss, Sara Lou Debnam, Betty Townsend, 
Pal Hunsinger. Dol Winters. Sarah Dennv, Marv Lela Saunders. 
Marilyn Shaw. Helen Moody. Evelyn DeWitt, Marie Shaw • 
Second Roiv : Betsy Newman. Mary Lou Mason, Mary Ellen 
knight, Jean Andrews. Mildred Pearson, Paddy Haskins, 
Melrose Moore. Ethel Kesler, Jean Pyatt, Penny Pantelakos, 
Tenipe Hughes • Thirtl Row: Mary Ann Cle»g. Ann Powell. 
Louise Madison. Margaret Cooch, Helen Joyce Bell. Naney 
Burton. Marilyn Cohn, Ellen Metz. 

NEWS STAFF — First Row. left to right: Jaylee Montagi 
Jeannine Stanley. Catherine Dobbins, Betty Evans. Maril 
Tolochko, Rebecca Laniy. Joan Wickman, Janet Drennen 
Mary Reynolds • Second Row: Joan Lemon. Glenna DeWitt 
Blair Price, Betty Sue Candy, Betty Fitzgerald. Jane MrDaniel 
Joan McLean, Ann Preston, Mary Rose Compton. Fl 
Cameron • Third Row: Marie Costello. Joanna lliggins 
Ellen Shephard. Judith Sanford. Marguerite Edward. Madel 
Caldwell, Jackie Jernigan. Peggy Stewart. 

Page /TO 

CAR-AZY OFFICE. Let's go, Skinny . . . It's Wednes- 
day night! First of all, go get Ginger and secondly, 
where do yon get off witli that demerit system, Metz? 
. . . Okay! . . . okay! Where's Shaw? What! . . . out 
roping in the features! How do you spell Learner, Pat? 
Where'd he go to school? Spell it. Spell it again. There 
they go . . . Mel, Penelope, and Tempe ... off to the 
Soda Shop . . . guess we lose our heads. Those people 
on top of the tallies are doing make-up, of course. They 
always measure off ads with Little Bit's feet. Oops! 
Smile pretty for the birdie, Burton! . . . Paddy's Har- 
rissing us with that camera again! Who are those people 
with faces nineteen inches long? Those are our column- 
ists bringing in some news that will fit. Okay, Townsend, 
cut that stuff, we can't print it . . . humor, yeh, warped! 
Say, what time is it? ... Go ask Lynette; she's keeping 
the Hourglass. Kill the person that said that! De Witt's 
own wit overheard saying that her column has drawn 
and quartered everything on campus including herself 
— of well, stay loose! . . . and lest we forget, present 
company included means Marilyn too and wait a minute! 
. . . turn the page, it's Kessler and Pyatt on a fast dribble 
down the middle of the sports page! Let's go, Skinny! 
. . . it's getting late! 

What is the Cary? It's more than a paper. It's James 
stopping by for a chat and Mr. Mac bringing 'um in on 

Friday nights. . . . It's a broken typewriter ribbon and 
it's somebody getting the eats at the Soda Shop. . . . 
It's participation, cooperation, and a hundred little things 
that make the Cary. It's Becky downtown scouting up 
news; it's a cartoon by Jane; it's Pete and Inge mailing 
them out; it's all of this and more. It's a paper, "Dis- 
tinguished For Its Democracy" and . . . gad! Skinny! 
it's one o'clock! Let's cut this stuff and get to work! 

Last Minute Rush 

BUSINESS STAFF — First Row. left to right: Becky Blankenship, 
Virginia Scribner. Virginia Nicholas, Martha Regener • Second 
Row: Ruby Runiley, Ann Hall, Doris Dwyer, Betty Thomas. 
(Catherine Lambeth. Eleanor VanPoole, Joan DeGruchy e Third 
Row: Millieent Simon. Mildred Farlow. Berkv Llovd. Christine 
Foil. Gertrude Peppel, Frances Davis. 

Winifred Rodg 


LITERARY STAFF— Left to right: Marilyn Cohn, Bets 
Hawes. Joanne McLean. Jean Farley. Ellen Metz. 


Monday morning, and another local in the p. o. boxes 
— "Coraddi meeting tonight at seven" ... an issue 
coming out . . . reading manuscripts, voting on the best 
ones — parliamentary procedures, of course . . . whatll 
we feature this time? . . . Anybody allergic to flash- 
bulbs? . . . Deadlines!!! . . . one week later . . . Dead- 
lines!!! . . . getting ads — we've got to have an even 
number, maybe Cary'll buy one . . . doing layouts — 
somebody took my ruler, and does anybody know how 
much iiy 2 and 9 1 4 is? . . . 

Bedlam . . . Coraddi office ... in through the window, 
girl, and don't worry about landing in the waste basket; 
there isn't one ... I know we had a typewriter; I loved 
it, even .if it didn't have a ribbon. Look in the Judy 
Board room, Marilyn must have written another column 
for Cary. . . . When do we start on the Arts Forum 
issuer' . . . composing manifestos to the Pine Needles — 
"'the hack half of the upper-left-hand drawer of this 
desk is ours!" . . . those mysterious green files — do they 

Patricia McMahon 
Business Manager 

•** IT 


BUSINESS STAFF — Left to right: Ann Camlin, Eleano- 
Hir>ch. Carolyn Pickel. Priscilla Williams, Pal McMahon, 
Harriet Reaves Inge Jacobson, Carole Schaffer, Virginia 

°age 152 

nineteen Forty-fline 

serve any purpose besides background for Pine Needles 
pictures'? . . . one staff member actually reading manu- 
scripts, or is that the Wataugan? . . . Spotlight meeting 
in North Spencer, honey! . . . and then there's the 
perennial hull session of our budding revolutionaries, 
discussing THAT Friedlander test . . . who has a match, 
and somebody give me a cigarette ... in spite of the 
distractions, the manuscripts are read and comments are 
recorded . . . selections made on the printability and 
literary merit; discussions of policy . . . should there be 
humorous pieces, and if so, what kind? . . . let's have 
variety . . . how long can a story he? . . . has everybody 

read the poetry? . . . we ought to have more features . . . 
and finally the votes are in and work with the printer 

The dummy's back, but we found one more article 
that ought to go in . . . wonder where Mr. Mac put that 
wonderful story? Browse around in the ads, it may be 
there . . . the engravers must not have liked the cover, 
they printed it upside down ... is there a line left out 
of this poem? . . . the illustrations came out beautifully. 
... At last the girls who deliver the copies in the dorms 
are intimidated sufficiently, and the student body settles 
down to read another issue. 

EDITORIAL STAFF — Left to right: Barbara Westmoreland, Mary Elliott. Betsy Waldenmier, Nancy Shepherd. Winifred Rodgers. 
Betsy Larimore. Evelyn DeWitt. Arlene Batchker, Mary Hawthorne. 

With our inviting chilis and varied activities offered each season, the 
Recreation Association tempted every freshman, every sophomore, every 
junior, and every senior to do just this. 

R. A. chapel program was a very entertaining one in which the Recreation 
Association was the victor in a big election campaign, using its excellent 
program and activities as its platform. A campus wide square dance, spon- 
sored by the joint efforts of the Recreation Association and social planning 
council, and conducted by Mr. Gene Gowing, a national authority on dance, 
highlighted early December. Modern Dance Group again entered the lime- 
light during the 6th Annual Arts Forum, and in a highly entertaining chapel 
program. Dolphin-Seal Club once more thrilled spectators with its annual 
water pageant. Golf Club gave valuable instruction to interested students, 
and Camp Counselors Club had as a worthy project the improvement of 
R. A. Camp. 

Fall and winter dessert suppers completed each respective season. Here 

Play with the R. R. ...Today and Every Day 

R. A. CABINET — First Row. left to right: Barbara Kensman, Nancy Campbell. Dorothy Spangler, [Catherine Marshall. Beth Clapp. 
Miss Carruthers, Miss Leonard, Gladys Lee, Hilda Liverman • Second Row: Helene Jacobs, Jean Pvatt. Freda McDonald. Ethel 
Holer. Jewel Barrill, Nancy Burton.' Patsy Jordan. Madge Kennedy. Catherine Ipchurch. Mildred Dineen • Thirrl Row: Shirley 
Haase. Hilda Sherwin, Betsy Umstead, Jean Smith, Pat Ashley, Martha Burke. Zalene Angier. Marian McAdams • Fourth Row: Gay 
Dickerson. Frances Sinclair. Virginia Bertholf. June Holtzendorff. Pat Fisher • Fifth Row: Doris Hall. Nancy Porter. Ann Franklin. 

dormitory and league - - Blue Beta. Green 
Gamma. Red Alpha, Purple Kappa — winners 
were announced. In the spring a large final 
banquet was held, at which time awards and 
honors were presented, and students were chosen 
to honor group, the highest mark of distinction 
in the Recreation Association. Thus ended 
another successful and gratifying year of play 
with the R. A. 

Page 155 

R Sport For 

Fall season was made colorful with practices in hockey 
and speedball. These were climaxed by a round robin tourna- 
ment and play day with a neighboring college. Tennis and 
vollev ball tournaments weie other highlights. 

December days forced us inside, and basketball was hegun 
with enthusiasm. Highly contested tournaments began in 
February. Then came a basketball play day at which W. C. 
was hostess to several other colleges in the state. On Tuesday 
afternoons, there were stunts and apparatus enthusiasts who 


II J! 

Every Gir 

vaulted, swung, and tumbled to the tune of "gym meet, gym 
meet, here we come!" 

"St . . . like three . . . and you're out!" With this in mind 
came our third sports season which would strike us "out" 
for the year '48-'49. On the first pretty spring day, Softball 
fans ventured forth to the diamond well-equipped with balls, 
bats, and gloves. Tennis courts again became crowded, archers 
improved their aim at the "bull's eve", and golfers got into 
the swing of things. 

Hll.LEL — First Rote, left to right: 
Mimi Crohn, president; Mimi 
Temko, Lois Buek. Janet Handler. 
Mina Harrison • Second Rote: 
Norma Kraus. Jody Raul). 

LOWSHIP— First Row. 
left to right: Elmira 
Whitley, June Holtzen- 
dorff, president ; Doris 
Hovis • Second Rote: 
Joyce Clayton, Jean 


right: Pat Hunsinger. Jane Dibben, Rose- 
mary Jacobs, Amelia Schrum. 



Marilyn Shaw, presi- 
dent; Frances O'Connor. 

UNION — First Rote, 
left to right : Dickie 
Luther, Clara Jean 
Cooke, president • 
Second Row: Parthenia 
Chilly, Jean Paylor. 

Chamberlain. Peggv 
Eldridge. Ann Forbes, 
president; Jovce T. 
Parker. Janet Bachman 
• Absent: Libby Sydnor, 
Sater Clav. 

LUTHERAN STUDENT GROUP-Meeting at the Religious Activi- 
ties Center . . . Friday night suppers . . . Betty Hooker, our student 
worker . . . Lutheran Student Action . . . Visit of Dr. Wee . . . The 

HILLEL — Jewish students' religious club . . . study programs . . . 
dances with the Hillel groups from other colleges . . . activities with 
the synagogues in downtown Greensboro. 

WESTMINISTER FELLOWSHIP— Friday Night Supper Club . . . 
"Coffee" Maxwell, our student worker . . . Polio Hospital and the 
T. B. Sa'n. . . . Church of the Covenant . . . study groups and the 
Theology Retreat . . . "Presby Press". 

CATHOLIC CLUB — Communion services on Feast Days in the 
Religious Activities Center . . . Catholic Students' Conference . . . 
Study group on Church History and Catholic marriages. 
BAPTIST STUDENT UNION— Student House . . . B.S.U. Council 
. . . Religious Emphasis Week ... a place to study . . . Caroline 
Moseley, our student worker . . . study groups on Comparative Re- 
ligions and Personality Growth. 

VESTRY OF SAINT MARY'S HOUSE— Saint Mary House . . . 
Wednesday and Sunday early communion services . . . Thursday 
lunches with outside speakers ... tea and cookies every afternoon at 
five ... Jo Sides, our student worker. 

WESLEY FOUNDATION— College Place Methodist Church . . . 
deputations from State and Carolina . . . Weslev Players . . . "The 
Eye" . . . Hazel Cousins, student worker . . . Friday night suppers. 

Collelt. president; Shirley Williams. Frances 
Harbison, Virginia Baughnian • Absent: 
Fran Ellinger. 

Margaret Hart, president ; Walenah Quinerly, 
Rachel Simmons, Betty Ross. 



Louise Johnson, Mar- 
jorie White, president ; 
Myrtle Farrell, Nell Mar- 

Gertrude Bender, presi- 
dent; Ruth Alexander, 
Joan Champion, Frances 


Joyeelyn Walters, presi- 
dent ; Jaequelyn Ward. 

MEDICAL TECHNOLOGISTS CLUB— Greeting cards . . . Trip to 
Washington . . . Candlelight initiation . . . Lab jacket teas . . . 

BOTANY CLUB — Sweet aroma of those two pipes . . . Hikes we 
TRIED to have . . . Branding of wild new members . . . Fun in 

CHEMISTRY CLUB— New Constitution . . . Miss Schaefler's atomic 
ENERGY and funny books . . . Christmas fun at the hut . . . 
Initiation party. 

CAMERA CLUB — Informal photography round table discussions 
. . . lectures by professional photographers . . . Enthusiastic interest 
in photography. 

PHYSICS CLL B — Christmas party . . . Meetings in conjunction with 
other science clubs . . . Lectures and movies . . . May picnic. 

NORTH SPENCER SPOTLIGHT— Only organized group on campus 
not claiming to be '"liberal" . . . has alienated more people than 
the Taft-Hartly Act! 

NORTH SPENCER SPOTLIGHT— First Row: Cray Culbreth, Ann Camlin, Cissy Raywid, 
editor; Peggy Jeffries, Lynn Eichenbaum, Helene Smith, Eulene Fisher • Second Row: 
Elene Fox, Betsy Seott, Evelyn Dearman, Wendy Ward, Jane Reid. Dennv Varner, Bettv 
Morrison • Absent: Betsv Hawes. 

Smith, president; Betty 
Ross, Sue Hayes. 

Page 159 

CLUB — Nancy Whitley, 
Janet Baeliman. Su~an 
Shore, Betsy Lea Ware. 
Caroline Gulledge. presi- 

QUILL CLl B — Nancy 
Shepherd, Evvie DeWitt. 
president; Barbara 

OMICRON NU— Gwendolyn Krahnke. Charlotte De Lo/ier, 
Evelyn Yannoy, president; Allene Wall Hunter. 



OMICRON NT— National Honorar) Home Economics society . . . 
Spring banquet for new members . . . Initiation ceremonies in Home 
Economics reception room. 

HOME ECONOMICS CLUB— Fall candlelight initiation service . . . 
Halloween Carnival . . . Guest day . . . World Christmas festival 
. . . Student Club scholarship. 

QUILL CLUB— Meetings in the Quill Club Room . . . That clock 
. . . Who hung the Bailev pictures back up . . . Watch out for the 
chandelier . . . That fatal number 3 again . . . Dress up as Dickens 
... All that food . . . And so WE TRY TO WRITE. 

YOUNG COMPOSERS" CLUB— Sponsored lectures on Bela Bartols 
. . . Original compositions for Art's Forum . . . Student-Faculty 
talent programs. 

CHOIR — Christmas Concert and the Recording ... 1 niversit) 
Sermon and Chapel Programs . . . Mr. Thompson . . . Cuts and 
Roll Call. 

Ml SIC EDUCATION CLUB— Candlelight initiation . . . Christmas 
party in the Hut . . . first edition of the Tate Street Journal . . . 
faculty-student Thursdaj afternoon part) . . . Sscond annual Alum- 
na!' week-end in March to discuss problems and experience. 

wrisiht Chapman, president; Ann Davis. Jovce 
C. Parker. Char] Bunch, Pat Gary. 

CLUB — Jean Wheeler, 
Frances Barwick, presi- 
dent: Mabel Wilson. 

CHOIR — Betlv Jane 
(arr. Joyce C. Parker, 
Louise Birchett, Mabel 
Wilson, president. 

Page 160 

— Kal hie i-ii Loomis, 
Betty Siler • Standing: 
Mary Stewart Earnhardt, 
president • Absent: 
Margaret Moore. 

Ann Gendin, president; 
Barbara Mooniau, Flo 
Cameron, Wanda Bo- 

SIGMA DELTA PI — First Row: Beckv Blanken- 
ship. Wanda Bowen, Jane Wyche • Second 
Row: Rae Evans Mvers. Eliza McCoy, president. 



SIGMA DELTA PI — Spanish honorary fraternity . . . Spanish song 
and games . . . Speakers and movies on Latin America . . . 

ALPHA KAPPA DELTA— National honorary Sociology Fraternity 
. . . Outstanding speakers in sociology field . . . Faculty-student 
participation . . . Dinner meetings. 

SOCIOLOGY CLUB — Student round table discussions . . . Guest 
speakers . . . Projects for the year . . . Christinas party. 

— Reception for new Curry faculty members . . . Christmas party in 
the Hut with G. C. club as guest . . . Naming of the club? . . . 
informal spring dance . . . annual May Picnic to elect officers. 

SIGMA ALPHA — For outstanding achievements in business edu- 
cation . . . impressive spring initiation . . . meeting at the Home Ec. 

GAMMA ALPHA— Monday night board meetings at the Horn? E< 
. . . Fun at the "hut" and business in South Spencer gameroom. 

GAMMA ALPHA — First Row: Libba James. 
Virginia Rabil • Second Row: Neva McLean, 
president; Betty Jane Greene. 

— Betty Jo Gentry, Mary 
Griffin, Amerylis Bar- 

ger, president; Vir- 

tia Gravatt. 

Perry, president; Jane 
Paton, Nancy Hubbard, 
Mary Frances Hamrick. 

Page 161 

Barbara Keller. Inge 
Schoeneman n. Jean 
Wheeler, president; 
Mimi Reillv. 

CLASSICAL CLUB — Mary Lou Waggoner. 
Robbie Best. Deane Loinax, Barbara Edinger. 



Copeland, Nancy Hill 
Campbell, president ;- 
Martha Egerton. 

Casey Sides, Betsy 
Hawes, president; Ginny 
Nieholas, Marjorie Crow. 

CLASSICAL CLUB — Fall wiener roast with roaring 
fire and getting re-acquainted . . . Greek and Roman 
music . . . Candlelight ritual for initiation. 

TAU PSI OMEGA — The initiation ceremony and red 
roses . . . French records . . . Rehearsals for die 
Christmas Cantata, and then the Big Night . . . 
Monsieur Hardre's infinite patience . . . the plays . . . 
French politics. 

BOOT 'N SPUR— Wednesday afternoons on the trails 
at Sedgefield . . . Fall try-outs . . . Drill practice . . . 
Annual Horse Show in April . . . Supper rides . . . 

PSYCHOLOGY CLUB— Meetings in Town Students' 
Room . . . Initiation of junior "'rats I running mazes 
and playing "neurotic" rati . . . Preparatory Social 
Science Forum Meetings . . . Lectures . . . Faculty 
examination . . . PAY THOSE DIES. 

MODERN DANCE CLUB— Chapel program and Arts 
Forum concert . . . jungle drums and hackhends . . . 
their aches were not in vain. 

MODERN DANCE CLUB — Helen Mainber. 
Vail Hope, Freda McDonald, president; Jean 
Pyatt, Beth Clapp. 

RADIO WORKSHOP — First Rote: Jean Wil- 
liams, Mabel Wilson, Helene Smith, Mary Ann 
Raywid, president • Second Row: Nance Lee 
Platter, Melrose Moore, Jean Wheeler, Dixie 

Natalie Bates. Audrey 
Blackburn. Janet Jones. 



RADIO WORKSHOP — Station organization . . . 
presents three shows weekly over local stations . . . 
plugging for a campus station. 

ALPHA PSI OMEGA— Honorary dramatics club . . . 
members chosen for ability, perseverance, love for the 
drama, and will to participate in all phases of theatri- 
cal production. 

Frances Glenn, presi- 
dent; Mickey Sugg. Pat 

House . . . Lectures on JOBS 

initiation in Alumnae 
. . . Spring picnic in 

ART CLL B — A big new project . . . the establishment 
of a scholarship fund for art students . . . Faculty 
exhibit in Weathcrspoon . . . cnl?rtainment for Arts 
Forum visitors . . . Induct on of sophomores in 
February . . . Lectures on JOBS! 

DOLPHIN-SEAL CLUB— Tryouts to 'Three o - clock 
in the Morning . . . this year a "Spring" pageant . . . 
Swans, jacks, back dolphins, and swimming, swimming, 

DOLPHIN-SEAL CLUB — Pat Fisher. Jean Pyatt. 
president; Joanne Higgins • Absent: Jean 
Ann Lambeth. 

ART CLUB — Virginia 
Ingram. Wilma king. 
Nan Kendall. Ann Wall. 
president; D a v ill a 
Smith. Jane Head. 

J he Juiqhtel Side of Juivinq 

counterbalances term papers and lab reports. 

Page 164 



Destination? With whom? Bv 

^7\ you are sleeping, have dominated 


"Our College D$fe 

those slips, white and hlue depending on wher« 
for four years. But it has been worth chasing all over 
ir^tc , ?^KeVe gone home for the week-end> 


un Swiftly By..." 

. the cd^Aer with four candles" have given us hoiwfc-aivaylfroiii home. Danees, formals with corsages 

in biittW^iiS 

"and nieil, Men, MEN in tuxs 'n tails and us 
to everlfnrget. And blue jean 
the mor<Vv\luable they bee 
been little\gir^ in blue je 
orchids and brack formals ii 

ws leave us with memories too pi 
l li< hi I them? The lighter they 
ed to lighten anything ! We 
ladies of sophisticatio 



J^)ui4an <UJt 

uu/don an 

a L^iaudine L-o 


lauaine \^ox 


Page 168 

The Social Planning Council, headed by Susan Dawson, College Social Chairman, 
is made up of the Hall social leaders, representatives from the Societies, Recreation 
Association, Y.W.C.A., and the Town Students Association. Mrs. G. H. Andrews and 
Miss Elvira Prondecki are the advisors. It is the duty of the council to promote an 
integrated campus social program which offers to all students opportunities for social 

Outstanding activities included in the Council's program for the year 1948-1949 
were a chapel program presenting the council to the students, an elections-return party 
in November, a campus-wide bridge tournament, a square dance in December, and a 
Country Fair in the spring at which the Societies operated concessions. Working 
through the Council, the four Societies also sponsored the sale of sandwiches to stu- 
dent delegations to football games. Rat Day with its banquet, and the annual society 

The Council acted as a clearing house for problems which confronted the hall social 
chairmen. Under the guidance of the Council each hall was responsible for community 
sings preceding movies in Aycock, and carried out the various social activities in 
their own halls. The Council this year has endeavored to present a well-rounded and 
diversified social life, which it hopes has reached every student in some phase. 




Seated, left to right: Betsy Raper. Bettv Lee McQueen, Lee Hart, Amelia Cloninger, Dorothv Johnson, Ann Pender, Wanda Bow en 

• Second Row: Peggy- Beaman, Jane Palon. Dorothv Hand, Doris Hall, Beth Clapp, Dot Cheney, Dot Page, Blair Price, Pat Shull 

• Third Row: Ann Simmons, Frances Ferguson. Pinky DeVane. Jean Peal. Peggv Stewart. Mariorie Moore. Louise Du\is. Lois (ilass 
Morgan. Ellen Morgan. 

Rdelphian Society 


Seated, left to right: 
Helen Moody, Janie 
Taylor, Mini! Crohn, 
Ann Crinnells, Becky 
Blank ens hip. Lor a 
Crutchfield • Standing: 
Frances Hussev, Sallv 


Front: Lynn Brunson 
• Back: Neclc> SIkiii- 
non, Barbara Moomau, 
Belly Lea Boherson. 

'age 170 


Front: Charlotte De 
Lozier • Bach, left to 
right: JoAnne Shoe- 
maker, Jean Teague, 
Mary Etta Pearsall, Ann 
Campbell, Celeste Orr, 
Nell Rae Mansion. 


Front: Marilyn Shaw 
• Back, left to right: 
Naney Piekard, Eleanor 
Skeels. Nan Tolar. 

Rletheian Society 

Page 17 i 

Cornelian Society 

Mar* Frances D« 



Front: left to right: 
Neva McLean, Marv 
Benson • Back: Amelia 
Cloninger, Marianne 
Niven, Betsy Siler, (Jrev 
I.illev, Rebeeea HarH- 
awav. CanHiee Halsell. 


front: left to right: 
liankie Tavlor, Palsy 
Jordan. Kitty Quick 
• Back: Ann Raiford, 
Jane Perry. 

Page 172 


Front: left to right: 
Lula Shepherd, Peggy 
Williamson • Back: 
Virginia Baughman. 
Hae Harrison, Barhara 
Sanders, Mary Lih 
Smith, Viola Entermille. 
Cora Lee Poplin. 


Front: left to right: 
Virginia Gravall, Pa- 
irieia Hubbard • Back: 
Rosemary Jacobs, Mary 
Anna Taylor, Mary 

Dikean Society 

Page 173 





Robin Hood Entertains For 
The Queen Of The fTlay 

On this May Day we were magically transported to Sher- 
wood Forest to witness Robin Hood's celebration held in 
honor of the crowning of the Queen of the May. The Queen, 
lovely in her white dress, held court in the forest surrounded 
by her entire retinue. The maids of honor and the members 
of the court, as fresh and as beautiful as the spring itself, 
wore dresses of cool green covered with white net, large 
picture hats, and carried baskets of spring flowers. 

The entertainment was furnished by Robin Hood's friends, 
while he sat at the feet of the Queen, announcing the different 
acts and recounting some of his adventures. Present were 
Friar Tuck, Little John, and Will Scarlet, without whom the 
afternoon would have been incomplete. There were archery 
exhibits, English folk dancing, and a group of modern 
dancers, who furnished the background for several of the acts. 
The entertainers were dressed in the traditional reds, greens, 
oranges, brown, and yellows of the forest. 

The highlight of the afternoon came when Robin Hood end- 
ed the festivities with the crowning of the Queen and the 
entertainers gracefully executed the May Pole Dance. 

Betty Jane Carr 

Burlington. N. C. 


Doris Fagg 
Mt. Olive, N. C. 
Mai d-of -Honor 

Page 175 

Barbara Apostalocus 

Long Branch. N. J. 

m ay Day of flin 

The May Day Committee, with Mary Etta Pearsall as 
chairman, was made up oi the following girls: Properties 
and Arrangements. Freda McDonald; Costumes, Betsy 
Larimore and Natalie Bates; Court Arrangements. Dot 
Chenev : Flowers. Ellen Morgan: Programs. Chris Foil; 

Page J 76 

Sallv Goodwin 
Falls Church, Va. 

Page 177 

'J^ivinq and Jjea/inina fyqetlieft 

brings realization of the(rAs/irwj^Kro < 


r t 

r '^^CkuLUpffian 's College. 

Page 178 




UUe flevef; 

Mac . . . Robert's Rules of Order . . . amend- 
ments . . . capable . . . poised . . . Commercials 
. . . French . . . sparkle. 

Page 182 

artka ^jrowler 

Efficiency plus . . . singing . . . Student Gov- 
ernment President . . . good judgment . . . 
eyebrows . . . little sisters . . . Bailey. 


k \Catt*>° 

s ?o<<* 

o<^ e 

Go« s 


Page 184 

artha Ljl 


Mot . . . Service League . . . Honey voice . . . 
happy . . . freckles . . . Social Science Forum 
. . . cooperative . . . sincere . . . Daisy Chain 
. . . understanding . . . helpful. 

B. A. . . . Class Spirit . . . charm . . . gracious- 
ness . . . ambition . . . Mademoiselle . . . new 
look . . . Short Twigg, N. J. 

Page 185 

vSetsu Ul mite ad 


B. U. . . . Major . . . fishing . . . energy plus 
. . . Miss Alex. Jr. . . . bubbling . . . End Man 
. . . enthusiasm . . . cheerful. 

Page 186 



Nan . . . Aarrt major . . . busy . . . sincere . . . 
big link in Golden Chain . . . Matisse . . . 
friendly dignity . . . thoughtful . . . school 

Page 187 

v lancij (/Seam, ^jrundemvirk 

Page T88 

Beam . . . Campus l'urse Drive over the top 
. . . creative . . . Tigg and Squid . . . wit . . . 
dynamic drawl . . . stage presence . . . Honors 
. . . "Democracy in Action at W. C." 


Cookie . . . B. S. U. . . . Talented . . . Cotten 
. . . Picasso . . . petite . . . friendly . . . easy 
going . . . clever . . . posters plus . . . "little 
ride hooding red." 

Page 189 




P. M. Senior Class Ball North Dining Hall 


10:00 A. M. Art Kxhihit Wealherspoon Gallery. Mclver Building 

2:00 P.M. Annual Meeting of Alumnae Association Alumnae House 

4:30 P.M. Senior Class Da\ . . Front Campus 

8:30 P.M. Guest Performance 1>\ PlayLikers Aycock Auditorium 

11:00 A.M. Baccalaureate Sermon Aycock Auditorium 

"Jjgcis P. Gaines, A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D. 
President. Washington and I.ce I niversit\ 

5:00 P.M. Informal Gathering for Seniors. Parents. Alumnae, and 

' ' Lawn in front of Chancellor's Home 

I. Concert In the Creenshoro Orchestra and the 

College Choir . . . Aycock Auditorium 


10:30 A.M. Graduating Exercises . . . . . Aycock Auditorium 

The Governor of the State of North Carolina 

The Representative of the Senior Class 

The President of the I niversit) of North Carolina 

The Chancellor of Woman's College 

Announcement of Awards 

Presentation of Diplomas 

Page J 90 

Golden Chain is the realizatiimJlvr Hieanis NJIV j* » ffi<mts of several college generations who 
have felt the need for an lrtivr rncnl, hrirtfT^-r society on Woman's College campus. In ac- 
cordance with this need Golden Chain was initiated in the Spring of 1948 and is this year 
striving to lay the foundation for an organization which will grow with the years and will 
gradually become a part of the many accepted traditions of the college. Recognizing seniors 
and juniors who have shown sincere and devoted service, the group is working individually 
and collectivelv to continue this service to the college and ultimately to awaken in past and 
present day students the democratic spirit and greatness of purpose which the Woman's College 
ol the University of North Carolina embodies. 

^rirst f\ou/, left to riant: f/elt done 5. J^arah ^Jjenny, ^fune 
^Mottzenaorff, flan ^J\enaail, president, iffartka L/uion, 
Clara srean Cooke, aJ-ucilie fplcCattuni. * -Second Kow, 
left to riant: (L-iizabetli cJLee Cunninanatn, VDetsij lAmitead, 

Page 192 

/jane (L-dmundi, l/v{arilun i^okn, S^klrleu re/akan, (L-leanor 
rClaneu. * ^Jklrd IKow, left to riant: r fancu f-^orter, iKuth 
Snellen, re/ariiun rP/cL^oiium, /ran S^kore, r/ancu foeam 
^jrunderburk, QSaroara ^Mpostatocui, ulartka ^jrowler. 

Jt r\* 

IlLJf . : B 

Social Science 

"The twin goals of freedom and security" was the 
local point about which the Second Annual Harriet 
Elliott Social Science Forum was centered: a theme 
which challenged the thinking not only of every student 
at the Woman's College but of citizens throughout the 
state and nation. The timeliness of the topic was enough 
to arouse interest in itself; the excellence with which it 
was explored ranked it among the finest accomplish- 
ments in the history of the eolleg?. An attempt was made 
to analyze candidly a few of the most basic questions 
facing our civilization. Those who attended the Forum 
had a very special opportunity of hearing a panel of 
outstanding thinkers in the various social sciences de- 
bating as well as expounding ideas. 

Among the experts. Frank T. deVyver, Edwin G. Nourse. 
William Poteat. and Brnadus Mitehell. 

Gardner Murphy Lectures at an Afternoon Round Tahle. 


Page 194 

Forum. ..1948 

Behind the scenes of the Forum were the faculty and 
student committees which worked hard and long on the 
details that made the three day session possible. Their 
tasks ranged from securing the speakers to making center 
pieces for luncheon tables, and included the tremendous 
job of publicizing the Forum adequately. They sent out 
programs and invitations to a long list of individuals and 
groups throughout the southeast, but they concentrated 
their efforts on informing every segment of the student 
body about the events of the Forum. Through dormitory 
discussions, campus-wide lectures, radio programs, and 
panel discussions in clubs they interested students in 
every major. Their work secured for the Forum a right- 
fully paramount place in the lives of every one concerned 
with Woman's College. 

Mot Guion, Student Chairman, 
Speaks at the Banquet. 

Dr. Edwin G. Nourse Talks with 

Dr. Eugene F. Pfaff 
Fncultr Chairmen 

Social Science Forum Student 

Sixth Annua 

Henrv dwell 

This year, for the sixth time on the Woman's Col- 
lege campus, the Annual Arts Forum furnished invalu- 
able personal contacts and professional criticism for 
student writers, artists, musicians, dramatists, and 
dancers. Designed on a small seal? in 1943 to stimu- 
late student creative effort, the expanded 1949 Forum 
attracted entries in the various artistic fields from col- 
eges throughout the South and from the North and 

Charles Edward Eate 

STORIES — Seateil: Margaret Spencer, Evelyn DeWitt, Sarah 
Dennv, Ellen Metz • Standing: Jean Farlev, Winnie 
Rodger*. Rettv Townsend. 



Rrts Forum 

Midwest. Discussions in Forum sessions were led by 
outstanding leaders in the fields represented including 
Jean Stafford and Peter Taylor, fiction; Richard Wil- 
bur, poetry; Henry Cowell, music: Walter Prichard 
Eaton, drama; Louis Hoist, dance; and James Johnson 
Sweeney, art. Dr. Marc Friedlaender was chairman of 
the Sixth Annual Arts Forum and Margaret Spencer 
was student secretary. 

Peter Taylor 

Dr. Mare Friedlaender, 
Chairman of Arts Forum 
and Margaret Speneer, 
Secretary of Arts Forum 

Evenings In flycock 

Vera M. Dean 


Oct. 1 Margaret Mead 

Oct. 27 Lewis Mumford 

Nov. 8 Henri Peyre 

Nov. 11, 12, 13 The Harriet Elliott Social Science Forum 

Dec. 13 Rebecca West 

Jan. 18 Margaret Webster and Troupe 

Feb. 16 John Mason Brown 

Mar. 3 Bergen Evans 

Mar. 17, 18, 19 The Arts Forum 

Mar. 23 Iva Kitchell 

Apr. 6 John Mulholland 

Apr. 14 Thurman Arnold 

Iva kilrhcll 




Robert Shaw Chorale 



Blanche Thebom 



William Primrose 



National Symphony Orchestra 




Margaret Mead 

John Mason Brown 
natic Critic and Lecturer 

John Mulholland 



Departmental spirit and interest extend be- 
yond the classroom when many departments 
sponsor special events for the whole campus. 
Such occasions are Spanish Night, French 
Night, the Textile Exhibit and other displays 
in the Witherspoon Art Gallery, Gym Meet 
from the Phvsical Education Department, and 
the Home Economic Carnival and open houses. 

Spanish Night 

Textile Exhibit in the Art Department 

French Night 

The Campus Election of the President of the I'. S. 

"Rll Honor To Your 

and as we live and learn within the walls of this 
place that we have pleased to call "home" the satis- 
factions received from jobs well done, will remain 
always with us. In this many-sided life, this integrated 
existence of ours, there has been a time and a place 
for everything. We took the time in the fall to raise 
$4,472 for world student relief and rehabilitation 
through our annual Campus Purse Drive. When 
November 2 rolled around, we set up our own polling 
places and forecast the national result in the presi- 
dential upset. No greater excitement prevailed in any 
politician's quarters than the tension in the smoke- 
filled rooms of W. C. 

In this legislative year we organized to exert pres- 
sure on North Carolina legislators to give us the 
means to keep the Woman's College second to none. 
The Greater University Council found able leaders 
in our representatives and staunch supporters in our 
entire student bodv. The Golden Chain in its first 
year of activity justified the hopes of those who so 
desired a functioning hdnprary organization on the 
Woman's College eAaipusJ These are the things that 
distinguish 1^19 -Irom (jther years. We have major 
construction aetivitv pounding away right here in the 
midst of us. Those orange girders and rough cement 
will be. before too long, the, realization of a magnifi- 
cent dream. Dr. Jackson started that dream on its way 
early th/s fall. W \ 

AsiJb frnm thp br; things that have mai 
diflerteiit year there are those tasks whose succ 
completion dining another school year make 
proud of the Woman'* College. The infinite committee 
meetings attended by faculty and students, the l#i- 
monthiy meetings of our student legislature with the 

uccekMul amendments passed by the student bod\ 
tHe VcMvitie^ of the judi 

overtiment\and theii 
unifomnity and indi 
of the) Carolinian staff, a papet 
its Democracy" . . . class_meeUn§ 
house meetings, all -an important 
cratic syslem of government . . >y£xibcutive 
on the part of the Student Gover 

fiicial branch oi our stiulenl 
lligent compromise between 
irtyri . f^lhe weekly produCT-4^^ 

flame UUe Give..." 

house presidents. . . . All of these phases of life, 
these contributions have given us experience, toler- 
ance, understanding, have given us a sense of values, 
a truer conception of "Responsible Freedom". 

The excellence of the Harriet Elliott Social Science 
Forum and the Arts Forum is due in great measure to 
the dreams and efficiency of the combined efforts of 
students and faculty. Through such media as these 
we have seen the problems of the world in which we 
are to live, the needs and the potential greatness; we 
have seen the beauty of this world and of other 
worlds and we are better prepared to appreciate it. 
We who are Seniors have a wealth of memories 
which will be ours forever. Nothing can take away 
from us the pride in our college, the liberal education 
which we have received, the lifetime friendships which 
we shall share. Ours forever are walks among the 
Spring dogwood, good night cigarettes on the pier at 
R. A. Camp, the satisfaction of earning a good grade, 
the quiet inspiration of a dorm devotion, the devotion 
to a cause, the sincere encouragement of an interested 
teacher, the mingled pride and sadness of the 
Founder's Day program. Ours forever is the spirit of 
this place, this community of interests, this fund of 
ideas. We have given of ourselves to the Woman's 
College, and it has given of itself to each of us. The 
Class of 1949 with its blue jackets will soon be only 
a memory on this campus. But the spirit of this class 
will fuse quietly with the greatness of the College, and 
it is our sincere hope that this campus will be the 
better for our four years here. 

We close the year and the 1949 Pine Needles with 
sincere thanks to all who have contributed to the mak- 
ing and maintaining of the Woman's College of the 
University of North Carolina. 

"May God build fojryou a harmony 
That will be both great and strong. 
Making all your life a melody 
^,_ And a songy/ffT)"!/ 
f~Ly3t is here ljj Lpur hearts. Sisters dear, 
And we sing it now to voii. 
i r e love you. yes. we. love von, 
e love college and that means you." 

The Faithful, Familiar Curry Cop 

W. C.'s own Coney Island 

49ers ? Memories of the New Lihrar 

To these friends, 
we wish to extend 
our good will. 


E. D. LU 



220H West Market 

®fje loar nnb CEafitle 

W. Market Street. Ext. 

Student Patronage Approved By Student Council 

Greensboro s Most Popular Sandwich Shop 

Phone 3-2205 

Curb Service 

Page 204 


to// "L^i 



834 West Lee Street 
Greensboro • Phone 2-0466 

Page 205 


uisite Women's Apparel 




1021/2 S. 


The JEWEL Box 

Greensboro's Leading Diamond and 
Gift Store for Over 26 Years 

134 South Elm Street 
Greensboro. North Carolina 

if ii'4 papeh~. 



I It A \ K I I \ 




"411 Your Drug Needs" 

College Girls Welcomed 

Sam McFalls and Russell Franklin 

Tate at Walker Avenue 
Greensboro. North Carolina 

Page 206 

Page 207 

Compliments of 






112 South Greene Street 

of all kinds 

We Sell Wholesale To Stores. 
Drug Stores, Service Stations, Etc. 

Dial 2-0549 



715 Battleground Avenue 

Page 208 

U)omew'& lOean' 

Outoi U)ean 

YY)e«'& U)ea/7 

Wannou) ;?abitc6 




^dVyouina iJotvuaxd 

itk tkz <^>outn . . . . 

3akal.cs £c* fhe Home 


The production of better type fabrics has grown to 
tremendous proportions in the South. Paralleling this 
outstanding progress made by the textile industry has 
been the resultant higher standard of living. 

Burlington Mills is proud to be a part of this progress 
. . . proud of the fact that this Company has invested 
millions of dollars in the future of the South. By ever- 
expanding its own production, Burlington is contributing 
to the rapid increase in business activity — the yardstick 
of prosperity. For economic stability, Burlington main- 
tains a program of financial soundness, reflected in its 
net worth of over $100,000,000. 

Through this extensive program for economic prog- 
ress, Burlington Mills' 83 plants have been able to produce 
the best possible products at the lowest possible prices. 
These quality fabrics are truly "woven into the life of 
America." That's why over 28,000 employees are going 
forward with Burlington Mills. 



BurWon Mills^ 

"Woven into C^ the life of America'''* 
Executive Offices • GREENSBORO, N. C. 

Maker of Women's Wear Fabrics - Men's Wear Fabrics - Decorative Fabrics - Cotton Piece Goods and 

Yarns - Hosiery - Ribbons 

Page 209 

"'•v ' ■ 

Page 210 


I. Miller Mademoiselle Walk-Over 

115 South Elm 


Complete Line Of 
Grumbacher Artist Materials 

222 West Market Street 

Friendly gesture ... Have a Coke 


Coca-Cola Bottling Co. • Greensboro. N. C. 

Page 211 





Putziger ■ Blazers 

53 WEST 57th STREET 



Self-Service Laundry 

328 Tate Street 
Phone 2-1329 

Compliments of 


Greensboro's Largest Credit jewelers 

214 South Elm Street 




"Your Shop" 




Mr. and Mrs. Pearman 

405 Tate Street 

Page 213 

Page 214 

SYKES ^sloridtd 

120 West Market St. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Phone 5131-32 

Corsages Our Specialty 


Compliments of 

Guilford Piano Co. 

Your One-Stop Music Store 

220 W. Market Street 
209 S. Elm Street 

. [^icti 

re lotion f-'i clureS 






Complete line of 






Kearns Paint Company 


Page 2/5 



Wyrick & Company 

Office Equipment and Supplies 

Printing . . . Engraving 


119 N. Greene Street 

Greensboro, North Carolina 




Chinese and American Dishes 

Delicious Chow A hill 

105 South Greene Street 


Grill and Soda Shoppt 

330 Tate St. 

Specializing in Your Eavorite Snack 

Golden Brown Waffles 

Steaks and Chops 



118 W. Market St. 


shoro. North Carolina 



■i . . . Kodak Finishing 


Supplies . . . Reproductions 

Commercial Ph 

otography . . . Unframed Prints 

Spend an Evening 
at the 


High Point Road 

Page 276 


Producer of Candies and Other Fine Foods 


DIAL 5161 

259 E. Washington Directly in Front 
of R. R. Station 


Consistently Superior Operators Assure 

You the Finest Beauty Services 


Permanent Waving 


Leon's Beauty Shop 

Greensboro Dial 6526 

^Periodic New York Training 


Sandwiches Jsn 



— Curb Service — 

1628 Battl 

eground Avenue 

Phone 9106 

Page 217 

The Case 0F THE Successful Family. . . 

Or why the New Underwood Champion Portable offers the keys to better writing 

/ ffirtda#- 


Father opened the case in the living room 
and proudly displayed the new, streamlined 
Champion . . . the handsomest portable 
typewriter the family had ever seen. 

Said Betty, "It's marvelous . . . such smooth, 
easy action . . . and what cleancut typing. Just 
wait until the history prof sees my typewritten 

"It's neat," Bill exclaimed. "This way even writing compositions 
is a lot of fun. And, I'll have to talk to Dad about getting me 
an Underwood Champion when I go to college next year." 

One or more of the family take a turn on the Underwood Champion 
Portable. Mother has caught up on her correspondence. Father 
has written speeches, memos, and reports. Why not get a "Champion" 
in your home. You'll find it holds the keys that unlock the doors to 
advancement and progress . . . better work for the youngsters in 
school, modern writing convenience for the parents . . . and greater 
success for every member of the family. Ask your dealer for a 
demonstration . . . today. 



Compliments of 




Compliments of 

226 South Elm 
Phone 2-4551 

Page 218 


or Copyright It. 


Like A Piece of Machinery. 



or The Lack of It. 

Yet it is your most important consideration when you choose your Yearbook 



is the one thing that will meet the unusual emergency with the 
conforting statement — "We know just what to do — we've been through 
this before." 

Our complete organization offers you this background of ex- 
perience in creative photography and consultation on all problems relating 
to Yearbook Photography. 

It costs nothing to talk it over with us. 




For Information 
Call or Write: 

Francis Lavergne Johnson 

Post Office Box 878 Telephone 6362 

Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Page 219 





z... Valde 
Mir. helei 


Sue, Be 1. Box 

lean. Bt. 4. Slat 

,., Vnn 1 : 12 «', 

lb' p 0. 

A.lkins. Nellie Grey, 214 N. M St., 1 

I b i I .. 12 Bol Vve White Pla 

Albritton, X irgini i. 90S 11 I ibarrua St., 
Sn mi , 130 Foresl We., R) 
Vlexander, Belt) Sue, Pinecrofl B.I " 
Vlexander, Marverine, Rt. 1, Hum.' 
Alexander, Rulh, mi 1 . Bro« B.I.. Look 
Word, Jacqueline, Ri- 2, Middlesex 

111 ,,. Caroline, 93 Lai ville Vve., R. 

vii,.,, I ,,■ Vnne. Poll 
VUen, Martha, 1931 I » 

HI.,).. Charlotte 
.5 1606. Durham 
St.. Franklinton 

Raleigh 94 






Men 1 i rgie T- 104 Morgan St. 

. harlott, 
v. adi -i. 



I 16 

..I \. 

Ultra, Margaret. 910 Walk.-. We., Greensboro 

\, !, ,. ... n in, May, Rt. 2, Enfield 

Mr Shallotte 

Vndi r-..ii. II in I lizabeth, 2732 V 18th Si Vl Iti 

Vnderson, Mar) Henry, Rt. 2, Box 867, Cheraw, S. 
An.ler-.m. Puin.ia Matih,-.,.. SeilgefieM, I .,.. ,,-!.,., 
Andrew-. Jean Chandler, l-'l S. Vllegheny St.. 

Cumberland, Md. 
Vngier, Zalene. 1021 W. Ii.rar. Vve., Durham 
Vngstadt, Sonia. I 105 I Ha. Rd., Charlotte 
Vnnis, Kl, ........ 900 Young Vvi ... Chattanooga. Tenn 

Anthony, I alhel Belle, Rt. I, Yadkinville 

In ..-i.. I. Barbara, 184 Libert] Si 

Long Branch, \. I 30. 

Vppera Inn... M... k-.ill. 

Vrab, Nadya Hortense, 1420 Morganton Rd., Fayette 
\. ,!.-... Caroline, 502 ( handler St., High Point 
Armitage, lane, Selma 

Armstrong, Sara Isabel, 802 N. Eugene St.. Greensbo 
Arthur. Margaret Ann. 200 \V. King St., Km;- Mori 
Ashe, Bonnie Brown, 205 E. 13th St.. Lumberton 
Vshley, Patricia. S. 4th St., Smithfield 

Vtkins I ,,..!■.. 728 -.. lit 51 . 11 rnston Sal. m 

likin-. Nancy, 926 11. Trinitj We., Durham 

Edna 2109 We ■ K. Brooklyn, N, A. 

!u-i,n. 1 229 S. Caldwell, Brevard 

A.i-li... Mar) Cordon, .1,11, ...... 

Vustin, Patrii la, 229 S. t aldwcll St., Brevard Hi I. Cape ll.i't. ii- 

Weritt, Marie. Ill) Blani he St., I layton 
1,, ,,. k. Iran Ruth, Rt. 2, I remonl 
V .- I hi. I. 105 u 2nd St., Lexington 
l.. ... 1 irginia, II" Pear] St., Fayetteville Elizabeth Inn i nrbell Vpts., Henderson 
Barhmaii. Janet, 1030 S. Garnet St., Henderson 78. 

Badgett, Mar) Emil) Pilot Mountain 
BagweU, Esther Frances, 226 Pine Vi .. Rd., Durham 

Bailey, Nan.. Barden, 1050 IV Hand Vve I hapel Hill 

rria I . i . 125 I . Devonshire St., 
11 rnston Salem 

Bak.-r. In.,.- Caldwell, 703 tin. St., Lumbe I 

Baldwin, Mary, 113 Cross St., Sanford 
Ball. Ethel Dae, Mills Home, Thomasville 
Ballard, Nancy, Ellerbe 

Bangert, Theresa, 8 Cedar Ter., Livingston, N. I. 
olo It,,, Ian Drive, Raleigh 

78 103 135 15 

12, II : 176, 18.-. 

111. 158. 16(1 

i la 





me 205 Irving PL. Greensboro 

lets) Wainwright, Box 54, H ilkesl 

Losemary, 376 Manoi Ridge Dr., N. W. lil.n.ii I 
\„. lia Inn 310 Foresl Rd., Raleigh 

l in. ". I I. in . I.-. We., i.. .1.1-1 

Barbai i I 20 Rosi St Smithfii I.I 

..,i.. Lee, 220 Highland Av,-.. Burling 91. 

Barksdalo. Belt) Louise, 172 I umberland Vve., Vsheville 
Barlow. Alar, Inn. 317 8th St., Hi, k„n 
Barlowe, Margaret. Rt. 1. Lenoir 
I ■.... Rl. I, Lui .ii.i.i 

Rain.-. Kathei Lee, 111 I, Fayetteville 

Ran..-. Mar) Louise, -'11 Broad St., 11 ilson Alar, Stewart. 2304 1. -.Hi St., 

. . .... 34. 135, 

Bam-it. Dora Mae. 215 11. Belchei St., Farmville 
Barrett, Margaret Dolores, Uak Cit) 

Barringer, Vmcrylis. 1111 Oval Dr.. Durham 31, 

ttie Brown, Foresl Park, Hickor) 

i, Bo> 550 in., marie 

Barton, \ .... | I .... 26 met Si . Springfield, Mass. 

Barwick, Frances, 217 Kensington Rd., I nsboro 34, 

i . in. . - I rleene. Bll I Iwell Vv. Gre. nsboro 
Bass, li. ... 205 Hill, n -i 1 c Fayetteville 

Bass, l .... Bo> 292 - Hop 

Bassett, Mar) 1 n - 19 I ... eme Vve.. Vsheville 

Batchker, Vrlene. 820 I 10th Si Brooklyn N. A. 34. 

Bates, Natalie. 107 Prince St. Vlexandria Va 14,146,163, 

Rail-. I.m.-i AC. 200 R, Ihead Vve., Li town N 1 

Ball-. Viola Daphne, i. 11 t V., 314 II.... St . Ci isboro 

P.. in. ...ii. I lixabeth Dalby, Rt. J. Raleigh 

Virginia, 231 rlook Dt . ott. 78, 158, 



Beamer, Mildred. Hr. I. All. Vir) 
Beailey, Mar) R„ la- 
Beany, Beulah Cooper, 1 lizabethtown 
Beam. Laui i. i . thtown 

Beaulord, Belt) la..,-. 148 I arolina Vv. ii . 

H... k, 1..,.,, .-. 1221 11 . Wendovi , Vv. I 

R.. k. Virginia Lee, 612 Webb Vve., Burlington 
Be. ker, Margar. I. P...,. IB II.,,;,,,, ill,.. N. I 

Bedell, Mayevelle, w II,,,,., (.a. 

Beeson, Jewell, Rt. 1, Sophia 

Beleos, Katina, 1215 Fair St . t len, - . 

Bell. Can. 327 St. lames >,,.. Fayetteville 
Bell. Elizabeth Ann. nil E. 17th St., I harlotte 
R.-ll. Helen loyce, 1925 Vlexandei Rd., Rail igh 
Belton, Pegg] Lutricia, 232 S. Main St . Mount 
Bender, Erel,,,. 10 North Tenth. Wilmington 
Bender, Gertrude, Rr. 2, B..x 83, Norlina 
Bennett. Dorolh) Vli - St., Ro. k. ' 

Bennett, I ■ ■ - I; ... i,, Mount 

Page \ 

Bennett, Sarah Ella. Rt. 2, Stok sdale 11 

Benson Mary, 1903 Inn St., Wilmington 78. 1» 

Bentley, Margaret Gordon, 116 Cannon Ct. Vpts., Greensboro 9 

Bergen, Vnn, 117 McClannhnm, Oxford 9 

Berger Shirli ) 203 \..nli 13th St., Wilmington 9 

Bernholz. Hue. [36 Linden St., H Imere, N. Y. 11 

Berry, Shirley, 709 Parker St., Durham 9 

Bi nli, .11 Virginia, 22 Davton Rd., Morris Plains, N. I. 78. 15 

Best. Evelyn Moore, Rt. J. Wallace 11 

Best, Robbie F., 100 Harding W ... Kinston 78. 16 

Biggerslaff, I arolyn, 22 A e St. -I.. II.. 11 

BiggerstaBT, limmie Kathryn, 421 S. Garden. Marion 11 

Biggs 11 ,.- loyi ... 1601 Front St., Beaufort 11 
Bikle, II ..i l ..... 912 Salem Vve., Ha; .-i, ...... Md. 

Bin lull. Loi 709 1. - St., H well, la. 78. 16 

Ri--.ii. i ..■ Rt. 2. Zebulon II 

Bivens. Betty, 131 E. North St., Albermarle 9 

Bizzell, Hester 1 -. Newton Grove 9 

Black, Alar. Louise, Box 950. Pinehurst 9 

Blackburn, Audrey, 3011 Evergreen A.e.. Hal re. Md. 35. 16 

Blackburn, Mar, Rose. Colfax 11 

Blackman. Beatrice Ruth, 622 S. S ns St, Smithfield 9 

Blackwelder, Edith 1 se, Rt. I. Box .,82. Charlotte 11 

111... kwell, Emily, Rt. 1. Pine Hall 9 

Blackwell, I... u-. IS20 Edgei I Vve., Rid ml. Va., I. Edith Geraldine, Box 53, Guil I 

Blake, Marii 109 17th Si . Lumberton 11 

Blake, Olive, 126 Girard St.. Brooklyn, N. 1 

Blalock, Doris J-an. 805 V Main Jr., Burlington 11 

Blarn-har.l. R. Carolyn. Box 678. Paw I reek 11 

Bland, Alain. L..u. Rt. 2. Vanceboro 

Blankenship, Rebecca, 2107 Dilworth Rd.. I hail. .in- 78. 151, 161, 17 

Blanton, Nancy, Rt. 6, Winston-Salem 95, 13 

Bledsoe I. Laurel SI.,. inn- 9 

Bleu..-. Mar) Naiu.-. ll,.|,-,,n 

Blum. Jane, 1135 W. Fourth, Winston Salem 

Blumenthal, June Carol. Rl. 4. Box 118. Greensboro 11 

Boa/. Bam. ma. 104 Fi-lier Fern St., Thomasville 12 

Bobbitt. Annai.metle. Castalia 3 

Bobbin. Sarah Jean. 617 Prime" St.. Wilmington 11 

Bodie, I. I II" Snipe Si., h. apolis 11 

Bodie, Winifred, Troy, N. C. 

Boehret, Hue C, 7206 Chestnut Ave., I'ark. Pa. 7 

Bogart. Penelope. 1230 N. Market St., Washington .9 

Boha ii I ouise, Rl. 2. Box 136, Greensboro 

Bolinger, Vnita, Rt. 1, Vale 11 

B. .,1,1,,,., in. Montine, 7 Virginia A,.-.. Ext., Draper .-. 9 

Boney, Carolyn Florella, 507 s. Butler Dr., Midwa) Park 
P.,.,,.-,. I ynette 707 College St. Clinton 34, 13 

R y, II mat) Clifford, 707 College St.. Clinton 11 

B Eugenia, Rt. 1. R..x 581. 11 ........ .ill,- 

Bo Evelyn, Rt. 4. Louisburg 11 

Bore... Clarence, 1809 Madisoi I.e.. Greensl 

Bost, Inn.-. Br. 5, Box 51. High Poinl 

Bolus. Elizabeth William. 95 Brurnle, Si Cneonl 111. 11 

R, „,.-„. ll.i-i.l , K..x 17 1. I!. .hl.iii- 14, 1 15, 161. 16 

B.„,le.. Era,,..-. 2212 Parkwa) Dr., Winston-Salem 

Bowman. Bulow. 3312 Windsor Dr., Charlotte 9 

Boyd, Margaret 1 132 Whitmire St., Brevard' 12 

Boyd Nancy, 801 Elan. lie.. Greensboro 3 

Boyelle, Pegg) Foyce, 1215 S l"arboro St.. Wilson 11 

Boykin, Sue Vnnetle. 109 Hill St., 11 ilson 11 

Bracken. Sarah Elizabeth Ran.-. 1225 Dilworth Rd., 
I harlotti 

Ri,„,. I rgia Belvedere, III. Hammond St., 

Bradford. Betty, Concord Rd., Davidson 

Hi. ,.ll ...I. 1 irginia 1. R..x 7 1, Marshville 

Bradley, Dorothy. 214 Cherr) lit Si Fori 
Bradle) . 1 rani ■ -. II". S. Broadway, Foresl I i 
Br id II . Lois. Parrish Dr.. Ren.,.,, 
Brake, Rosa Lee. Rt. 1, Battleboro 
Bianlley. Joanne, 520 -. Mendenhall St., Gre. 

Braswel'l, I...... Gre) 2 Ravin Vve . C ..I 

Braswell, Kathl. en, 610 Vshland Dr., Greensb 

Dr.... Rena, 509 Randolph St., II ville 

Breeden, Sara Vli, e, \ Green St., Morganton 
II. in... Clara Lena, K,.x I 12, Norlina 
Bremer. Elizabeth. 4507 Wrightsville Ave.. W" 
Brewer, Berta. Roseboro 
Bridger, Louise, Bladenbo, 

Rock] Mo 


h Eighth St.. W ilmingto 

ll . 

501 P.ail 

O. Box 173. We.r Hill si V, ,,.,, 
lii , Hilda, son V College St., Kinsl 
21 Satterthwaite Vve.. Null... N. I. 
ine, 23 Shepherd St., Raleigh 





r-. Inn. 1801 Tr. 

ton, Gervis, Box 955, Spem er 
Barbara Ann. 818 E. Park Vve.. Charlotte 

Barbara 1 520 S. Hawtl Rd., Winstoi - 

Barbara Edythe. 3010 Ruffin St., Raleigh 
Barbara Freni h, 524 Poplai Dr., Falls Chun h. 

Belli. Rt. 6, Mjle -.ill, 

Dorothy, M.. mi. ell.. It. I.. Weavervtlle 

I i. 1206 f Pine St., I. . .1.1-1 

I lizabeth, 812 Brent St.. w inston.Si 

I lizabeth Vnne, 900 Vnderson Vve., Dr. x I Hill 
1 i , I, ... Sparta 
Eie.lia E.. Burnsville 
Gladys, Clyde 
Hope lanette. Burnsville 
lane, 312 North Vudubon. Goldsboro 
lean, 228 11. Russell St.. High Poinl 
Joyce, Hi. 6, Statesville 

Julia. 5th St., Graham Height, Rl I, Graham 
Margarel 1 lizabeth, Rt. 2. Roi k. Mount 



.., ii Pegg) Jane. S. Main St., Kan.lle.i 

iwn, Satah Eleanor, 110 Spencei Vve 
,„„, Sara Lou, R..x 182, Randleman 
,in IK, e, 2606 S I >„„ St., Vrlingto 
imfield, ll...-. A, ..Ik, null.. 

imley, lane Grey, I n Rd . Gaston 

imsey, Barbara Glen, I urrituck 

Lynn, 217 S. Broughton S 


S. C. 

Bryant, Ruth, Stedman 

Buck, LoiS Anne. 106 » • -.1 

Bu.k. Margie. II" I Vera 
B„s; \ Hie, Rl. 2. Warren 

Page N... 

Jewel, 2001 Dilworth Rd., Charlotte 35 

Miriam, 303 w. Whitaker Mill Rd., Raleigh 35, UK 

,.l. Betty, 2123 S Iwyn Vve., Charlotte 116 

.r.l. 1 i.e., „.,. Mi |. Box 65, lleinmon. 95 

h. Charlotte, II" 1 irginia Rd . I demon 95 I 12 160 

lull... Paul,.,.-. R I.. 95 

... El.-e Gray, 212 I kstown Vve., Winston-Salem 15 135 

... Martlia. 1821 Georgia Vve., Winston-Salem 79. 151 

- Hazel Vnn, R..x 382. Spruce Pine 116 

.-no. Kathleen, Rl. 3. Mai 95 

-. Elizabeth Holt, 202 Hinsdale Vve., Fayetteville 79 

.ughs, Betsy, 9|8 11. I rinit) !>.-.. D...I Ill 

lyn, Rt. 2. I. nsboro 119 

... Nancy, 111 u Radiance Dr., Greensl 95, 133, 150. 154 

. Ellen Mark. 1008 Patk 1, , Rich ml. Va. 79 

, Gataey, ml I 11 ilnul Si . Goldsboro 35 

| ll". Elizabeth, 537 Vrboi R.l . 11 in i-S.,1. ... 79 

Byrd, Dori 
II...I. Glen 
Bvrd, Man 

12.. 1 . Fishel Vve., t n-l 

Bryan, R,.x 162, Rt. 2. I......... 

. I 343 State St., Marion 

.. Hunter, Rl. 1. Box B9, Morgant. 

10. N. J. 

95. 138 

I --. I Rl. ?, Shelby 116 

CaUIl, Man. 11 Jersej !..-.. Brain M .. 95 

G Catherine J ...... 330 Vudul Blvd., Nev. Orleans, La. Ill 

i ..!-■■, Bell I ville St., Clinton 35 

Caldwell, Elizabeth Vnn, 1 E. Henderson St., 

11 . ghtsville Ilea, h 11 I 

I aldwell Fair, 1540 Stanford PL. Charlotte 79 
Caldwell. Era,,..-. B-5-31, T„„, Castles Vpt., 

11 inston-Salem 79. 135. 136 

Caldwell, Madeleine, 81 Pine St., Carder, City . 150 

Callahan. Dorothy, Union Level, Va. 79 

Calleu.lei. Vrlene, 128 11 Radiance Dr., Greensboro 9n 

Calvert, Sallie, Jackson 79 

Calvin, Elizabeth, 93 Pisgah Dr.. Cam.... 90 

i ime Dorothy, 111 1. R..x 171-1. Broadwa) 96 

Camel Hon,. It. .x 503, Pinehurst 7". 150, lnl 

I .,.,„■,,.„. I ,1a 1 irg III. 2, Marion 117 

Cameron, I eona, Rt. 1. Cameron 96 

Cameron, Peggy, 165 North Vshe, Southern Pines 96 

Camlin, Vnn, 115 11. Wilmington, Hamlet 96. 152. 159 

Campbell, Vnn, East Ma,,,. Taylorsville 36. 79. 171 

Campbell, Jessie 11a, h. 1,1. ::: Weal Craig PL, San 1 io, Tex — 

Campbell, Kathleen Earle. Pinecraft, Han.l.l 117 

i. bell, Martha Vnn, 142 Weal Vcadia, Winston-Salem IE 

•11. Ala 


Cam,. bell. Alarv Fran. es. Box 
Campbell, Nanc) 11,11. R,,x 111 
Campbell, Nanc) Bei.l. 914 \. 
Canna.lx. Cle... 2311 Laivndale 

Capps, Eva Kalb. It • 2. Lui 

Carlton, Faye, 603 Pe, De, l 
Carnenter, J..,,,.. 509 Wesl 2- 




Jane. 708 We, 
liiiii. 228 Fairvie 

. Maria. 511 Han. 

. Vllein, 212 Vnde 
Evelyn, 106 A I 
June. 201 Fayetti 
Kathleen Ri giati 



lib. mill, 96 

Gas ia 79 

i.. Burlington . 36. 160. 175 


n. N. J. 

s. i :'. 


eelie St., Al.ilg.lll 

ille Rd.. Rockingham 79. 1.35 

1911 I bard) Circle, Charlotte 111 


I ouise Vve., High Po 
Box ill. Burgav. 

..-..I.. Margaret. 33-16 203 Si 

...,..■,' Ben, Zane. High Poii 
.mil. Margaret, Stanle) 

.. II, Bl II. Sue, 601 Fifth Av 
ha, e. Pa-lora. 125 L.,-1 57th 

hamberlain. Page. 1571 New 

i I,. i 

, . Sail 

ev, York Cilv 


1 B.L. Slingerlanda N. A. 


sot Dr., Fayetteville 


ersville, Ca. 79, 


., Vsheville 


1>... Hi.x.l Hill, Pa. 79 

1 in 

,.. Md. 36. 


,. k St., Greensboro 


;.. 135, l in 




Chan, He,. ln,„ii,.. 146 II, in,,,,.,, We 

Chandler, I I lizabeth, 1035 Bonsall 

, I, .,.....,1. Barbara I utwright, Stockto 
I has, . (Mrs.) Elizabeth, SOS S Vyc. 

i li.-.k I ll... I Roi kwell 

Cheney, Dorothy, Box 504, P -i 

504, Pinehurst 
is Hoo.l, Bl. 1. Do.ei 

Chipley, In... 1400 11. Haven Blvd., It... k. Al ll 

c Inn,, Parthenia, Pine Street, Box 5003, Murfreesl 

, hristian, I arroll, 2254 ll , stminslei PL, Charlotte 

ll .an. leanette, 2416 Wrighl !..-.. Greensboro 

Church, Jean. 201 Pollock St., New Be 

Clapp, El,/ ll,. 302 Carolina Vve., Spel 

Clarl I i -. 301 Bradford Vve., Fayetteville 96 

Clarke, Ida, Box 576. Northfork, 11 Va 79 

Clay, 1 101 Ferg Vve., Hilton Ullage. Va. 96 

Clayl Joyce, 115 Foresl 11.11 Dr.. Vsheville 36. 150 

t legg, Fran, • - Vnm Box 1 I, Carthagi 117 

i legg ll n. Vnne, Rl I, High P i 37. ISO 

i lii k, Margarel Vnn, i>22 11 11 Si 1 Ikizi 116 

i lodfelter, Dorothy, I 2a Model Farm R.L, High Po 

36, 1 13, 154, K.2, 169 

...Li le 

Shi lb) 

218 E. 

Coal Bessie P., Gen. Del. 

i oat. -. Maul..,, s Ii 

l.oai-. Joycelyii, 204 Parkel St., Smithl 
Cobb, Beverly, Bt. 1, Gibsonville 
Cobb, \l..n Doris, Rt. 1, Gibsonville 
Coble. Elizabeth. Rt. I. Rurlington 
Coble. Elizabeth All,"-. Rt. I. Cuilfor.l 

i ,,l,le. Mildred, 106 11 Sei ond Vve . I 


37, 169. 172 


Coggios, Jean. 301 N. State S 
Chen, loan Marilyn, 530 We 
Chi,. Marilyn, 1108 N. Pitt S 
Vlexandria, Va. 

i oker, I vange Rt. 1. Ca 

( oh . Pats. Vnn, 601 I arolina 

Cole. 1 iiginia. 203 \I ..,, , .,,, 1 

C, lime, Lucia, 801 Riverside 
CoUett, Elizabeth, Rt. 1. Tho 
i oilier, Margaret, Deep Run 

End I..-.. New York 

37. 133, 113, 150. 152. 193 

. 96 

Beach A..-.. Carolina Beach 121 

lii . New Vorii 12. V A. 37, 111. 112 

lasville 37. 142. 158 

Page 222 


Rt. 1. Rcidsv 

Sue. 16J1 Ob. 

Conley, Betly Je; 
Conner, Virginia 

Col Ily, Barban 

k. . Clara .Iran 




re I, 200S Charlotte Dr., Charlotte 

1508 Courtland Ave. Reidsville 

1848 Runnvn.cdc Kil.. 

37. 148. 158, 189. 
eigh, 2325 Okalina We., Winston-Salem 
l.ii. 2323 Okalina We., Winston-Salem ...... 

. 57 Gracelyn Ril.. Asheville 

4, Rale; 

Roberta. 11 Lvnw I R,l.. Ashevi 

Copeland. Dorothv. 1206 Bothwell St., Gr< 
Coppley, Alice Elizabeth, Hi. 6. Lexingto 
Coppola. Peggy, 437 Svlvania Ave.. Charlo 
Corbett, Nova Ann. Wilson 1 ! Mills 
Corhitt, Nancy, Calesville 

ell, Fr, 


1. Ho 

Corpening, Dorothy Sheldon. Rt 

Correll. Anne. 355 Fairfax Dr.. Winston-Si 

Costello, Marie Patricia, 316 Estaugh I.-. 

Haddnnfield. N. J. 
Courtney, Marv Anna. 500 N. Franklin St., 

C ras, Gra, e Constance, 300 VV . Park ,, 

Coving!, in. Mar) Woodward, 11" Broad St. 
Covington, Vela V„ Rt. 1, Shelby 
Cowdcrv. Dorothy, 601 West 115 St., Mew Y 
Cov. Ann. 109 W. John St., Mounl Olive 

Cox. Anna I Spra> 

Cox. Catharine, Carthage 

Cox. Claudine. 373 Hill St., \ -1. boro 

Cox, Dorothv Jane. Sprav 

Cox, Emily lean, 1901 Vshel St.. Green: 

Cox. Jane Marie. 923 S. Park St., Asheboro 
Cox. Marv Jo. 1208 Yale PI.. Charlotte 
Craft. Jo Ann. 508 S. Broad St., Burlington 
Cragan, Ann. 112 Hillrresl Dr.. Sanford 
Crawford, Elisabeth, 855 Foresl Rd., S.W .. R. 
i raw ley, Heis, Ann. Littleton 
Creed, Louise, 1409 Elmer St., Greens] 

Danville. Va. 

80. 133. 149 

tba Grahai 

185 E. 


38. 14.3. 158. 170 


325 Pe. 


Peggv Joyce 

Crouch. Pickeli E.. 162 Charlotte St.. isheville 97 

Crow. Maiiorie, 1702 Chestnut St., Wilmington 38, 162 

Crowder, Rebecca, Peachland .97 

Crowell, Lorraine, Rt. 3, Box 92. Asheville ... 117 

Crumpler, Vnne, 206 Syca re St.. Clinton 38. 177 

Crumpler. Dixie Dean. Rt. 1, Clinton 97 

Cruse, Margaret Jean, 1733 The Plaza. Charlotte 4 . 116 

Crutchfield. Lora. Rt. 1. Guilford College 38. 170 

Culberl. Leola Elizabeth, 104 Cherrv St., Marion, Ya. 38. 118 

Culbreth. Gray, 215 Raleigh Rd., Wilson 97. 159 

Culbreth. Helen. 206 S. Tremont Dr.. Greensboro . . . 38 

Culbreth, J. .v. Rt. 1. Stedman 38 

Culpepper. Carolyn, 106 Pearl St.. Elizabeth Cilv 38 

Cummings. Diana Jo. Box 103, Robbins . . Ill 

Cunning. Patricia, 180 Ashland V,e.. Bloomfield, N. J. 80 
Cunningham, Elizabeth, 507 S. Chester. Castonia 38. 135. 193 

Curlee. Geraldine. Oakboro 38 

Currv, Carmen. Alamanee 38 

Cusbwa, Betlv Anne. 211 S. Charles St., Roxboro 114 

Cusick, Joseph 2102 Fairview Rd., Raleigh ... 97 

Dajl. Marv Sue. R. F. II.. Bern 

Dale. Hazel Eugenia, I gvievi 

Dalrymple, Ruth, WOO 1 [merlon 
Dark. Emma lean. Bos 384, Si 
Darnall. Marv. Box 215, I., ,,11 
Daughtridge, Nadia, 501 Shadj 
Davenport. Ruby. 717 Hawkins 

Rock) Mo 


68 Henri 

Davidson. Elsie Graham. Ill C ,m Club Apis.. Greensboro ... 

Davis. Alma Crav. Kt. 2. Pikeville 

Davis. Barbara Vnne, III. 2. Yadkinville 39. 

Davis. Betlv Lou. 1818 Grace St.. W inston-Salem 

Da, is. Christine, lit. I. Shelb) 

Davis. Dollv. 829 E. Morningside Dr.. N. E.. Atlanta. Ga. 

Davis, Elizabeth, Rt. 1. Blanch 

Davis. Evelyn M-, Webster 

Davis. Frances Lee. 211 Camden Rd.. Wa.lesboro 80. 

Davis. Jane Campbell. Carthage ,. 

Davis. Jane Dyer. 1204 Northup St.. Reidsville 39, 133. 

Davis. Janet Neelv. Robbins 

Davis, Marian. 3 Dover St.. Asheville . . 

Davis, Marv I ise. 1528 Hertford Rd.. Charlotte 



•th St., Smithheld 


1911 Madii 
I, Harmon) 


Deans. Ka 


Debnam. Sarah Louise. 609 Franklin St., Roanoke Rapids 80. 103. 

DeGruehv. Joan. Rt. 3, Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio 115. 

Delozier, Charlotte, 867 Ha.u 1 Rd.. Asheville 160. 

Denny, Sarah. 920 Cowper. Dr.. Raleigh 39. 150. 193. 

Deskins, Julia. Rt. 8. Box 379. Greensboro 

DeVan, Mar] Frances, 121 Rowan St., Fayetteville 39. 118. 169. 
DeVault, B,llie Rav. 30 Ravenscroft Dr.. Asheville 

Devine. Kathryn, 1117 Hudson Vve., Peck-kill. N. Y 

DeVoe, Wilma, 405 Blauvell Ave., Hohokus. N. J 

DeWitl. Evelyn. 10 Farley Ave., 

Spring Valley, N. Y. 
DeWitt, Glenna, 2619 Walkei 

In > 


635 Hi 


. Dian 

a Ruth, 


, Pair 

..i... 8 


m. Ga 

v. Friei 


)n. Ja 

ne. 300 



1, 311 1 

116. Spr 

Dillard, Bettye J... Willar.l 


Dillar.l. Eleanor, willar.l 


Dineen, Mildred, 130 Vldermen St., 

Springfield 8, Mass. 



Dixon, Ann Elizabeth, 201 Gholson We., HenderBon 



Dixon, Betti. Vlice, 5968 1. i St.. New Orleans 12, La. 


I.nlil. ■ », 1 Kathryn Box 1B2 Yadkinville 



Dobson. Laiirab. Kt. 2. Stale-, .lie 


II..I \l..r. Helen, Rt. 2. N.I,.. 


Dobson, Ruth George, Cedro* We., Ext., Box 709. High P. 

Il.i.l 1 .,. 11 I'ennrose Dr.. Reidsville 


Hock, Margaret, Balsam 

Donathan, Jessie Lee, Colfax 


Doughton, Rosemond. Sparta 

Dover. Vivian Louise. 509 S. Lafayette St., Shelb) 

Drennen. Janet. 31 Fenwick Dr.. Came- P V J 

Driver, Mar) Lu, 1709 Scab- St., Rail igh 

Dross. Bessie Koula, 237 Lillington We., Charlotte 

Drum. Carol..,. 19 Wesl H. St., Newton 

Dryden, Vnne Morris, W i-e 

Duke, Ann Eugenia, 201 South Howell St., Rock) \ 

Dukes, (Catherine, Rt. 2, Vhoskie 

Dumas, Margaret. 313 E. Chestnut, Goldsboro 

Duncan. Bettv M.rl. Rt. 3. Siler Citv , 

1,1, i,, i 
, Anne 

Rt. 3. Silei Cit) 
.. Rt. 1. Box 182. 
• \. Central Ave.. Ransey, N. J. 
Box 424. Roseboro 

n. Rt. 1, Smithfield 

Box 96. Waxhaw 
lyne Rai, 216 Tate St., I. nsl 

66. Ka 

_ Early. II., 


A So. 28th St., Vrling , 

Faster. Fr.i . 503 N. Yadkin We., Spencer 

Eaton, Sarah. Horton St.. I Box G), Z-bulon 
Eddy, Lin.- Lee, 201 DeVane St., Fayetteville 

Edens, Kalbleen. 19lh St.. Lu.-il n 

Edinger, Barbara, 63 Poplar St., Jerse) Cilv. [ 
Edmunds, lane. loOl S ,..,,.,,1 PI.. 

. lib ii, 

311 Ha 


40, 160. 162 
134. 149. 193 

Ehlri.lge. Muigliuretla. 99 Piermonl \>e„ Xvack, N. 

Elkins. Elizabeth Ann. 220 lui. St., Murphy 

Ellen, Agnes. Rt. 1. Enfield 

Ellen, Margarel. 406 Sycamore, Rock) Ml I 

Ell. r. Daphni Ethel, Stoneville 
1.11, nee. Frances, Durham Rd., Chapel 11,11 
Ellington, Patricia, 610 Highland We., Henderson 
Elliott, Esther, 1122 Was , ., We., Roanoke. Va. 
Elliott, Ruth Elizabeth, 507 Siding St.. Greensboro 
ir, 930 Raleigh Ave., Norfolk, Va 

t. Nanc 
Ruth. 116 Brentley Circl, . High Po 


ox 82. Eu 
therine. B 
.belli. 701 Mill 

222, \.i 


Annice Page. Box 444. W. Vance St.. L.iurinbur; 
Betty. Rt. 5. Raleigh Apt-.. Raleigh 
Margarel. 300 LeGrand St., Rockingham 

Mane] fosephine, 211 Walnut St., II isvill, 

Fitzgerald. Selma 

. 108 E. Di.ine St.. Dunn 


Fagg. Doris. 309 N. Center. Mt. Olive 41. 175 

Faggart, Bett) Glyn, 3600 Eastway Dr.. Charlotte 

Fain. Mildred. Rt. 5. Hen.lersonville 116 

Faison, Margaret. 209 Cheanutt St.. Clinton 41 

Fardette, Pali) inn, 29 Shirle) Rd., Hilton Village Branch, 

Newporl News, , a. ...... 41 

Farley, Jean, 1129 Larchw I We., Philadelphia, Pa. 80. 152. 196 

Faflow, Mildred, Rt. 1. Randleman 98. 151 

Farmer, \nn. 1505 Pro, St., Wilmington 98 

Farrell, Myrtle, Box 156, Pitted 41. 159 

Farrior. Crave. Burgaw 

Farthing, Dixie Rae, Valle I. in, ,- 119 

Faucette, Vlice Wray, 820 Montgomer) St., Reidsvill. 

Faulkner, Betty, Rt. 1, Polkton II 

Featherstone. Gwendolyn, Smyre Station, Gastonia 80 

Fel.r. Barbara. 1200 S We., Charlotte . ... 80. 103 

Feimster. Peggv Ann. Olin 117 

Fells, Iris Lea. Rt. 2. Nurlina .... 124 

Ferebee. Sara Francs. Ernul Ill 

Ferguson. Joan. 65 Hobart St.. E. Braint 84, Mass. 81. 143 

Ferguson. Jo Ann. 55 E. Cenlral Dr.. Havelock 81 

Ferguson, Margie. Thompsonville Rd., Reidsville 141 

Ferguson, Mil, Ire, 1, 511 V Central We., Belmont 98 

Ferguson, Ruth Frances. 508 Vanderbilt Ave.. 

Raleigh 41, 133. 140, 141. 142. 169 

Feaperman, [Catherine, Jin Tarple. -t.. Itu.lingion .... 116 

Fey, \nna ll,g,na. 120 \ , St.. \\ iu-l, „, -Salem .. 116 

Folds. \ irginia, 521 \.,,,i k St.. Raleigh 41 

Finch. Maigar.-l I I. . I I,.,- I ity, Va. 

Fincher, Rose Ellen. Rt. 3. Box 229. Coil I 114 

Finkelstein. Patricia S.. 14 College Park PL, Vsheville 118 

Fipps, Mona. Box 11, Chadbourn 81 

Fisher. Eulene, 920 Scab, SI.. Salisbury 81. 159 

Fisher, lean. 61 Ralph 5.,-.. Wl Plain-. N. Y. 81. 142 

Fisher, Margaret, 725 E. Saddle River Rd.. Ridgewoo.l. N. J. .... 81 

Fisher, Mat) Gladys, Granite Quarr) 98 

Fishei Mar) Roberts, 1004 [ackson St., Roanoke Rapids 111. 

Fisher, Patricia, 121 Summil We., Wollaston, Mas-. 81. 112. 151. 163 

Fitzgerald. Elizabeth, 6603 Summil We., Chev) Chase, Md. 98, 150 

Flack, inn, 7 Magnolia St., 1 ,,rc-i City 98 

Flanagan. Maig I, ,.„,,„■ 517 lustice St., Hendersonville Hi, 

Flanagan. Ilia I ei Davis Hotl I, Farmvilli 98 Ma,. Elizabeth, 629 Eastern We., Rock) Mounl 98 

Flet, her, Muriel, 19330 1 itth field X.- Detroit, Mi, h. 81 

Flow, Margarel I II,, In I Box 593, c naboro 119 

Flowe, II, II. ,,,ll It. I We., -Isheville 42 

Floyd, Icao, [80 Bnul St., Charlotte 98 

Floyd, H.l I, l.,l„„ Cit) 119 

Foil, Christine, 213 Oak St., Kannapolis 42. 111. 151 

F,.rl„-. Inn, 9703 River lid.. Newport Ne..-. Va. 12. 158 

Ford. Harriet lean, \„i g Lane, Westport, Conn. 98 

Ford, lessie Louise, 123 E Icean Uc Norfolk. Va. 115 

Ford. Mildred, Seaboard 12 

Ford. Nan... Ill I E. 2nd St., Washington 12 

F.,r,o .. Vino. 111. 2 Westport, Conn. 98 

Forney, Mary, 111 2, Westport, Conn. 12. Ill 

Fori Sarah Elizabeth, 127 S. Mendenhall St., Greensboro ' 81 

Foster, HI,..,, he, Rt. 1, lilun, I. 98 

Fosti , Row. ,,., Hi. 2. Winston-Salem 101 

Foushee, \,l..„. 125 I. McNeel) St., Mooreaville 42 

Fowler, \..„. 2023 Club Blvd., Durham 12 98 

Fowler, Martha, 2023 Club Bl.d.. Durham 42. 132. 133. 134. 183. 193 

Fowler, Patricia, 1021 Monmouth Ave., Durham 98 

Fox. Alluv.ce. Rt. 2. Slier Cilv ...... 42 

Fox, Lydia Flee Hi. 3, Box 100. Hickory 42. 159 

}„x. Margarel I., .una. 2209 Belvedere. Charlotte lit 

Fran,.-. Helen. King 42 

Fran,,-. Virginia Gladys, isheville Rd., Waynesville 98 

Franck, Uice, 831 Wsenal We., Fayetteville 42 

Frank. Jo Ann, Willowood Dr.. Henderson ... 116 

Franklin. Ann. 843 Henley PL, Charlotte 81. 151 

Franklin. Louise, 118 W. 15th St., Winston-Salem 118 

Fra/ier. Janet Foresler. Box 154. Funua. Springs 124 

French, Bett) lean. 108 Blandi 1 We., Greens! 119 

Friday, Kathryn Vaughan, [25 \. Caldwell Si., Salisbury 115 

Friddle, Eleanor K..,,. 612 kenil.vorll. Dr.. Creenaboro 119 

Friedman, Edna Rivy, 2210 Floral W em... Char! Ill 

F Ilaender, Stephen, k mp Rd., Wesl Hamilton Lakes 

Frost. Billie Inn, Rt. 2. Mocksville 

F„l, lur. Frances, Woodlawn St., Davidson 90, 98, 141 

Fulcher. Jean Stuart, Woodland St.. Davidson 30. 43. 149, 158 

Fuller. Barbara. 1109 Briarcliff Rd.. Greensboro 81 

Fullerton, Wilma, 15 Northern Drive, 

Short Hills. N. J. 43, 133, 1.37 
Fun.lerburk. Nancy Beam. 1617 College Park Dr. 

Greensboro 43, 135. 143. 148, 188, 193 

Funk. Faye, 817 S. Chester St., Gastonia 98 

Funk, Kathryn Lois. 817 S. Chester St.. Gastonia 121 

Fun. Kalberine Louise, Box 125. Franklin 

— G— 

Gabai. Julia. 135 B. Wesl 168 St., New York 52. N. Y. 43, 134 
Gallagher, Lora Louise. 1821 Walker Ave.. Greensboro 

Gallagher, Muriel Lorr 191 W. Ridge., I Ave., 

Ridge, I. V I. 98 

Gaud,. Hell. Sue. Rt. 3, Darlington, S. C. 98. 150 

C.arn.r. Vdel.i.o. Rt. 2. Box 19. Newport 125 

Garner, Dais) I., Pinehurst • 115 

Garrett Evannc Sanders, B09 Park St., Bristol, Va. 43 

I - Lula, l.ilesville 98 

I. an,. Martha P. O. Box 2 12. l.ilesville 45 

Garvei Marilyn, 205 Windsor Dr.. Wilmington 81 

Garvin, Barbara Spi Pin, 

Garvin Eolini Merchant, 706 N. Greene Si.. Greensboro 

(.,,, Fn,,,,, 171' I vu.lbnr-t I.e.. Charlotte 81. 160 

eiger. Elizabeth Cecelia, 908 Magnolia St.. Green 
I..,, Vmanda, 211 Montlieu Vve., High Point ... 
en.len, Anna M-. I i,„ 
entry, B. it, Jo. Glade Vallev 

erringer, Marion Talmage, 3508 E. Market St.. Cr, 
, in." F lalyn, Box 58, Bo, 




Rt. 1. Meba 

rolyn, Rt. 2, Elon C 
721 Broad St., New 
,1, 35 Bircl,,,,,,„l Ave 


I illlel 

Glasgow. Jan 

Glass, Alice Irene. 1600 Asheboro St., Greensboi 

Glavieh. Elsie Jo. Hi. 2, Wayi Ill 

Glenn, Frances. 309 N 111 [wortl St., Raleigh 

Glenn, 1 i, 2215 Elizabeth Vve., Yx i n-Salem 

Goad, Patricia Vnne, 208 E. Grainger Vve., Kinst, 
Godwin, Betty Vlice, P. 0. Box 973. Fayetteville 

Golf. Nanc, Ellamae, II; V Edgeworth St., Gi 

Gold. A.lele. Rt. I. Shelb) 

Gonella, Miriam. 203 Glenn St., Franklinton 

G b. Margaret Bond, 516 Vallev Rd.. Charlotte 

Goode. Gab, idle I onnelly's Springs 
Goodman. Peggy, 225 Hawthorns 
I I,,,.,,,. I.,.,.- Marie. 125 Cedai 

Park. N, 1, 

.: In. Ii. Man.,. Wi.ker Si.. Sanford 

G Iwin, Sally, 802 W. Broad St., Falls Church. Va 


44, 170. 177 





Vsh, villi 

Dr.. Coral Gables. Fla. 81. 133 


■ace. 900 Nelson St., 
Hi. 1. Dunn 

303 W 11,.,,, i Vve. 

\ irginia, 905 W. Fourth St.. 
. Vim Lillian. 104 Franklin 
l.n, I I.. 523 S. State S 

Page 22 



Ctuv. Xj,„>. B„v 121, Robersonville 11 

Cray, Rebe, i i line, Rt. -'. Kemersville 12 

Graybeal, Elisabeth, Weal Jefferson ». 5 

, Huntington. 1108 Part Rd.. Charlotte I- 

Cteen, Cornelia Elisabeth. 205 W. Man, St., Thomasville 11 

(„,™ Elsie, 501 Walnut St.. Waynesville 9 

Green, 1 y, 120 S. Mar-hall St.. Winaton-Salem 9 

Green Margaret Earle, 311 Spring St.. Tlminasville 11 

Green, Martha Powell, Rt, 1 Ramseui 11 
Greenberg, Bernice Edith, 108 Crestlund \v.-.. (ir^n^tn 

Grecnblall. Shirlee. 1720 E. Landis >.v.-.. Vineland, V I. 9 

Greene, Bettv Ian.-. 2342 Creenwav, Charlotte 81. Id 

Gi Kath nn. 120 N. Madison St., Marion 11 

Greene, Marj Ellen, Mi. Gilead 

Greene. Tommie Jeanne. 402 Charlotte St., Washington 9 

Greenlee, Nancj 1012 Vvalon >.>.■.. Charlotte 8 

Gregg. Virginia. 2513 Monro- Si.. Wilmington 

Gregorj I olleen. Rt. 1 Bos 156, Mount v,r> 1 

in: S. Second, Smithfield 90, 9 

Griffin Vim Elizabeth. 208 Masse; St.. Selma 11 

Griffin, (Margaret Eliz. I. Woodland 12 

Griffin. Carolyn W-, Rt. 2. Box 379. Elizabeth Cit> 8 
Griffin, loMphine, Box 155. Bailev 

Griffin, Marx Ellen. Ehringhaus St., Elizabeth City ., 9 

Griffin, Mar) Louise. 104 Williams St.. WilUamston 45. 9 

Griffin, Man Walter.. 107 N. Granville St.. Edenton 30. 161, 17 

Grigg, lane. V (lak St.. Lincoln!,.,, 9 

Griggs Barbara Jean. Box 271. Pageland. S. C. 11 

Grill, Catherine, Valdese 9 

Grimes, \,,ne. Ri. i, Square 1 

Grinnells, V, 109 Dixie Trail. Raleigh 8 

Griswold, Eleanor, loll University Dr.. Durham ..... 99. U 

Groce. Carolyn. 1201 Madison Ave.. Greensboro 9 
Guion. Martha. Aberdeen 43. 143. 181. 193, 1! 

Gulledge, Caroline. 24 Little St.. Wadcsboro IS. II 

Cunn. Bettiejane. Rt. 4. Box 26. Reidsville IS 

Cunnerson. Thelina. 209 Maryland Ue.. Wilmington I 

Culhrie. Caroline Alexandria, B„v 627, Graham II 

— H — 

Haase, Shirley, 938 Berkelv. Charlotte 99. 1; 
Ha, k, Shirle) Uice, 33 S. Spring Garden lo„ 

Nutley, \. I 11 

Hack. Minnie Rachel. Rt. 3. Siler City 11 

Hadawav. DeloreS, 906 Longvievr, Greensboro 11 
Halm. Iinr.. Hi., 97 Grove St.. Concord 

Haines. Patrieia. 2307 Club Blvd.. Durham 

Haithcock, Mary, 1101 Walker Ave.. Creensboro .... 

Haley, Betsy, Elon College ! 

Hall, Vnne Hamilton, 620 Dowd R.I.. Charlotte 3 118. 11 

Hall. Doris, 116 Pelham Ave.. Hamden, Conn. 15, 154, li 

Hill. Ethel Mane. Box 126. Yadkinville 

Hall, Marj Rose. Rt. 1. Kannapolis 1 

Hall. Man Ruth. 316 Whiteniine St.. Brevard ' 

Hallenbe.k. Dorothy, 2157 Norton R.I.. Charlotte 

Hamilton. Eleanor. Box 356. Richland; 1 

Hamilton, Man Vnne, 1215 Grace St.. Wilmington 

Hamilton. Sarah Inn. Ill Davis St., Smithfield 

Hamlet, \an.v. Ilrook.lale. Slatesville 




Milo. Ma 

Hampton. \anov Liirille. Rt. 3. Rntherfordton 

II i 

I, Do 


35. Da 

Hamrick, Man Frances, Butnsville IS, 

Hamriek. Sallv Jo, 109 Pine St.. Riithertorjton 

II. k Hoi- Siler, Siler Cit) 

Hancock, Jill. 314 Seymour Ct„ Leaksville 

Hind. Dorothy, Cate.ville 15. 

Hand, Marian, 11 Atwood. Greenville, S. C. 

Handler, Janet. 3210 Ave. H. Brooklyn, N 1 81. 

Handley, Marilyn, H12 Paik \v... Coldsboro 

He, 21120 Overlook St.. Greensboro 

Hanoi I ... \nn. 1"22 Chestnut xve., I harlotte 

Hannah. I Hie L.. Rt. 1. Franklin 

Hanson, Man Lou, Box 864. Southporl M.nili.i \nn. 303 W. Second Km-.. Lexington 

Harbison, Frances, 507 Lenoii St., Morganton 

Hardaway, K.-I .,. 1233 Owsle; In-.. 

Columbus. Ga. 81. 140. 111. 

Harden. Clenn Abbott. 2129 Cowpei I>t.. Raleigh 
Harding, Elizabeth, Cana 

Harding. Margie Inn. Main Street. P,|ot Mountain 
Haidv. Lillian Moore, Rt. 1. Lai. range 
Hark.v. Marie, 017 Roval Curt. Charlotte 
ll.inii.iii, Ethel Geralvn, nil W. Sixth \v.-.. Gastonia 
Harmon, Inni k.. 211 N. Ridge Ave., Kannapolis 
Harmon. M..n Iran..-. 1106 East Slsl St.. Savannah. Ga. 
H.,rp.r. Edna, Rt. I. Box 183. Kinston 
Harper, Mary Elizabeth. Deep Run 

llirr.ll. Belt) \..n. 203 Morehead Si Morganton 16 

Harrell, l.-w.-ll. 231 West St.. vhoskie 
Hi n. I-.- n iiiiu t Inistine. Rt. 1. Cherryville 

, Margaret, Rt. 2, Kings M I tin 

Harrington, Bettj Grey, 302 Whit.- Store Vve., W .,,1.-1.,,,.. 
Harrington, Katharine Lou. Rt. 2. Sanford 
Harris, Barbara. 202 H.-ihg Vve., B..v 562. Salisbury 
Harris, Belt) lean, 507 Han, ... k St.. Oxford 
Harris Eddie lean, No. 3 Cbalen Vpts., Durham 
Rams M,, Vgnes, lolo Dilworth R.L. E., Charlotte 
Harris, Mar] Ruth, Box 335, Siler lots 
Harris. Patty Anne. 421 Jeffe: 



22 1 1 

Harris M. Davis. 718 St 

Harrison. Elizabeth Patricia 
tte, Frankli, 

Harrison, Mini,.,. 117 Ni rw I Street 

Hon Rae. 306 E. Green St.. Wils 

Har,i-.,n. Varina Jean. 306 E. ( 
Harris., Winifred. 1903 Market 
Hart. Jean. Rt. 4. Oxford 

116 Inin St., Reidsville 
in ,. Grifton 

, sville 
Rachel, Km,, 

Harutunian, Elei ,, i o Mrs. \ S Serani 

' I,, Rd.. Greensboro 

: ly, 2ol8 17lh \,-.. Columbus '- , 
Hatsell. Canilaee. Bavboro 10. 

107 Tate St.. Morganton In, U 

Hawk, lane, Box 184, N.-» B.-m 

Hawthorne, Man. 259 H„llvw 1 Blvd., 

Steubenville, 17. 153, 

Hayes. Martha Rel, a. Rt. 1. Bov t_'l. l;|k,,, 

Hayes. Miriam Joyce, Rt. I, B.,v on . 

Hayes, Sue, P. O. Box 4921. C.ran.te Falls 17 


i. Bobbie 

. Inn Pr, 

126. Zellwood. Fla. 
. 611 E. Fourth Av, 
. Rt. 1. Abingdon, 

Sail,. 1701 Pla 



Hendrickson. De 
Kendrix, Doris 
Hendrix, Edith, 
Henneberger, Sa 
Hensley, B,tt> 
Hepler. Bettv Je 

81. 118. 150 


Elisabeth, 115 w. Dav 

811 Ha 
!, 219 S. Tremont D 
,x 117. Rockingham 
Agnes. Box 237. Tt 
rav. Burn-vill.- 

Rt. 2. Thomasville 
!„,.,. 1322 Park Blvd.. 
H.-.ter. J.-an. 112 S. Lamar St.. Roxbo 
Heymann. Ruth Ann. 32 Granle) St., A 
Hi, ks, Helen Chalmers. 410 N. 15th St, 





100. 150. 163 

High. Helen. 131 Wilkinson St.. R „ k, Mount 

Highfill. Edith. Rt. 7. Greensboro 

HiidebranJ. Katherine C. 101 Kimberl) Vve., Vsheville 

Hill, Marilyn Janet. 104 Potlei St.. Cranston. R. I. 

Hill. Virginia Ashe, 103 W. Highland Av.-.. Kin-ton 

Hilton, Elizabeth. 1 Mitchel Vve.. Vsheville 

Hines, Marian. Winter Park. Wilmington 

Hinnant, Mary, 2707 Sherwood Ave.. Charlotte 

Hiott. Malynda, Box 111. Kemersville 

Hirsch. Eleanor Debora. 381 Eastwood Rd., 

Woodmere, N. Y. 
Hobbs. Mary Jane, Rt. 6. Greensboro 

Hoekett. Patricia Jane. 318 W. Bessemer Vve.. Greensbo 
Estelle. 505 Lee St., Gastonia 
Box 103. Oteen 

Joan. 410 S. Aveoek St.. Greensboro 
Crowell, S. Aspen St.. Lincolnton 

Mitchell Ave.. Greensboro ... 
Hasseltine. Gatesville 
is. Rt. 2. Chapel Hil 

Hodges. Claire 
Hodges. Janet. 
Hodgin. Emma 
Hoffman. Laura 
HorTner. lean. 
Honer, Elinor,- 
Hogan. Dorothy 

220 S. Tremont Dr. 

Hogshead. Je; 

Holbrook, Gu 

Holder. Nancy, 1808 E. 7th St.. Chariot! 

Holland. Irene T.. 415 Eleventh St.. N, 

Rocky M,, 

D. C. «2. 135 


Sara. 912 W. South St.. 



Louise Elizabeth, Sprue 

. Pine 


>rth. Norma Jean. Rt. 4. 

High P 

Hollv. Ka 

thrvn Cynthia. P. O. Bu 

x 234, \ 

Holly, Ms 

e Elaine, Davidson 

Holm. Catherine. Cassadaga, Fla. 
Holmes. Emma, 205 Chisholm St.. Sanford 
Holmes. Margaret, 224 Country Club Blvd., Willi 
Holshouser, Man. Blowing Rock 
Holmes. Mary, 501 N. Broad, Edenton 
Holt. Jane. Box 197. Oak Ridge 
Holf.n. Martha. 218 Forest Hills Dr.. Wilmiogtol 
Holtzclaw. Jane. 1205 N. Allen St.. Charlotte 
Holtzendorff. June Wilherspoon. 109 X. Clenison . 
Clemson. S. C. 4 

Homewood Frances, 500 Elam Ave.. Greensboro 

Honk. Willodene Elector. 321 E. Maryland, IS no-. I.i 

H,„,k-, Sue Bet, Fremont 

Hooper, Anne. 235 E. Salisbury St., Asheboro 

Hope. Vail, Country Club Dr.. Burlington 

Hopkins. Joanna. 517 E. Eighteenth St.. Charlotte 

II, ,1. Marv Ruth. 1524 Cliftwood Place. Charlotte 

Horton. Jeannette. Rt. 4. Zebulon 

Hoskins. Eleanor Graham. Summerfield 

Hough. Bettv. 2001 Ashland Ave.. Charlotte 

Hough, lane Chauncey, 1111 38th St.. N.W.. Washing! 

Hovis, Doris, Rt. 3, Box 123. Charlotte 

Howard. Betsy Anne. Salemburg 

Howard. Betty Jean. 138 Franklin Vve.. Concord 

Howard. Lillie Frances. Rt. 11. Roseboro 

Howard, Norma Clyde. 1107 Mordecai Drive. Raleigh 

How. Bett) Inn, 116 Halifax St.. Raleigh 

112. 154. 158. 19! 

Howe. Joyce I.. 45 Magnolia Terrace. S 

Howell. Fran,.-. In, k. Com.. Rt. 3. 

Howell. Martha. 725 Spring St.. Hamlet 
Howell. Marv. 725 Spring St.. Hamlet 
Howell. Nancy Clair. Rt. 2. Candlet 

eld. M.l 

i andlei 

93, 1 Lvov 1 \v 



Nam v 



. Patrii 





I ..-,,,, 









Be, IV 




Rt. 6. Box 1005. Charlotte 48. 161 

. Vndr, 

203 White St.. Morganti 
,.-. Rt. 1. Halifax. \ .. 

leSte, 208 Highland Vve. 

, Vi :2: Mi k,., St., t In, 

Glenn, H 

v nth St., W ilu 

Huggins. Miriam. Rt. 1. Shannon 

Hughes, Inn O'Neil. 2390 Fairway, Dr.. Winston Salem 

Hughes, Vnne, 809 Buckingham Rd.. Cumberland M 1 

Hughes I li,-, i 1607 lames si,. Durham 

Hughes Marj I ee, Rt. 2. Kinston 

Hughes. Ten H..x 55, Myrtle Beach, s. C. 

Hunevcutt. Virginia, 2624 St. Mary's -".. Raleigh 
Hunlev. Norma Riehaid.,,,.. 52: \venl St.. Rock) Moi 

Hunnicutt, Man leal 601 Central Vve., Charlotte 

Hunnings, Carolyn. 1112 V Pasteui St., New Bern 
Hunsmger. Patrice 506 Morningside Kd.. 

Ridgewood, N. J. 82 

Hunt. Clara Grav. Rt. 2. Thomasville 
Hunt Fran. ,- Mi I i od. Pleasanl Carden 

Hunt (Mrs.), Ligia, 351 Vaheboro Street, nsboro 

Hunt. Marv Ann,-. 203 W. Center St.. Lexington 
Hunter, Vmelia linn 2124 Sherv, I Vve , i harlotte 

Hunter. Kate. l„l,i li 

Hunter. Loi-. Rt. 2. R.,x 101. Pilot Mountain 
Hunter. Margaret. 101 > Edgeworth Si ' . 

Hurl... ke 


Hi I, Vibe 


. Meba'ne 

tbi il, 2223 Sam tturkt 




, ,, 


■II, Pie 

,-,,,- i. 




r > . 


ii. Boo 








Box i 

1. Tavb, 



Rt. 2. 






ia 1 

2'.„ N 
1,,,-. B. 

x 1. T.i 



lackson, Frame,. Box 95. Robbing 18 

lackaon, He„,,etta Dawson. Rox 95. Robbins 114 
Jackson, Sarah. Rt. 1. Box 79. Washington 

lacobs, Helene. 2115 Falrvi-vv Rd.. Raleigh 18. 148. 151 

I.,. ,.l,,. R.„ an. 580 Glade -I.. Winston-Salem 82. 158. 173 

Jacobsen. Barbara Jan,-. 211! Gr iwav Ave.. Charlotte 115 

lacol Florence. 93 Forest Hills Drive. Asheville 101 

lacobson, Inge. 37 W hnere Blvd.. Woodmere, N. Y. 82. 152 

1,1,,,, I. roe Pearson. 108 N. Anderson St.. Morganton Il- 
ia,,,,-,. L. Elizabeth. 512 Washington Si.. Rocky Mount 48. 161 
James. Jeannie H.. Rt. 2. Greenville. S. C. 

lames. Lydia E., Mt. Vert Dr., Wilson 82 

lames, Maxie Louise, 1028 V Harrill St.. Charlotte 116 

larosz, Mvra. Graham 101 

Jefferson. Joyce. 2141 Dartmouth PL. Charlotte 82, 133, 137 

lerTri.s. Barbara. 314 LaFavell.- Dr.. Cavalier Terrace. Wilson 82 

Jeffries. Margaret. Ill West St.. Culpeper, Va. 82. 159 

lenkins, Fave Eloise. Stecah 82 

lenkins, Helen. Rt. 1. Midland 49 Jacqueline. 2609 Lochmore Dr.. Raleigh 118. 1511 

Jobe. Barbara Ann. 2206 Hope St.. Raleigh 117 

lolins. Luev Page, Amelia, Va. 49 

lohnson. Vlma J.. Union Crove 101 

lohnson. Ann Theresa. 335 N. Sixth St.. Albemarle 111. 12". 

lohnson, Bettv Wilson. 306 E. Church St.. Benson Ilu 

lohnson. Blanche Ann. 6.30 Forrest Ave.. Greensboro 

lohnson. Dorothv Ann. 2606 Lockmore Dr.. Raleigh loU 

Johnson. Elizabeth Grey. Holt Lake Rd.. Box 269. Smithfield 101 

lolin, Frame, Hope. Chalvheate Springs 117 

Johnson. Frances LaRue. Randleman 116 

lohnson, Grace, 1120 Eastern xv,-.. Rockv Mount 101 

l„h ii. Jacqueline Dolores. Rt. 3, Box 90-A, Raleigh 118 

lohnson, Jovee Prvnne, Rt. 1. Box 299. Smithfield 115 

Johnson, Louise. 304 Harris,, t St.. Reidsville 82. 159 

I, .li, ,-,, n. Margaret A Box 265. Robersonville 101 

l„l ,. Marv Katherine. 1906 Rrautlev St.. Winston-Salem 101. 149 

Johnson. Miralvn. Ashlev Heights 11', 

lohnson. Nancy, 2420 Baiton Vve.. Richmond. Va. 49. 133. 13v 
Johnson. Phyllis Carroll. 701 Kishwaukee St.. 

Belvidere. Illinois . Ill 

lohnson. Susanna. Burgaw 111 

Johnston, Vnne Merrimon. Kelford — 

I, .In, -t,,n. Celeste, Piltsboro 49. in 

I, ,l„:-l. ,„. I. , am, Jordan, 39|, W. Cent,-! Ave., Mooresville 113 

lohnston. Pegg, Warns, 51)0 S. Mendenhall St., Greensboro 119 

Jolly, I .ill,.,,, ii,-. 507 E. 11th St.. Greenville 19 

l,,„.,-. Maul,.,. 201 W. Man, St., Lincolnton 49, 133 

[ones, Iddie Colleen, 331 Moir St., Leaksville 125 

Jones. Doris, 39 Willow St., Badin 49 

Jones. Gene Claire. 105 Williamson St.. W hileville 

lones. Janet. Box 481. Wilmington 49. In! 

lone-. Jean. 1006 S. Fulton St., Salisbury 191 

lones. Margueritle. Eleanor. 1111 Hvman Ave., 

Hendersonville 116 

l,,„... \anev. Rt. 2. Box 282. Concord 82 

I -, Nellie. 14.31 E. Commerce St.. High Point 82. 103. 19i 

lone.. Patrieia Vnn. Carner Ilu 

I -. Roberta Melville, Rt. 2. Charlotte .. . 

I an. Barbara. 10 Sulgrave Rd.. W. Hartford, Conn. llo 

Ionian. Eloise. Rt. 1. Milton 101 

Ionian. Juanila. Rt. 7. Box 22. Camden Rd.. Favetleville 119 

lordan. Martha. P. O. Box 200. Carolina Beach 82 

Jordan. Patsv. 115 W. Davis St.. Smithfield 82. 154 

loyner, Lillian Grigg. Vanceboro U« 

lodv. Laura Florence. Box 25. Boone 117 

Julian. Martha Louise. R. F. D. 1. Franklinv ille 119 
, (Mrs.) Tulla D., 1207 Spring Garden St.. Greensboro 


e. Md. 



i ,., , I,, 1 1 

Kalin. R.„e Vnn, tin-,, Spung Ma„„t Apt! 

Kearns, Waldeen. Randleman 
Keeter, Bobbie Lee. Academy St.. 1 
Keetei Eleanor. 900 E. Worthingto 

Keller. Barbara E.. 27 Ravmong St.. Darien. Conn... 

Kelley, Ruth Villi. Caller St.. New Canaan. Cnn. 115. 142 

k.-ll, llene, Rt. 1. Hamlet >- 
Kendall. Nanev. 81 Peine St.. Middleboro. 

Ma... 19, 133. 1.31. 118. 163. 18". 19: 

k Iv Madge. H,,x 681. \ll..-marle 51. 151 

k. ,lv. Polly Jean. Wallace Ml 

Kenn.-v Frame.. 2511 K.-nno-re Dr.. Raleigh »4 

Kenl Barbara R.o-. 108 W. B met Vve., Creensboro 119 

Keslei Bonnie Lou. 1137 Hutton St., Winston-Salem 123 

k.-ler. Ethel, 833 Lockland Vve.. Winston-Salem 51. 154 

Keslei Nam , Hi,., I„H,, Lincolnton 120.125.150 

Kej Poll) Anne. Box 3.32. Hold,,,,- 111 

k.-v. Virginia Belle, B„x 112. Robbins Ml 

k, vv.-tler. Barbara Antonia, 2224 Walker Ave.. Greensboro 125 

Kigei Sylvia. 122 N Poplai St.. Winston-Salem 54, 145 

Kilgore. katherine. 1127 Pegra.n St., Charlotte Ml 
k. I. through. Susan Berkeley, 330.1 Edgewo,,,! u, 

Richmond. Va. 116 

Kimmich, Gertrude Louise, B..v 2111. t.i.-.-„-l 

kin.,,1 i ,,ll„- Marie, Wei , 1W 

Kinard, Elizabeth Caroline. Randalisi 

King. Vnne I 1801 Walk,-, >.v.-.. 

King, I lixabeth, Rt. 2. Stal lie Ml 

king. Junius Irvin. Ri. 1. Pelham "" 

king. Marie Johnston. Rt. 1. Pelham 116 

king. Wilu.a. Rt. 5. Box 216. Greensboro... 82. 149. !o.l 

.land. Lucille Ell 
Ki ill. Baihaia. 125 B 

Kirbv. Rebecca K.. B„x 



I. Franklii 


101. Granite Falls 
„ant Ganl-n 
Johnston, 780 Oakland 

el St., Waynesvilie 

Mass. .101, 154 


, k. Nan.-v. 201 Haiel St., 

Kirkpatrick. Ruth. Rt. I. Box 92, Creensboro 54 

Kirschner, Kathryn Eleanor, 139 I Market St., 

York, Pa. il - . 
Kleine. (Mrs.), A. F., 107 W Kreenway, Greensboro 

Kline, Phvllis Man. 297 11,11, an I kve., Isheville Ml 

Kluitz. Dorothv Louise. 192 N. Spring St., Concord 125 
Knight, \lar> Ellen. 720 Summit \v,-.. Greensboro 54, 111 

Knight, Phyllis Vnn, Rt. I, Stokesdale 125 



\l , 

Lou. MeKnighi Mill Rd.. Cn 
a. 100 River.,,1,- l>, . Morganti 

190 West End Ave,. New York 

Pcge 224 


Kuykendall, Cornelia. Be 
Kvzer, Mildred. 300 Hvla 

Uil. Martha Abernethv. 787 Sixth St., Hickory 
Lambert. Julia Ross. 430 Sunset Ave., Asheboro 
Lambert. Peggie Rose. 213 Cadillac Ave., Kami 
Lambert. Jean Anne. Elizabethtown Road. Lurub. 

Lambeth, Katherine, Brown Summit 

Lamm. Ramona Dare, Rt. 1. Lucama 

Lamy, Marv Rebecra, Box 1036, Jacksonville 
Lancaster, Nclle Rose, Main St.. Louisburg 

McDonald, Fr 

eda. 218 Hand Ave.. Pelhani, Cu. 

56, 154, 

Mi Dougald, 1 

aura. Rt. 2. Raeford 

McDowell. 1." 

ce. 2305 Sherwood St., Greensboro 

McFadden, Tl 

.elma. 70 Annandalc Ave.. Asheville 


McFall-. Jam. 

:e. 214 N. Ridgeway Dr., Creensboro 


Mclnnis. Belt 

y J.. 821 S. William St., Henderson 


M. [mil-. Llm 

a Jean, Pleasant Garden 

83, 151 

Mclnnis, Mar 


Mclnnis. Max 

ine. Pineblufl 


ah, Rt. 2, 
, Sidney. 308 Wesl 
n. Joyce Ann, Rt. 
n. Rebecca Jane, [ 
Beatrice, Chinqua 


Morganton .54 

Rocky Mount . . . .83. 135 

Four Oaks 


Laiighi,igh.,use, Lucille, 103 W. 5th St., Greenville 
Lawless, Harriet Ann, 123+ Biltmore Dr.. Charlotte 

Lawrence, Dorothy Blanche. Eure 

Lawrence. Evelyn Gorham. Falkland 

Laws. Wanna Fave. 201 E. Main St., Thomasville 
Lawson, Sally, 41 Gould St., Stoneham, Mass. 
Lazenbv. Martha Louise. 101 Circle Dr., Fayetteville 

Leach, Eleanor, Raeford 

Leafe, Ruth Margaret, Box 504, Badin 

Leathers. Frances Ann, Hillcrest. Gastonia 

Leatherwood, Frances, Waynesville 

LeBaver, Edmund Joseph. 910 Cornwallis Dr.. Greensboro 

Lee. Alice Ehrie, 307 E. Hill St., Benson 

Lee. Cladys, 504 Washington St.. Roanoke Rapid- 55, 

Lee. Nell, 725 S. Third St.. Wilmington 

Lee. Patsie Lane. 115 N. Hyde Park Ave.. Durham 

Lee. Shirley Lou. Box 421. Four Oaks 

Leece. Martha Elizabeth. Tazewell, Va. 

Leggette, Mary Delia. Rt. 1. Box 340. Enfield 

Leigh. Florence May. 2220 Rosewood Ave.. Winston-Salem 

Lemon. Joan Grace. 272 Montclair Ave., Glen Elvn. 111. 

Lemonds, Marjorie, Rt. 3. Box 42. Greensboro 

Lemons, Georgia Joyce. 1009 Hampton St., Greensboro 116, 

Lennon, Adelaide, Rt. 2. Whiteville 

Lennon, Iva Marie, Clarkton 

Lentz, Anne Languist, 2060 Craig St.. Winston-Salem 

Leonard, Sue, 214 S. Williams. Lexington 55, 133, 

Levin, Ruth, 611 Fountain Place, Burlington 

Levin, Sharon Reva, 504 S. McDuffie St., Anderson, S. C. 

Lewis. Sarah Alice. Rt. 2. Union Mills 

Lilley, Alma Crey, 219 Pitt St.. Farmville 83. 1 13. 

Lilley. Mary Ola, Rt. 1, Box 70. Williamston 

Link. Christine, 227 W. Main St., Brevard 

Linson, Elizabeth. 118V, S. Spruce St., Winston-Salem 

Linville, Ann. Box 216, Kernersville 

Linville. Helen, Box 187. Oak Ridge 

Lippard. Martha Cordelia. Rt. 3. Albemarle . 

Little. Ann, Oakland Heights. Statesville 

Little, Laura Crace. Ill S. Mendenhall St.. Greensbol I 

Littlefield, Martha. 8 Gordon Ave.. Savannah. Ga. 

Liverman. Carolyn. 201 West St.. Ahoskie 

Hilda. Woodland 55. 118. 151 


Lloyd, Marie, Box 86. Efland 

Lloyd. Rebecca. 209 Aberdeen Terrace, Greensboro 
Lockwood, Sarah. 2511 Shenandoah Ave.. Durham 
Lohr. Martha Elaine. 405 E. 14th St.. Lumberton 
Lomax, Deane. 2036 Westmoreland Ave.. Charlotte 
Lomax. Frances. 2036 Westmoreland Ave., Charlott, 

Long, Carolyn, Franklin 

Long, Elaine. Hurdle Mills. Rt. 2 

Lois Tho 

Long. Mabel Frances. Blanch 

LoomiB, Kathleen M., White Lake. Elizabetl 
Longhead, Katherine J.. 1115 Colby Ave.. N 

Lovelace, Mary, Macclesfield 

Lovett, Mary Moore, 357 Park St., Ashebo 
Lowe. Elizabeth. 206 Leltwich St., Greensb 
Lowery, Carol Dean. Box 153, Lowell . . 
Lowery, Mildred Jane, 1120 Martin St., Win 
Lowrance, Ann Sharpe. Box 528, Statesville 
Lowrance, (Mrs. W. S.) Betty Jo Gabriel. 5 



E. Iredell Ave 

, Jo Anne, Lowell 

Loyd. Elizabeth. 1612 Newton St.. N. E.. 

Washington 10, D. C. 
Luke, Helen Margaret. 24 S. Battery, Charles! 
Luther, Martha, 634 Irving St., Winston-Salem 
Luther, Patricia, Prosperity, S. C. 
Lyerly. Doris, 1418 Crosby St.. Salisl.uiv 
Lvnam. Francie. 408 W. Union St.. Morganlo, 
Lynch, Elizabeth. Ridge St.. Kings Mountain 

ch, Fr; 


. Virginia. Rowland 

Ellen Tucker, 3805 Oak Grove Ave.. Green. 
Dixon, 240 Elberon Ave.. Allenhurst. N. J. 
Naida, 1208 Madison Ave.. Greensboro 
Shirley Louise. 117 Beverly Place. Greensl 

— lU- 

iald. Esther Marie 
yport News. Va. . 
ins, Bettv, 716 Mo 

. 4. Reidsvi 
1005 Wain 


ilium. Lucille. Troy 56. 133. 136. 193 

irlv. Eugenia, 123 Colonial Dr.. Forest Hills. Wilmington 

ure. Jacqueline, 43-20—243 St.. Douglaston. N. Y. 

dlum. Marilvn. 650 Lindsey St., Reidsville 52. 132. 133. 182. 193 

null, Katherine Diane, Quarters H. Norfolk Naval 

Ship Yards. Portsmouth. Va. 115 

arkle. Dorothy Carr, 105 N. Boudary St.. Lenoir 118 

ormac. Sue. Rowland 102 

ormick. Neva. 528 Navarre Ave., Coral Gables. Fla. 83 

ormick. Rachel, Rt. 2. Fayetteville 56 

own, (Mrs.), Elsie. C-2 Winburn Cl. Apis.. Greensboro 56 

ullen. Marv David. Rt. 3. Clinton 118 

Mclver. Anne. 410 W. First St.. Winston 
Mclver. Flora Theresa. 1314 Chestnut St.. Wilmington 
Mcjunkins. Martha Jane. 16 Tallassee St.. Box 484. Badii 
McKee. Mary Elizabeth, 13 W. McNeely Ave.. Mooresvil 

McKeithan, Alston, 416 S. Marietta St.. Gastonia 

McKeithan, Lydia. Raeford 

McKenzie, Betty. Rockingham 

McKinncv, Margaret P. L.. 1103 Anderson St.. High Point 

M. Kinnon, Sarah Frances, 103 N. Cill St.. Laurinburg 

Mi Knight, Betty, 107 Morehead St.. Morganton 

McKov. Elizabeth K., 212 S. Third St.. Wilmington 

McLean, Billie Sue. 15 Redv.ine St., Lexington 

McLean. Caroline Adams, 4th St.. Mebane 

McLean. Josephine, c/o First Baptist Church, 

St., Rockinghai 


McLemore, Ethel, Rt. 1, Wade 
McLeod. Elizabeth Setzer. Box 93. Rowland . . . .1 

McLeod. Nina. Box 424. Robbins 1 

McLeod. Willis Ann. Box 424. Bobbins 

McMahon. Patricia, 150 Revere Rd.. Manliasset. N. Y. 57. 1 

McManus. Mela Bell. 101 Church St.. Red Springs 

McMillan. Bonnie Sue, Box 51, Sparta 1 

McMillan. Claudia. 333 Mclver St.. Greensboro . . 

McMillan. Jimmie Sue. Chadbourn 1 

McNair. Elinor, 518 Hawkins Ave.. Sanford . 

McNairv. Betty Jean. Rt. 2.. Greensboro 

McNeely, Jean, 116 W. Wilson Ave.. Mooresville 83, 1 

McNeill, Mary Claire. 91! W. Church St.. Laurinburg 1 

M. Neill, Patsv. Rt. 1. Wade 

McQueen, Bettv Lee, 1014 E. Main St., Albemarle 126, 1 

McRevnolds. Bettv Will. 2368 Lvndhurst Ave.. Winslon-Salem .1 

Madison. Louise. Webster 118.1 

Magee. Beatrice. Rt. 1. Candler . . 

Mahan, Shirley, 90 Roundwood Rd.. Newton Upper Falls, 

M, 134, 135, 1 

Malloy, Nan McArn, 116 S. Main St., Laurinburg 

Mamber. Helen. 1836 James Avenue. Miami Beach, 

Fla 83, 135, 149. 1 

Mangum, Barbara, 606 Maple Ave.. Burlington 90, 1 

Mann, Peggy Ann, Clyde 1 

Mann, Sarah Nancy, Rt. 1, Piltsboro. . . 1 

Maples. Nancy Lee. Country Club Dr.. Rocky Mount 1 

Marlette. Gloria Anne. 607 Fourth St.. High Point 

Marrow, Jean, 319 North 3rd St.. Smithfield 83. 1 

Marrus, Naomi. 565 Park Ave.. New York. N. Y. 

Marsh, Frances Anne. 1621 Euclid Ave., Charlotte 

Mar-lull. Katherine. 327 Sunset Ct., Clearwater. Fla. 83. 148, I 

Marston. Hilda Hancock, 424 Beaumont Ave.. Apt. 4. Charlotte I 

Marston. Nelle, 2376 Maplewood Ave.. Winston-Salem 41. 57. 1 

Martel, Dorothy. Kirkpatrick Apt., Waynesville 103, ] 

Main.,. Mildred Louise. Box 482. Mayodan 1 

Masengill, Sara Lou. 728 W. Locust St.. Johnson Cit>. Tenn. 1 

Mason, Marv Louise. Rt. 2. Newport 57. 133, 1 

Mason. Wvndall. 515 Lamar Ave.. Charlotte 

Massie, Geneva. Rt. 2. Canton 1 

Matheson, Lottie C., 120 North St., Ahoskie 1 

Matthews. Hazel May. 294 Tarboro St.. Rockv Mount ] 

Maughan, Marv. 5 Sylvan Rd.. Durham ....... .1 

Maxwell. Louise Harrison. 121 Odel Place. Creensboro 

Mav. Marllia Borden, 505 W. Davis St.. Burlington 1 

Maynard, Mariha Elizabeth, 115 Crafton Heights. 

Mavnard. Peggv. Box 148. Star 

Meador, Robinette. Rt. 1. Reidsville 

Medford. Nancv Carolyn. Clyde 

Medlin. Dorothy Mae, Box 84, Oteen 

Medlin, Janis, Marshville 

Medlin. Martha Ann, Rt. 6, Box 339-C, Greensboro 

Mellonas. Patricia. 708 Woodrow Ave.. High Point 

Memory. Elizabeth R., 325 E. Main St.. Median.. -burg. Pa 

Mendelsohn, Sue, 791 Park Aye., New York. N. Y 

Mercer, Rosalind. Rt. 1. Chadbourn 

Merrill. Barbara Jane. 613 Nottingham Place. 

Weslfield, N. J. 

Merrill. Bettv Lou. 807 Ann St.. Beaufort 

Metz. Ellen. Summerfield 84. 150. 152, 

Metz. Gretchen, Summerfield 

Mewbom, Edith. Rt. 2. Snow Hill 

Michael. Evelyn Ramseur. 1724 Thomas Ave.. Charlotte 

Mirhalove. Doris Annette. 6 Lenox Ct.. Asheville 

Micol. Emilv Alice, Waldese 

Miller, Constance, 15 Cragmere Rd.. Wilmington. Del 

Miller. Doris Josephine. 401 Salisburv Ave. Spencel 

Miller. Eva. 130 Grandin Rd.. Charlotte 

Miller. Frances. 1226 S. Hawthorne Rd.. Win-lon-Salem 

Miller. Georgia. 401 N. Salisburv Ave.. Spencer 

Miller. Helen. Rt. 4. Winslon-Salem 

Miller. Janette. 1111 Glenwood Ave., Greensboro 

Miller, Jewel, 2826 Patterson Ave., Winslon-Salem 

n Sanderson. 91 N. Griffin Blvd.. Asheville 

Miller. Katl 
Miller. Mar. 
Miller. Marl 


Rose. Rt 
Ruth. Lau 


marie 83 


83. 154 




. . 83. 133. 136 




102, 132, 133 



id K.I 


Oakland Ave.. Greensboro 
Box 13, Richlands 
. 1, Polkton 
:. 1. Box 124. Charlotte 
ler. 1720 Queen St., Winston-Sa 
-mi, 305 W. Ruflin St.. Burlingti 
:i. Old Rural Hall Rd„ Winston 

Md. 84. 133, 136 

eld. Fo 




2808 Eighteenth Ave., Columhus, Ga. 
Mock. Margaret Frances. 733 W. Clemmonsyille Rd.. 

Mueller, Marilyn, 14 E. Burke ive„ T.,v , I. Md. 84., Margaret, 328 Green St.. Fayetteville 54. 

Monk. Gloria Anne. P. O. Box 827. W r inston-Salem 
Monnett. Mary Lou. Rt. 1, Greensboro 

Monsour. Jeanette Katherine, 217 Davis St.. Fayetteville 

Montague. Jaylee, Rt. 2, Clayton 90. 103, 

Montgomery. Jeanne. 1004 N. Hamilton. High Point 

Montgomery, Margaret Miller. Farmington 

84. 150. 16:; 

114, 133 

Montgomery, Nancj Foster, Reidsville « : 

Moody, Helen. Siler Cilv 81. 150. 170 

Moomau. Barbara. Box 583. Westport. Conn. . . . 81. 135. 147, 161, 170 
Moon, Bell, Blue. 113 E. Market St,. Graham 100 

Moon, Carolyn Turlene, 305 Banks St.. Graham lln 

Moon. Eloise. Bear Creek 58 

Mooney, May Louise. Tuseulum Sta.. Greeneville. Tenn. 117. 133 

Moore. Ada lane. 141 E. Smith, Greensboro 103 

Moore. Ann. 402 S. Ashe St.. Elizabeth City . 103 

Moore. Barbara. 1108 St. Patrick St.. Tarboro 58 

Moore. Bettv Lou. 2019 Asheboro St.. Greensboro 103 

Moore. Eva Kate. Rt. 2. Hurdle Mills . .. 115 

Moore. Jeanne. 536 E. Main St.. Forest City 103 

Moore. Johnsie. 402 S. Ash SI.. Elizabeth Cilv 58. 17o 

Moore. Julia. Rt. 4, Box 145. Ahoskie 103 

Moore. Louise. 1410 W. First St., Winston-Salem 58 

Moore. Lucy Sterling. Box 238. Warrenton 101 

Moore, Lydia Jane. Rt. 4. Box 145. Ahoskie 111 

Moore, Margaret Alice, Rt. 2, Box 337, Greensboro 58 

Moore, Margaret Mae, Rt. 1. Benson 126 

Moore, Marjorie M. Alpine, 426 Carolina Circle, 

Winston-Salem 118, 169 

Moore. Mary Carolyn. Rt. 5, Box 152, Lenoir Ill', 

Moore. Mary Helen, Third St., Wendell 58 

Moore. Mary Louise. Box 509, Madison 

Moore, Melrose, Box 522, Brown Summit 

Moore, Muriel Marie. 911 N. Main St.. Mocksv 

Moore. Nancy Mae, Church St., Ext., Greensboro.... . . 115 

Moore, Reta Elizabeth, Bridge St., Leaksville 139 

Morgan. Carol Lee, Route 5, Henderson — 

Morgan. Ellen. Laurel Hill 58. 169. 170 

Morgan, Faye Irene, Pinehurst 115 

Morgan, Marie, Rt. 1, Box 53, Cold Hill 104 

Morgan, Jean. 509 Mayflower Dr., Greensboro 54 

Morgan. (Mrs. Wm. Jamesl. Lois Cene Class, 

Tabernacle Road. Creensboro 59, 133. 138. 169 

Morrell. Patricia. Box 609, Rt. 3, Asheville 104 

Morrill, Florence, 702 W. Vance St.. Wilson 84 

Morris. Barbara Anne. 715 S. Church St.. Salisbury 116 

Morris, Peggv, 403 N. Fifth St., Albemarle 104 

Morris. Sarah. 792 Stratford Rd., Winslon-Salem 59 

Morrison. Betty Noble. Box 5181. Asheville 104, 159 

Morriss. Cecilia, 103 W. Walnut St.. Farmville . 104 

Morrissetle, Marilyn Forest, 19 Bagwell Ave.. Raleigh — 

Morton, Joyce Blue, R3B Cameron Court Apts., Raleigh 116 

Moser. Doliie Cloria. Rt. 3. Box 339. Greensboro 119 

M.mtahs. Christine. 625 Fairmont St.. Greensboro 104 

Mueller, Joan, 855 Summit Ave.. Westfield. N. J. 104 

Muller. Naoma C.. 62-51-60th Rd., Maspeth, L. I., N. Y. 84 

Mundv. Billie Josephine. 442 N. Green St., Morganton 116 

Murad, Dolores Ann, 509 Park Ave., Wilson 126 

Murchison, Dorothy Janice, 111 Arlington Ter., Rocky Mount. 114. 133 

Murphy, Ann Helen, 207 Burtner St.. Creensbo 

Miith. Ruth, 329 Ridgewood Ave., Charlotte 

Myers. Marv Louise. 550 Crescent Ave.. Creenville. S. C. 119 

Myers, Rae Evans, 805 N. Eugene Si., Creensboro 59, 143. 161 

Myers, Sara Emma. Hoffman 104 

Myrick, Betsy Ann, Littleton 

— N— 

Nardil!, Edith Jane. 255 Cabrine Blvd.. New York 33, N. Y 115 

Nau, Helen Ida. Rt. 2, Box 281. Norlina . .. 126 

Neal. Allelic. 747 Park Ave.. Greensboro 84 

Neece. Elsie Carolyn. 603 Westover Blvd.. Elizabeth Cilv 113 

Neighbors. Pearl Joan, 401 W. Main St.. Benson 113 

Nelson, Helen. Rt. 5. Coldsboro 

Newell. Nancv, Roxboro . . . .59 

N'ewitt, Mildred Elizabeth, 1557 Stanford PL, Charlotte 116 

Newlin, (Mrs. G. G.I, Lucile Freeman, Randleman — 

Newlin. Marianna, 506 Trollinger St., Burlington 84 

Newman. Elizabeth. 115 Forest Rd., Farmwood, N. J. 81. 133. 135, 150 
Newton. Lois. 2506 Beechridge Rd.. Raleigh 84. 113 

Nicholas, Virginia. 1.307 Shepard St.. Morehead City 59, 151, 162 

Nichols, le Gray, Efland 117 

Niven, Marianne. 1102 W. Franklin St., Monroe 59, 148. 172 

Nnen. Phyllis, 1102 W. Franklin St., Monroe 104 

Nixon, Nurry Ann, 2212 Creston Rd., Raleigh 84, 149 

Norfleet. Dorothy. 31303 Collier Dr.. Greensboro 104 

Norman, Elizabeth, Rt. 2. Gieensboro 84 

Norrell, Nancv N„ 819 Magnolia St.. Winston-Salem 126 

Norris, Dolores Ann, Rt. 1. Tabor City 119 

Nunez, Nancy Anne, 401 Newburg Ave.. Catonsv ille. Md. 115 

Nurnberger, Carolyn, 1909 Church Si.. Wilmington 104 

— O— 

Oakes. Ann E.. 8 Mountain Ave., Maplewood, N. J 59 

Oaklev. Bettv. Y. W. C. A.. Greensboro 

O'Berrv. Olive Jane. Evergreen ...115 

O'Briant, Eloise, 202 Webb St., Roxboro 59 

O'Briant, Faye, Rt. 1. Laurinburg - 59 

O'Connor, Frances. 112 W. Market Si.. Greensboro 101. 133 

Oden. Sarah Wall. W. 10th St.. Washington ...116 

O'Donnell. Anna Katherine. Barnardsville 117 

O'Ferrill. Iris. 922 Svkes Ave.. Creensboro 119 

Ogilvie. Sallv. 2030 Moffet Ave. Joplin. Mo. 84. 133 

Okey, Eugenia. 106 Albright Ave.. Graham 115 

Oliver, Catherine. 57 Maple Ave., Reidsville 104 

Oliver, Virginia Elizabeth. Rt. 3. Carthage 11" 

Orr, Celeste, 430 E. White St.. Rock Hill. S. C. 59. 148, 171 

Orr, Johnnie Mae. 8 Rhodes Park Dr.. Box 416. Henderson- ille 113 
Osborne. Jessie Rae. Swepsonville . 104 

Osheroff. Eileen. 609 Magnolia Ave.. Charlotte 104 

Ollaw, Elizabeth. 103 W. James St.. Mount Olive 104 

Overbv. Marion. 1006 Martin St.. Greensboro 104 

Overman. Bernice. Y. W. C. A.. Creensboro 

Owen, Juda Christine, Lake Toxawav 114 

Owen, Katharine Joyce, 2401 Mt. View Vve., Bin. held. W. Va, 104 
Owens. Palsy. 201 Tate St.. Greensboro 

— P— 

Pace, Lois Ray. Rt. 2. Bailey 
Page. Dorothy. State Hospital. Raleigh 
Page. Lucy Stewart. Andrews 
Painter. Elizabeth Lester. 621U. Fa.rinoui 
Palmer. Frances Rhoda. 2719 B.-lvede..- 
Pannill, Florence Dockery, 601) Magnolia 
Pantelakos. Panelope, 123 Sunsel Vve., 1 
Pappas. Thalia Andrew. 222 N. Cecil St. 
Paris. Miriam. 1702 Virginia Rd., Winston 
Park. Ruth, Rt. 1. Creensboro 
Parker. Ann. 218 N. East Si.. Raleigh 
Parker, Elizabeth Pierce. Rt. 2. Raeford 



ivc. Charlotte 114 

St.. Greensboro 

,,,-kv Mount 81. 150 

Charlotte ... . 116 

Salem 118 


Page 2 



p.rker. Iren. Elizabeth 107 Houghton St., Williamsl 

i ' in. o Road, Salisbui 

p a ,k, | ., . 1,1,. 219 Forest Rd„ Ral< igh 
Parker. Kathryn Vnn, I ut. bin St. I linton 

Parker. Mildred I I.- I. Hi ll- 1 . 1 \ irgil Si » 

Parks, Doroth) Bee, 213 N Bridge St., Elkin 
Parrish, P. Box 63, Burnsville 

ilis. 322 N. "'Ii St.. Smithfield 

Parrish U. Flot Boj 164, Piki rille 

p,„i,.l, Mar-.n, I It. Hi P " Bos 63, Burnsville 


Pi , Patri. ia, 122 Hillsid. 

Patri. k, Mary, 106 Patrii k Cas 




Cleave- \.i. le, 2406 Pi 
Mildred. Rl. 1. Bo* 1. Broadwa) 
Raedelle II.".-. I'- Bos S, White Plains 
Ruth Henry, 2015 Dilworth Rd., Charlotte 1 
. | 5 n, Box 165, I onghnrsl 
Payni Mil I liiabeth, 56 I arolina Vpts, S ilmington 

Ri .. i.n ' rolina Vpts., Wilmington 

p. .1 lean Bryant, H..\ 253, i I' 

. raldine. Bos 64, Micro 
Pearl Betty, '"21 Madison Vve, Greensboro 

09 - i i Dr., Greensboro 

1H18 Lafayette Vve., ll." k) Mount 

Pearsall, Man Etta, 1018 Lai.. 1 

Ro. kj Mo 

30. 60. 133, 171. 177 

2201 M.i-h. Ii! Vve., Bait n Md 

p..,. Mililr.,1 i ... ■li.i. 110 \ Road St., I lizal | 

vane) I • ft PI., Springfi. Id, Mas! 

p, , |e. Mi. .- Cuthrell, Bos 101, Oxford 
Peg. I.. \n,i Cherr) St., Kernereville 

,. | i, Ri 2. Stokesdale 

lane, 1 107 \..n hh.-l.l St., Grei nsl 

Hi top lvi Fayetti rill. 
.. Barbara Carolyn, Cliffside 

i thi I I l B-9 Oleandi i I ft ilming 

p, „Iand, Doris, Boa 216, Burnsville 

. rimde, 79 Van Houten PI., Belleville 9 S I 

Perry, lutm. 1019 ft. 5th St.. W >•.- -salon, 60. 135, 

I igy, Tin Sunset I"-. High Point 
:■■,.. Belt) I" 507 li. thpag St.. Kannapolis .. 
Petres Vlargarel Eli abi th, Rl. 6. Salisbury 
Pen, .... Belt) 1 ll.. n 7"-' Westminister l>r.. Jacksonville 
Pharr, I".... Patton, 518 Hermitage St . Charlotte 
Phelps, Marilyn, 2400 Belvedere Vve Charlotte I 

Phillips Carolyn Gra) 210 5. I remonl Dr., Gr. ensl 

Pliilli,,.. Eli/al.nh. 'i ft. Sunris. Vve., I! tsville 

Phillips, lean M . 221 Mitchel Vve., Salisbory 

Phillips, Martha V .. " »• - 1 Minn- v> 1 I isvilh 

Phillip. Marv Vnn, R..v 4304, Raleigh Road. Greensboro 

Phillip-. Marx J... --' ft. - .'.' St. Ro. kingham 

Phillips, Mildred Irene, 959 Fourth St., Hickor) 

5g) I'm' Southern Pines 
Pickard. Clara Louise, High Poinl 51 Randleman 

Pi, kard. Nam y. High P I St., Randleman 60. 

. „olyn, Rl Z ' lemmons 

p . i i!.. Vnn, 63 Parkw I Rd Pland V 1- 

Piekle, Peg-v Sue, Rl. I, Lexington 

. Ruth 1 i I.. 
Piersoo, Patrii ia, Sandj Spring, Md. 61, 

Pillatt. Lucille Vnn. 615 E. 14th St., Savannah G 
Pilley, Helen, Panlego 
pj, , , Graci Reel I""". I i ins Si Mi r'h-ad Citv 

Pini I. Inn k, Beverlj lean, 1712 Spi ii Garden Si I sboi 

. n |i ,., ll I n St. I Harford I 

Pitt. \ iiian. 112 V 3rd St., Oxford 

Pittman Dora Melinda, In. - 1 1" rton 

Platter. Nan. , Lee, 11 E. H ml,, v. i sboro 

| othy, liu Park Vve.. Brevard 
Rl. J. Box 111. Gold Hi! 
Mariann. ll"" ' 
Pollard, Vnn Carter, 72 W. 1 Blv. 
Poos Imogene Vnita, Ki. 1. flox 54, 

Poole, Doris mi.. Ba Dr., Rail igh 

i . .. Si., lin,.,,., 
Pool /ml,,... 610 M ignolia -' Grei nal 

Pope. Marx Elizabeth, 212 ft . Ma 

Poplin. Ben, K.,- im 1 li "1 

i l . . l 107 i 23rd St., Wii 
Poplin, Elizab Ih " « righlsville, ft 

p.., i. , N.,,n ■. Vnn ii Sylvan I am ft y< 


St., Mount Olivi 


8a. 10a. 133, 154, 111 

June Ela 



Polls, Bobbie I ee. Rl 2. Winston Salem 
Powell, Vnne, 1004 E. Man, St., Vlh marie 

Powell. Beltie Lou, 111 S. Franklin St., ft I 

i . i. 94. Void. 

Powell, Helen Man., 111. 1. Knllu, 

'., I Boj JT'i I Hi" 1,1 

i ,, Si Vpl , V, Danville, Va. 

-I 23 II - ,1 n l:..,l,i 

Pn -I,, Margan ■ Bliss Bol I- Vrd. n 
Rl i Fayelteville 

Preston, Man Inn l"2i M..nn th Vve, Durham 

I'm ■ vlii ■ . 105 I . Worthinglon Vve., Charlotte 

: rid Av. il -■ ill. 

Price, Chattie, Rl 2 B I Hoi I 

i 108 ft Bordei St, S| laic 

Pritchard, I Mills 

chetl, Nam ) 704 ft Davis. Bui lit 

85, 111. 1 l : 

01. ISO, li.'" 

l In 

lean 103 Nor« I Vve, Vsh. ville 

Pue. iMr,.. Leslie, 2322 1 1 ill Drive, I sboro 

■ in, I ii Sow. , C ,.,!, , - I onghill Rd„ 
Greal Notch V I. 

, . Point 

i il S. 1 61, 150. 154. 


, - -, 111. .,■„ I,. 1 I \ I ;:', 172 

,i 159 

i lir. 

Quinn. F 1"". 

Quinn, Jerr) Vnn, 11 I Central Ti ■ 85 

Railford. Vnne, 305 E. H. St., Erwin 

Rainev. Frances, 5200 Blacks -. Chicago, 111. 

Rainey, Jean, 609 Holl) Vve., Winston-Salem 

Rainey, I - 123 Vckerl Vve, Salisburj 

Ramsey, Krai.,.,. Ill ft. Todd St., Belmont 
Ransi . lean, 114 Willard Ave.. Bloomfield. N. 
Randall, 11. in Eubank, "11 Wellington Rd., 

Baltimnr.- 12. M.I. 

Raney, PI be Pain...,. 1040 Butler Dr. South, M 

llaii-.n. Man Emily, 620 Hermitage Cl„ Charlott. 
Raper, Betsey, E. Mam St, Mi Olive 
Ralciiff, Hattie, 2128 Sherwood Vve, Charlotte 
Rau, Rodgeryn 619 Irving ft ston Sal. n 

Raub, 1 ..,,-. :,l Reynolds St, Kingston, Pa. 

Rawlins, Ruth Virginia, li.nt it. New Bern 

Ranis. R.tth. 2229 Maplewood Vve, Winston Sail 

ll iv, Vnne I , Fifth Si . Mebane 

Ray. Ian.-. I ml. St, Mebane 

Raywid, Mar) Vnne, 1535 ft indom Pi, V ft , 



62. 134. 
pkins, ■-•• N. Melville St, Graham 111. I. Henderson 

Redding, Hilda, Ran.l 


Walnut Co 


lin. .1 

Robi .ti 297 Me n Vve . Vshei 

Mi, I - II , vard St, I eaksville 121 

Man lane, Rt. 2. Albemarle 

urn. 925 Lynv. I Vv. ft inston-Salem 

■ mi I , Walnut 

Reeves, M..n Carolyn, l"" Weathers] St, Sanford 

Regener, Martha ""I Taylot V>... Evansville 13, In, I. t. 

Register, (Mrs). Robert T. 1517 S| 8 ' '■'" St, Greens 

Reid, Patrii ia, I owell 

Reilley, Mir. I"fl Vrdsli . Rd, I bar! 6 

P., nil. man. Eleanor, Countrj Club. Box 127. Salisbury . 

Reneger. Colleen, Rl. 3. Yadkinville 

Reneger, Pegg) I ee, Rt. I, Yadkinville 

Reynolds, lacqueline, Leland 

Reynolds, Man. Lawndale Dr. Eve. Rt. 2, Box 116 G -I 

Rhinehart, Era,...- Mildred, Clyde 

Richardson. Bets) Vnn, 376 Gwyn Vve, Elkin 

Richardson, Nell Elaine. Wendell 

Rickert, \ irginia Ellen, Rt. 5, Statesville 

Ricks. Elitabeth tjm«. 22:t Harding St.. Greenville 

Ridenhnur. Vnne Man.-. 1062 Melt Vve, Winston-Salem 

linln, r, 1 lizabeth Vnn, Box 205, I no] 

Ridgway, Ph. II,- Lowene, 121 N.W. 74th St., Mil El.,. 

Rierson, Eleanor, Rl. 8. Roanoke, Va. 

Riesman. Roberta. 60 ft.,. In, -all Rd, Chestnut Hill. Mass 

Kigbv. Helen, 1223 Cedrov. St, High Point 

Rigney, I I. ...,,... 87-10 Elmhurst Ave.. 
Eiiiihurst. L. I- N. Y. 

Rigsbee. Jacqueline, 2904 Monroe Ave, Durham 

Rin.mor. Peggy, B..v 295. Mebane 

Ri lean Seible, 51 Hill, resl Dr, Cot I 

Ritchie, Mar) Margaret, 230 V Cedat St., I isboro 

Ritnour. Diana Yvonne, 5181 Westovel Dl - I ft, -Inn 

Roberson, Bettv Lea. 1006 Walker Vve, Vpt. 30, Crenensb 

Roberson. Marylynn, Rt. 1, Walkertown 

Robert, I ne, 139 Conklin St., Fannin,;. lain. N. Y. 

Roberts, Dorothi Rose, 1206 Club Blvd.. Durham 

Roberts, ].... line, 1206 Club Blvd., Durham . 

Roberts, J. .an. Rt. 1, B"V 42, Leaksville 

Roberts, Marilea, Rt. I. Reidsville 

Roberts, Ruth. Bamard 

Robinson. Eleanor. -21 Haw rne Lai i Vpl I arl 

. 215 Colonial Vve, Charl 

ti. 66 -i gs Vve, Portland, I onn 

v., mi . 2 140 I yrihursl 51 , ft ins Sa 

lean, 720 Mi Donald Vv, . I1.umI.-i 

I.,,, 720 M.l aid Vve, Hamlet 

Margaret Glenn, Oakland Cr, I I 

Marj Vnn. 9 ft right Vve. t ork, S. I . 

133, 115. 193 




ll., I 

Ro, k 

Rockwell, Judith Leah, 900 V Hal on St., High Point 

Rodgers, Winifred, Sunsel Vve, Scotland Neck 63. 152. 

Rogers, Bett) Vaughn 

Rogi i- i laudia Vnn, 215 Moi tth Vv. .. Durham 


I Roxbo 

an Carol. 160 \ Se. ond St, Vlbemarle 
Rogers. Thelma Louis. 2629 Walker Vve, Greensbor. 
limn,-. Roberta Lee. 1824 Vrlington St., Raleigh 
Rollins, Mill, im it. Ma, -In, II. 

Rnmefeli. Man. 670 I Vve, Glen Rock N. i 

Rose, I -i. II.-. 112 ft . limn. In.. Durham 

Rose, 1 108 1 se Vve, High P i 

Rosenberger, Lillian, '."I Madison, Lynchburg, Va. 

Ross, Betty, I. ,11-1, in 

Ross, Mar) 1 liznbi th, PI, asanl Garden 

Ross, M.n lane, 263 ft, in Vve, Vsh. I 

Rotha, Jean 535 ! Vv. ft .. Boj 552 Hcnd. rson 

Rothi nberg lei I: . 5208 ' ar) -i It. I Ri. hm I 

Rothman, Sail) Hean, 131 ft 86th St, Nev, imk. N. 
Rothrock, Nan. ) Ran. Box 563, rhomasville 
Rouse, Vnn. Mari. , To: V Orang. Vv. , Dunn 

ll h, Jacquelin. . Rl 1 Guilford College 

li. .mil Mar) Kail I oi I I oil. 

Rowe, < ■ lad) -. Vberdeen 

Roval, Jean, 21 1 Oaki I Dr., I homasville 

Roysti i. Vnn, 935 i hestnul Si Hendi 

Ruiter, I l-n li anm It. 2304 Km,. ■ Vve . I harlot!. 

II le) I well I -, R-v 101, lit. 1, Seagrove 

Rumlcy, Huh.. Rt. 7 Wins Salem 

Russell, v ■ 652 - Suns. I Di ft ina - 

>;,.-- M I Hi n 9 ,i,,i. Dr, High P i 

i: -l , il ,,.,,, i 8 | St.. Brooklyn, N. 1. 


vl. i 

Sale, D,,,., ih. I ee, 
5ali i, Lillian Gra 

Sail ' I, Mm,, ,,i M.l 

mm,, -, Evelyn H 

I thy, 

Samui I 1 -Hi. r, 

i lenci 5 S 

I V . I. It, 

Mm, I. -rl. .i,l. Patricia, 

- i ,-,, v 

Sandi - il-,, - i ill. 
San !. i-i,,, Susan Ri 
Sanders, B irb ,, , 8 
Sanders, Betl) Jean 


l.nlm -... la, k-. ,1, ill.- 

I ,.-, ,,,t Vve, Hopeville 

1912 ft oolcotl Vve, Wilming 

nn p„k Vve, Wilson 

, Boi 6, ft,-. 

Shepard St, Morehead ■ it) 63, 

• Vtl ii in Vve, 

85. 135. 

., ki Point 


121 I Se I Si Washington 

.,.. ,!,,.. St, Warrcnton Va. 85. 

1 Myrtle Vve, Charlotte 

Sanderson, Margaret, Rt. L. Four llak- 

Sandlin, Jeannette, Br) Cit) 

Sandlin. Joyce. Bryson Cit) 
Sanford ludith, South, rn Blvd., I batham, \ 
Sarbaugh. Rachel leanett, 1502 Walnut St, 
Series, II, I, ,, Mai . 208 - I n monl I" Gr. 
Sarsg. Id, lane Ruth, 1916 Springdah Vve, CI 

Saslov. \ i l.-n. 101 Countrv Cluh Hi . I. 

--.ii In (Mrs ' I .1- ll.- Pien -. Hallsl 

S. rh.1,1. Lenora. 2607 Forrest Way, N.E.. 


June Dolo 


Mar 11,1 Mo 
Mann. Rt. li 

ah. Ih. 


St, Danville, Vi 
.th Cit) 

« . I. Si nil 

Scarboro, Ma , 1 lizabeth, i - VI, 

Rl. 2. Wendell 

Scarl Igh, Mar) I ingham, Rl. 1. Hookerton 

S. "I It. i .,,,., I 601 Fain mi. I sboro 

Schaffer, Carol.-. 10 Shore Boulevard, B klyn 29. \ 

-.1,.. i inn, In-.- 115 Harrison \v,-, Elkin- Park Pi 

Scholtes, Margaret, 1810 Elizabeth Vve, Winston-Sal. 
Si I, mill. .. Barbara, 3126 Sussex Rd . Ral. igh 
Schryver, Sail) Mm nil Riverside Vve, ft.--tp,.rt. ( 


chultz, Fn 

ft i 

m ,,l Va, Guill Lakes, Cuilford, Conn. 

64, 150. 

-, ilj Gladys, Rt. 1. Barnesville 

- i leanne. 507 Ottera) Dr.. High Point ... 

Sei resl Vnna Blair, 208 Griffin St, Monro. 

Sedberry, i barlolte. 226 Park Vve, I.,-.,k,v,lle 

Se.lgvii.k. Illim Ruth. Ill From St.. Ul/.ll.nlh till 

Seiu. Vlice Vugueta, 119 Pett] St, Gaffney, S. 1 . 

Seleeman, Nanc) 1401 Sheridan St., \ft- Washingto 

11. D. C. 

-, 11. ,.. Ruth, nil t emenl Vve, ( harlotte 

64, 118 

Si in. . 1 leanor, 1 !04" I 1 irk Vve, Raleigh 

Serr, Beverly, 5310 16th Rd, V. Vrlington, \a. 

Si - - Ha/el. Col.T.nn 


Setze. Bett) 1. N. Main Vve, Newton 

Si rii .. ft ,i Max Ill" 1 . I St. I on. ord 

-Inn k, II, ,|,l. Mail ll. -. B..V 112.1. kll,s|"l, 

5h 1. Doroth) Lee, Rural Hall Rd , Winston Sal. i 

Shannon, Vmelia. Waxhav. 64, 170. 

Sharp, Euiha. Harrelsville 

Sharp.. Bemice. Harmon) 

Sharpe, R.-tiv Mae. III. 8. Greensboro 

Sharpc, Dora 1 ee, Rt. 8. P.nv 112. t isboro 

Sharp.-. Shirley, I"" Rosedale Circle. Winston-Salem 
Shiver, Fran,,-,. 2212 Malvern R.I, Charlotte 

-I sker, I, Mini.-. 1915 Truman K.I . . harlot!. . 80. 

Shope, Doroth) Vnn, Rt. 2. Vaheville 

Shore, Jan, 1212 ft. 1th St, Winaton-Salem 64, 134, 135, 

- Susan, Rt. I. Yadkinville 65. 

- rd, 1 lien Brent, 1525 Ninth Vve, Hi. k,.n 

Sliuler, Betty, 616 Glenn Vve, Rock) Mount 
-liul.-i. Man Paul, Ml I Fountain I ane, Fayetteville 

-hull. Pain. 2116 Queen St. Wins Salem 65. 

Siceloff, Nell Fleming, 1009 Johnson St., High Poinl 86. 

Sides Carolyn, -'""1 I. 5th St., Charlotte 65. 

Sid. -. I, Vnne. 701 I as v., . Roi k, M il 

Sides Nam . Vnn. 701 Fourth St, -, I 

Dorothy Elizabeth, 716 Ashel .Greensboro 120.121.. 

Shaw, Vmelia, Rl ' ' ireensboro 

- Mi nn Vvery. 716 Ha) Si . I ayetteville . 86. 

Shaw, M mini. 269 I bestnul St.. 

Null,-, in. V 1 , 

«... 1 12 150, 158, 

In, inn. Ros. Vnn 109 Harai 

1 Street, P.... k. Mounl 

bephi rd, 1 11- ,, II ,. Han 

1. M.l. 111. 

bepherd, Lula, Vb. rde. n Rd. 

1 ." burg OK 

1., pherd, Man. 124 Vberdeei 

Rd, Laurinburg 

In, ,1, m.l. \ , 7IH t 

Vve, Charlotte 1 64, 133, 153, 

herrer. Norma lean 21 Blak 

St., Vsheville 

. 1 Ha 

Shenon, V.m. 209 Brooks St., Bu g 

Sherron. li- ll) lane, Rt. 2. I uqua) -i gs 

-I, ,„," Hilda. 15111 Walk, i V.. .. I .reel. -I.nro 

Shiver, Doroth) I . 2212 Malvern Rd, Charl 

Sip, , Vd, I. m In Newton 

Siler. Vl,..- Elizabeth. Counlr) Cluh Dr., ft an,.-, ill. 65. 161. 172, 
-,!, , I lizabelh Rankin i Bell) I, Rl 3, Vsheville 

Si ml-. Vim. nil ft. I o. i. -i St. lohnsoi l-nu, 117, 

-,, - ll.u hi l Lake 1 lire 65, 

- Mi am Box 124 I sirmonl 111. 

s n. Beverl) Irene, R..v 305, Haw River 

Simpson, Carolyn \tki.i-..n. -II Rowan -i . Fayetteville 

Sim Helen V irginia Rl -. Hew Bern 

Sim In qui lyn B„ 305 Marine Blvd., lai ksonville 

Simpson Pi gg. Maris 1515 Rheiri Vv. , \ » 

Sin. I..... 1. ft.-i I ...I 65, 

-ink. Kathryn, 1 I V am i I in li I exington 
Sink. Mildred III -- nil Vv, ..,,, nsboro 

■ink, V, 



ll.i Br 

-I., I-,, Rulh, -Mil -i i an 

Sloan I lizal iarland 

105 Vnderson D. . I halti ga, Tenn 

Rl Z li,,vl 

.'-"." P.. l II. I., i harlotte 

11 li 

111, I..I lit) 

Smith Vgn. - Kathryn Box 13, Lillington 

Smith, lleti, lane. Rt. 7, Box 387. Grei nsl 

Smith i .....I,,. D ll,-- 193, Vndrews 

Smith, i ...--I ii Sykes I c Springs 107. 

Smith, li.inn, Kate. 2823 Provideni Rd. Charlotte 

-i i Dai ill,. 1223 ft I mi St. ft i ston Salem 86. 

- n 1 ...... 829 w.-i 6th -i ft , .1,1. Mil, -in, I I., in; ft. Highland Vve, Kinston 

-, ll.., Patricia. 208 \ .ill. , Rd. I lyettevilli 

- h, Helen. 1"-'" Bak . Vve, in... N V. 86. 133. 159. 

-until. Inm- , m 111 I LiOV, I 

- I,. Isabelle. ll-v 152. Rt. I, Gibson 

Smith, l.ui.u. Rt. 2, Pikeville 

-- lean ' herokee 86. 

Smith, I avinia. - -- Mrs I svinia - b, Dii tilinn, i harlotte 

'age 226 


Smith. I illiaii Belle. Lake Ba.cainaw 

Smith, Lois Ruth. 906 Criid Dr.. East I VI ■!. 65. 

Smith. Lucv. I!l. 1. Mt. Airv 

Smith. Margaret, 1304 Broad St.. Durham 

Smith, Margaret Ruth, R. F. D. 1. Shelb) 

Smith. Margie Elaine. 600 Rhem St., Kinston 

Smith. Man Christine. Rt. 1. Kernersville 

Smith, Man Elizabeth, I'll Wilson St., Lenoir "V 111. 

Smith, Man rra ~. Roaring Cap, 

Smith. Man Virginia, 202 W. lames St.. Ml. Olive 

Smith, Nan. ■ Dale, 'nil Mangum Si.. Durham 

Smith, Kane) Page, 2206 Pinecrofl R.I.. Greensboro 11°. 

Smith, Nell Whitley, Bos 174. Yanceyville 

Smith. Phyllis. 1210 Meirimon Ave.. Raleigh 

Smith, Mr-. Rub) Bass. 103 E. Wendover Vve. Greensboro 

Sri.nli. Rebecca, Ruffin St., Mebane 

Smilh. Ruth Faxon, 6 Terrace Drive. Port Washington, 

L. I.. N. V. 
Smith. Shirlc-v Mae, Kernersville 

Smilh. Virginia Ailcen. 703 S. Hayne St.. B..\ 212. Monroe 111. 
Smothers. Rachel. Rt. 2. Greensboro 

Snead. Linda Ann. 1812 High St.. Charlotte 

Snider. Grevilda, Denton 

Snider. Priscilla Anne. 64 Pahnvra St., Springfield. Ma--. 

Snvder. Betty \nne. 17 Boxwood St.. Canton 

Snypes. Margaret, 420 Carlhage. Sanford 

Solos. Myrtle, Apt. B-2. 811 Walker Ave.. Greensboro 

Sorrentino, Mars Nancy, Robbins 

Southall, Annie Maude. Inez 

Sontherland, Margaret Vnne, S h Mills 

Spake, Virginia. 210 Rowan Ave.. Spencel 

Spangler. Dorothy. Rt. 1. Shelb) 65, 

Spearman. Catherine, 300 Library St., Greenville 

Speas. Rosa Lee. Rt. 2. Winston-Salem 

Spenc.e. Man Catherine. 308 Sherwood Ave.. Kinston 

Spencer, Evelyn Jane, 1314 Eastern Ave.. Rockv Mount 

-I i. Juanila. 1817 Rolling Rd., Greensboro 

Spencer. Margaret. 1314 Easier., Vve., 

Rock) Mount 66. 148. 119. 196. 

Spillman. Barbara Jean. Mclvin's Beach. Elizabethlown 
Spun-. Sara Louise, 1425'., Park Dr., Raleigh 
Sta. .. -aru. Ruffin 

Stallings, Nancy Jean. 104 West 1st St.. Erwin 
Stamey, lean Man. 1110 4th St., Perry Point, Md. 
Stanfield, Dorothy. Brown Summit 
M.uili. Id, Jean. Brown Summit 

Stanley, Jeannine, 805 Northern Ext.. Carolina Beach 107. 

Stanley, Marcelene J. .v. Siler Cm 

Starnes. Manila J.. 428 E. Main Si.. Forest City 

Slarrill, Man Lou. 823 W. Pine St.. Johnson City. Ten. 

Steele. Hazel Virginia. 907 Courtland Si.. Greensboro 117. 

Stephens. Leila. Harrisburg 66, 

Stephens. Lois. 1411 Acadia St.. Durham 

Stephenson, Frances. 504 W. Market St.. Reidsville 

Stephenson. Lucy, Ri. 1. Holly Springs 

Stewart. Cathren. Rt. 6. Statesyille 
Slewarl. Margaret Jean. 2706 Pcachl 
Stiller. Corrinne. Rt. 2. Salisbury 
Stilwell. Man Ann. 823 Central Ave.. Charl. 
Stoker. Man., n Carroll. 1501 W. Market St.. 

e, Jane. Madeira S Cheltena Vve., Ink 



Raleigh ISO. 169 


Stoughton, Barbara. F-202 Bovlan Apt.. Raleigh 

Stout. Polly Marie. Rt. 1. Ramseur 

Stovall. Ruth. 2500 Stockton St.. Winston-Salem 

Stover. Belli Jeanne. 2927 Hampton Ave.. Charl,. It- 

Slrail.m. Jeanne Tern. 2008 Beverly Dr.. Charlotte 

Stratlon. Jane. 1718 16th Ave.. Hickorv 

Strelilz. Barbara. Box 178. Lexington 

Strickland. Bobbie Mae. 907 Market St.. Smithfield 

Strother. Dorolhv. 417 Williamsboro St., Oxford 

Strother. Louise, Rl. 1. Franklinton 

Sirvker. Joan. 1008 S. Hawthorne, Winston-Salem 

Sugg. Mildred. 606 N. College. Kinston 

Suggs. Alice Minerva. 512 Soulh Si.. Gaslonia 

Snlker. Edith, 1802 Friendly Rd., Greensboro 

Sutton, Vnne, Rl. 3, Box 124. I.aCrange 

Sutton. Margaret Elizabeth. Pageland. S. C 

Sulton. Pcggv. 500 Beanian St.. Clinton 

Swaringer, Greta. Trap Hill . 

Sweeney. Rosemary, 1920 Nun St.. Wilmington . . . 

Swicegood, Dorothy. Rt. 1. Linwood 

Swift, Shirley Max, Sherwood 

Swiggett, Nanc) Gray, Rucker St., Pomona 
Swindell, Jane. 613 Morgan Si.. Elizabeth City .. 

Swinson. Edwins, 1328 Wvnn Dr.. Columbus. C.j. 

Sydnor, Elizabeth, 516 W Ilawn \>c. Be.kle,. W. \a 

Svkes. LeVerne, 608 Liberty St.. Durham 

— T — 

Tallant. Peggy, Hickory 
T ..ll.s. . \„„. Randleman 

Talfcy, Martha, 702 Elani Ave.. Grecn-I 

Tallev, Ruth, 702 Elam Ave.. Greensboro 
Tanch. Elizabeth N.. 10 Tavlor St.. Pitlsfield. M 
Tanner. Sybil. 1016 Grace St., Wilmington 
Tan. Marv Elizabeth. W. Pearsall St.. Dunn 
Tavlor. tun M-, I Peggy 1 . 401 Wood],..,., \,.- 
Tail. ii. Vnne, Elon College 
Tavlor. Frances. 822 Second St.. Durham 
Taylor. lanie Move. Ri. 3, Williamston 
Taylor, Joan Claire. 633 Pennsylvania \>e„ Oak Ridg 
Ta,l..r. Lois. Elon College 
Tavlor. Man Anna. Rt. 3. Williamston 
Tavlor. Maud H.. 108 N. Mendenliall Si.. Greensboro 
Tavlor. Ruth. 205 Spring St.. Thomasville 
Tavlor, Sarah. 822 Second St., Durham 
Taylor, Wenonah Ruth. Elon College 
Teague, Betty Jane. 307 End.., Si.. Sanford 
, 528 Parkway, High P. 

108. 111. 159. 17: 

Teague, Mildred. 828 Brent St.. Winston-Salem 

Teague. Nina. Stalev . . 

Teer. Lyda. Rl. 1. Chapel Hill 

Tegg. Shirlev Jeannelte. 431 N. » Yoik We., Norfolk 
Temko. Minn. 411 Victoria SI.. Creensboro 
Tennev, Marv Sue. Box 672. Morehead I it. 
Terry. Alice Lee. 2109 , Fairview Rd.. Raleigh 
Tew. Barbara Anderson. Box 184. Garner 
Thacker, Gene. Rt. 1. High Point 
Thigpen. Haiiie. N. Main St., Scotland Ne. k 
Thomann. Sylvia. 186 Lakeside Dr.. Nullev 10. N. J. 
Thomas, Bettv. P. O. Box 82. Rockingham 
Thomas. Doris Jean. 2201 Englewood Vve.. Durham 
Thomas. Geraldine Nahala. Rt. 1. Box 10. Culberson 

>08 Moir St., Leaksville 

. Genet ■ 1"."-' Madison Ave. 

Jane. Rt. 1. WinstonSalem . . . 

■e. Rt. 3. Laurinburg 

lette, Ri. 5, Goldsboro 

ie Earlenc, 216 Braswell St., R. 

v. Ri. 1. Box 39. Clarkton 

v Anne. Box 115. Saluda 

inc. 206 Jefferson St.. Whitevill. 
610 E. Club Blvd.. Durham 
9 Eaton Ct., Wellesle) 1 
are. Box 181. Whitakers 
burg. Charlotte Mall olm, 410 Virginia Vv 
e, Dorothy, Rl. 1. Selma 


nas N 











1 In. 




820 W. Chun 
Tillman. Ruth Knight. Rt. 3. Sanford ... 

rinsley, Lucy, lake Toxawa) 

lull.,- Barbara Lee. 405 Parkway. High Point 
T.dar. Marv Agnes. 1307 Raeford Rd., Favetleville 
Tolar. Vnne. 1509 Rawford Rd.. Favetteville 
lull,-,.,,. Betsy, 511 W. Gold St.. Kings Mountain 
Tolochke. Marilyn Janice, ill N. John St.. Goldsbon 
Ti.inli.i...... lane, "12 Montlieu Vve., High Point 

T. .»,.-... 1. Ilizab.ih. 1821 Dalton Rd., Greensboro 
Townsend, Tan. Clarkton 
I ,. .,, lean Gwvn. Rl. 2. Reds., lie .... 

Trevathan, Vivian. Dobson 

Trogdon, Ian.-. D.dK Madison Apis.. 8-C. Greensbon 

Trollinger, Marv Elizabeth, VWav R.I.. Laurinburg 

Trott, Man Evelyn, 511 Kent* 1 Park. Lenoir 

Troutman. Belly Jean. Rl. 9. Box 77. Charlotte 

Troxler, Rebecca Swann, Rt. 6. Greensboro 

Trie. Manilla Jane. 2306 Chestnut St.. Wilmington 

Truitl. Elizabeth. Sparta . . 

rucker, Doris, 127 S. Broome St., Vlbemarle 

Tinker. Marv Evelyn, Rl. 3, Concord 

Tunslall, Betsy, 313 North St., Ahoskie 

Turlington, Sarah Helen. Rt. 1. Clinton 

Turner, Marv Alice. Rt. 2. Henderson 

Turner, Sarah Parker. Mount Ulla 

luiile. Bett) Frances, Waynesville 

Tweed. Carolyn Face. Walnut 

Tyson, \. Inline Siblv. Rt. 5. Monroe 

Tvs 1.,,,, Naree. Box 205. Roseboro 

Tyson, Betsv. Lucama 

T) Joyce, 208 Griuunersburg St.. Farmville 

68. 150. 196 

limfleer, Wilms Faye, 523 Oak HiJJ Ct., Hendersonville 87 

Untstead, Belsv. 2807 State St.. Durham 68. HI. 134. 186. 193 

I .nli ,. I. Bettv. Rt. 6. Charlotte 68 

Underwood, Ruth Annabel. 120 M, Tver Si.. Greensboro 

Upchurch, Catherine. Buie's Creek 68. 154 

Lrdaneta. Ines. Call. Valle. Colombia, S. A. 87 

— V— 

Vail. Muriel. Evergreen Fruit Farms. Warwick, N. Y. .87 
Van Dyke, Virginia Mae. Tazewell. Virginia 

Van Hook. Bettv Lou, 119 Jennelte Ave.. Henderson 118 

Nan Horn, Vnne, 1801 Madison t,r.. Greensboro — 

Vann. Jane. Box 491. Badin 108 

Vannoy, Evelyn, We-I Jefferson ... 68. 159 

V .... Poole, Eleanor, 129 ft. Horah St., Salisbury.. 68, 151 

Varner, Ann. 201 Mocksville, Salisbury 87. 159 

Vaughn, Marv Lou, 610 Miller St.. Winston-Salem .... 117 

Vaughn. Peggv Erline. 301 25th St.. Hickorv 116 

Vease) Vnne, 210 W. Tenlh St.. Washington 108 

Venters, Vnne Elizabeth, Trenton 116 

Verreault, Malvina May, Box D. Yahles? 115 

Vv add. 11. Vnna Lee, Rl. 1. Wadcsboro 

Wagg r. Man Lou. Rt. 1. W,n-I„n Salein 

Wagoner, Barbara, 449 Talc St., Greensboro 

Wag,„„r. Il.iiv lean. Rt. 2. Cold Hill 

Wagoner, Pat-v Anne. 311 Leftwich St., Greensboro 

Wagner, Ann Lee. 185 Hillside Ave.. Chatham, N. J. 

Wagner. Luna Frances. Black Mountain 

Waitman, Nancy Lou. 501 Greensboro St., Lexington 


Walker, Do 

Walker. (M 




Elizabeth, 2526 Van Buren St., Wilmington . .. 68, 153 
i, Man 

Edilh Gallion. Betlv Field Apts., Leaksville 

Edith Inez. Rt. 3. Burlington 

Mar) lane. Church St. Ext.. Greensboro 
Rose Marie. 2227 Fifteenth St.. Columbus. Ga. 

Wall, Barbara Ann. 200 W. Lebanon St., Mount Airv 

Wall. Bern J„. Rt. 1. Fleti h. . 

Wall, Helen Anne. Lilesville 1 

Wallace. V Sue. 4117 Marine Blvd.. Jacksonville 

Wallace, Haltie. Rt. 1. Buick Ave., Kannapolis 

Waller, Lovelace. Rl. 3, Box 42, Kinston 

Wallerstein, Hilda. 1607 Laburnum Av 

Walls, Marv Olive. 1098 Dunlap tic. 

Mailer-. Joycelyn, Eugene St.. Cibsnn 

Ward. Clara Dolores. Mount Holly 

Ward, Freda Elizabeth. Rt. 2. Box 

Ward, Van Ann. 310 S. Audubon 1 

Ward. Man Wend.. II M , . . , 1 1 ,, r -.> !• 

Ward. Jacquelvn, 8 College Vve., 1 

Ward™. Dorothy, Rt. 1. Yadkinvill, 

Ware, Betsy Lea. 515 Coleman St.. F 

Warlick. Dorothy Carol. Bel 

Ri. I... 

id. Va 


miasvill,. 69. 159 


dsville 87. 160 




..1.1a Rd.. Apt. 2. 

Hurdle Mills 

Waterman. Regina Lee, 90! S. Orleans. Tampa. Fla. 
Watkins. Mavsie Eugenia. 211 X. 13th St.. Wilmingto 
Watson, Joan. 1640 Dilworlh Rd.. East. Charl..".- 
Vv,,.. Marguerite, 1101 Mam Si.. Waynesville 

Weathers. Betle Cox. W Iside Ave.. Box 1317. 

Mvrtle Beach. S. C. 

Weather,. Marianne 112 1 Si.. Shelby 

Weatherspoon. Man. 1132 Ford si.. Winston-Salem 

Webster. Bettv Sue. Rt. 1. Haw River 

Weir. Virginia. Box 1954, Winston. Salein 

Weisner. Colisla, Olin 

Welch, [>..rothv Jean, Rt. 1, Mount Airv 

Welch. Marv Catherine, Star Route. Siler City 

W.ll.. in. Vnne, 3737 Selwvn Ave.. Charlotte 

Wells. Charlotte Frances. Hampstead 

Well. Martha. 707 Simps,,,, SI.. Greensboro 

Page No. 

Welsh, I... Benton, Wi 1st. II. . -in- M oi 117, H.l.n I pi 11,2 N. Lawren 

Wessman, Man lane. 1201 Vnderson St.. 

West. Emma Fave, 508 Harding Vve.. Kinston 87. 112 

W. -land. Bail.. i. a Carol. 309 Spring St.. II ia-ville 69. 153 

Westmoreland, Elizabeth, Rt. 1. Rural Hall 87 

Westmoreland, Martha, Tabor City 69 

Wheeler, lean. Box 2533 W. Gastonia, Gasl s 69. 162. 163 

WI 1. r. W.nnili.d Jean, 11117 Roland \vc. Ball, more. Md. 115 

WI h-. Jewel Ruth, linn Lafayette Vv, Rock) Mount 

Win .it. Man III. I, Gastonia ... 119 

Whitaker. Claudine Elizabeth. 202 Sloop St.. Kannapolis 111 
Whitaker, Jacqueline \.. P. O. Box 1,2. Ilillsbor. 
While. Vnn Sherrill. 728 E. Iredell Ave. Ho 

> kingha 





[aril . Wendell 

, in. 2, Graham 

lean Avi-. 1636 S n,l vve.. V,,ik. Pa. 

Laura. 106 Kensington Rd.. Greens! 

Marjorie, Rt. 1. Belvidere 

Marv Ann. Friendl) Rd.. Guilford Coll.-g,. 
Olivia, 716 V Church St., Scotland Ne, I 
Pauline Linwood. 106 Kensington Rd.. Creensbo 



Rd., Fa. 


,ckv \l„ 

Whitehead, Irma II, .run-. 120 S. Chun I, St., Rl 
Whilehurst. Alice Mane. R. F. D. Soulh Mill. 
Whitfield, Leah. 310 C.rona St., Winston Salem 87 

Whitley, Elmira, Box 296. Raelord 70,158 

Whitley, Miriam Vnn, 721 Montgomer) Ave., Vlbemarle 118 

Whitley, Nancy, Zebulon 109.141.160 

Whittington, Anne Pen. Melon. 3221 Willow Oak Rd., Charlotte 116 

Wicker. Ellen Joann. 308 E. Sixth St., Lumberton 117 

Wi, kman, Joan Crandall. 9 E. 96lh Sl„ No. York. N. V. 150 

Wilkin-. Sarah, 110 S. 5th St., Wytheville, Va 109 

Wilkinson. Carolyn, Nelson. Va. 70 

Wilkin-on. Nan. 600 Falls Rd.. Rockv Mount 109 

Willard, Charlotte, 136 Street, I ge S. C. 76,133 

Willard. Emma Jean, 2117 Marble St., Wit Salem 109. 148 

Willard. Ruth Boas. 1102 Johnson St.. High Point - 

Williams. Anne Earlv. 719 Hill St., Rocky Mount 88 

Williams. Bettv Jo. 109 Lancaster Vve., Monroe 109 

hal Blanche. Box 18. Autryville 7.. 

W illi. 

■is! Ma 



Terrace. Shelby 76 

Ann. Box 384. Siler Cilv 118 

I. Ester. 2301 Walk-r Ave. — 

Yadkinville 70 

•line Ruth, Middlesex 109 

lizabeth, 516 Watson Vve., Ne« Bern 

vn Barnitz. 85 Houston St., Asheville 

Greta, 11 I Ward St., Graham 

Cathe 2007 Craig Sl„ Winston-Salem 

88. 163 

:abeth Cit 

:y Ruth, Wilkesboro 118 

Williams. Priscilla. 11117 Vlabama Vve., Durham 109. 152 

Williams. Virginia Muriel, Hallsboro 127 

Willis. Marv Jo. Rt. 1. Lawndalc 116 

Williams. SaTah Ann. 1000 W. Vance St.. Wilson 88 

Williams, Shirlev. 1518 Ave.. Richmond . ... 88. 141. 158 

Williamson, Addie, 265 Pearson Dr.. Asheville — 

Williamson, Louise. 623 Branch St., Rockv Mount 

Williamson. Margaret. 632 Oaklawn Ave.. Winston-Salem ... 70. 173 

Williamson. Martha. Rt. 1. Lucama 109 

Williamson. Mildred, 211 Rd.. Sa,l,.|„,r., 70 

Wilborn. Gwendolyn. Lillington 109 

Williford. Barbara. 207 X. Contentnea St.. Farmville 109 

Willoughbv. Man. Yvonne, 504 North St., Ahoskie 114 

W.l Vlice Fa.c P. 0. Box 323. Kernersville .... 87. 143 

Wilson. Elizabeth Caldwell. 1005 State St.. Charlotte 115 

Wilson. June Anna. Rl. 1. Box 197. High Point 88 

W iison. LaRue, Rt. 2. Nen Bern 109 

W .1-..,.. Mabel, Vngier 70. 160. 163 

Winchester. Vera King. 507 Everett St.. Monroe 127 

Windley, Katherine Joyce, 229 Young St.. Henderson 115 

w n i, li. ■- Br] in, 627 w Main St., Washington 111 

Wi,,.,,, Betsy, B07 N. Eugene St., Greensboro 

Wiu.l.,.1.. Betty, 2301 Berkley PL. Creensboro 109 

Wii it. Elizabeth, 116 N. Cedar St., Greensboro 70, 111 

Win inn! Sallie, Rt. 2, Charlottesville. Va 70. 137 

Win..,. Nam,. 1520 Cnu.i ncallh Vve. Charlotte 109 

Winslow, Ann Benner, 2121 Cowper Dr.. Raleigh 109 

Winters. Dorothy Jean. Box 82. Maxton . . 109, 150 

Wise, Phyllis, B,,v 51. Si ) Point 71 

Wolfe. Edna Earle, 305 W. Main St.. Mt. Olive 127 

H I . an.lvn. Cleveland 



sburg. Fla. 

Wood. Virginia. 108 S. Road St., Elizabeth Cilv 71 

Woodard. Reba. Laurel Hill 71 

W Iruff, Rebecca. Oxford Orphanage. ..... 109 

Woodworth, Naomi, 30 Ml. Vernon Ave.. Braiuiree. Mass. .. 88. 143 

Workman. Patricia, 716 N. Main St., Burlington 109 

Worley, Dorothy, 22 Mears Vve.. Canton 109 

Worrell. Frances E.. HIT West F., En.... 88 

W...-I.. Vnne. Box 76. Oak City ...109 
Worthington. Marv. Grifto 


. Gr. 

Kathleen. 301 N. Morgan, Shelb 
I, Barbara Ann. 2118 Cypress Si 
i, Elizabeth Joan, ".I Lot ,.-i \. 
ie, Jane. 441 Love Lain. Wayn 
. Sara Bridgers. Rt. 3. Henderi 


.. .,,, ey, I Marie, Rl 1. Garner 

Vales. Beulah 1 pchurch, 271 Church St., Elkin 

1 ell. ,n. Sybil. 103 Wilson St., Spindale 

Yelverton. -Mae Elizabeth, Velmonl. Fremont 
York, Georgia, 1 Tabernacle Rd.. Greensboro 
You, Frances. 3015 High Point Rd.. Greensboro 
Young. Ann Kirkland, 2007 Clinton St., Rockford, 111 
Young. Elizabeth Jane. 930 Ardsley Rd.. Charlotte 
Young, Iris Marie, Old Fori 

1 a. lean Amanda, Princeton 

Vow. Martie. 933 Carr St.. Greensboro 
Young. Shnle. loan. 1725 Country Club Prado, 
Coral Gables. Fla. 

Zachan. Lillian. Box 183. Tavlorsyille 
Zeiger, Sallv Ann. 2315 I.awndale Dr.. 
Zemin. Anne .!.. 409 \ndrill Terrace. 

Page 22 


harlet M. 
Adams. Maude L. 
Idanis, iMr-.' Mav L 

' %■;.....- -ii. .1 

I Soutfa Chapman Street 
317'- Tate Street. Apt. 3 
1516 Walker Avenue 
802 Twickenham Drive 
iitvYler, H. Hugh 1205 Madison Avenue 

\nderton, Lanra C. Weil Hall 

Andrews, t jr.. 1»1 MayBower Drive 

yodrews, (Mm.) Goieal H. 120 E. Fisher Avenue 

Hallii P. O. Box 105. Creensboro 

1027 Spring Card, ii Street 
Ishlcv, (Mrs H. S.), Emil) Gentr) 521 Stirling Street 

Itkini 1 620 Asheboro Street 

Ilk,-.™. I Mr-. I Claire H. 209 H.owood Drive 

Austin, Virginia 7 Spring. iale Court 

— B- 

Bardolph, Dr. Richar.l 

Barkedale, Susan 

Barn. ., Dr. \\ infield S. 



I It 

Dr. Helen .. 
Barwii k. Marv Elizabeth 
Beale. Anni. Ben 
Beaman. Charlotte A. 
Bell, B.verlv 
Bleu k. Fran.e- v. 
Bodie, \nn Laura 
Booker. Elizabeth 



Br.oiv. Hilda G. 
Bridgets. Dr. John E-. Jr 
Br. ."nine. Alloa 

Burnt, (Mrs.) Oil ua Swa 
Burden, Rita 

Born*. Helen 

t. .' Dl Ma] H. 

Bailer. Ethel V. 

121 Forest Street 

314 Melver Street 

533 Highland Avenue 

127 Melver Street 

120 Tate Street 

1027 spring Garden Street 

1027 Spring Garden St., xpt. 1 

217 Kensington Road 

907 Magnolia Street 

307 Tate Street 

113 North Cedar Street 

2323 Fernwood Drive 

Shaw Hall 

807 Rankin Street 

610 South Mendenhall Street 

320 South Mendenhall Street 

1412 West Lake Drive 

307 Tate Street 

410 South Edsewurth Street 

1359 Walk.r \venne 

317L. Tate Street. Apt. 2 

-,. ia E Winneld Hall 

i arter. (Mrs.) Anne Fulton Cotien Hall 

Jean 218 Tate Street 

, Lenient, Dorothy Lee Hinshaw Hall 

• i nts. Both 1105 Northwood St. 

Cleveland, 1 - 320 Tate Street 
i lolls. Ill' - 304 South Chapman Street 

Coldwell, In./ 218% Tate Street 

V. Margaret 619 Filth Street 
(...Mings. [),. Rutb M. ... 203 South Tremont Drive 

lie, Dr. Dennis H. 129 Tate Street 

I ourlnev. John E. 307 N. Elam Avenue 

Covington. Dorothv 810 Walker Avenue 

• owling. Elizabeth 907 Courlland St. 
. ,.v t l-ie Jane 317 N. Edgeworth Street 

I lu, \|. 517 H,ghlan,l Avenue 

, ,.v, *_„.- \ Apt. B-6, Winburn It. Tate St. 

am. Lillian Jamison Hall 

, atiing, Helen 1015 Guilford Aveoue 

— D— 

Dalrymple. Ruth Infirmary 

..,.-, I . 612 F..i. -i xvenut 

Davis. Doroth) ... 102 Homewood »ven,i. 

Davis, I... ,,,- Route 8. Creensboro 
Dawley, Dr. Charlotte W. Apt. B-6, Winburn Ct.. Tate St. 

Dean, (Mrs.), I son W. Colfax. N. C. 
Deneen, Marie B. 308 Melver St.. Apt. 8 

DeVeny, (Mrs.), Doris 202 S. Elam Avenue 

DeVeny, William C. 202 S. Elam Avenue 

DeVinny, Margaret C. 403 Westdale Plare 

Ih. kieson, I re- W. 11". Mi Ivi I Strei I 

Ii,. k, ii-, ,n. Innr Marie Baile, Hall 

Dobbins, (Mrs.). Sarah Clark 824 Wulk.r ->..,„. 

Doran. Dr. Martha V. 504 Forest tvenue 

Draper, Bert I . 1908 ft.ilk.r v.-,,,,. 

Duffy, I'.. Elizabeth 1412 W. Lake Drive 

Hour,. J. Arthur 213 W ilson Street Margaret \1. 

I - lor. Dr. C. Franklin 

I ngland, kathrvn McA. 

908 W \l.„k 

-t St., Apt. B-2 

123 Tate Street 

nil, Laki Drive 

Falloon. Marian 2323 Fi mwood Drive 

Dr. Virginia C. 1003 Fairmont Street 

1 , li w ,11,.,,,, \. 1708 In. ,i.!i- Road 

Ferrell, Marv L,„s 6111 loyner Street 

Ml, b, Mar] Ha/el 703 W i, ker Street 

Fitzgerald. Man 308 S. A k Streel 

Fitzgerald. Ruth 308 S. Avrock Street 

Fitzpatrii k, Edward I h 109 Mi Ivor Street 

. i Edna V. 504 I 1 aki 

Former, iMi-.,. M ..... 2607 Sherwood Street 

Fowler. Evelyn 1027 Spring Garden St., Apt. 8 

idei Dr. Man Kemp Road West. Hamilton Lakes 

Funderburk, (Mrs.) 1617 College Park Drive 

Dr. Virginia - Springdale Court 

Maxim Woman'. Hall 

Garrard Di Robert I .Route 3, Groometown Road 

Givler, Mr. lohn Paul 1209 s Market Street 

Class, Irani South Speneei Hall 

i. or, l..n. Mar, Lois 301 Melver St., Apt. 3 

Gould, Mildred Ii 132 M, I 

Greene, Margaret 1109 W . Market Streel 

I Ina Earle 320 Tate St. 

Griffen, Ellen 102 H 

lone H. i oil Hall 

Gullander, Magnhilde 502 Fore-t Avenue 

Gulliver. Charlotte 

Cooler. Ruth 

Gvles. Marv Randolph 

15 .- w . 

203 I. ii. Street. I 

1109 W . Marke 

Hani, i 


Hardre. Rene 
Harpster, Dr. Hilda T. 
Harrell, Marv 
Harris, Mildred .... 
Harwood. Edith 
Hasty, I mill R- 
Halhawav. Elizabeth 
Hawkins, (Mrs.) Kathleen 
Hege. Josephine 
Hester. Carv Franeis 
Highamith, Dr. J. V. 
Hooker, Robert G. 
Bolder, iMrs.l Elizabeth 
Holloway, Birdie H. 
Honbarrier. IMrs.l Margaret 
Hood. Marjorie 
Hooke. Dr. Maleolm K. 

206 Tate Street 

222 Mayflower Drive 

lull Spring Garden Street 

321 Mi Iver Streel 

2512 Walker Avenue 

506 Lake Drive 

llu College Place 

5 Springdale Court 

7 Spring Garden St.. *|t. 7 

1606 Walk, i \.. QUI 

1006 Courlland Street 

2211 Sherwood Street 

317 Tale Slreel. Apt. 2 

129 Tate Street 

,ute 1. Box 129. Greensboro 

Jlil ; Liberty Drive 

2113 Wrighr Avenue 

...506 E. Lake Drive 

1400 Spring Garden Street 

312 Melver Street 



Howell. Evelyn 

Hotline. IMrs.l Katherine G. 

Huffman, Edith 

Hughes, Vnnie Hendon 

Hunt, IMrs.l Ligia D. 

Hunter, Dr. Eugenia 

Hunter, IMrs.l J. S. 

Hunter. IMrs.l Marv Alford 

Hunl.r. Rita 

Hurley, Dr. Leonard B. 

1201 W. 

M, Iv, 

jrv I, 







IMr-., Minnie M. 

1804C . Madison Avenue 

129 Tate Street 

211 \,he street 

351 Asheboro Street 

110 College Place 

Graj Hall 

305% Tate Street 

512 Tate Street 

2304 West Market Street 

i 468. Chapel Hill. V C. 

932 Carr Street 

Box 230. Greensbo 

ginia 1102 Spring Garden Street 

Jackson. Dr. W. I 1102 Spring Garden Street 

Iarr.ll. i M,s. I Ma. kie 1924 Spring Garden Street 

Jarrell. Randall 1924 spring Garden Street 

Jastrow. Dr. Elizabeth 1027 Spring Garden Street 

Jenkins, IMrs.l Josephine 406C Forest Avenue 

Jernigan. Dr. Charlton C. 116 East Avondale Street 

Jester. IMrs.l B. Itv Brown 2202 West Market Street 

Johns. C. D. 209 South Chapman Street 

Johnson, Glenn R. Box 1142. Friendlv Road 

Joyce. George M. 323 Melver Street 

el, Dr. Herbe 

South lycock Slreet 
7 College Park Drive 
. 2426 Camden Road 
>n Street (Box 50121 
531 Highland tvenue 
.1046 Hill Street 


I.a.l. IMrs.l Frances R. ... 1300 West Mark. 1 Street 

Largent, Vera 310 Melver Street 

I..1R0, lull. . tugustine 313 Tale Street 

Lauten. IMrs.l Doris H. 409 North Cedar Street 
Lavman. Dr. Emma McClov 2 Davie Circle, Chapel Hill 

Leonard. Marjorie 102 Homewood Avenue 

Lewis Dr. Anne L. 921 Spring Garden Streel 

Lindsey, V. E. 404 Sherrill Slreet 

Littlejohn, Dr. Vance T. 1211 West Market Street 

Livingstoo. (Mrs.) Ella Ma. 2414 Walker Avenue 
Lockhart, lohn I legg Apt. A-l. Winburn Court, Tale Street 

Love. Lila Belle 500 Adams Street 

Lowe. Louise 1003 Fairmont Street 


M. Bam IMrs.l Franc 

McCeadv. Marv There 
McLcod. A. H.. Jr. 

McNutt. Dr. Franklin 

Maphel. Prineie A. 
Marble, Dr. Guita 
Martin, Evelyn 
\l..ri„., Ethel I . 
Mason, S. Jocelyn 
Ma-, ,11. Margaret 
M. hall,. . Harri.ll 

Miller. Dr. Meta Hele 
Minor, Vlleine R. 
Montague, Pats] 
Moomaw, Virginii G 
Moore, Bett) 

Moore. Martha 

.. Mar] laylot 

Country Club Apis. 
809 Northridge Slreet 

10. - v k Streel 

Rt. 1. Box 333. McLean-. lie 

917 Walker Ivenue 

7111 North Greeni Streel 

N.w Guilford Hall 

in-' II 11 I Avenue 

51) North Mendenhall Stn 1 I 
321 Mclv, 1 Strei 1 

309 M , Streel 

1908 Walker Avenue 

010 Jovner Street 

512 rale Streel 

10281.. w.-i Mark.l Street 

124 North Speneei Hall 


ian C. 

Morgan. IMr- , Inga 

Mori...,,,. Marv I 
Morgan. Phillip 

Merel, E. 

103 North 1 

406 Lake 
317 Ml Ivi , 

1005 1 ....I 1 

305 I., 1. 
1005 Guilford A 
-.01 Forest A 

— X— 

Neal, (Mrs.) Loil - 1513 Spriog Garden Street 

Neale. Waller 1 109 M. Ivei Streel 

Newton, (Mrs.) Mar) L. 92] Spring Garden Street 

Newton, Mildred I' 316 Mi lv« , Streel 

Nolte, Ida J. South Mendenhall S 

O'BovIe, I .„, 1. R. 

103 Sol 

,i. Mendenhall Street 

Osborne, Elizabeth M. 


,\ 110. Pin 1 1; 

Painter, lames 

933 Can Streel 

Painter, iMr-. 1 Kathleen S... 

933 Can Streel 

Park. Herbert W. 

1: ■ ; 

'. Box 64, Greensboro 

Peden, lessie 

700 Cypress Street 

l',„„. Ellen 

1006 W 

alker .venue, Apt. 26 

Petty, Marv M. 

211 Ishi Streel 

Pfafl. Dr. Eugem 1 

319 Mclvet Street 

Phillips. Charles W. 


South Tremonl Drive 

Phillips. Dr. 1 ... 1 

308 Tale Slreet 

Pii kard, Helen 1 •■■■ 


South Aycock Street 

Plavfoot. Viva M. 

1112" Spri 

ng Garden St., xpt. 2 

Potter, iMrs.l Jeanelle 

11,11 Sprii 

rg Garden St., Apt. 4 

Powell. Virginia Mae 

North Spencer Hall 


216 Kensington Road 

Piondecki. Elvira L. 

North Spem ei Hal) 

Rankin. (Mrs.) Frances W. 1023 Spriog Carden Streel 

Reardon. Dr. Anna Jove, II' Mclvei Street, Apt. 2 

Reger, \11r1.1 919 Spring Garden Streel 

Roberts. Walter Keith 524 Highland Avenue 

Robin (Mrs.) Eloise 409 W II Avenue 

Rogers, Hollis J. Isenhour Drive, S. Elm Ext. 

Rogers 1 Mrs 1 Lettie H. 304 Forest Avenue 

II i ■ It NanC) Morton 512 Tate Street 

Ii,,-.,. (Mrs.) Bess N. 300 Warren Street 

Rowley, Abigail E. 1027 Spring Garden! St.. Apt. 2 

Ryan, Ulice 203 Tate Slreet, Apt. A -6 

Si hem k 

s. hule 

Anne Wan 
anise M. 

203 Tate Street 

1614 West End Road 

.400 South Edgeworth St., Apt. 5 

615 Jovner Streel 

Box 269. Gn 


Sears. Wilni.i 2323 Fernwood Drive 

Seawell, Marv Robert 927 Carr Street 

Shafer. Ruthe 115 West Gaston Street 

Shaftesbury, Dr. Archie D. 315 Tate Streel 

Shamburger. Anne 317 Highland Avenue 

Shaver, Ruth A. 1013 Spring Garden St.. Apt. 6 

Sheldon. Gene 321 Melver Street 

Sherrill. IMrs.l Belle M. 1006 Walker Avenue 

Shivers, Dr. Lyds ' 1006 Courlland Slreel 

Siler. Marv Lane North Spencer H.ill 

Singletarv. iMrs.l W. C. 106 South lycock Streel 

Sink, .1. M. 905 Fainnonl Street 

Smallwood, iMr-.l Mlcne 434 Arlington Streel 

Smith, lohn A. mo South lycock Streel 

>.nith. Sara Elizabeth 303 South Mendenhall Streel 

Soles, Myrtll 811 Walker Avenue. Apt. B2 

Spivev. Dr. G. Callawaj 335 Mclvei Street, Apt. I 

Spruill, Pattv .5 Springdale Court 

Street, (Mrs.) Madeleine 

Sullivan. IMrs., loan M. 
Summerell, Jane 
Surralt, I Mrs. I Helen K. 
Swanson. Mabel V 
Szobo. Frank ™ II, .m 


1003 Fairmont Sire! 

121 I W.stside Driv 

606 Joynei Strei 

Box 594C. Greensbor 

North Spencer Ha 

South Aycot k Stir* 

— T— 

or, Katherine 316 Mclvei Streel 

or. William Raymond ... 012 loyner Streel 

rani. Marv A. 125 Mclvei Strei I 

.er. Sanchia 105 Melver Street 

I, Di Ml.. 1! F. 116 Melver Street 
nas. Ann.ihelle 510 Tate Street 

„|,- Mi-, Mma C. 4307 Princeton Ive ■ 

mpson. George M. 307 Norlh Elam Avenue 

ish. Helen 1507% Madison ivenue 

II, Nettie Sui *,pt. B-3, Winburn Curl. Tate St. 
nper, \ ,iu , 513 Jeffers 

Turbiville, Ma 

Vaughan, Herbi rt 1 Ii 

Lake Driv 


Wade. R. leant 11 -0: I nglci I Streel 

Walker. Lila Peck II- Odell Place. Apt. 3 

ttalkin-. Emil) H 1027 Spring liar 1 SI.. Apt. 6 

Watson. Marion M. 129 Tate Streel 

W.ave,. Marv. II. 608 Magnolia Streel 

Weisgarber. IMrs. I B, Ihial, 1008 Walker .venue, kpt. I 
Weisgarber. Elliot 1008 Walker Avenue, Apt. 3 

Wellman. Dr. Row,,,., 1027 Spring Garden Streel 

Wharton. Jan, M 1701 West M.irkel Slreet 

Whail.v. iMr-. 1 Ma.v H. 1030 Wesl Market Streel 
Whillock. V. Louise 221 S. Mendenhall St. xpt. 1 

Wilkinson. Mh.rt \. 2209 Wright Ivenne 

Will,.,,,,-. Edna R. Infirmary 

Williams, Mar) Kathai 102" Spring Garden Streel 

Williams, Dr. Maudi l"-'t,' Weal Market Street 

w illiams, Sui \ 1 ,.,, „ 329 M, Ivei Street, Ipt. 1 

W ,1- leorgl I' 1813 Rolling Road 

Wolfe Eleanol \ 2323 Fernwood Drive 

Wooten, 1 -1 1„ , 510 Tate Street 

— 2— 

/humeri v.- , Vlici l: 317 T.,i. Street, \pt. 1 

.11 tin \ll v-lsl ,NTS 

Giles. Marv K. 5044 %,.,,,, i., -,. 

Hooter. Mleni Wall Guilford College 
Keller. Mozelle 

Krahnka. Gwendolyn 1 orr) age 

Lucas. Lam. 1 - 1207 West Market Streel 

-.herrill. San I 120 M. Iv.-r Street 

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